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  • Black man beaten in Iowa during racially motivated attack: NAACP

    The white men, who appeared to be intoxicated, asked Jones why he was there after he knocked on his girlfriend’s door. He identified himself before they pounced on him, he said.

    People are tired of diversity and want their own tribes back. Being inarticulate and not particularly analytical, this is how they express themselves.

  • 91 more Gerald Goines drug convictions being investigated by district attorney

    Goines is one of two HPD officers indicted in a botched narcotics raid at a home on Harding Street that resulted in the deaths of Dennis Tuttle and his wife Rhogena Nicholas in January 2019. Goines has been indicted for felony murder and tampering with a government record.

    Two relatively law-abiding whites died in this raid. They were living in a mostly minority neighborhood that is becoming more minority. Who wants to bet that a minority person called up a minority cop to get whitey removed?

  • Pa. service station with hanging black doll apologizes for ‘racially insensitive incident’

    Davis took to Facebook on Monday to express outrage after he saw, from the outside of an employee-only area of the station, what looked like a black baby doll hanging from a noose. Davis was dropping off a car that had been totaled.

    Not a noose, but looks like it has been secured with a cable tie. Does not feel like a racial incident but in democracy, someone is always offended. Ending diversity would end this problem.

  • Yorktown Principal Apologizes for Banner Seen as Racist

    At issue: the banner uses class photos to form an image of the Yorktown logo, but singles out students of color to create the black outline of the logo.

    It is an algorithm that chooses pictures to make a picture from based on the percentage of certain colors in them. When you need dark lines, you choose the pictures with the most darkness in them. Somehow this is “racism.”

  • Ex-wife claims man killed sex offender in effort to protect neighborhood children

    “He was dedicated to helping kids who are vulnerable and had special needs, he worked with them for his whole career in schools, in correctional facilities, in group homes,” Tamayo said.

    Tamayo said Fairbanks contacted her Monday, confessing to the shooting.

    “Jim contacted me yesterday afternoon to tell me he had killed a child molester. He said he was in preparation of turning himself in and he had sent an email already to the police department,” Tamayo said. “He was ready to take full responsibility for it, he knew what the consequences were.”

    We are tiring of the impotence of the law against actual threats, while we see lots of careerists going out and arresting people for symbolic ones. The new summary of law enforcement in the West is that the murderers and rapists get away, but someone who posted a “racist” meme on Twitter goes straight to jail. This guy also figured out a way to get the state to pay for his retirement.

  • Satellites and spacecraft malfunction as Earth’s magnetic field mysteriously weakens

    Mixed messages from a clueless media. Contrast this with fear of the sun coming from the usual neurotics.

  • Zweli Mkhize takes on top scientist over controversial lockdown comments

    “There are existing structures in government that have taken into account various factors, including scientific, socio economic, etc. The comment that government thumb sucks its decision not only undermines the joint work and effort that the NCCC [National Coronavirus Command Council], cabinet and government as a whole has been engaged in. But it is also unprofessional and unbecoming conduct from a member of the MAC who has direct access to the ministry and the department.

    Scientist argues for science instead of social justice. In diverse societies, every question is a racial headcount.

  • Southern and Western Regions Experienced Rapid Growth This Decade

    This reversed the trend of the past century where people moved to the coasts. The problem here is that now we have Leftist zombies moving into the South and Southwest.

  • Harris County judge to sign stay-at-home order extension today

    The decision has sparked an online debate, with some saying Hidalgo is trying to keep people safe, while others say the time has come to get on with our lives.

    It really just depends how deep you want the New Great Depression to be. Is 50% unemployment enough? Will two million kill themselves or die of hunger, compared to the two million Boomers, high blood pressure roid ragers, and obese minorities who will get harvested by this illness?

  • In swing through Michigan, Trump to find records — unemployment, floods and 5,000 COVID deaths

    “Breaking: Michigan sends absentee ballots to 7.7 million people ahead of Primaries and the General Election,” the president wrote in a tweet that was later corrected. “This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”

    Michigan is ruled by its minority-heavy cities, despite the countryside and suburbs being white. It shows us the utter failure of diversity, since infrastructure across the state is rotted. It also shows us how unions took the industry that led the world and broke it down until it was non-competitive. These things are forgotten among the flurry of self-important activity of the individualists of the herd.


  • UK migration: Net migration from outside EU hits ‘highest level’

    Figures show an estimated 282,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in 2019, the highest since the information was first gathered in 1975.

    The ONS says a rise in students from China and India has driven this

    When you have prole-rule, your society trades on its position of importance in order to sell that conferred perceived legitimacy. For example, once your education system is declared “good,” you bring in as many people as possible to give them degrees, knowing that you have a few decades of huge profit before people notice that you would graduate a log in a hat if it paid cash upfront. This type of sinecure-style thinking is common across the third world, and shows us how the greatness of the West came from our kings and not our proles, who have revealed their incompetence and corruption under democracy.

  • Court finds firms liable in fipronil egg-tainting scandal

    The companies, Chickfriend and Chickclean, supplied farmers in the Netherlands and Belgium with a disinfectant they claimed was natural. The AFP news agency reported that farmers were duped into believing that the mixture — intended to control red mites — was based on eucalyptus and menthol.

    In the dead West, everything is based on theater. Wearing masks? Theater, not reality. TSA? Same. Regulations? Same. Our people were once good, so these things seemed to work, but then reliance on government and media instead of culture broke us down, and now we are increasingly seeing that our magic modern methods do not work at all, and yet, we no longer have any options. Sick of prole-rule yet?

  • Swedish antibody study shows long road to immunity as COVID-19 toll mounts

    A Swedish study found that just 7.3 percent of Stockholmers developed COVID-19 antibodies by late April, which could fuel concern that a decision not to lock down Sweden against the pandemic may bring little herd immunity in the near future.

    Strong power works better than “freedom.” When you can identify the people who are exposed and seal them off, no one gets the disease. What a high price we pay for the freedom of others.

  • Iran’s supreme leader releases anti-Israel ‘final solution’ poster

    The poster’s language reads: “Palestine will be free. The final solution. Resistance is referendum.”

    “Anti-Semitic” is one of those symbols, a dogwhistle designed to make the herd attack, that controls us. People are tired of this and they are stretching the limits as a result. In the meantime, anyone speaking up for “Palestine” has mental health problems, since it always was a historical forgery.

  • Prince Charles wants furloughed workers to pick fruit and vegetables

    In a video posted to Twitter, Charles, the heir to the British throne, asked people to take on the “unglamorous” task of picking fruit and vegetables to help farmers.

    “At this time of great uncertainty, many of our normal routines and regular patterns of life are being challenged,” he said to the camera, promoting the UK government’s Pick For Britain campaign, which is seeking to recruit students or people who have been furloughed.

    The Duke of Cornwall, 71, compared would-be pickers to the Land Army of World War II, where women and girls volunteered or were conscripted into undertaking agricultural work after many men left the country to fight.

    As usual, the aristocracy are correct while the proles have their heads wedged firmly in their digestive tracts. There are too many low-IQ people doing fancy desk jobs badly, and this is empowered by hiring lots of immigrants to do the labor that these vainglorious little megalomaniacs now think themselves “above.” Send them out into the fields; it is their natural role, and the best life will get for them. Then, and only then, can you send the foreigners home.

  • Caretakers say dolphins at popular spot miss tourists and keep leaving ‘gifts’ on shore

    The pod of humpback dolphins has brought sponges, barnacle-covered bottles and fragments of coral to Queensland’s Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding in recent weeks, a volunteer told Australia’s 7News.

    “Nothing surprises me with dolphins and their behavior anymore,” Barry McGovern, a dolphin expert and PhD student at University of Queensland, told the outlet. “They do everything – they use tools, they have culture, they have something similar to names in signature whistles.”

    Most cultures hold that the Ur-God died in order to make the world, and that now all are fragments of that consciousness, starting with the Elder Gods on down through the Minor Gods about whom we read the great tales. This means a lonely universe, never quite able to overcome that original impression of being consciousness emerging from a void, in which all things feel a primal sense of that emptiness echoing within them. If we had any brains to speak of, we would work from the idea first of ending loneliness by creating systems of mutual exchange that benefit all parties; we would also listen to the Cassandras, because those are loneliest of all. But we — humanity ruled by proles — do not have brains at all.

  • Mortgage delinquencies surge by 1.6M in April, the biggest monthly jump ever

    About 3.6 million homeowners were past due on their mortgages at the end of April, the most since January 2015 as households face financial hardship. That included the roughly 211,000 borrowers who were in active foreclosure.

    The middle classes are getting totaled out by the New Great Depression. Where the Great Depression ended the gilded age of capitalism and ushered in market socialism as its replacement, the New Great Depression may end democracy since it has proven unable to stop bottoming out as a result of incompetence.

  • U.S. secures 300 million doses of potential AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

    While not proven to be effective against the coronavirus, vaccines are seen by world leaders as the only real way to restart their stalled economies, and even to get an edge over global competitors.

    “It’s about the economy, stupid.” In the meantime, most of us want no part of products which come from companies that can now engineer changes in our genes.

  • Officials Warn Virginia Dam Could Fail Due to Flooding, Evacuate Residents Overnight

    This is what fifty years of spending your infrastructure money on diversity looks like.

  • Covid-19: Being black does not put you at greater risk, researchers say

    Black and other ethnic-minority Britons are no more likely to die of Covid-19 than white people after taking into account the effects of other illnesses and deprivation, documents submitted to the government’s scientific advisers show.

    Basically a holocaust of the poor and sick, not a bigoted virus.


  • Quit The Status Quo? People Are Happier Making Big Decisions On A Coin Flip

    University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt says a study of happiness after making major decisions reveals that people should actually embrace quitting. His study finds that participants who go through with their coin flip choices were living happier lives six months later.

    “Society teaches us ‘quitters never win and winners never quit,’ but in reality the data from my experiment suggests we would all be better off if we did more quitting,” Levitt said in a statement.

    More likely, there are too many factors to analyze, too many unknowns, and we do not trust any of the authorities and experts around us.

  • Real Ibiza parties filled with nude dwarves and coke ‘make White Lines look tame’

    In this search for ultimate freedom, thousands of revellers attended the events each week.

    They’d get to indulge in all their fantasies, with many stripping off and getting intimate with other guests.

    Different erotic performers were booked over the years, from fire breathers, to naked acrobats and the biggest DJs in the industry.

    Add this to homosexual marriage, Barack Obama, and Kenneth Pinyan’s horse, and you see what the Fall of Rome must have been like: proles seeking “ultimate freedom,” indulging in all manners of debased entertainments, while the core of the society rots out from within. Late Stage Democracy always looks like this.

  • China signals plan to take full control of Hong Kong

    Looks like the protesters were right all along.

  • China complains to U.S. about planned Taiwan arms sale

    China rattled sabers in the nearby seas, so the US is arming those who might have to fight back. For some reason, China thinks this is unfair.

  • Italy bribery probe nets Sicily coronavirus response chief

    The contracts go as far back as 2016 and total nearly €600m (£540m; $660m).

    Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando called it “an extremely serious corruption system”. It allegedly involved creaming off 5% commissions on public contracts.

    In the third world, everyone at every level takes a cut. The patrolman takes a cut; his boss subtracts his share; vigorish must be paid to the local warlord; whoever runs the relevant government department gets a mordida; whoever does the deal, or just hosts it, also takes a slice. Decay-based systems fritter away wealth by distributing it; intelligent systems concentrate it and use it to make infrastructure, technology, economies, and other shared aspects of society that benefit everyone. Idiots however prefer cash in the hand today to surviving tomorrow, so they are easily bribed with handouts, whether legally (democracy) or illegally (corruption). The third world has three salient traits: first, a third or more of everything goes to corruption; second, there is a lack of social cohesion or awareness beyond the individual; third, most of the people are dumb, with a few smart overlords and not much of a middle class. Fallen civilizations like Rome leave this behind in their wake, which is why Italy is most known for corruption, organized crime, and sodomy these days.

  • Zimbabwe pleads with foreign lenders to prevent coronavirus ‘catastrophe’

    Lenders like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank stopped lending to Zimbabwe in 1999 after the country defaulted on its debt repayments.

    That has led the government to resort to domestic borrowing and money-printing to finance the budget deficit, pushing inflation to 676.39% in March year-on-year, one of the highest in the world.

    The third world should stop trying to be first world. They need to find what works for them instead of imitating the West.

  • FBI Now Investigating NAS Corpus Christi Shooting, ‘Arab Male’ Killed by Navy Security Forces

    The FBI is investigating a Thursday shooting at a Texas naval air station, after a Navy security team there killed an “Arab male” who stormed a gate at the base, a U.S. official told USNI News.

    The official did not have any additional details on the identity of the shooter beyond apparent ethnicity. An FBI spokeswoman did not provide additional details when contacted by USNI News.

  • China doesn’t seem to understand independence of Canada’s judiciary: Trudeau

    More accurately: they have no interest in its independence. To Asiatic tyrants, everything and everyone has a price.

  • Zoom is now worth more than General Motors

    Proles pursuing products makes an inverted economy.

  • U.S. says it’s pulling out of Open Skies surveillance treaty

    President Dwight Eisenhower first proposed the United States and the former Soviet Union allow aerial reconnaissance flights over each other’s territory in July 1955. At first, Moscow rejected the idea, but President George H.W. Bush revived it in May 1989, and the treaty entered into force in January 2002. Thirty-four nations have signed it; Kyrgyzstan has signed but not ratified it.

    Translation: we are no longer interested in avoiding panic by others. We will do what we need to do. Also perhaps a recognition that with diversity, there are so many spies here that the only way to keep something secret is to have only Anglo-Americans know about it.

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