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  • Dev Patel’s ‘Hotel Mumbai’ removed from New Zealand theatres after Christchurch mosque attacks

    Movie about Muslim terrorism in England gets removed from New Zealand theaters because of pearl clutching, apparently without a single thought for the importance it has as part of the ongoing discussion that Indian-descended people worldwide are having regarding nationalism and religion.

  • The Other LA College Cheating Scandal — The One You Might Have Missed

    In most of the world, cheating on your exams forms part of normal life. The point is to get to a position where you have money and authority, and only secondarily, to worry about why you can do it. Not surprisingly, these countries are riddled with incompetents who are defensive and therefore worry more about “saving face” than doing a good job. The West broke away from that idea with its notions of fairness and the importance of merit, including congenital ability. When people from other cultures come here, they are not only indoctrinated in this culture but are genetically prone to this sort of behavior.

  • Nigel Farage leads pro-Brexit march to London

    While the world bickers, the few remaining sane people are doing something of importance. Farage points out that the EU, like all empires, is prone to collapse, and with its Leftist outlook, is certain to be bad for the UK and self-destruct faster. His response is to urge the UK to leave and start negotiating on its own without the dead weight of the rest of European Leftist nations holding it back. If he succeeds, the UK will become more important and be more critical of blind Leftist policies like the ones it has been following for the past 75 years.

  • Sinn Féin criticised for ‘England get out of Ireland’ banner

    Irish independence makes sense, except when you consider the fact that Ireland is the Mexico of the UK. Poorer, less stable, and weaker, it has always been an Achilles heel for England. The real solution here is to restore the Irish to their ancestral homes in Northern Africa and to let the Scots-Irish take over Ireland, where they will promptly dig up the many stones, plant fertile fields, and make a highly useful area out of what is otherwise a wasteland. The Irish in the meantime will inherit one of the most fertile and productive lands on Earth where their traditional methods of agriculture will thrive. We can add the US Irish to the pot to ensure that the new Irish North African nation is strong and prosperous.

  • China defends Xinjiang centers for Muslims, but aims to ‘downsize’

    While the West dithers and bickers over “tolerance,” China has made up its mind: it has doubled down on nationalism and is effectively a National Socialist state at this point. That means that it will experience a short-term boost and then run into the instability of National Socialism, at which point there will probably be a catastrophic war.

  • Junk food ads on social media and TV could be banned before 9pm to fight obesity

    The term “nanny state” refers to governments engaged in social engineering by attempting to remove threats. This represents one of the two paths in civilization. Healthy civilizations aim for cooperation and exclude anyone who cannot join that quest; unhealthy civilizations include everyone but then attempt to control, shape, manipulate, mold, and coerce those people into doing what is convenient for the system. As with all control, this convenience for the controller does not relate to the health of the controlled, so society splits into what can be said in public and what must be acknowledged in private. In public, one says what control wants you to, since control works by limiting what behaviors/methods you can use, and attempts to program your brain to do only what is accepted through those limits. In private, one notices that limiting aspects of reality — as is necessary in control — has produced bad results. Controllers always use “in your best interests” or some variant of that to control you, telling you about the one big bad thing that holds you back from Utopia and exhorting you to wage war against it. Currently, nations struggle with obesity; the cause is too much time doing nothing at desks and not enough time doing nothing outside or otherwise physically engaged. However, you cannot motivate people to act toward affirmative goals — only cooperation can do that — so instead of driving people to be more active, the controllers focus on limiting access to propaganda for tasty junk food. This, too, will fail.

  • Dutch police arrest Turkish man suspected of killing three in tram shooting

    As the West suffers yet another incident of terrorism, we have to wonder: which came first? Clearly Muslims invaded us, sparking the crusades, but in recent times, they have also come here as part of diversity, causing resentment because they are now forcing the rest of us to work around their rules, which are inapplicable to us. That always happens with minority groups in diversity. Will we learn that diversity is our problem, not Muslims or white nationalists?

  • Nazi swastikas and ‘PewDiePie’ sprayed on UK school after New Zealand attack

    People are tired of the guilt. We are tired of being told that we cannot mention that diversity is not working, that grooming gangs are among us, that moderate Muslims seem to groom radical Muslims, that our governments are incompetent, and that our civilization has collapsed and we would really like it back, even if just the slightly less decayed version from the 1980s. Consequently, when our pearl-clutching government and media overlords declare something forbidden, we take great delight in doing it, knowing that the whole thing is a laugh.

  • Virginia police department investigating officer’s alleged white nationalist ties

    Apparently, an officer also served in Identity Evropa, and this is a problem for our overlords, who want to announce it as a “teachable moment” like the bad abusive family that modern society has become. In the meantime, no one has given a reason why this would in any way impede the ability of this officer to do the job any more than being in Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, the ADL, or the Shriners would.

  • ‘The New Germans’: Far-right AfD forms immigrant supporters’ group

    Right-wing groups always become hamsters because they seek public approval, but public approval is based on humanist assumptions, so Right-wing groups contort themselves to seem “nice” and in doing so, confuse their own message and become the exact same middle-of-the-road waffle that every other political group is.

  • The denial of peaceful means of resistance

    When you deny people the ability to speak, organize, and act together toward the ends of their ideas, you deny them peaceful means of resistance and force them into armed conflict. Since no one will hear the message that diversity is failing, this means more mosque massacres and other radical responses to the problem of diversity.

  • Feds lodge terrorism, kidnapping charges against New Mexico compound

    Surely we do not have a problem inviting other groups, who do not share our values and want to conquer our ethnic group, into our country. Clearly they will “assimilate,” or give up on who they are to become grey citizens of our national shopping mall, instead of needing an identity like the rest of humanity and as a result, becoming more radicalized by diversity.

  • Colorado Joins 11 States Agreeing to Shift to Popular Vote System

    The American Civil War 2.0 kicks off with another attempted coup by the Left, who have still not accepted that they lost the last presidential election. Just a few days after proving that the deep state exists and has been conspiring against Donald Trump, the Left has doubled down on its new initiative, which is to force its electors to go along with the popular vote instead of the state-representative vote. This is their way of ensuring that the nation stays forever Leftist, and it will deny representation to the areas that are not densely populated like the cities. This may energize their base, but it has also set us on a collision course for revolution.

  • Sharing shooting video likely illegal

    The Left lacks ideas. As cracks in the narrative start to emerge, their response is to try to stem the infection by new ideas and so to prohibit anything but the old ones. This merely legitimizes the revolutionary rhetoric of those committing these acts of violence, and will lead to more. Perhaps it is good that our leaders are all log-stupid because they will do the hard work of bringing the population to a boiling point, despite being happy in its middle class homes, boring do-nothing jobs, and endless consumer purchase-to-landfill activity.

  • Replica firearm found – man arrested

    The States quiver, and with good cause; violent events make others thing that now might be the time to rise up and fix this problem. As a result, they are arresting people for “post[ing] comments on social media yesterday regarding the shooting attack in New Zealand” and using that as an excuse to get a warrant in order to look for weapons.

  • Bond’s boss says 007 must not be black OR female: Ralph Fiennes who plays M in blockbuster series says secret agent should stay true to Ian Fleming’s vision

    People in the West have a new idea for minorities: go back home and build your own versions of what we have instead of trying to make our stuff into your stuff.

    ‘I would like to see a great black actor inhabit a Bond-like persona,’ he said. ‘But not necessarily be in the same franchise.

    ‘I think we could remake the idea of a Bond as a woman or as an actor of any ethnicity in another vehicle,’ he told BBC2’s Newsnight.

    Fiennes’s stance was supported by Graham Rye, who runs the James Bond 007 Magazine, who said: ‘I agree 100 per cent. Nor should Bond be an Oriental or Asian actor – the same way a Caucasian actor should never be considered to play Shaka Zulu, Jawaharlal Nehru or Genghis Khan.’

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