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  • Taking Off the ‘What Would William F. Buckley Do?’ Wristband

    Faux WASP [[[ William F. Buckley ]]] united conservatives under a “fusionism” that created an alliance between those who opposed Communism, but in doing so, he shifted toward the Libertarian side instead of defending civilization. This made conservatives weak and since his time, they have done nothing but cede ground to an increasingly voracious Left.

  • Lack of respect is to blame for awful sex lives

    Quality-versus-quantity plays out in our sex lives as well. Since we made sex into a bodily function, we have killed intimacy and replaced it with unfulfilling sex because it has no context and thus no meaning. As a result, it is like our fast food: you eat more, because you are never quite satisfied, and yet it only harms you in the end while someone else makes off with the money.

  • Black community and Parkland families clash at contentious Broward school safety meeting

    Incompetent black superintendent of schools finds himself under fire because an audit finds that his administration is too chaotic to implement safety controls. This gets contentious because it is occurring in Broward County, home of the Parkland school massacre, and parents want to ensure that their schools are safe from future massacres, but affirmative action — and a large group of black supporters — stand in their way. At some point, the West will have to admit that the suspicion, distrust, and alienation created by diversity is worse than the guilt we will feel with forced reparations-with-repatriation for all who are not ethnically Western European.

  • Net migration to UK from EU falls to lowest level in 10 years

    Migrants from Eastern Europe to the UK have been driven out by the waves of immigrants from the third world. In the meantime, no one has an explanation for why the natives are not taking all the jobs that supposedly need to be filled by foreigners, and no one at all is pointing the finger at affirmative action. Since it guarantees that non-white candidates will be chosen over white ones, many whites are simply dropping out, realizing that they will work for incompetent diversity hires and neurotic women for the rest of their lives and choosing less salary away from the city instead. This means that all of your talented health, construction, farm, and factory workers are gone and are replaced by those chosen by the state in order to demonstrate its commitment to Total Equality.

  • ‘No major city in England and Wales seems to have escaped this problem’, says judge in Bradford grooming trial

    No one will address it, so we might as well here: most if not all of those who are grooming girls are foreign in ethnic origin, even if born in the UK, and they work like gangs because they are effectively ethnic gangs. They are using rape and prostitution as weapons against the native population, which is apparently so stupefied by democracy that it cannot handle the problem at all.

  • LePage claims national popular vote bill will silence ‘white people’

    The Left adores the idea of abolishing the electoral college, since the whole purpose of the electoral college is to give states with lower population a vote so that we do not simply have mob rule, in which case the most populous areas — cities and coasts — will win every election, which means that we will be in permanent Leftism. Not surprisingly, those areas lean minority, so that whatever the minority voters choose will outpace the white vote in those areas and then dominate over whatever us people out in flyover country indicated on our ballots. He stops just short of pointing out that demographic replacement was always a Leftist gambit for winning permanent power, and that it has backfired because the diversity is now voting for itself over white Leftists.

  • Russia to China: Together we can rule the world

    Remember the old saying, “Blood will out”? Russians are a quarter Chinese, and so naturally they have formed an alliance again with their fellow Asiatics, against Europe. At what point do we realize that we in Western Europe stand alone, and that the mixed-race groups in Southern and Eastern Europe will not stand with us? China, on the other hand, simply wants to take over the world.

  • Zuckerberg outlines plan for ‘privacy-focused’ Facebook

    “Privacy-focused” is a nice way of saying “not free speech focused,” because if Facebook is concerned about your privacy, the last thing it will do is enable open discussion. Expect more censorship, not less. That might be unfortunate because the EU is getting ready to regulate social media over “fake news” because unsanctioned news means people going against the narrative, something that Facebook at least is fighting by censoring conservatives, which has slightly backfired as Facebook censors experience PTSD-like symptoms as they find themselves shocked, disturbed, and sometimes convinced by those Alt-Right “conspiracy theories.” This may simply be a bid for them to make a miserable job less miserable, but thinking readers probably want to know, why not just abandon the censorship? Facebook realizes that its audience are mostly looking for freedom from disturbing information, and as the West divides in twain over the egalitarian issue, that means leaving out conservative stuff which points out that our society has fallen, we are totally divided, and most of the things the talking heads say in comforting voices are in fact not representative of the whole picture.

  • China’s GDP Growth Pace Was Inflated for Nine Years, Study Finds

    People talked about China as a paper tiger because the tendency of centralized economies as one finds under hybrid socialist systems is to declare things good on paper so that each level of management cannot be fired by the one above it. This amplifies small discrepancies over time and produces an entirely false picture, similar to how during the height of the Cold War, Western observers believed that the Soviet system was functional, and only later were shocked by how frail it was as it fell. Now that Chinese exports have fallen, and the economy appears in trouble, we can adjust backward and see how much the world economy was manipulated by China, especially as it falls.

  • Neo-Nazi gets life for killing woman in interracial couple

    This is why the Alt-Right replaced neo-Nazis in the popular imagination of those who support the Right: we are tired of people getting the question wrong. Our goal is not random race war events, but to seize power and fix our broken society. Yes, for you race fanatics, that means repatriating all the people who are incompatible with the heritage American group of ethnic Western Europeans. However, there is more to it than that, and we do not get there through chaotic violence.

  • Massive restoration of world’s forests would cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions, analysis suggests

    The official scientists have finally discovered what woodsmen knew all along: trees filter the air and bring particulates to Earth, not to mention crowd out things that produce disproportionate amounts of emissions. If we follow the Nazi rule, we would leave one-third of all land untouched, but it looks more likely that we will have to leave fully half of all land and all areas in their natural state. The aristocrats once did that for us by designating these lands as hunting preserves (remember Robin Hood?) and leaving them alone except for a few hunts a year, which essentially kept their wild character. If left up to the proles, those lands would have been invaded and their wildlife hunted into extinction as a food source.

  • Insects could disappear ‘all at the same time’: scientist

    Insect populations are declining because of industrialized agriculture and the fact that we are using too much land. As tends to happen in nature, populations “crash” or fall below a threshold in which they can maintain themselves, and then rapidly disappear all at once, sort of like a coordinated retreat. We can avoid this by leaving a large amount of land untouched, which gives these species a safe home base in which they can thrive away from our industrial chemicals, but that will require having fewer humans. Luckily, most humans are genetic gunk that could be used to insulate doors in Hell, so it is not like it will be difficult figuring out who to send away.

  • Jobs Are Jails

    Working in the modern world depletes people of hope in life, just as working in the Soviet Union did. Egalitarian systems are products and producers of bureaucracies, and bureaucracies like equality because it allows them to treat humans like objects rolling down the assembly line at a factory, stamping them with the right ideology and treating them with the right incentives. These then obey centralized command, something which to the simplistic human brain — but not the higher IQ, noble character, self-aware and self-actualized nobles — seems like a good idea because it subjugates reality to human intentions, and thus makes us feel safe and immortal because we are the center of the world, therefore we do not have to fear Death.

  • Society is creating a new crop of alpha women who are unable to love

    When you convince people that the external is more important than the internal, they become obsessed with power. That makes people who cannot bond with one another because they are always focused on maintaining the upper hand, even through victimhood, so that they can control the situation. This destroys all hope they have for anything other than a job, nice apartment, car, and entertainment. We live in the loneliest of ages.

  • The Left Is Making Jews Choose: Our Progressive Values Or Ourselves

    It always was. If you stick to who you are, you realize that there are no universal values and that you need to pursue what works for you, independently of other groups. That is health. Egalitarianism however promises that you can control other people, first through the pacifism of equality, and next through creating a chaotic society in which people need you. However, this destroys your society, and makes you hate yourselves. White self-hatred and Jewish self-hatred are very similar: high-IQ groups feeling guilt for being above others, yet loathing themselves for remaining addicted to the notion of controlling others instead of simply rewarding the good and pushing aside the bad.

  • Job Market-Workers Come Off the Sidelines

    Trump has restored the number of Americans working to what it was before the recession. Many who were sitting out the job market, making it by on selling thrift store junk on eBay or copping through on disability, have now rejoined the workforce. This is what happens when you take away the centralized tax-and-spend policies and replace them with incentives; for his next magic trick, he will attempt to reduce the cost of goods and housing in America, in part by ending the constant flood of new people into the country who live thanks to public benefits but raise costs as people flee them and are taxed to support them.

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