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  • Good Samaritan case: Woman who lied about sex assault faces court

    Dispatches from the modern West. Diversity and individualism have shattered any sense of community. Good Samaritan helps woman with broken car for two hours, and she repays him by accusing him of sex assault. As always happens when Leftists attack, he loses his job and then his marriage. Finally, the truth comes out, and now it is left up to him to sue the courts, newspapers, his former employer, and so on for having destroyed his life. You can see why “incels” are opting out of dealing with women entirely, because since women (like minorities, homosexuals, the disabled, and others) are a protected class, they experience a presumption of truth when they make an accusation. How many burned black churches turned out to be insurance scams? How many “hate crimes” have been hoaxes? How many “rapes” (sorry: sex assaults) have been cases of regret or blame-shifting? We are consuming the good to subsidize the lost, stupid, bad, degenerate, and insane.

  • White House to unveil sweeping overhaul of immigration system, including merit-based admissions, officials say

    Before you get sucked into the woo spread by people who want to harvest the rich clicks and video views on the Alt-Right, read the fine print:

    The move would more than quadruple the number of immigrants admitted because of their work-related skills, while dramatically slashing the number of immigrants admitted because of family ties. Currently, approximately 12 percent of immigrants are admitted based on employment and skills, while 66 percent are admitted based on family connections.

    No new immigrants; it is a change in number. This is not the final rule we all want, which is negative numbers of immigrants, or in other words those who are not of the founding stock (English, German, Scots, Dutch, Scandinavian, some frogs) start Going Back Home and fixing their countries instead of hanging around here mooching off what we have built. However, for a starting gambit, it makes sense to get rid of the family basis to immigration, which has brought in the most immigrants over the years since when one family member gets here, they can bring others, and they can have children, and soon we have a giant chain of people getting sucked into the country by some legal right created by Democrats in order to have lots of gullible low-IQ third world people who vote for free stuff and worry about how to pay for it mañaña.

  • Officer quits after confronting black man picking up trash

    The investigation did not support a claim of racial profiling in Smyly’s March 1 interaction with Zayd Atkinson, but it found he violated two department policies: police authority and public trust and conduct.

    They love it when you resign. That way, it is your choice and they have no legal obligation to you. They will tell you that, this way, it will be easier for you to get another job, even though your name is smeared across every search engine in the galaxy. In reality, as soon as the press crucifixion machine heats up, you are done. You might as well hold out, force them to fire you, and then let a court decide whether you were wrong or not.

  • Parents who raise children as vegans should be prosecuted, say Belgian doctors

    Veganism is the latest trend to show you are a good liberal, giving up meat and cheese so that everyone in the world can have more to eat. In reality, if they have more to eat, they breed more, and we the first world people are a tenth of the world, so vastly outnumbered that any changes to our lifestyles will be relatively inconsequential despite the vastly inflated resource consumption figures published in the press. If you really want to reduce your footprint, live in a hut, never drive, and never fly. Buy no electronics; make your own clothes. Of course, that would be more inconvenient than veganism.

  • SAT exam to give students “adversity score” in bid to level playing field

    We have entered peak crypto-socialism here in the West. We either have to admit that the egalitarian agenda is failing, and therefore our centuries spent trying to be egalitarian have been a waste of time, or we can rationalize our defeats as victories and double down on egalitarianism by promoting incompetents. Since nothing we do at our jobs matters anyway, we might as well promote incompetents.

  • Angela Merkel Identifies U.S. as Global Rival That, Along With China and Russia, Europe Must Unite Against

    Merkel has always had a Christian Communist version of Hitler’s dream: she would make Germany a city on a hill, uniting Europe in the new gutmensch way of Leftist living, and then dominate the world with European products. This, to her simple mind, made sense. As a careerist, she recognized a way to expand her territory and fame, and figures that this will make her even more of a success. Instead, the hapless idiot is careening into disaster. However, people like her never see that this is the case until it is too late. She delights the European proles with visions of supremacy and world dominance, when in fact Europe is even more messed up than the USA and most Europeans realize that the EU has already died and we are just waiting for the next round of retirements and deaths to clear out the old stuff so that the new generation can formalize that decease.

  • China’s Huawei, 70 affiliates placed on U.S. trade blacklist

    China loves fundamental transformation just like Obama did. They know that if they get enough of their products into US and EU markets, they will kill off the native competition, and then we will depend on them for everything that we use including basic office and military equipment. While Obama and Merkel thought this was just fine and good, Trump and other newer leaders realize that this is suicidal and insane, and are determined to block enough Chinese goods so that the US and EU become self-sufficient again. In addition, this will cut the ocean-crossing traffic of those giant container ships that leave pollution in their wake. It will also make these consumer products more expensive, which will cut down on the amount of landfill that we are generating, which is good because China is not accepting that either.

  • Italy plans to fine NGO boats up to €5,500 per rescued migrant

    Crazy Leftists want to destroy their own nations by importing migrants because this gives these pointless people a substitute for purpose, religion, morality, and social activity. Mostly they are just existentially adrift, having placed above their ability level thanks to education and nepotism, and they need some way to “be important” in their social sphere. They gather money and go out there and bring in those migrants, not realizing that they are causing the deaths of others to follow. Or more likely, they do not care. To them, migrants are a means to an end; society is a means to an end; altruism is a means to an end. It just about them, the individualists, and how important they can make themselves in the social scene and therefore, how much power, prestige, and wealth they can amass. These people are the parasites who cause the problems for which capitalism is normally blamed by the clueless. These NGOs are all funded by people who got rich doing trivial things because government created niches for them, and Salvini is getting serious about stopping them.

  • U.S. Births Fell To A 32-Year Low In 2018; CDC Says Birthrate Is In Record Slump

    How can we blame the incels for this? People are not breeding because dating, marriage, and divorce are minefields. They are not interested in interacting with other people because, without a shared culture other than videogames and Netflix, people have no values or goals in common. Our entire society has gone MGTOW because it has become toxic thanks to the pretense of individualism, the ideology of equality, and the horrible consequences of Leftist policy. Who would get married, have a child, or do anything life-affirming in this mess? Only the most oblivious are breeding, which is what our leaders want anyway.

  • Scientists find people aged 18 to 25 are the most upset when they’re labelled narcissistic, entitled and oversensitive

    Hit a nerve, did it. Societies based around the individual make people who are not only narcissistic, entitled, and oversensitive, but pretentious, because they are accustomed to justifying their misbehavior as altruism. When everyone is equal, the only power consists of standing out, and people do that by styling themselves as victims of inequality, prophets bringing equality, artistic Bohemian-shaman people of great empathy, and visionaries of a new social order. All of that hides their inner selfishness, which is what equality/individualism inculcates in the individual.

  • Pope Francis: Human History Marked by ‘Mysterious Evil’

    The mysterious evil is hubris, or humans deciding that they are such precious brilliant snowflakes that they do not need any kind of natural, divine, logical, or even social order around them. They want what they want, and with the internal combustion engine, modern hygiene, digital computers, the printing press, and antibiotics, they believe they dominate nature and are going to be new meta-kings of the world. In reality, they are committing suicide because nature is within, like a type of pattern-order to the world, not outside of us as a tangible thing, and people with enough intelligence see that but most fall just a bit too short to actually see that. As a result, they march onward in a Dunning-Kruger stupor, convinced of their brilliance as they destroy any hopes they might have had; at some point, we enshrined this as policy with The Enlightenment™ and made individualism our guiding principle, at which point our smart citizens became experts at hiding selfishness within pretend altruism. This pattern comes up again and again, and will continue to do so until we breed it out, which is going to require removing a lot of bad people and encouraging the smart ones to have lots of kids, something which we do not do these days.

  • Teen suspects in Colorado school shooting formally charged; case sealed

    Leftist school shooting? Better seal the case. That way, it cannot become part of the statistics about Left-wing terrorism. The Left always hides its own misdeeds while accusing others of the same thing. This will not get better until we remove Leftists. Whether to Venezuela as I suggest, or to a wood chipper, really does not matter.

  • White House says it won’t sign international agreement to combat online extremism

    Our suicidally stupid Leftist leaders want to ensure that we have no ability to criticize the current Leftist narrative. Sure, they will introduce it as blocking hate speech, but as we have seen, this always means blocking all non-Leftist speech. The White House did something intelligent by staying out of this nightmare.

  • Wild pigs causing ‘ecological disaster’ as they spread rapidly across Canada, survey says

    Invasive species always have the upper hand because they are not efficient. Unlike native species which have found a balance with their ecosystem, invasive species just wreck and consume everything and breed wantonly as if their goal was to destroy the native species and take their territory. The same is true of immigration/diversity.

  • The Intersection of Race and Blood

    “Blood can be racially or ethnically specific,” informs The New York Times, after decades of telling us that there were no significant biological differences between the races and that race was merely a social construct.

  • Extreme-right electoral ad must be aired: German Constitutional Court

    After years of being censored by lower courts, the far-Right can finally publish propaganda on German airwaves again. Open societies claim that in order to be tolerant they must be intolerant of the intolerant, but this becomes complicated because “intolerant” is a nonsense category since the so-called “intolerant” are simply trying to save these societies from themselves. As Leftist programs grind down into oblivion and leave behind nothing but wreckage, people are increasingly open to the message that we need another way and cannot just keep repeating the same tired stuff we have done for the past century. We are exhausted by it, and another round will finally kill us off.

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