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  • Amazon staff told to work overtime as virus hits

    When everyone stays home, the big winners appear to be the companies that deliver. The clown voters do not understand this or anything else of above moderate complexity, but the more you tax, the more you concentrate wealth because only the ultra-rich become winners. America had a thriving middle class because its taxes were low. When the taxes raised, the middle class began spending their lives on the treadmill to pay for the taxes, and only those with absurd amounts of money were able to escape the drudgery. Somehow, the voters forget this every time a politician offers them something “free,” and we allow those who pay no taxes to vote, so every election becomes a kleptocracy. Trump seems to be the rare exception. Now that social order has broken down, delivery companies are doing quite well, and the coronavirus has just made it easier for them to bring in more cash. Soon, we will all live in apartments and work for Amazon, Costco, Walmart, or other large corporations that we also shop from, and our lives will be entirely shaped around our jobs. Workers of the world, unite, so you can create a dystopia-Utopia that induces humanity to kill itself.

  • Manchester Arena bombing: Hashem Abedi guilty of 22 murders

    With diversity, we import the problems of the world into our native lands. In theory, for this we get some kind of diversity of thought, even though anecdotal evidence suggests that in fact everything gets dumbed down so that people from different backgrounds, cultures, and IQ bands can understand it all. In fact, it turns us into a giant shopping mall with no culture in which we all depend on commerce and mall cops. Every now and then someone who has not yet been broken down by this system decides to bomb it in order to assert his culture, and we are supposed to blame him alone and not the failure of diversity.

  • Iranian police arrest five over prank aubergine-rain video

    Iranian trolls make fun of current pandemic panic and go to jail for their trouble. We have similar events here, with similarly dour responses.

  • Suspect admits he tried to kill family at Midland Sam’s Club

    Random Hispanic guy stabs Asian family, interrupting the narrative that white supreeeemacist terrorism is responsible for all the hate crimes and horrors in the world.

  • Europeans eat twice as much meat as the global average

    High IQ populations need lots of protein, and vegetable proteins do not cut it. If we did not eat so much meat, there would be far fewer pigs, chickens, cows, goats, and sheep around.

  • Samoan chief guilty of slavery in New Zealand

    More myths debunked as Samoan chief is convicted for selling other Samoans into slavery. Most people do not realize that slavery came about when you had another group or individuals around you that you disliked, and the power to subjugate them, because then you could sell them into slavery and never see them again. The other option was killing them.

  • TikTok ‘tried to filter out videos from ugly, poor or disabled users’

    The choice to be cruel to the ugly, insane, poor, disabled, retarded, or obese is one thing; recognizing that in this world, no one wants to be one of those, like no one wants a transgender or homosexual child, and everyone wants a totally normal heterosexual kid with all of its fingers and toes and an above average IQ, is a matter of realism. Everyone wants the kid on the cereal box from the 1960s, blonde hair flapping in the breeze over a long Nordic face as he tosses a baseball or fixes a model aeroplane. No one wants a misfits, a mutation, a “husky” or fat kid, or someone blighted with less-than-marketable traits like ugliness, poverty, stupidity, insanity, or disability. We can recognize both of these as true simultaneously: most of us would shy away from someone who was deliberately cruel to the poor, retarded, insane, stupid, sad, homeless/bum/wino, or obese person, but at the same time, we are secretly glad not to be that person.

  • Britain’s colonial crimes come back to haunt trade negotiations

    A couple of years ago I was walking through a small town in rural China when a young boy approached me nervously. I expected him to practice his English but instead he demanded to know why I had burnt down the Summer Palace in Beijing.

    There is no escaping the resentment. This is why ancient tribes destroyed those that they conquered. For us, now, the most sensible path lies in severing connections. In a few centuries, we will see where everyone ends up. Most likely, each group will choose what works for it, and stop emulating the West, at which point resentment may abate somewhat.

  • Germany ‘must do more’ to fight racism: Council of Europe

    Translated, this says that the professional bureaucrats want governments to keep pushing people to the Left by demonizing self-preservation. Cynical observers note that we can have absolutely zero racism if we end diversity. The faster we do it, the less pain for everyone.

  • Urban land could grow fruit and veg for 15 per cent of the population, research shows

    Staggering out of the mental fugue of a century of “progress,” we rediscover common wisdom for our great-grandparents who grew up in a time when most homes had small productive gardens. Your lawn and flowers went out front, but in the back you grew vegetables and maybe had a fruit tree or two, just to cut down on bills and to have something in times of disaster. Many also had chickens for eggs and sometimes a goat or cow for milk. This also meant less time spent on mowing lawns and pest control.

  • Crickets from green groups as Trump makes U.S. ‘global leader in emissions reductions’

    Greens mostly exist at this point to achieve world Leftism, and after that, to ask for some environmental restrictions. Once you accept even one tiny bit of Leftism in your movement, it takes over because it is the one simple answer to everything. Equality is a virus. It leaves its victims confused and impoverished.

  • ‘Astounding new finds’ suggest ancient empire may be hiding in plain sight

    Another great empire destroyed by class warfare, which happens when the lower-skilled labor gangs up on the few who know how to do things and depose them, emerges from the jungle, having been forgotten to time. Human civilizations self-erase when they get powerful enough to take themselves for granted, at which point people go to war against symbolic problems like a lack of equality instead of looking at the practical question of civilization. Shortly after, the smart people die out and the civilizations fade away, replaced by clueless peasants scratching a subsistence living from small plots in the jungle.

  • More than 80% of Indian Ocean dolphins may have been killed by commercial fishing, study finds

    The more humans we have, the more aggressive our fishing becomes. That in turn leads to massive open-ocean trawling that snares and kills many species that are not used for food, depleting their numbers to the point that their populations crash. Perhaps humanity, obsessed by its own need, has become the instrument of its own doom.

  • Serious health care lapses found in U.S. detention center housing transgender migrants

    Apparently we are supposed to take this seriously. Transgender people usually form less than a percent of any population; how many of these migrants are transgender? Probably very few, but that does not stop the Left from trying to form another talking point which is really just an obstruction they want to cast in the process of resisting immigration replacement.

  • Newly obtained documents show Huawei role in shipping prohibited U.S. gear to Iran

    Despite this knowledge being unpopular in Europe, Huawei has been actively working against Western interests for some time. The best outcome would be if Europe and the USA made their own technological gear from nose to tail and could recycle their own materials, depending on no one else. We invented this stuff, and we should make it, if we can overcome the labor cost pumping triad of unions, the regulatory state, and high taxes.

  • Video shows husband of LA district attorney pointing gun at Black Lives Matter protesters

    Black guy pulls gun on Black Lives Matter after they protest outside his house for several hours. Somehow we are supposed to be concerned about this, despite our lives having zero impact even if he shot all of the protesters.

  • British Museum acquires 3,000-year-old Shropshire sun pendant

    Somehow despite our ancestors having been primitive, as our teachers and media experts tell us, they were able to make fine and beautiful artifacts like this. Most likely, humans have been as smart or smarter than they are now, but for hundreds of thousands of years. We do not record much of that because wisely, they refused to write anything down, recognizing that when the chain of oral storytelling was broken, the knowledge would either disappear or be perverted, and it is better to burn out than fade away.

  • Charges coming after incidents resulting in Alberta school going in hold and secure over racial slurs, threats

    Tension over Amerind protests in Canada leads to racial resentment boiling over in school. Absolutely no one with a working mind still believes in diversity, although few dare oppose it openly in public; it has become like the last years of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union where it was roundly mocked in private but in public, everyone swore up and down that they were Good Communists. Now that people have tangible reasons and visible reminders to resent it, the aggression ceases to be passive.

  • Illicit wildlife products ‘slipping through the net’

    Someday, humanity will get serious about this, which would involve ceasing trade with any nation that allowed it to happen. That would in turn get people in those nations worried about the economy, so they would exert cultural pressure against the consumers of these products, ending the market. No other method will work.

  • Restore soil to absorb billions of tonnes of carbon: study

    Just the first metre of soil around the world contains as much carbon as is currently in the atmosphere, locking up the CO2 sequestered in trees as they decompose and return to the earth.

    Composting organic matter to soil will return the amount of carbon we have removed in fossil fuels. Even better would be to make great stacks of compost and bury them, leaving the carbon underground. In reality, climate change is a fantasy and humans are using too much land; if we leave half of the land for nature preserves (not national parks) the soil will naturally restore itself, we will have more trees, and natural species will have the space they need for their own ecosystems.

  • Olive Garden customer loudly demanded a nonblack server — and the manager complied

    This seems unfair, but we all know that the same would not happen if the customer demanded a non-white server. People like to be around those like them and distrust other groups. This is more complex than black and white.

  • Over 300 cases of child exploitation went unnoticed by Facebook – study

    No service can catch all of the child exploitation and other bad behavior out there. Humanity just has too many bad actors. Instead, we should plan for that and set up a separate internet for those under eighteen, perhaps providing a bounty for those willing to catfish and detain pedophiles. Our current methods of censorship, monitoring, and law enforcement are not working well enough.

  • NASA Warns Of 144-Foot Asteroid Approaching Earth This Week

    Weekly reminder that asteroids pass us all the time, and at some point, one will come that can exterminate us or at least take us very close. We need to get our act together so that we can explore and colonize the stars.

  • Christianity crackdown:Nine pastors beaten by police in India for spreading message of God

    Christianity may be misunderstood as a universalist religion. It aimed to span cultures, not turn them all into one. That means that it does not belong everywhere, especially not in nations that want to be Hindu in keeping with their heritage. For them, the word of God must come through Hinduism, and their culture must be preserved. In the same way, one wonders if middle eastern Christianity may not be too alien for Western Europe, as well.

  • Israel’s Arab parties make historic gains as election support s

    Everywhere diversity is tried, minority groups find themselves caught in the choice between being a powerless minority or taking control so that they are safe from the majority. This means that every minority group is an anti-majority group, no matter who or where they are. In Israel, the same ethnic groups which seem to be voting Leftist in America with most of our Jewish population are voting Leftist against the Jewish population of Israel. Minority groups face instability until they overthrow the majority and then defeat all other minority groups. Diversity means constant grinding internal conflict.

  • Moody’s rates SA’s #Budget2020, warns risks remain skewed toward a higher debt path

    Minority groups wage covert warfare against the majority by transferring wealth from the majority to minorities through jobs programs, unions, affirmative action, entitlements, lawsuits, and pork barrel projects. As it has gone from white rule to minority-majority rule, South Africa has seen itself fall into recession and now, debt, as its new rulers attempt to siphon the remaining wealth from the white population in order to destroy them.

  • Federal appeals court rules tech platforms can censor content

    The courts continue to defend the right to censorship for private platforms, but stop short of doing something useful like proclaiming that US government information cannot go out through censored platforms, since that would be a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. In fact, similar decisions have been made in other areas using that law, but because free speech would benefit conservatives, judges find themselves unwilling to do it. It would help if someone would sue the government instead of suing Twitter. If you must sue Twitter, or Facebook or Reddit or whatever, you should probably claim damages without cause or compelled speech.

  • House Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Bernie Sanders’s Praise Of Fidel Castro

    Democrats see nothing wrong with Fidel Castro. They hope to be him some day, when the masks finally come off. For now, however, they want to hide behind “social democracy” or “democratic socialism,” instead of taking market socialism to the next level, namely a fully Socialist state with nationalized industries and mandatory UBI.

  • B.C.’s speculation tax ‘sets women back many decades,’ human rights complaint says

    Canada accidentally lets the gloves slip off and taxes stay-at-home moms for being married to men earning income abroad. The woman pursuing this suit claims that this fails to recognize contributions to the community made by mothers. At some point, we will have to admit that civilization is upstream of our economy, and the economy exists to serve civilization, not the other way around. Funnily enough, it is rarely the free markets causing problems, but taxes and wealth redistribution.

  • Far-reaching land code case in the hands of Austin judge

    Austin people fight a tax code change which would allow apartments near their neighborhoods of single-family homes. Apartments bring poor people, who then cause taxes to rise in order to subsidize them in public schools, while dropping the ranking of those schools with lower-IQ students. Politicians love to ship poor people to rich communities because then the statistics look better; they can point to the spreadsheet and say truthfully that there are no longer any ghettos, but wiser people will point out that there will not be any high-performing areas, either. The politicians shrug that one off; they know that the middle classes will simply homeschool their kids, but that they will have to pay the property taxes either way.

  • Venezuela seeks emergency $5 billion IMF loan to fight virus

    Despite “humanitarian concerns,” it makes no sense to send them anything. Venezuela is rich in natural resources and has mismanaged them. If you subsidize failure, you get more of it, and it keeps their current incompetent government in power. If instead, the failure is fully realized, the people of Venezuela have their mandate to overthrow and replace government. The neo-Communist bureaucrats of international politics, of course, want to subsidize every Leftist state that they can because this both increases the number of Leftists and weakens those nations which are not yet Leftist enough.

  • U.S. Right-Wing Extremists Killed 330 People In Last Decade

    By not counting violence against whites as terrorism, the Leftists with calculators are able to proclaim that Right-wing terrorism is the worst threat that we face, ignoring how many Muslim terror attacks and everyday minority-on-majority crimes are committed. As usual, the Leftist cries out as he strikes you.

  • Former European leaders say Trump’s Middle East peace plan akin to apartheid

    During the latter half of the twentieth century, you could destroy anything by comparing it to Hitler, slavery, or apartheid. Now these complaints fall on deaf ears because it is recognized that both groups, majority and minorities, have an interest in preserving themselves, and the majority is simply defending itself against demographic replacement.

  • California man gets prison for working as agent for China

    Since Obama left office, we keep finding Chinese agents everywhere. How odd.

  • DWP bosses pocket over £1 million in ‘performance bonuses’ after slashing benefits for Britain’s poorest

    Voters seem oblivious to the fact that under democracy, government serves primarily as an employment program. It hires bureaucrats and minorities in order to buy loyalty so that government can grow further because government is just like any other business in that it seeks to increase income while minimizing risk. This means that eventually it must seize total control.

  • New tax changes aimed at stopping people from leaving South Africa

    As South Africa craters into diversity chaos, anyone with ability will attempt to leave, but government needs them to stay as treadmill slaves to pay taxes in order to subsidize the underclass and bureaucrats. People are going to start leaving everything they have and fleeing in the night, having to watch from afar as diversity consumes yet another prosperous place and leaves a subsistence-level third world ruin in its stead.

  • China may send ducks to battle Pakistan’s locust swarms

    Ducks, it turns out, are more effective than pesticides in that they eat locusts. This shows us a type of market at work, where in the name of individual reward, the duck consumes as many pests as possible and does not require central control. This emulates how nature keeps insect and pest populations at bay, since every time it makes a creature that might get out of control, it makes another to consume it. For humans, the predators are Leftists. Perhaps we should let them consume anyone foolish enough to fall into their orbit, and break free in a society which physically removes Leftists.

  • Founder of 8chan Faces Arrest on ‘Cyberlibel’ Charge

    Drama plays out as former founder of 8chan criticizes new ownership, but the laws that enable this suit will likely be emulated elsewhere or created de facto by court decisions. On the internet, words cause reactions by masses of people, and this constitutes damage in some cases. Perhaps this can be leveraged on social media, since banning or censoring someone is a form of speech by the host that says such a person is unacceptable and bad.

  • Abandoned cropland helps make Europe cooler

    Scientists find out that letting land go back to nature serves to have a cooling role, where urbanizing the land or working it with machines generates heat and prevents absorption of water, carbon, and sunlight. This feels like a refresher on photosynthesis more than anything else.

  • Netanyahu on Bernie Sanders calling him a racist: ‘He’s wrong’

    Since WW2, the Left has been able to kick down any door by accusing the people beyond it of “racism” or being like Hitler. Much as we are stuck in a French Revolution loop, always attempting to find someone with power and wealth to overthrow, we are stuck in a WW2 loop, always looking for a new Hitler to destroy so that we can take over in his stead. Netanyahu simply defends his people against a new threat of genocide, which is demographic replacement of Jews in Israel by Palestinians, a created people consisting of individuals borrowed from nearby Arab Muslim states.

  • Wildness in urban parks important for human well-being

    Cute planters and big patches of lawn with scattered trees do not serve the role that actual nature, comprised of unruly ecosystems and spaces which were not designed by humans for human use alone, does in creating mental stability and a sense of beauty to life. We are birthed of the wildness, and we need the wildness back in our world.

  • Audit: Texas Southern gave scholarships to academically weak students

    Minority-run school let in unsuitable students in order to boost admissions and collect kickbacks. This mirrors what we see across most of the third world: positions exist for people to exploit, not as necessary functions of civilization, and therefore civilization exists more on paper than in reality. It turns out that the third world was impoverished before colonization, and now after colonization, is less impoverished but acts according to its genetic program, which will bring about third world poverty again. The internal battle over resources caused by diversity simply exacerbates this.

  • Marine commandant banishes Confederate symbols from all Corps installations

    In order to make society work, we need to abolish the actual rebels and replace them with those who like to appear to be rebellious but in fact are obedient. Peacetime militaries, like meritocracies, remove those with a focus on the Dionysian question of the big picture and replace them with those who address problems that crop up and focus on details of obedience to procedure. These people turn out to be useless in actual combat or emergencies, but in order to keep the institution unified and remove dissent, administrators do this time and again.

  • Congress makes lynching a federal crime, 65 years after Till

    Perhaps we have reached peak distraction by symbols. In the name of pandering to special interests, Congress makes all sorts of bills, because pursuing symbolic and ineffectual policies has zero risk of failure, where attempting to take on real tasks carries the possibility of being unable to succeed. Instead, the voters are given their daily dose of highly emotional symbols and so they sit back and go into bourgeois sleep, living out a socialist libertarian dream where everyone is accepted and no one must care about anything but their individual desires.

  • Homeland Security Algorithm Revokes U.S. Visa of War Crimes Investigator Eyal Weizman

    Trump seems to be filtering out neurotic academics at the borders, possibly as a means of turning the country away from navel-gazing sentiment and pointing it toward hard solutions instead. Keeping out the internationalist cabal of Leftists, theorists, and pundits will only strengthen our commitment toward localized realism here in the United States.

  • Corona beer takes a hit from coronavirus as brand image suffers

    Voters live in a symbolic reality. Each symbol is either “good” or “bad.” They know they will be rewarded for supporting the “good,” like anti-lynching bills, and running away from the “bad,” like Confederate flags. This creates a two-dimensional reality where symbols do not have context, but instead exist in an absolute and universal space that resembles the projection of human minds. Therefore, if a virus is named Corona, a car is named Corona, and a beer is named Corona, all must be seen as “bad” if the virus is determined to be a threat. Remember that these are the people deciding our laws and leadership.

  • Ian Thorpe campaigns against religious discrimination bill, saying it will remove Australia’s ‘fair go’

    These bills aim to allow people to avoid performing procedures which go against their religious faith. They represent an intermediate stage between attempting to translate a diverse society into some universal language of rules which benefits everyone, and realizing that only a society where all have the same culture, genetics, habits, aesthetics, and values can have anything resembling stability. They will fight out a bill, then hammer it out in the courts, then find out that they only made the problem worse, which is better because then diversity will fall even faster.

  • Hindu Nationalist Gangs Roam New Delhi Streets as Deadly Religious Riots in India Kill Dozens

    No one likes violence, but it happens when illogical policies persist. India wants to be Hindu and ethnically Indian; that means that everyone else must Go Back Home, including Muslims of partially-Indian descent. Not everyone will support that, so the problem festers and then finally detonates in an orgy of violence.

  • Trump campaign says it is suing New York Times over Russia opinion piece

    The Left should re-think its strategy. “We are a private business, so we can do what we want” comes with the idea “but you are accountable for it,” and after Covington Catholic, we have entered an age of people holding the press and social media accountable for what is on them. They, after all, made the choice to either publish this material or not censor it, and either way, it is speech from them to the rest of us, and if it defames someone with untruths and implications, these publishers need to be whipped back into line.

  • Target raised wages. Then it cut workers’ hours and doubled their workload

    He makes $13 an hour, the hourly minimum wage at Target since June 2019, which is scheduled to increase to $15 an hour by the end of 2020.

    Matt Funnell, a Target employee in Massachusetts since August 2018, saw his weekly schedule change from full-time, over 30 hours a week, to less than 10 hours in January 2020.

    “My biweekly paycheck doesn’t even pay rent. Co-workers of mine are losing health insurance and other benefits,” he said. “My higher-ups still expect us to get the same amount of work done in a fraction of the time.”

    Ultimately, wages respond to the market. When the workers demand more wages, someone else pays. Either the cost is passed on to the consumers, as happened with the automobile industry in the 1980s, or if there is competition, the costs are taken out of the workers through fewer hours and lower benefits. Instead of trying to give people free stuff, we should focus on reducing their cost of living.

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