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Periscope (March 9, 2019)

  • Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Jewish Views Are Typical For Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus

    Somebody just made Becky Pelosi’s soufflé fall. She wanted to signal her bosses that all these crazy Democratic Freshmen were back-benchers and that sober, propriety that you find in places with “really good schools” would ultimately control her House Majority. Then reality threw the Red Bull-Feces Flag at poor, little Becky.

    Her way of keeping the Silly Knee-Grows out of the boardroom was to make an example out of The Crazy Moslem. Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitism was supposed to be Nancy Pelosi’s opportunity to cut one of them off and then sadistically kill them. An occasional auto-de-fé clarifies the mind and clears up just who sits atop the hierarchy. Then she discovered what Democrats outside of places with “really good schools” really believed about (((Banksters))).

    The Democrats’ internal fight over the anti-Semitism resolution reveals a stark picture of the competing factions vying for control over the party’s agenda. Those most opposed to the resolution, the farther left members of the House, as well as key members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), have expressed outrage at the resolution, bemoaning that it “targets” Omar. Nowhere in the entire document does Omar’s name appear once.

    And not only that, she discovered what all of her various pet minorities not-so-secretly thought about the “white allies”. Like the barbarian chieftain in Spain that invited in the Moors, the Democrats have made their coalition of the fringes too broad to effectively control. Now the fringes are beginning to run them. It’s not going to end well for Becky Pelosi. It won’t end well for traditional Democratic minorities like Blacks and Jews. The Young Turks are coming and the Democratic Party is not going to be a country for old men of any color. Happy International Women’s Day, Becky Pelosi.

  • “‘Menopause lasts longer than that’: Manafort’s ‘shockingly lenient’ sentence ridiculed.”

    Ann Althouse would prefer a different sort of celebration of International Women’s Day over at The WaPo Bezos Blog. It seems the Lefty Twitter-Borg was chapped when Paul Manafort got 47 months in jail rather than being coated with honey and staked out for the beetles and ants. They started a Twit-meme about how short 47 months are.

    What are the tweets about the surprisingly short sentence the federal judge gave Manafort? On Twitter, users employed a particular shtick: Contrasting the length of the sentence with other common situations. By early Friday, the phrase “47 months” had been tweeted thousands of times. “I have stuff in my fridge that’s been there 47 months,” one Twitter user wrote…. CNN political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas tweeted that she not only was grounded for “47 months for talking-back to my mom once,” but also had a “chancla,” or flip-flop, thrown at her…. 47 months? I’ve seen longer sentences in Raymond Chandler novels. You get the idea. But one person said, “47 months. Menopause lasts longer than that,” and that’s the joke WaPo put in the headline.

    It truly is regrettable that La Madre de Ana Navarro-Cardenas threw a flip-flop instead of a good, muddy rugby cleat at La Cabeza de La Boca Grande. Also, I tend to think that the menopause of the Professional SJW kicks in early in their 20’s and drags on like The Great Depression that having one of these women in your home or office truly represents.

    So Manafort gets a bull-feces sentence for a politically-contrived, bull-feces indictment. This triggers those who wear the pussy-hats to tell the pussy jokes. I’m just glad these profound and gallant intellectual titans are here to enlighten us. Happy International Women’s Day, Ann!

  • U2-Until the End of the World lyrics

    How greatly does the narrative fear the PUA? So much so that Davos-devotee Bono Vox once wrote a song comparing and contrasting a fictional PUA to none other than Judas Ascariot. That’s some left-handed praise right there. It also grotesquely pedestalizes a lot of profoundly undeserving women. And are PUAs really like Judas?

    In some ways they are. They betray a confidence. But just how innocent are their marks? A gentleman should certainly never engage in Game past Eric Berne’s level 2 unless they genuinely love the target of their affections. But just who are they scoring with? Game, no matter how highly Krauser PUA may think of himself; requires two players to make up a hand.

    Most PUAs are PUAs because they are among the least empowered and valued members of Modern Amerika. The nastiness of some of their antics can be the expected process of embittered vengeance and outraged resentment. The cheap and sleazy sex is an opiate to make it hurt less. RooshV once wrote in one of his Bang books that he wanted to “punish that pussy.” It was a moment of philosophical honesty that raised eyebrows because it spoke to what is in a lot of men’s hearts as they walk around every day.

    Contra Bono, this won’t be the end of the world. PUAs are just the end product of a betrayal. They are only like Judas because many of them are pulling a knife or three out of their backs. You tell some guy who has been divorce-raped, condom-holed or falsely tagged on a paternity suit that women are sweet little angels. The world didn’t end. It just got darker. The PUAs are just the vampires who prowl it at night like the The Lost Boys of great 80s movie yore.

  • The Most Politically Intolerant Americans Tend To Be Urban, Highly Educated Whites, Survey Shows

    They have it all. If fairness, at least one generation of their family worked like hell to acquire all that swag. They damn well intend to keep it.

    You have a valid point of view when they condescend to you and give you one. Why? Because, they are !LIBERAL!, !TOLERANT! and !PROGRESSIVE! Youuuuuu can bloody well shut up and like it. Is there any part of that which Youuuuuu were too inbred to understand?

    Maybe you’d rather not spend your spare time with people like that either. It’s a genuine shame and to the detriment of our nation. That paragraph I contrived above was exaggeration. But it only exaggerated to a degree what our urban “elites” are being taught in the “really good schools” that mommy and daddy paid a premium to move near.

    It turns out that being white, highly educated, urban-dwelling, and older all correlate with political intolerance. The authors think this might be because such people are best able to segregate themselves into like-minded bubbles where they may never encounter someone who represents a different political tradition. Less privileged Americans, on the other hand, “have more diverse social networks, politically speaking, and therefore tend to have more complicated views of the other side, whatever side that may be.”

  • Rubio: Starving Venezuelans About To Suffer In A Way We Have Not Seen

    One week of refined petrochemicals away from a Green New Deal.
    The Calories don’t just get burned — they get Holodomored.
    Capitalism is man’s inhumanity to man. Under Communism, the government has a butt-kicking monopoly on that inhumanity.
    It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Last week, the hungry of Venezuela ran out of dogs.

    The really bad part of my soul that hates Leftists on a genuine, personal and very human level finds all of the above fair game. They wanted to express their resentment against wealth and privilege. Now they have equality. The people are all too equally dead to worry about keeping up with The Khardasians. The graveworms are not picky about which cadaver they eat first.

    Maduro hangs on like Lucifer from Paradise Lost. Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. At least until the jet shows up and he retires to write his utterly fascinating memoirs in a lush retirement paradise. The Commie thugs leading Venezuela will be just like The Banksters who blew up Wall Street from 2006 to 2008. They’ll one day tell us they’re sorry. Sincerely sorry. Or maybe they’ll just say “Oops.” They’ll catch less feces than poor Mike Torres did for hanging a pitch to Bucky “Effing” Dent.

    I suppose I’m supposed to be sad for Venezuelan peasants who “didn’t know any better.” I am until I remember that Nicauraguan peasants who were liberated from Daniel Ortega voted the cruel Socialist SOB right back in a decade or so later. The ones that survive don’t learn Jack. So spare us Senator Cuck-Rubio. And President Trump, spare us from sending in our military or from accepting their refugees.

  • Tax collectors chase rich New Yorkers moving to low-tax states.

    The cat-and-mouse game between state tax collectors and wealthy New Yorkers who are moving to Florida has reached new levels — and gone high tech. New federal tax laws limiting the deduction of state and local income taxes have created incentives for wealthy New Yorkers to move to Florida or other lower-tax states. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month blamed wealth flight for the state’s $2.3 billion revenue shortfall in December and January. “Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich,” he said. “We did. Now, God forbid, the rich leave.”

    Man, where’s all that police brutality when it would do society some good? These dickheads all voted for socialism. They got socialism. Good and hard. They don’t get to move to Florida or Tennessee and ruin those places too. I hope the State of New York “inherits” all of their estates as well. The rich fund Liberalism. They bankroll it into office and inflict that Liberalism on the people they don’t believe are good enough to lick their precious Gucci Boots. Let the rEvolution eat its children. The bastards deserve no better.

  • Labour Party’s Response To Anti-Semitism Accusations Appears To Confirm Them

    Chris Williamson, an MP for Derby North, delivered a speech where he celebrated the defection of MP Joan Ryan, who left the Labour Party due to the party’s growing anti-Semitism problem. In explaining her departure, Ryan had reiterated, “The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has become infected with the scourge of anti-Jewish racism. The problem simply did not exist in the party before his election as leader.”

    Is a Nationalistic Left by definition !RACIST!? No, but that; and some class envy – neat and on the rocks, helps cement the ties that bind. Old school, Populist Labour has never been big on trusting (((Banksters))). The British Radicals who refer to Former Labour PM Tony Blair as “Phoney Tony” were reacting to internationalism. The participation in Bush’s Iraq War and his continued support of Israel raised concerns that Britain had completely devolved into Amerika’s lap-dog.

    So this rejection of Empire and Amerika then followed a predictable inductive process to subtend Israel into the Evil Empire Set. From here it was just a stone’s throw to developing concern over (((foreign influence))) and harboring social and economic resentment towards The Self-Selecting People. It’s not like Kier Hardie or even Welsh Rugby Star Phil Bennett would have hit it off grandly with The Rothschilds. Anti-Semitism comes naturally to far more people than just the dying remnant of the old Nazi Parties.

  • JP Morgan Is Quietly Moving Bank Branches Out Of Lower Income Areas

    Some of the biggest banks in the United States are quietly closing branches in low income areas, and nobody more so than the people’s JP Morgan. As one example, JP Morgan is shutting it outlet in Aberdeen, Washington, where it has just one branch. And now that the bank is going to be leaving the town, the closest Chase branch is going to be 40 miles away. This is part of a broader move that banks are making, as they shift their attention in the age of online banking to wealthier areas, according to a new Bloomberg article.

    The paranoid reaction would be that money is being taken away from the people. Banks are doing what bank robbers famously do. They go where the money is. JP Morgan has traditionally attempted to sell it’s savings banks as aimed at working class areas. They previously wanted to be right outside the factory gate, so-to-speak. This allowed them to build up a large, predictable customer base and a steady (every Friday) cash flow. It was a safe and simple money machine.

    Current CEO Jamie Dimon has decided to upscale his operation and go after bigger money. But then there’s the common sense angle. Where do people actually hold your branches up at gunpoint? Probably not in The Hamptons. Who is hooking a wench to their vehicle and ripping an ATM out of a brick wall to bogart the cash? Probably nobody in these new, upscale communities. Does Jamie Dimon really fear a return of the Purple Gang? No. But he does fear what he’s hearing from insurance actuaries. This is yet another negative externality from #BLM. Several years after most of us stopped taking those clowns seriously.

  • High School Student Suspended for Posing With Pro-Trump MAGA Flag and Sweatshirt

    Last Friday, Perry High School in Gilbert, Ariz., suspended student Logan Jones after a security officer reprimanded her as she posed for photos in a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) sweater while holding a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” flag. On Wednesday, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) sent a demand letter warning of legal action unless the school dropped the suspension. The school agreed to allow Jones to return to school that day but it refused to remove the suspension from her record.

    The mob has been trained to hate. They will hate. They will force the institutions that the mob frequents to knuckle under and support that hatred. This is demotism. This is why friends don’t let friends put their children in public school systems. MAGA Hats are being turned into the new Juden Star.

  • Why People Become Neo-Nazis | AJ+

    Neo-Nazis love Oregon? Must be because they long for a target-rich environment. Maybe they look forward to Antifa rallies so they can find decent sparring partners. AJ really had to mine the muck to find these people. They can look at the covered tattoos on the ex-con to find the “WP” and the “1488” markings. This isn’t intended as comedy. It just came off that way. It’s like a car wreck. It’s almost as akward as an opening prayer at a Democratic National Convention. I can’t shut it off and look away.

  • Virtue-signaling corporations are lying to you about using green energy

    Maybe all Socialists hate Jews. (Not just the national ones up in Oregon…) Here’s what a few noted Socialists throughout history have had to say on the JQ.

    “Every government having regard to good morals ought to repress the Jews,” opined Pierre Leroux, the leftist credited with coining the term ‘Socialism’. “When we speak of Jews, we mean the Jewish spirit, the spirit of profit, of lucre, of gain, the spirit of commerce.” “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money,” Karl Marx ranted.

    DR^3, Amirite? No.

    I mean, come on. There was once an old socialist that started an anti-Semite league. It’s where the term anti-Semitism comes from. I mean who hates (((Banksters))) more than a room full of Reds?

    To answer that one, think about how you get a room full of Reds in the first place. Stir in the resentments. Tell people they’ve been hard done by and what ever “it” is, it’s not their fault. Once you’ve accomplished that, you’re not too far away from serious mob action. Just point these resentful, stirred-up NPCs in the direction of a bunch who claim to be Chosen People. Stalin and Hitler were all able to unleash this most famously. It is the power of demotism.

    Everyone is biased in favor of their own. I like my own better than anyone else’s and feel like I should. It isn’t even coming from a hostile place. I just genrally accept and like what I am and what I see in the mirror. That’s why I can hate very specific and particular Jews who engage in specific bad actions against my country and my people. At the same time, I can also generally respect what smart and non-malicious Jews have achieved in the arts and sciences.

    Judgement and discretion prevent you from being mobilized and used by demagogues like Ilhan Omar. Not everything that Jews do is evil. Some particular individuals like (((Bill Kristol))) and (((Rahm Emmanuel))) are very evil and need to be named. They are more loyal to Israeli interests than American ones. Sticking with your own while not aggressively seeking conflict with others is a good way to thread that needle.

  • Students at elite Washington school projected swastikas during assembly

    Sidwell is among the most prestigious private schools in the country, educating the children of presidents and powerful Washingtonians for generations. President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter is a graduate, and his younger daughter is a senior there. President Theodore Roosevelt’s son attended the school, as did Richard Nixon’s daughters. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is a graduate. Tuition at the Quaker school costs more than $42,000 a year. This isn’t the first time a swastika has been found at Sidwell this academic year.

    Teen-agers desperate for attention will copy-cat this everywhere. That, or they just saw Ilhan Omar do it and get off scot-free. Why not do likewise? The narcissistic supply is on tap like beer at a post-match rugby party.

  • Get Ready for the Struggle Session

    The spirit of the struggle session is all over Twitter . On literary Twitter social-justice warriors get advance copies of new books and denounce them for deviationism—as insensitive, racist, appropriative, anti-LGBTQ. Books on the eve of publication have been pulled, sometimes withdrawn by authors who apologize profusely. Everyone’s scared. And the tormentors are not satisfied by an apology. They’re excited by it and prowl for more prey…

    So why did the Cucks all yell for Ilhan Omar to be condemned instead of ridiculed and held up as an example of all things hip and Progressive? What made Becky Pelosi play The Stepford Wife and try to go along with it?

    It was out of fear. It was out of a desire to take down one of theirs. There is a certain sense that The Democrats are reenacting the French Revolution. People think that they can stop that unstoppable cycle by gacking Danton, Marot or Robespierre from Jump Street and restoring some sort of vital center.

    A vital center comes from a functional society. That society comes from a viable culture. When the culture goes down, the society goes down, and then the institutions all break. At that point we no longer have a reason to do anything other than scavange and get ours. When everyone does that, the competition gets to be more and more intense.

    If you think Trump, or AOC, or Ilhan Omar are aimlessly hostile, you need to wake up. They all know exactly what they are doing. We no longer live in the same world where a mere angry stare from Lyndon Baines Johnson will back Al Gore, Sr. down from a filibuster. As people get nastier and more angry, our political debate gets closer to war. Debate degenerates into Rapper dis battles…

    All discussion or interaction with unfamiliar parties becomes increasingly marked with encroaching antipathy. You are always on your guard and your head is on a swivel. Nobody on Team Omar can admit she is has ridiculously exaggerated how powerful Jews are in America. Nobody on Team Becky Pelosi can grant that Omar has a point about how certain individuals of Jewish origin abuse their position in society to push a dual loyalty. Discussing what Omar has to say and pointing out where she is either smart or an idiot is just not doable. So we get out Eminem vs Everlast Ripper Beef instead. This befits a stupid and declining land.

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