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  • The Archive Of Contemporary Music — And Its 3 Million Recordings — Is Leaving NY

    “The studios are disappearing,” he says. “The rehearsal spaces are disappearing. The Brill Building is sold for condos. I mean, you have all of this history vanishing without the slightest interest.”

    Reduce costs of living — this requires removing high taxes — and all sorts of interesting culture springs up. When we raise taxes in order to subsidize the underclass, costs go up across the board, and interesting things cannot exist because all properties must generate income in order to persist. If you want culture, you need low taxes.

  • Bernie Sanders briefed by U.S. officials that Russia is trying to help his presidential campaign

    Surely we will hear as much about this as alleged Russian attempts to help the Trump campaign. Surely this story will not die on the far pages of the newspaper.

  • Why do corporations speak the way they do?

    When you set up a society based around public accountability to a narrative, people invent a vocabulary of buzzwords that justify activities in the name of things approved by the Narrative. As we go further from reality, this becomes more generalized and annoying, to the point where it serves as anti-language, more of a way of stopping communication than enabling it.

  • Teenage transgender row splits Sweden as dysphoria diagnoses soar by 1,500%

    Giant useless trend lures in many unwitting participants, and these promptly demonstrate how the trend has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with signaling symbolic obedience to the dominant ideology.

  • Scotland to Allow Refugees to Vote and Run for Office

    Everywhere the Left goes, it pursues its agenda of transforming the West into a third-world ruin of a once-great empire. Only then can equality be real, in theory. In reality, equal poverty turns out to be less compelling than earning less than some others in exchange for having a functional civilization, but this has not yet dawned on the voters raised on social programs, corporate jobs, and other communalist enterprises.

  • Municipalities are coming after you for your unpaid bills

    Destitute minority-majority state South Africa seeks new ways of raising revenue, since its minority employment program masquerading as government has bankrupted itself yet again. They will take money from anyone who has it, and fail to punish those who do not have it, basically stealing from the successful to subsidize the unsuccessful and in doing so, turning their society into something defined by lack of success.

  • Thousands light up joints during Hindu festival in Nepal

    Different cultures have different rules. We cannot combine them under one banner without abolishing all standards in order to accommodate every group. At that point, no group will find its standards defended, which means that government and economy will work against them, grinding the diverse nation into a cultureless void. The only true diversity exists through nationalism.

  • Cyber Swarming, Memetic Warfare and Viral Insurgency:How Domestic Militants Organize on Memes to Incite Violent Insurrection and Terror Against Government and Law Enforcement

    It would be uncharitable to call this a “how to” guide, but what the Establishment fears bears further investigation.

  • Molecular Oxygen in the Nearest QSO Mrk 231

    Oxygen exists in deep space. We might have to reconsider the universe as we currently see it, namely as a wasteland of death and emptiness, and instead see it as a warm benevolent force which encourages the development of life. Perhaps nothingness does not exist, or simply does not exist in an absolute state, at all.

  • Enjoy The Extra Day Off! More Bosses Give 4-Day Workweek A Try

    Perhaps we should say yes to life instead of incorporating controlled death into our daily experience. We need to spend less time at work, and more time appreciating this world and learning its logic and languages.

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