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  • Why do rightwing populist leaders oppose experts?

    “Experts” are those who affirm the Narrative, or the contra-reality created to control people because democracy is fundamentally unstable. If you do not say what the System needs, you will never make it to “expert” status, while lots of mediocre people just go out there and find creative ways of saying exactly the same thing — variants on egalitarianism, including socialism and race-denial — and end up being richly rewarded for it. Once they get famous, they can take in lots of money for promoting products and ideologies, and NGOs pay out a great deal in honoraria for this purpose. Even better, if you are famous, you can get your children into highly-paid positions by promoting those who will hire them. Naturally we do not trust these repeaters of dogma.

  • With coronavirus and locust plague, ‘nature is sending us a message,’ says UN environment head

    More likely, we have simply taken over too much of planet Earth and now have driven every species here to adapt to us, something which often resembles parasitism. Laws of supply and demand dictate this. An oversupply of humans means organisms taking advantage of us and keeping our numbers in balance. To avoid this situation, we would have to limit our use of land, keeping our numbers low and leaving nature enough space for itself. People are panicked because of this pseudo-pandemic because they realize that democracy is unstable, diversity means we have nothing in common, our leaders are actors who specialize in saying the right thing and doing nothing, and that we are overdue for a comeuppance. When nature decides to snuff us, no one will blame them, but the lower echelons will feel pride in having defeated those above them by destroying everything. That is the mentality of the Left, but most of us are too polite to let ourselves see it.

  • Coronavirus: MPs urge support for migrants and charities

    Not content to settle with having wrecked society, the Left pushes onward for more free stuff for migrants because there is a coronavirus crisis, knowing full well that this means inviting in more migrants to drown out the majority and create a permanent Leftist hive mind. Humanity seems to have divided itself between the mentally/spiritually living and those who exist in perpetual reaction to their own discontent, driving humanity toward destruction simply because they have nothing meaningful to do with their lives. We will need “adult eugenics” to purge our civilization of such people, hopefully relocating them to Venezuela where they can finally be equal.

  • French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle deploys to North Sea region for first time in 10 years

    Normally nations do not send carrier groups to an area unless there is a need for a show of force. Russia has been active in the North Sea area for some time, with many hypothesizing that it is either planning an invasion of a small nation in the area, or attempting to bully its way in for extensive surveillance.

  • In the U.S., Luxury Brands Board Up the Store

    Diverse societies tend to have a free-for-all atmosphere where different special interest groups — ethnic, religious, racial, cultural, political — war it out once any kind of disruption in regular order occurs. With people on lockdown to avoid the potential plague among us, smart money sees the possibilities of riots and looting as high, and chooses to avoid it by sealing up its businesses. Leftists delight in the chaos; they cannot wait to take over and destroy, remaking in their image much as the idiot barbarians who commanded the French Revolution did.

  • Dow drops more than 900 points on Friday, but still finishes higher for the week

    The markets are responding to the fact that worldwide, the coronavirus extravaganza has leveled off. Despite rising case numbers in the US, we are seeing the results of our past few weeks of being unable to do anything about the stream of people coming past our borders. Now that people are withdrawing from public, the momentum of infections is dropping, and normal business and life activity threatens to resume.

  • Hague court orders Dutch state to pay out over colonial massacres

    Guilt must be kept alive in the cases of former European colonies, where we forget the bad behavior of the inhabitants and remember only European guilt, because when your society loses direction and goes egalitarian, only guilt and victimhood matter. In the meantime, the vast contributions of Europeans toward making much of the world semi-functional are forgotten. When you conquer, you must never relinquish control; this requires a brutality that Europeans are unwilling to undertake, therefore they no longer conquer.

  • The bill for saving the world economy is $7 trillion and rising

    Keynesianism is like heroin. It starts off as a jolt of energy and a new thrill, then becomes a pursuit of a high as good as the first one, and finally, something that one maintains in order to avoid falling into the abyss of withdrawal and confronting whatever one was ignoring while on drugs. Since we packed our economies with entitlements, they depend on government infusions to keep going normally, and after a huge shock like the worldwide panicdemic, the only solution seems to be more government money being printed in order to keep the value of our money high.

  • North Texas man allegedly threatens to kill Nancy Pelosi, says she’s running a ‘satanic cult’

    “Dems of the establishment will be removed at any cost necessary, and yes, that means by death,” he wrote in the post.

    They are trying to make any mention of physical removal illegal, when we all know that we can only regain sanity and health in this society if we send all the Leftists and defectives to Venezuela and repatriate the ethnic other (with reparations).

  • Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’

    When the rate of infection slows, the epidemic no longer can sustain forward motion, and collapses on itself. His warning: “What we need is to control the panic.” In other news, several doctors write that the numbers are too high by multiples, and that if the pandemic was as destructive as the media has said, we would see far different results by now.

  • High Temperature and High Humidity Reduce the Transmission of COVID-19

    Two other papers — here and here — say roughly the same thing.

  • The virus spreading faster than coronavirus: Antisemitism

    In any human group, when disaster strikes those whose loyalty to the group is in question are attacked first. This is what Theodor Herzl noticed during the Dreyfuss Affair: if a national population exists, it will scapegoat foreigners. World Leftism decided that diversity was the solution, but this has only intensified the problem, as this article proves. There will never be any freedom from racial and ethnic animus until we separate the groups, and nationalism is the only philosophy that will do this.

  • Baltimore population drops below 600,000, the lowest total in a century, census estimates show

    People flee yet another diversity Utopia. If asked, they would claim not to be racist, but simply to be responding to higher crime, lower quality schools, higher taxes, and a feeling of being alien in their own homes. As Paul Kersey pointed out, the more diverse a city is, the more it fails and the more people who can flee choose to flee. Diversity destroys culture and community.

  • The U.S. Space Force Just Launched Its First Mission

    While Democrats and RINOs dicker over how to divide up the remaining wealth from the twentieth century, populists have zoomed forward into the twenty-first, doing the types of things that we need to do in order to feel like we are making good use of our time. By giving space exploration a practical face with the military, Trump has wired it into America as a permanent area of focus.

  • Dutch farmers accuse Germany of poaching seasonal farm workers

    Class warfare made the proles important, so now they work office jobs and have titles and consider themselves important, which means that the unskilled labor falls upon foreigners who come to rich countries for a little bit of the largesse. With the recent chaos, there are fewer of these, and we see how a Paper Tiger economy has been erected in the West, with our manufacturing outsourced and our labor pool replaced by cheap imported labor, simply so that proles can have “important” office jobs and get free entitlements from market socialist governments.

  • Woman who coughed on $35K worth of grocery store food charged with four felonies

    Humanity will not get anywhere with all of these insane attention whores wandering among us, adrift without purpose or desire to contribute beyond what they are forced to give, a sniveling and snarling sense of entitlement gripping their minds, while they ruin things so that no one will get ahead of them or in fact have a good life at all. Misery loves company? Misery makes company. These people are probably the result of deleterious mutations and need to simply be removed from our society. Venezuela needs warm bodies, so let us send them there.

  • Germany: More than 1,600 crimes ‘targeted refugees and asylum-seekers’

    People vote for whatever was the trend when they were young. Right now, massive inertia supports the pro-diversity viewpoint in the West, since people believe that they need cheap foreign labor and to beat back the sinister forces of nationalism and tradition. What these people do not realize is that Hitler just won the argument about diversity; it is a path to death, as he said, even if we do not like his methods much (oppression, starving slave labor to death, censorship). If they paid attention to the cutting edge of their society, namely the most sensitive and spirited, they would see that going with the flow is not going to turn out well here. Resentment against foreigners is rising, and with good reason; the presence of foreigners means that Europe is a conquered and occupied land, and that it will pass into permanent Leftist rule, or tyranny. The more that the powers that be push back against nationalism, the more violently it will erupt until uncontrolled violence results. Instead of preaching, listen, you bureaucratic neurotics.

  • Secretary DeVos Directs FSA to Stop Wage Garnishment, Collections Actions for Student Loan Borrowers, Will Refund More Than $1.8 Billion to Students, Families

    Although this is intended as disaster amelioration, it will have the side effect of crushing a lot of for-profit colleges, which will get us away from the diploma mill mentality of colleges, which went from a finishing education for the upper half of the middle class to a “lift out of poverty” for minorities and lower classes, at which point the quality of college education plummeted to 1990s high school levels.

  • The ozone layer is healing, new study finds

    When humans reduce destructive activities, nature heals itself, as it does periodically after natural disasters. If we even cut out activities by a quarter, and sent everyone home, we could lessen the destruction we enact daily on nature, but in the long term, we will have to reduce our land use, in turn restricting our population and activities, to avoid ecocide. We are beginning to see why this is necessary for our own protection, but at some point, we will stop deducing value from material and see how nature is a transcendent beauty in itself, and deserves protection on its own merits, independent of human measurements.

  • 8 strains of the coronavirus are circling the globe. Here’s what clues they’re giving scientists.

    Reading between the lines: COVID-19 mutates slowly. This tempers some of the predictions of total doom that had been floating around the aimless neurotic hive of purposeless modern people.

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