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  • Air pollution ‘pandemic’ shortens lives by 3 years: study

    We will find out that the coronavirus panic may in fact be an air pollution pandemic. Weak lungs make higher mortality rates. In the meantime, we all suffer from the output of industrial civilization, and most importantly, most of what we do in industrial civilization does not need to be done. We do not need two hundred varieties of every product, and whole categories of products are unnecessary and destructive. In the same way that most of our government spending is waste or wasted on stupid policies, most of our economic activity is waste or stupidity. Democracy will not cure this, which means that democracy is on its way out. We either choose to restore the kings or end up with some kind of moronic dictatorship or rule by committee. That may offend people now, but it is coming, and nothing we can do will stop it.

  • Chinese draft law on foreigners triggers violent debate

    China, seeking to continue the economic growth upon which it is now dependent, starts its diversity program by making it easier for foreigners to become residents. The locals object, pointing out that this is cultural erasure, and especially take issue with the idea of importing Africans. Despite being Communist, China finds itself in need to inflate its economic numbers to keep its currency strong, since currencies not bound to precious metals end up being only as valuable as the country is as an investment. Instead of going for a supply-side valuation, China went with demand-side, since it knows that its industrial output is of poor quality for the most part, just as the USA did after unions destroyed its ability to make functioning cars. Now it will find out, as the USSR did, that diversity looks good on paper but so fundamentally destabilizes a nation that its leadership will be forced into increasing repression to maintain control.

  • Coronavirus Patient Zero in Italy Reportedly a Pakistani Immigrant

    When it is not your nation, and does not represent your interests including your group interests, you have zero concern for what happens to it, and in fact, would be well advised to crush the majority so that your minority group is safer. This takes many forms before open warfare, including rape, molestation, assault, theft, vandalism, public defecation, and now, refusal to quarantine.

  • U.S. stock futures sink by 5% down limit after crude rout

    Saudi Arabia’s plans to hike crude production and slash its official selling price came after Russia on Friday balked at steep production cuts proposed by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to stabilize prices hit by economic fallout from the coronavirus.

    Mass panic hits the West despite, as Trump has noted, relatively low risk at this time. Instead of panicking, intelligent creatures like humans should minimize their risk and avoid destroying other things that they need simply because the group is raving about its fears. We must wonder how many revolutions were simply mass panics.

  • Horror story behind Corey Feldman exposing Hollywood abuse

    PizzaGate was metaphor. The truth seems to involve lots of disturbing child molestation among our new elites selected from among the proles, by the proles. Metaphor becomes real with events like this, Rotherham, and the constant low-grade rape warfare caused by diversity in places like Sweden and Los Angeles.

  • Greece migrant crisis: Refugee centre ablaze as tensions rise

    Ongoing conflict in Greece reveals just how much Europe has realized that immigration will destroy it. Turkey opened the floodgates, but now Europe is fighting back. Far-Right parties have become obsolete; the mainstream now embraces the generalized far-Right idea that diversity, immigration, and globalism are unwise.

  • Return of the burbot: ‘great lost fish’ to be reintroduced to UK

    After having had its populations destroyed by postwar industry, the bizarre-looking burbot will be reintroduced to England. As we continue burying the ruins of the twentieth century, many are looking toward correcting the errors of the past as much as we can, but few will point to the need to return to wilderness much of what humans have occupied.

  • Nazi salutes, Molotov cocktails rock massive Mexico women’s march

    Apparently Mexico has Nazis. The “celebration of women” turns out to be another shakedown, demanding that those who are succeeding subsidize those who are not, rejecting hierarchy in favor of a mob of equals with no direction except to take from others in order to keep the mob afloat for the near future. If you want to consume your society and end up in a third world status ruin, pursuing egalitarian ideas like Leftism, feminism, liberalism, diversity, libertarianism, universalism, and socialism will easily take you there.

  • Countries with more gender equality have fewer female STEM grads

    Biology trumps ideology. When achieving equal status in labor seems like a challenge, people dedicate their lives to it and only later figure out what they have lost and wasted. Once the goal is achieved, it becomes less of a way to signal social importance, so people return to natural gender roles. Like most Leftist programs, feminism self-destructs, but only after destroying much around it.

  • YouTube socialist Carlos Maza slams the wealthy but lived in luxury

    Socialism has always been a project of the wealthy; instead of simply taking ten percent profit on what they sell to you, they take everything, and then you must come and beg for anything more than a mediocre “equal” existence in Soviet-style apartment blocks, waiting in line for your bread and fish, maybe getting yourself a Trabant after twenty years on a list. The aristocrats, who were not money makers but wise leaders, knew how to manage wealth so that its destructive aspects were kept at bay. Now that we have equality, proles have money too, and they use it for destructive ends. Everything for which capitalism is blamed results from a lack of strong culture and hierarchy, since when peasants have billions, they continue making peasant-level decisions and everyone suffers. Bring back the kings.

  • The psychology behind why toilet paper, of all things, is the latest coronavirus panic buy

    When people hear conflicting messages about the risk it poses and how seriously they should prepare for it, they tend to resort to the extreme, Taylor said.

    We can re-write human history as a chronicle of panics, trends, FOMO, and voluntary social conformity in order to achieve a few minutes of notoriety. People want, above all else, to be recognized; almost universally, they go about it the wrong way by emulating others, instead of seeing what they can offer to others within the confines of the natural order. Those who do that always stand out, even if they lack the trendy clothes and habits that people in the city think are important.

  • Sanders: ‘I never expected in my life, as an American, to see a swastika at a major political rally’

    Probably just a Leftist agitator. However, when the illusions of our time are revealed to be dysfunctional, people depolarize and go the opposite direction just as hard. Equal and opposite reactions, and all that. If Sanders were honest, he would have Soviet flags at all of his rallies.

  • Pesticides impair baby bee brain development

    Insects, like canaries in coal mines, show us what we will be susceptible to if we do not change our ways. The agricultural miracle that eliminated many family farms and allowed our population to swell is ending. This means that our economy will change, too, as will our attitude toward having extra people around. Tolerance faces a rather quick death on the historical scale, since now we realize that space — including fresh air and water — is in fact a zero-sum game, and when we add others who are useless or hostile, we damage our own future or possibly, eliminate it.

  • Brexit presents opportunity to ban supertrawlers from UK waters, environmental groups say

    Another source of cheap and easy food, supertrawlers drag giant nets across the seafloor, destroying massive amounts of sealife in order to extract the relatively few species that can be sold as food items. No responsible, sane, and future-oriented species would do this. Perhaps post-Brexit Britain will fall in love with its land, heritage, culture, and aesthetics again, and as part of that, act to preserve its natural surroundings. We need more quality people, not a greater quantity of (average) people.

  • First Lenin statue in western Germany to be erected after heated battle

    Mask off! Leftists erect statue of Lenin, affirming that all Leftists differ only in degrees and will take us to the same place, the failing and repressive system of Communism. Humans pursue a Daedalus arc: in pursuit of symbols that make individuals feel psychologically safe by affirming that all other parts of the world act as their minds do, we will chase the sun until our wings melt and we come tumbling down. Perhaps instead of aiming for false symbols, we should simply try to fly into deep space and see what other wonders of the natural world await.

  • Straphanger sprays Asian man with Febreze in possible hate crime

    Black people realize that they are being replaced by Asians and Hispanics, so the coronavirus offers a tempting excuse to vent that rage. Diversity collapses when all of the minority groups realize that their self-interest not only requires them to displace the majority, but also to beat out all the other minority groups. Like unions, democracy, and feminism, diversity introduces more infighting instead of finding a standard that works and perfecting it over time.

  • Montreal police suspect hate-crimes after vandals hit Buddhist temples, Chinatown

    When diversity rises above a certain threshold, probably around a fifth of the population, the relatively distracted and self-centered human population is finally able to visualize what it means, namely being strangers in their own homelands if they are the majority, and permanently alienated outsiders if they are minorities. This brings about further conflict, including pointless destruction. The anti-majority forces threw down majority statues, so now we enter a time of destroying symbols of other groups by both majority and minorities alike. If you ever wonder why so much of history is lost, look to this pathology.

  • Biden vows to bring back Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty for not having insurance

    The press will never admit it, but Obamacare savaged the middle class by forcing them to pay for medical care for the underclasses, including illegal aliens. Nothing is free; even if we had Star Trek style replicators and AIs, every activity would require time from someone, and this means that even in Utopia we would see the many clueless attempting to tear down those who have a direction of their own. A better path involves promoting the good, punishing the bad, and ignoring everyone else. Let natural selection and morality work in tandem.

  • Viktor Orban’s Anti-Roma Campaign in Hungary Is Being Legitimized by Trump and Western Leaders, Activist Warns

    Even non-racist Europeans detest the Roma, who have made a name for themselves with crime and welfare fraud. Hungary realizes that removing these people by driving them out or relocating them will remove a constant source of low-level crime, and that for Hungary to remain Hungarian, it has to remove foreign genetic influences in total. This somehow scares people, but unless they want to fight wars against every diversity flare-up worldwide, they will find themselves coming around to the Trump view, which is to let Hungary manage Hungary and remove low-value aliens if it wants to.

  • Sea turtles are eating ocean plastic because it smells like food, study finds

    Humans have covered every part of Earth in litter, both through individual carelessness and mismanagement of waste on an organizational level. This destroys natural species who then ingest the plastic waste and experience reduced health and mobility as a result. Sweden, despite being a diversity disaster, has taken the lead by generating power from incinerating garbage, which conveniently makes garbage valuable so that it is turned in at the right places, and ensures that it will never enter the ecosystem.

  • The EARN IT Act Is a Sneak Attack on Encryption

    New bill requires social media to demonstrate that it is actively removing child pornography content, including not allowing users to hide behind encryption, in order to receive § 230 of the Communications Decency Act protections. This could easily be extended to free speech: firms need to demonstrate that they are allowing open exchange of ideas in order to receive immunity from what their users post. This parallels common carrier law, where common carriers were held to be blameless unless they censored some content, at which point it was assumed that anything uncensored had their approval. Free speech will be the best policy, but social media wants regulation because small internet sites cannot afford staff to remove the child porn, hateful speech, bomb-making instructions, jihad propaganda, and white nationalist manifestos, therefore smaller sites will die out and the internet will fall into the hands of six big companies. That parallels what happened to movies and television. Is this a failure of capitalism, or merely regulation showing how destructive it can be? Remove bureaucracy, problem solved.

  • Wikipedia deletes list of scientists who disagree with the consensus on climate change

    Wherever you have Leftists, you have censorship. It does not matter if they are big corporations, employees acting partially within their roles in those corporations, or volunteers; to a Leftist, pushing humanity toward equality constitutes the only “good” actions, and everything else must be subjugated so that the drive toward Equality-Utopia can continue. Some of us have refused to use Wikipedia for some time because of its rampant spin of most topics toward Leftist propaganda.

  • Twitter labels edited Biden video ‘manipulated tweet’

    New rules, new abuses. The edit was obviously designed for comic effect, but as usual, Twitter removes Right-wing content while allowing the Left to get away with abuses, sort of like Facebook, Reddit, and Google. They want to erase all non-Leftist content from the internet because that way, they have a captive audience and can recycle the same content instead of suffering when they drive away the power users who post the interesting stuff but often do not follow the Narrative.

  • Beer and bagels please: New York rats evolve to mirror human habits

    Their findings – posted last week on online site bioRxiv – included a list of several dozen rat genes that showed major changes in DNA over the centuries as the species spread from Asia to Europe and on to America, and from the countryside into cities. These altered genes include those associated with diet, behaviour and movement, and reflect the ever-present need for rats to adapt to the challenges of living with humans in a city.

    Conformity creates genetic conformity. By dominating the natural world, instead of coexisting with it, humans force other species to adapt to humanity, effectively creating invasive species designed for symbiotic relationships with humans. The ecocide continues at full pace.

  • Google tracked his bike ride past a burglarized home. That made him a suspect.

    Advertising on the internet pays little and is ineffective, so large companies want to know everything about their customers so that they can sell them targeted products and sell those targeted ads to other large firms. This creates data which is of use to law enforcement, but simple proximity does not dictate guilt, especially when the bad guys might not use Android phones. All of those people tossing their phones in aluminum foil bags when they go anywhere but their usual locations (work, grocery, gym, home) are starting to look really savvy about now.

  • Germany: Thousands rally urging government to accept more refugees

    When societies start to thrive, they replace natural selection with social selection, and at that point, people see their future as determined by society instead of nature. This means that they blame society if they do not thrive in it, and this creates a huge group of neurotics, misfits, parasites, schizoids, and agitators who then destroy that society. They specialize in finding methods of destruction which do not appear destructive, cloaked by “altruism” and “empathy,” since this allows them to passive-aggressively enact their agenda of ruin, which protects them from possible backlash. The only response is to go full Hans-Hermann Hoppe or Anders Breivik and physically remove Leftists, since they are probably the result of deleterious mutations leading to mental instability.

  • ‘Neo-Nazi’ Metropolitan Police officer arrested on suspicion of terror offences

    Those statistics on Right-wing terror are fake because they rely on acts like this, which cause arrests and headlines about people who are basically posting memes or acquiring far-Right literature. In the meantime, actual terrorism like Rotherham is not counted, nor are the many attacks stopped by relentless government monitoring of cell phone and internet communications. If they counted actual attacks, the data would show that Islamic terror is a far bigger problem. However, you might lose your job if you say something that could be construed as “racist” — and how Soviet is that? — so police busy themselves busting white guys and destroying their lives. Soon they will have an entire nation on the dole, and the transition to full Communism will be merely a formality.

  • A black female-owned company was flooded with hate speech and 1-star reviews after it was featured in a Target commercial

    People are tired of diversity and our new, government-created elite of minorities. This proves convenient for government, which wants to style diversity dissidents as hateful instead of critics of a failing program. Attack diversity, not the groups caught up in it. They are victims too.

  • Before and after: coronavirus empties world’s busiest spaces

    It becomes difficult to not notice how much nicer a world with fewer people milling about, traveling, and engaging in pointless egomaniac activity is.

  • Counter-terrorism police investigate potential threat posed by violent ‘incels’

    Anything to avoid looking at our real problems. Incels exist because sexual liberation favors a few attractive men who have lots of sex, and women end up without mates after they become unable to bond and age beyond the time when people will marry them in order to have families. End sexual liberation, end incels and box wine aunts in the same stroke.

  • ‘It’s not OK to lie to the community’ | MPD whistleblower details alleged crime underreporting in the first interview

    Black woman stands up for functional law enforcement. I first noticed that back in the 1990s, police in Los Angeles and Houston were aggressively pushing victims to allow crimes to be downgraded to vandalism, since that took a serious crime like theft and made it into a minor crime for the purpose of statistics. Many cops would simply avoid taking down reports if they could convince the victim that nothing could be done. This let their superiors crow about how crime had been beaten, and make their Leftist city governments look functional despite massive amounts of constant crime. Now this comes out into the open, and if others follow with their whistleblower revelations, we will see that crime statistics in the West are wholly unreliable at this point.

  • Bus firm boss only wants people ‘who love politically incorrect banter’ for jobs

    Political correctness exists to prevent us noticing that the system is failing, and by eliminating our words for that failure, leaving only a happy hugbox where the Narrative can be affirmed. People have been tired of this for years, but now are speaking out, since if you drive away the politically correct, you get sane people, even if they are not politically incorrect. Political correctness is just Communism saying hello to you fellow kids.

  • Ex-Google engineer raises alarm on diversity over meritocracy in tech

    Affirmative action turns companies into jobs programs for minorities. Those who can actually do the job get squeezed out because once a company is mostly diverse, it seeks more diversity even if incompetent. This afflicts successful companies and nations the most because they can absorb the losses.

  • Jesus statue and 14 crosses demolished

    Based Indians seek to keep out foreign religions. This is pure sense and shows that their quest is not so much to eliminate specific religions from their nation, but to keep their nation unified around a single heritage, culture, faith, and way of life.

  • Noose once placed on locker of shooter at Molson Coors, company says

    We can explain away any crime by claiming that it was prompted by discrimination.

  • A man filmed licking a tub of ice cream will spend 30 days in jail and pay restitution to Blue Bell

    This idiotic stunt caused massive amounts of ice cream to be destroyed. These acts seem to be mostly perpetrated by minorities, and show resentment of a very “white” brand, Blue Bell. In a diverse society, every group tries to tear down every other in order to assert itself. It is like importing a world war battle royale to be fought within your own borders by passive-aggressive means.

  • City officials call for removal of Confederate flag from Tucson Rodeo Parade

    At this point, the Confederate flag represents non-conformity and refusal to give up white culture far beyond the South. If you want to give the finger to our corporate socialist bureaucratic society, just raise the stars and bars. Not surprisingly, the bureaucrats and minority groups — as well as lots of white neurotics — want it removed from everywhere. Future archaeologists will have trouble understanding the ruins of our civilization because so much will be deleted before the crash.

  • Western European armies have shrunk dramatically

    When the Soviets fell, the West assumed that it had won, and stopped trying. This caused it to relapse into the same anemic Leftism that propelled the Soviets into power. As globalism fails, countries find themselves wanting powerful militaries again, which swings societ in a Rightward direction.

  • Governor, mayor battle over Austin homelessness as progressive city’s crisis deepens

    Moronic bourgeois hippies demand liberalization of rules and standards, then find themselves shocked when a city of homeless people rises up among them and starts savaging their bottom line. However, at this point, they have painted themselves into a corner, because to act against this means that they must be intolerant to a degree, and that means that they will be in effect rejecting the idea of tolerance, equality, and liberalization itself. Just ignore the mountains of feces and needles, citizen. It is all for the Revolution.

  • Immigration experts sound alarm over new federal office on denaturalizations

    Doing what it should have always been doing, the DOJ has begun auditing immigration applications to find deception, which enables it to deport people who lied on or faked their citizenship applications. Trump shows his pincer strategy here — raise the cost to get here, reduce the benefits of being here — as a means to counter the rising number of H-1Bs that American industry demands. If no one can fill these roles, we will have to start doing what we should have been doing all along, which is encouraging our citizens to excel and producing home-grown talent instead of importing it.

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