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  • Thousands of parents to stage climate change protest as health secretary launches ‘dirty air’ study

    Morons wail about climate change while the health secretary admits the real problem, which is that pollution from human over-exploitation of natural resources will doom us, not the statistical fiction of climate change. At what point do we admit that The People are incompetent for deciding these issues?

  • Non-citizen welfare shortchanges Maine seniors

    Someone points out the obvious grim fact that tax revenue is relatively fixed and so, if you extend new rights and benefits to illegals, you will be taking from the existing population. The “solution” as always will be to raise taxes, further strangling the middle class and the economy.

  • Colorado shooting suspect denounced ‘all these Christians who hate gays’

    They will not count this as Left-wing terrorism. We can learn in the broader sense from this that our society has made itself incompatible. If all the Leftists moved to the right side, and all the Rightists moved to the left side, we would see exactly how different our desires are. Conservatives want Mayberry; Leftists want Weimar Germany.

  • Audit suggests Google favors a small number of major outlets

    News stories back in the 1990s told us how the internet was going to break the stranglehold on information by the big media companies. It turns out that those companies simply bought their way back in through the advertising networks that Google and Facebook offer. In the end, we will find that the “fake news” and “anti-hate speech” crusades were simply clever manipulations designed to preserve the market monopoly of the bourgeois-liberalism-plus-consumerism big media outlets, whose only real message is that we should avoid thinking about real problems and consider focusing on our jobs, taxes, and shopping.

  • U.S. Steel Mon Valley Works: An Historically Significant Factory Upgrade

    The Trump tariffs and trade activity aims to make America self-sufficient again because we cannot depend on China or Europe, both of whom are hostile. Here we see some early signs of what America is doing: modernizing and bringing production back here. This will not directly bring jobs, but will save or create jobs in related industries.

  • China’s Communist Dictatorship Targets American Creativity

    While the West sleeps, drugged on equality/individualism, its enemies — those who want to seize its power, conquer it, and destroy it — have been busily stealing all of its inventions.

  • Meditation retreats bad for your mental health, study suggests

    Making meditation into medicine has not worked so well for us. Meditation requires regular practice to get to a stable state of mind, and does not do so well when used like aspirin, thrown on the body once a problem rears its head. When you try that approach, you simply become more neurotic.

  • 1MDB’s Jho Low, Rapper Pras Michel Indicted Over Obama Donation

    Another day, and more corruption connections between China and the Democrats. Someone in Washington is quietly building a case from the outward details toward the inner, boxing in the Obama-Clinton gang.

  • Black students reluctant to apply to Cambridge University ‘due to lack of Afro-Caribbean hairdressers’

    Universities are under pressure from the higher education regulator to admit more students from ethnic minorities and disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Diversity is a government program and nothing more. By itself, it does not work; when forced on us, it simply destroys society, but in the process government stooges find an excuse to tax more and hire more well-paid bureaucrats like themselves. They are not a conspiracy; they are simply parasites.

  • Furious Danny Baker told BBC boss to ‘f*** off’ as he was sacked over ‘racist’ Meghan Markle baby tweet

    People generally believe that they can take a snapshot of the world as it is when they are sixteen and that it will remain unchanged despite their own activities. After years of agitating for more Leftism, they find themselves shocked and surprised when they wake up with Soviet-style speech control.

  • Russia not planning to send more military specialists to Venezuela

    Trump convinced the Russia-China alliance that their intervention in the Americas would elicit a strong response, so they have backed down, and now we must all wait for Venezuela to continue its death process so that something can take the place of the perennially popular with the poor socialist regime.

  • Nature offers serious benefits to our physical and mental health, research suggests

    Shocker: people connected to the world do better than those isolated in the human bubble.

  • Tourette’s teen leaves cinema after noise complaints

    Modernity bases itself in the idea that society will pander to the individual. Whatever your concerns are, you cannot be discriminated against because of equality. This means that you can have problems and force society to absorb their cost. However, it turns out that this trend reached its furthest apex, and now people are pushing back, advancing the radical idea that (for example) if you cannot sit quietly and watch a movie, you do not belong in a movie theater, because other people are real too. In other words, your problem is not our problem. We may be sympathetic, but do not expect us to sacrifice normal healthy life in order to accommodate you. Things have changed since the twentieth century.

  • Americans’ support for impeaching Trump rises

    45% of the country are utterly insane and dependent on media for their opinions. This is democracy as usual. Democracy requires that we believe people are equal in thinking ability, when in fact most cannot think at all.

  • Lynn Beyak suspended from Senate after refusing to take down letters condemned as racist

    Senator refuses to unpublish letters from her constituents noticing problems with the Amerind community. In order to preserve pretense, her colleagues discipline her instead of addressing the problem. With the elephant in the room covered with a rug, we can all go back to business as normal.

  • And the least feminist nation in the world is… Denmark?

    It turns out that people in happy and successful places have less use for victimhood pathologies. This raises the converse argument: people in most of the West are totally miserable and looking for someone to blame other than the consummately terrible decisions made by We The People in our pursuit of Equality-Utopia.

  • US consumer prices rose 0.3% on higher gas, housing costs

    We are caught in a terminal loop here in the West both socially and economically. Socially, we demand pluralism or the acceptance of everyone and everything, which in turn means that we cannot have a sense of purpose or culture. We need both for a way to orient our own assessment of the meaning of our lives, and since we lack that, we have become existentially despairing and miserable. Economically, we keep taking from the productive to subsidize the unproductive in order to achieve economic equality, and this both sabotages our best people and drains our economy. To drop housing costs, lower property taxes; that will require reducing holy Education so that we are not trying to provide for every illegal immigrant, discipline problem, retard, speech impediment, free school lunch, and dumber-than-rocks student with our form of long-term daycare known as public schooling. To drop food costs, remove all those taxes and regulations. The People are afraid to take this step, so it will be taken for them, one way or another.

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