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  • PM’s request to US President Donald Trump – ‘sympathy and love for all Muslim communities’

    Leftists never tire of their own cleverness:

    Mr Trump then asked Ms Ardern what offer of support the US could provide.

    “My message was sympathy and love for all Muslim communities,” Ms Ardern said.

    She derives a mental charge from thinking that she has forced him to back down on his point of view, which is that Muslim immigration can be dangerous since many of these people are weaponized. He has two choices: say no, and be called a super-bigot, or say yes, and look weak. To Leftists, this is a clever trap; to the rest of us, it is a false dilemma. No wonder shootings are breaking out under this incompetent, dishonest woman.

  • Trump: White nationalists ‘a small group of people’

    The Alt Right got played by the white nationalists, who tend to be a group of defectives. Nationalism is ethnic, not racial or “civic,” but white nationalism tends to be a set of beliefs grouped around National Socialism and the generally Leftist view that we need an ethnostate. Intelligent people want to make the state less powerful, since democratic government always swims Left. This is why most people who are on or near the Alt Right are in favor of ending diversity, affirmative action, immigration, and at least some entitlements. They do not want a socialist superstate. The white nationalists turned their back on Trump after the recent wall kerfuffle, and in doing so, proved that they had zero understanding of the workings of American government. It is now safe for Trump to abandon them, and so they will go back to Stormfront and resume being irrelevant. You played yourselves.

  • Prisoners in England to be taught code

    If you are a total moron, you think “learn to code” is a good thing to shout at people. You will have forgotten history, then, because it shows us that “go to college” was the “learn to code” from twenty years ago. It backfired because when you have too many people doing something, it becomes worthless. In the meantime, the great app boom has ended, companies are looking to cut in-house IT rather than use specialized solutions, and we have a giant fat glut of incompetent programmers who are writing bloated, slow, insecure, and erratic code all over the place. In your average office, even a programmer shop, only about a third of the personnel are coders; other people are needed to do other things. Since they follow headlines in the hope of whoring for attention, the UK prison authorities have fallen into this trap, and will now bloat the rolls with even more people who know how to “code” in the sense of crudely applying memorized strategies. This floods the market, and talented programmers exit as quickly as they can. Your problem is not a shortage of coders; it is that your system is biased against quality. In twenty years, when everyone can “code,” you will have more hacks, more glitches, and it will take a ton of processing power to even do basic tasks.

  • Missouri lawmaker introduces bill that would require residents to own AR-15s

    At this point, most Americans are OK with the idea of everyone being armed. We realize that the police are five minutes too far away to do anything in most cases, and so in many situations, you will be on your own. Even a shotgun does wonders because thieves generally want to find easy scores, not die on a doorstep somewhere. On the bigger scale, we are seeing pushback here against the Leftist federal government and its accelerating anti-gun agenda. Our government wants us defenseless so that we need it and it can push us around. Just ask Vicki Weaver.

  • Google’s work in China benefiting China’s military: U.S. general

    Google has dropped American military contracts and gone to work for the Chinese instead. In any war, you need to know who the friendlies are, and it is not Google. Maybe the next crazed mosque or synagogue shooter will hit Google headquarters instead and take out some combatants.

  • Spain orders Franco’s body be exhumed from mausoleum

    Everywhere, the Left tries to remove history. Their plan is to demonize anything that conflicts with Leftism so that all we can say, think, or do will advance Leftism. Anything in the middle will be assimilated into Leftism. They are like a cult, gang, herd, clique, cancer, or even a slime mold, which is a colony of cells that move together because of some primitive mycological hive-mind.

  • Nearly 300 illegal immigrants arrested in a matter of hours after crossing US-Mexico border in Texas

    Encouraged by Leftists, Central Americans are swarming the border. In doing so, they are unwittingly proving the crisis that Trump alleges is there, on many levels. It is an ecological crisis, a humanitarian one, an epidemiological one, and a threat to our national sovereignty. Build the wall!

  • White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots

    The Left has discovered what white people have been talking about all along: how democracy in the West drove us insane, we let the hordes into our borders, and now we are in free-fall decline. Spengler noted the same thing, roughly. In the meantime, you can read this forbidden book The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant online.

  • Whale watching in Japan is on the rise, even as commercial hunts are set to resume

    Any time you despair of humanity, remember that people love their world, and want to see the best possible outcome for it. Even while Japan is resuming whale hunts, more people are interested in watching the magnificent cetaceans than the number who want to hunt them. Silly “save the whales” sap? Leftists trashed environmentalism; it is natural for any red-blooded person to love being awestruck in amazement at the greatness and beauty of our world.

  • Institute founded by Sanders’ wife, son is shutting down

    How have wealthy Leftists been stealing for the past half-century? Apparently they like to open non-profits, take donations, and then use those non-profits to pay for other things that advance Leftism and in doing so, advance the individual Leftist, while allowing them to pay themselves and others high consulting fees, which in turn lets them trade favors. It is all quasi-legal, but would probably not stand up to forensic accounting, which is why they are all doing a Hillary Clinton and deleting files like mad. Next week: hard drives get replaced.

  • New research finds parallels between German votes in 1933 and now

    History repeats itself. Every time Leftists get elected, they start making grand promises and changes. At first, these things seem to work, and the Leftists busily lie about them and conceal their disadvantages. Then, these things fail, and the Leftists misdirect our attention to “new” issues elsewhere. Finally, the whole system begins to crater, at which point Leftists attempt to seize total control. When they do, they promptly execute dissidents and mobilize everyone for war, because that kind of command structure is the only way Leftists can hold the system together. In the final act, the planes go to Switzerland with newly-rich Leftist leaders and a starving third world ruin remains. Leftists are simply parasites. Since we are in the third stage, people are hoping for a way out of Leftism, and this resembles what happened after the Leftists wrecked Europe in the years following the first world war.

  • Savile: Knighthood committee ‘told about abuse in 1998’

    Was PizzaGate real? Probably not, but metaphorically, it was true. Wealthy elites have been covering for pedophiles for some time, perhaps because people who have big secrets are the most loyal supporters for tyrants.

  • Opioids and the Labor Market (2018 version)

    Key line is here: “The share abusing opioids did not increase after the onset of the Great Recession.” In other words, they were not driven by economic despair, but by another cause. Most likely existential despair and an utter lack of belief in an American future encouraged people to give in and get wasted all the time as opposed to facing the reality of America. That is end of empire type stuff.

  • India election 2019: The next manufacturing superpower?

    Costs in China rose as the nation became affluent, so manufacturing moved on. Now India rises. This puts India and China on a collision course over economic factors, not to mention the new desire for territory and military power that India will have once it has a manufacturing base that others may want to seize.

  • Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution, GOP rep says

    In other words, Obama covered for Clinton so that they could both attack Trump. We have a massive corruption problem in American government, and the majority of it as well as its impetus is Leftist.

  • Eritreans stuck in Switzerland lose faith in a better future

    Switzerland shows us the new Western response to mass immigration: do not grant them asylum or citizenship, but keep them alive on minimal benefits until they leave. This will be massively effective as word comes back that the streets are not paved with gold, but $10 a day in a broken tenement where the crime of other immigrants makes life unbearable.

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