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  • EU faces nationalist ‘nightmare’ in next five years, says Verhofstadt

    We have not had real Right-wingers since before the war, and even then, there were very few. We have some Leftists who like conservative economics and a few very popular social issues, but they are ineffectual. Consequently, Europe has been ruled by the moderates, who formed an allegiance between the center-Right and center-Left. “Moderate,” as it turns out, means Leftists who compromise on a few token issues so that conservatives can win some elections. They have done a terrible job of ruling, like the other Leftists, who in the past fifty years have promised the moon, delivered a wasteland, and brought us lots of new problems besides. The voters stayed asleep during this time, having either given up on the system or enthusiastically encouraged it to race further into destruction. Leftists are now figuring out that people have lost faith in not just Leftism, but liberal democracy, and so they are trying to find a way to brainwash or import enough voters to remain in power. Leftists like all tyrants never think about the consequences of their actions, only what they desire, and how their brilliant intentions can allow them to boss other people around while feeling smug about their own cleverness. Humanity has gone toxic without the kings.

  • Hateful Propaganda From White Supremacists Spreads (non-paywall)

    Surely with a title like that, this article cannot be propaganda. Oh, look, their primary source is the ADL. It turns out that we had 1,187 incidences of pro-white stickering in 2018 versus 421 in 2017. This mild ideological dissent has caused panic. This country was founded upon the idea that a flier, sticker, banner, or poster could not hurt you, but having a “we all agree” situation involving government and mob rule certainly could. For some reason, this article advocates the latter.

  • Ohio city votes to give Lake Erie personhood status over algae blooms

    For those who fear that only bad news stains these columns, never fear: here is some really excellent news. For years nature has had no legal protection because it is not a person (this category includes corporations through a deft legal fiction) and therefore cannot be harmed or have property rights. Toledo, OH, worked around that one by making the lake into a person so that people could sue on its behalf. Lawsuits have a lower standard of proof than criminal cases, which is why businesses fear them. All you have to do is show that it is more likely than not that they are the polluters, and they get hit where it really hurts, namely in their finances. That in turn causes insurers to demand that others in the industry start promising to avoid making the same mistake, which means that if they do not, they will be sued by the insurers as well. This gives us a chance of protecting local ecosystems by suing anyone who intrudes on them, and does so with a means that bad businesses fear the most, since their goal in polluting is to cut costs not raise them. Expect the prices of some goods to go up.

  • Man who shot at California cop previously deported, arrested but cops wouldn’t honor ICE detainer, feds say

    Just another reminder that diversity is not working, mainly because cities and police departments refuse to enforce federal law on immigration. Maybe there can be lawsuits involved here, too, so that it becomes too expensive to harbor immigrants, or at least whatever businesses or people depend on those immigrants for cheap labor are sued into oblivion. Proles love cheap foreign labor because it allows the proles to stop being maids, food service workers, construction laborers, and serving in other menial jobs, and instead to move on up to the air-conditioned cubicle where they can fill out meaningless paperwork, attend meetings, and watch diversity training all day. This is they life they chose? They would be happier in the jobs that fit their intelligence and character.

  • Eastern Germany still lags, three decades after reunification: study

    The former East Germany is 20% less productive than West Germany, showing us exactly how devastating socialist economies are in terms of how they change people. We will in the future discover something similar about democracy: when you externalize your thinking to the group, much as when you are solely motivated by yourself, you lose sight of anything larger and as a result, entirely lose autonomy. Germans were known for their intelligence and efficiency in part because they had a strong culture, with a sense of faith and purpose in addition to their logical nature. With Communism, they became trained as cogs in the machine, which created people without initiative or belief in anything. Like all of Leftism, socialism seems like a path to heaven but instead it leaves behind ruined people, countries, and souls. Yet humans seem to fall for it every time, at least some. If we could breed those out, humanity might stand a fighting chance.

  • Bird extinctions ‘driven’ by global food trade

    You have to read far into the article to see the point: “conversion of natural habitat to land for agriculture and forestry” is killing off the birds and well, pretty much everything else. This means humans using land to grow things. When we talk about overpopulation, this is our point. No matter how much we limit your car, home size, and vegan meals, each person added to a society requires more stuff outside of their dwelling, like farms, hospitals, schools, roads, government buildings, shopping, exercise areas, and so on. Cities achieve the illusion of having solved this problem by outsourcing it; instead of having those areas within the city, they have them around it, and so all of the food, textiles, building materials, and gadgets they use come from far away, with the problems of those localized there. The amount of space required per person remains unchanged if not expanded, since more facilities are required to move all that stuff around, and the result is more dead species, neutered ecosystems, and ruined landscapes.

  • Google found it was underpaying more men than women for similar jobs

    When the usual grifters came knocking to claim that Google was discriminator, the company did what it does best and crunched the data, finding out that some men were underpaid as well. This means less about men and women earning at parity and more about the grim fact that jobs rarely compare apples-to-apples because roles are highly specialized, as are the requirements for those roles. It used to be understood that you might take one over the other in order to have more private time, for example, or to have an office in the city versus the country. This is all part of the complex bargaining that employees do with employers which our Leftists seem unwilling to leave well enough alone, mainly because they think like unions and want the worst employees rewarded along with the best in order to keep their herd together.

  • Mollie Tibbetts’ accused killer wants trial moved to different county due to ‘minority population’

    This story comes as close as you see to admitting that members of ethnic groups act in solidarity in order to advance the self-interest of that group. This accused killer wants his trial moved so that more minorities can be on the jury, anticipating that they will vote to free him just like the black members of the OJ Simpson jury did in that case. Demographics is destiny. If you get enough minorities in this country, will the killer of a white person ever be convicted, or even brought to trial?

  • Marine Corps vet with dual US-Mexico citizenship oversaw massive cocaine operation, prosecutors say

    The cucks tell us that if we educate random third world people in our “culture,” and by that they mean our political culture of equality plus free markets, they will suddenly start acting like good patriotic Americans. In reality, they simply reinterpret what those things mean in order to make them compatible with the type of lifestyle that a third-word person wants. In this case, we educated and trained a Marine only for him to rejoin his ethnic brothers in the drug trade using what we trained him. Bet he knows all about the Constitution too.

  • United Methodist Church strengthens ban on same-sex marriage, LGBT clergy

    In a pointed rejection of the trends of the times, the United Methodist Church decides to affirm its policy that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” Much of the support came from third world Methodists as well as evangelicals in the United States. Fortunately for them, they can point to a pattern of language in the Bible and the history of religious leaders that suggests that Christianity — like other religions — endorses traditional marriage and rejects promiscuity and sodomy. This sets up a pattern of conflict with the herd, since the herd wants whatever increases equality, and the thought that you can be bad and be good, too, seems like the ultimate equality.

  • Spending Just 20 Minutes At A Public Park Boosts Happiness, Study Finds

    The paper affirms what conservatives have always known, which is that humanity should attempt to fit into nature instead of acting as if we are separate from it. If a public park boosts happiness with just twenty minutes of exposure, imagine what being surrounded by woods and fields would do for us. Speaking of that, another paper argues that living among green space as a child leads to reduced risk of mental health problems. Some of this will be correlation-not-causation errors, such as the likelihood that people in cities are crazy anyway, but the bigger point is that being surrounded by loveliness and complexity beats the repetitive boxes and tedious activities of modernity, which dumb us down just like socialism.

  • DNA methylation GrimAge strongly predicts lifespan and healthspan

    As it turns out, despite all the bizarre and contradictory health warnings from our squawking media, your lifespan can be determined by the amount of “rust” (methylation) on your DNA. This provides strength for nature over nurture, and suggests that someday, humanity can use selective breeding to get us to the stage where we live for centuries again.

  • True Confessions of Texas Vote Harvesters

    It turns out that the Left has had a secret weapon for some time: the absentee ballot. Filled out away from the polling place, these allow for third parties to fill out the ballot for the voter, which enables groups with huge numbers of activists to swarm into communities and fill out ballots for the elderly, infirm, and possibly insane. Do they simply sway the voter into choosing Leftists? Of course they do. For Leftists, everything is a means to the end of power.

  • Nearly 50% of transport pollution deaths linked to diesel

    The study (local mirror) finds that it costs about $1tn per year just for the health damage and deaths caused by transportation pollution alone, despite it being only 11% of particulate pollution. We are only starting to see the vast damage done to us by our industry and overpopulation, but as the fresh air runs out and more people develop life-changing ailments, maybe we will acknowledge this problem.

  • Oregon to Become First State to Impose Statewide Rent Control (non-paywall)

    Leftists love to double down on failed ideas. Rent control encourages landlords to do nothing to improve properties and then to sell them as the rents fall below what market value might return. This causes cities to destroy their old buildings and replace them with high-rises. At that point, rents are cheap but no one can rent, and so the market moves toward overpriced condominiums. We see another pattern play out here, which is voters screaming for relief and politicians proposing solutions that technically solve the problem — rents will be lower — at the expense of the intent that the voters had in initially asking for some way to achieve lower rents.

  • A Denver high school gave parents the option to keep their kids out of a Black History Month assembly. (non-paywall)

    At this high school, educational assemblies were optional, and that offended people who believe that the new state doctrine of racial equality must be forced on students at all times. Strategically, this gives the black lobby a foothold in the school which it can use to force the mostly racially-segregated school to begin including black kids in its IB/AP classes, which if history is any guide, will involve lowering requirements so that soon, all sorts of people who do not belong in honors classes will be there, at which point the value of those classes will drop like a rock. Dumbing it down is the American way!

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