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  • No deal is better than Brexit delay, say voters – exclusive Telegraph poll

    The exclusive ComRes survey for The Daily Telegraph found that 46 per cent of adults think leaving without a deal would “briefly cause some uncertainty but ultimately work out OK”, compared with 40 per cent who support extending Article 50.

    People in the UK have made themselves stupid with British socialism. You do not “need” anything from the EU; simply withdraw from the treaty and leave. If you are withdrawing, their procedure means nothing anyway. A better move would be to spend your time negotiating treaties with other nations, like China and the USA, which kick in at the advent of Brexit. That way, you can simply transition to a higher-profile economy, and then make demands of the EU. But, like Trump, Theresa May has gotten bogged down in procedure.

  • People want higher taxes on rich, better welfare: 21-country OECD survey

    No one in an egalitarian time can think. Most can see the world only in terms of the System which we have now. When times are tough, they want more welfare and more taxing of the rich, despite this method failing in every country where it has been tried because it puts the economy into a tailspin of low productivity and rising costs. Just as the voters vote for one party, then when it does not do exactly what they wanted, have a panic tantrum and run to the other party (repeat ad nauseam), the voters have thrown a fit over rising costs and are demanding, effectively, that costs rise further. Politicians must just laugh at the hopelessness of it all.

  • Fox News host Jeanine Pirro pulled off air following comments on Rep. Ilhan Omar

    “Think about it: Omar wears a hijab, which according to the Quran, 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested,” Pirro said on her show last week. “Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

    They have replaced her with a black Democrat in order to placate their audience; they are going for the anti-Trump “conservatives” who are basically Leftists because they are too scared to be, you know, conservatives because they are too in love with the idea of selling products, making people like them, and being the center of attention, which now and always is regulated by telling people pleasant fictions instead of complex, knotty realities. At this point, there are only denialists versus realists: you either accept that our society is in a death cycle and that Leftism is the implement of that doom, or go into denial and demand more Leftism in order to feel good about the fact that you care about nothing more than your job, possessions, healthcare, pornography, and retirement fund. Most people are too scared to do anything as the neo-Communist takeover continues which will usher America into third-world status.

  • Right-wing thug who took down Egg Boy posts a sickening rant claiming the Christchurch mosque massacre was ‘karma’ and says Muslims can’t ‘play the victim’

    Apparently it is taboo to mention that once again we find ourselves in a clash of civilizations situation with other groups, including “Muslims” which is a proxy for third world people who have the Muslim faith. This term implies both race and religion in one handy use. However, even if we forget about the Muslim invasions that provoked the Crusades, we can look at the past fifty years of increasing Muslim terror across the West, especially directed at Jews. They are not here because of our foreign policy. They are here because every group wants to conquer every other group. This is the law of nature; diversity ignores this. We encourage diversity in the West because we are bewitched by egalitarianism, or the notion that all people are basically equal in ability and therefore merit to be part of our Systems, and in order to prove egalitarianism, we enact its most radical forms. That means importing the third world and pretending that there are not cultural and genetic differences between us and them. The Left does not care how much damage it does; it only wants total control, even if that means that this power goes into the hands of new people. Leftism is a replacement for race, religion, family, culture, and personal autonomy; it promises power through equality, but really delivers a suicidal third-world style society based on subsistence living for all except a few controllers. Equality attacks by playing to our personal pretense, and explaining that while the world does not work as we want it to, we can achieve a positive mental state by congratulating ourselves that we are more good/correct than reality itself because we work for equality, which will present a Utopia that is only held back by the rich or the whites or someone, and that by working towards this Utopia, all of our past errors are forgiven and we are given importance that we cannot have otherwise. It is a sick mental cycle.

  • NZ leader vows to ‘absolutely deny’ mosque gunman a platform

    The Left officially enters its endgame: having won over the weak-willed who need an excuse for their personal failings and find it in the pursuit of Utopian equality, the Left now turns to the question of those who have not joined the herd yet. Its answer is to declare them evil and to “deplatform” them, in other words censor them in public, so that it can force us all into agreement on the great quest for equality Utopia. This is why its members hide disturbing information about Leftist candidates while censoring anything that might wake up more of the herd in a process remarkably similar to what is going on in Russia, showing that as the liberal democratic model collapses, the Left is solidifying its grip on power, not merely removing information for moral reasons (“corrupting the minds of the youth,” no doubt) as its members claim. Leftists never let a tragedy go to waste, and they are using this one to establish censorship as the new norm in the West, banning public mention of the reason behind the tragedy and jailing those who pass along forbidden information in the name of the public good. Since social media proved so powerful in getting Donald Trump elected, the Left started there first, with Facebook censoring videos and PDFs of the manifesto and all social media companies coming together to identify camouflaged versions of the video, while Reddit is banning people for private messages in which the video is mentioned. We are even setting up the next war by blaming China for not censoring the video fast enough, while Europe tries to shut down the dark web so that people cannot work around the censorship, following the Russian model in indirectly targeting VPNs and distributed networks. This is part of a pattern of ridiculous State overreach designed to make us comfortable with the idea of being told what to do, and fits within the Soviet model of “transformation.” By adopting this fundamentally Asiatic way of governing ourselves, we have reversed what made the West great, which was a tendency to confront the difficult truths of reality and seek the best possible options within them. If the shooter intended accelerationism, he has achieved it, because now the West is on a collision course for civil war as the realists resist the Left in an attempt to hang on to what is left of our collapsed civilization.

  • Utrecht attack: Shooter had no direct ties to victims of tram attack, police say

    While we dicker, chatter, bicker, and dramatize the events in New Zealand, Muslim terrorism in Europe continues as normal. We are not permitted to notice this because it violates the egalitarian narrative, which holds that all people are the same inside and therefore, if someone acts out, it is neither a moral choice nor a possible defect in that person — unless they are Right-wing — but a response to “circumstances” which we should approach with “compassion” so that we may achieve “equality” and “progress.”

  • Climate change: Water shortages in England ‘within 25 years’

    The Left has driven most people away from their propaganda on this topic because they tagged it with “climate change,” but they are not wrong: the water wars are coming. They will likely start along the India/Pakistan border first and spread elsewhere. The problem is not that we lack water, but that most of it is polluted in ways that are not easily cleaned, so people are going to fight over the remaining sources of clean, fresh water. It has always seemed likely to me that a technological solution will solve this problem, but that requires people to organize and build these things on a large enough scale that they can have water for crops and bathing also, which will prove difficult in the fractured political times coming.

  • Load shedding double whammy costs Joburg hundreds of millions

    In the meantime, diversity continues not to work because the groups involved dedicate most of their energy to infighting in the struggle over who rules the other groups, and very little time making things actually work.

  • Coalition set to slash Australia’s migration intake

    Some are struggling to push back against the insanity, but they face the problem that most of their citizens want cheap labor so that they can have cheaper food, maids, more restaurants, cheaper construction, and in theory build up both their tech industry and their tax base. The fact that this model has failed will not be apparent to the majority for another thirty years, at which point societies will have been thrust into inextricable internal conflict. In the meantime, a few people have realized that by the laws of supply and demand, pouring immigrants into a society means lower wages and higher costs of living.

  • The identity of Jack the Ripper may have finally been revealed, experts say

    Apparently we have a new contender for Jack the Ripper: a culprit identified by DNA as an immigrant:

    Kosminski was a Polish Jewish immigrant who moved to London’s Mile End Old Town after feeling persecution from Poland’s Russian rulers.

    He was admitted to a string of lunatic asylums after 1891, where he died in 1899 of gangrene in the leg.

  • People don’t become ‘adults’ until their 30s, say scientists

    We sacrificed childhood on the altar of public education. Instead of learning about life, children learned mostly about a highly politicized view of history and current events. As a result, they are cast out after high school or college with no knowledge of the world, and it takes them a decade to adapt.

  • Goldman Sachs says half of all the junior bankers it hires must be women

    Here we go with the meritocracy-egalitarianism cycle again. In the name of being fair, this company has instituted a quota, but that is only for entry-level; if in a few years the senior bankers are not half women, this will be assumed to be the result of discrimination and the usual apology tour, diversity seminars, hiring of multiculturalism experts, and firing of males for “sexism” will commence. Then, the company will do whatever it has to do to keep fifty percent of its senior staff as women, which means that it will carry a lot of dead weight much like the other affirmative action hires. Then, it will be pointed out that while women and men have the same salary, the men are earning more in bonuses. At that point, bonuses will be banned and Goldman Sachs will have to start hiring its bankers as consultants paid a percentage of all the work they do in order to avoid being called sexist. This will not work, because someone will look at the stats, and then the cycle will begin again: half of all consultants will have to be women, and they will have to be paid as much as the men, at which point the men will flee and all of their bankers will be women managed by an AI.

  • The governing nationalist party says LGBT groups are a dangerous threat and it’s turning them into an election issue.

    Internet slang — the new “pub slang” — refers to the Leftist liberal democratic regime in the West as globohomo because its most recent trope involves making LGBT+ rights a standard worldwide. Did the UN take over the US/EU? In reality, the Poles are making a misstep here: the problem is not LGBT+ groups, but the process they represent, which is the forcing of egalitarianism on all of us. If we accept all extremes, the egalitarian reasoning goes, we will all finally be equal. When we are finally equal, we will be freed from our oppressors who might know better than we, the prole herd, do. Egalitarianism started with religious rights, then class warfare, moved on to women’s rights, then ethnic inclusion, then multiculturalism to include other races and religions, and finally wound up with gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. The next push may involve the retarded or obese; all of these groups are simply tools of the egalitarians, who want to find some freakshow somewhere and make it equal as a way of forcing the equality regime upon all. Poland should instead simply oppose all egalitarian groups, and finally call the enemy by its proper name. We are not equal. No one is equal. Equality does not exist in nature. It is the cry of the mediocre for equal participation in rewards despite being parasitic. We should embrace natural selection and cut out the equal, preferring instead the competent, because right now our societies are dying of mass incompetence.

  • European secret services view ultra-right as growing threat

    They are missing the point: the rising Right is not formed of groups. It consists of ordinary people, most of whom were formerly Leftists, who have seen that our civilization has crashed and that Leftism stands in the way of restarting it. People are being radicalized by information alone, which is why the Left has kicked off such an orgy of censorship, shaming, guilt, repression, ostracism, and the destruction of lives through trial-by-media.

  • Brazil’s Bolsonaro backs Trump wall, derides immigrants ahead of meeting

    The Right are learning to support each other. This is a hopeful sign. It also sets up the battle lines for the next conflict.

  • Vancouver Island Police find kids playing darts with used syringes

    Tolerance for bad behavior and incompetent people means that normal people suffer from it. This makes normal people an endangered species. What you tolerate, you get more of, and it will not tolerate you, since because it needs tolerance it is not inherently a good thing and is therefore parasitic, which means it depends upon consuming you for its nutrition. What is the utility of heroin addicts? Immigrants? Most lawyers? Bureaucrats? Entertainers? Celebrities? Televangelists? Diversity?

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