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  • Nile shipwreck discovery proves Herodotus right – after 2,469 years

    We have spent so much of our energy denying that the past could have wisdom because the past recognized that how we do things now is not “new,” it is merely a degenerated form of what went before. Other than our technology — which is really two gadgets, the internal combustion engine and the digital computer — we have nothing that we are doing right. Worse, our decline is internal, meaning that we are less sane, intelligent, capable, wise, and stable than people were in the past. We are concealing all of this with a surface of chrome, glass, polish, and fancy visual design, but this is a rotted time and all of its assumptions are wrong. Herodotus just gave us one more warning from the ancient past: everything that we think is gold is shit (bonus points if you can identify the movie).

  • Italian boy, 15, celebrates birthday with Hitler cake featuring Holocaust jokes

    If the 2010s have a symbol, it is the cake. Maybe it is a gay cake, or a Hitler cake, but either way, your choice of cake will set off a debate about “muh rights” versus your “right” to not be roped into the herd as it heads over the cliff because it is drugged and mugged by egalitarianism. Enjoy the comedy in the meantime:

    A bakery that specializes in printing on pastry provided the cakes, including one that read “Hello darling? Turn up the oven, I am coming home!” The other said “Let’s go … Today, we’ll have an a gas of an evening!” according to a report Tuesday in Corriere di Bologna.

    You can really confuse the proleocracy by advocating for the gassing of Muslims.

  • Racist tirade caught on video costs Hamden school employee her job

    In the footage, posted by a user whose profile name is “Tatiana Winn,” Terrone yells the n-word three times and spits at two people, a black man and woman. It is unclear how the encounter began.

    In other words, we are expected to believe that one party is 100% innocent and the other party is 100% evil, despite this situation never occurring in nature. More nonsense from egalitarianism. In reality, different ethnic groups act differently, and this causes friction, so we should stop firing people for pointing out the obvious. Maybe these black people were just useless wastes of human life. They do not get excused from that simply for being black. Maybe Africa does things differently than Europe, and we cannot coexist. We should not destroy someone’s life simply because of that.

  • University of Toronto named Canada’s top school for sugar babies

    In the midst of this week’s Two Minute Hate over celebrities who bought their miscegenated brats places at Harvard, we have forgotten that most education is a shame and people are funding it through prostitution. Everything has collapsed. It is time to start starving the beast in education as well, since it is based on the lie that we can educate everyone and that this is a good idea. In reality, you can tell how far a student will go with a simple IQ test, and if the proleocracy promotes someone beyond their IQ range, you end up with incompetents in power like Barack Obama and Angela Merkel.

  • The strongmen strike back

    Authoritarianism has now returned as a geopolitical force, with strong nations such as China and Russia championing anti-liberalism as an alternative to a teetering liberal hegemony.

    Talk about accidentally answering your own thesis. Liberal hegemony is teetering because it failed as a result of it being entirely unrealistic. Unrealistic ideas seem to work at first because everyone has bought in, and with all of them doing their best to avoid allowing the failure to show, the system seems to work. Over time people stop having faith, and stop hiding the problems, and then people suddenly “wake up” in the midst of a crisis because everyone around them has been lying all of the time. So, people have rejected the thesis of liberal democracy; so, what was that thesis? It posited that we are all equal, which means that there are no inner differences between human beings, that this equality meant that we could exist in a state of peace and chaos which allowed the individual to come first before all else. It turns out, however, that erasing inner traits — identity, genetics, intelligence, moral character, intuition, faith — actually erases the individual, too, leaving only outer traits and making us all hipsters or the equivalent. It also makes a political system where the most selfish and least intelligent rush forward and claim what they want, but in the process, they ruin anything shared. This proleocracy has now eaten up the benefits it had from coming out of a superior civilization, and has devolved to Jersey Shore plus Idiocracy, roughly as Aldous Huxley believed that it would, so people have lost faith in it and are realizing that instead of herd power, we need strong power. The Leftist era has ended.

  • Drone victims ‘radicalised’ at mosque

    The mosque in New Zealand that got attacked was the same one that radicalized two people who were later killed in drone strikes for being Muslim terrorists. In other words, this was not an attack on the innocent, but the pretenders to being innocent who support the Jihad. You can read more in this older article (archive) which mentioned the radicalization of Daryl Jones and Christopher Havard back in 2014, and how this mosque was under surveillance by New Zealand because of suspicions of its participation in terrorism.

  • Germany considers amendment to law which makes it illegal to run a Tor node or website

    In the followup to this terror attack, the censorship has kicked into high gear. Facebook has been deleting any links to the video of the attack or the manifesto (you can view/download both here), and Reddit and Twitter appear to be doing the same. Anywhere that hosts the video or manifesto appears to be immediately under assault. Now, Germany wants to make sure that you cannot run a Tor node, and we all know that this law will be extended to VPNs since Tor nodes are VPNs. The powers that be are losing control of the narrative and doubling down on propaganda and censorship as a result. The only sensible response is to overthrow them by any means necessary.

  • Study: Robots Capable Of Developing Prejudice On Their Own

    “Our simulations show that prejudice is a powerful force of nature and through evolution, it can easily become incentivized in virtual populations, to the detriment of wider connectivity with others. Protection from prejudicial groups can inadvertently lead to individuals forming further prejudicial groups, resulting in a fractured population. Such widespread prejudice is hard to reverse.”

    The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

    In other words, someone will adopt prejudice as a means of uniting a group or defining themselves, and others will imitate because it is powerful. That suggests that prejudice will not go away. The Establishment will use this study as an excuse to crack down on anyone who expresses the opinion that groups are genetically different, claiming that this is necessary because “other people will imitate it.” This is the infection model of ideas again, which holds that if people are exposed to certain ideas, they will be infected by them. A more sensible model says that people adopt whatever ideas explains best what they see out there. The notion that “there are bad racists and if we just unite we can beat racism” is correct up to a point but the notion that diversity does not work and prejudice is necessary is also correct, and goes past the point of the previous notion, and so it will be adopted once people are exposed to it. Thus we see the arms race of the twenty-first century: whether we can red pill enough of our civilization about diversity, equality, overpopulation, socialism, sexual liberation, consumerism, and PewDiePie before the weight of the herd crushes what civilization is left.

  • Dramatic video shows dozens of Central American migrants cutting and shoving their way through a hole in a California border fence

    Only a wall will do, apparently. Either that, or we need to restore freedom of association so that people can discriminate against those who hire Central Americans and other Latin Americans.

  • Exclusive: Beto O’Rourke belonged to major hacker group as a teenager

    Amerika came out of Corrupt which came out of the GNAA which came out of ANUS which arose from the group HAQR, the magazine TUC, and the bulletin boards Apocalyptic Funhouse and Turd. We started as a hacker organization, and have ties to this community still. CDC members have been a fixture of the Texas scene for some time, and many of us remember them well (you might enjoy my article “Hacker Metal” or its 2600 version for more on this early scene, or even consult Masters of Deception). All in all, however, CDC was more of a textfile-writing organization than an outright hacker group like LOD or MOD. Beto wrote funny files for them. He is not a super-hacker. There is a small chance that most of our staff dropped acid with Beto back in ’92. He is probably not a bad guy, and the fact that he likes Metallica and textfiles makes Generation X like him more. However, Leftism is crazy and you want no Leftists in power ever.

  • More than 1 million sign petition to have Anning removed from Parliament

    Mob rule: agree with our pretense that we are all equally enlightened and therefore we do not need to pay attention to actual risks, or we will destroy you. We see this at play now as the herd attacks Fraser Anning, who dared to point out reality:

    Senator Anning said that while he was opposed to violence of any form, “what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence”.

    Diversity does not work. It never will work, because its construction is paradoxical and its goals are unrealistic. It never has worked, but it was easier to hide the damage in crime reports, lawsuit filings, and budgets before. Now people are seeing that diversity is a disaster. Government, media, academia, industry, and about 40% of our population in the West does not want anyone to wake up. To defeat them, all you need to do is wake up and become a realist (“good” is measured by results in reality) instead of a humanist (“good” is measured by human intentions).

  • Facebook says it removed 1.5 million videos of the New Zealand mosque attack

    They are also removing the manifesto. Why are we struggling so hard to remain in denial? Oh, right, it’s easier.

  • Trump vetoes resolution blocking his border wall emergency, his first use of that power

    Trump played this one smart. Like the cucks, he made every overture and compromise. That gives him an excuse to — unlike the cucks — hold the line and now sequentially declare an emergency, shut down the government, use the military, or do whatever else he needs to (Leftists love the phrase “by any means necessary” so let’s use that!) in order to stop the border crisis. You played yourself, Leftists. You are weak and dying because you are part of an old order that failed because none of its ideas worked. You have nothing to blame but yourselves, which you can do after we rotor all of you to Venezuela and leave you there.

  • India, Pakistan threatened to unleash missiles at each other: sources

    Some guy totting up casualties at a mosque will not end the world. Nuclear warfare could, but most people secretly long for it. We loathe our species for being crazy, and think the cleansing light of nuclear fire might be the right solution. We are just to weak to do it, and we are repelled by the idea of the loss of all the beautiful plants and animals on this world that we were given but were too stupid to appreciate.

  • Inside the newest VIP sex club in Hollywood where A-listers fulfill their kinky fantasies

    Real end-days-of-Rome type stuff here. We expect proles to rut like bugs because that is basically the moral level of the prole, which is why our ancestors enslaved them or made them serfs. However, when our wealthy and powerful are doing this kind of Less Than Zero stuff, bad news is afoot.

  • For Latinos, ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is just another privileged white guy trying to manipulate them

    Speaking of Beto O’Rourke, someone finally calls out the non-white Irish guy for pretending to be a non-white Asiatic Hispanic guy. There is nothing unfair in that.

  • Time to reset national discourse in favour of inclusion and tolerance

    In a democracy, success depends on what you are doing looking good and sounding good. It has nothing to do with reality at all. “Tolerance and inclusion” sounds good, but it is paradoxical. If you tolerate and include, that means that you are making an effort to shove square pegs in round holes. If you do not need to tolerate and include, then you are saying that people are basically the same and there is no advantage to diversity. If you are not saying that, you are saying that you intend to take these people, strip them of their culture, factory-stamp them into identical citizens, and by doing that, remove any advantages of diversity just so that you can have more warm bodies in your low-paid jobs, Leftist parties, consumerist herds, or defending a system that has long become indefensible, genocidal, ecocidal, and insane.

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