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  • Why Detroit residents pushed back against tree-planting

    In a diverse society, even neutral campaigns like environmentalism are viewed as giving power to another group. Diversity means constant internal conflict, sort of like democracy and the fight over how exactly we redistribute the income stolen by the State.

  • Welsh woman declares vindication after ‘guerrilla rewilding’ court case

    Jones declared vindication. “Citizens have a duty to protect the environment and biodiversity,” she told the Guardian. “I was managing that site for biodiversity. It was being destroyed by the spruce.”

    This is the same attitude we must have toward diversity. For our civilization to survive, it needs its genetic stock, and that is threatened by having any invasive ethnic or racial groups around us.

  • How long can a virus live outside a body?

    Cases of the coronavirus in the USA sometimes involve those with no direct contact with China. We may discover that this virus has lived among us for longer than we thought, in part brought on by all those cheap products shipped directly from China sold through Amazon. This might be a good time to buy locally what is produced locally, instead of hoping that globalism will not kill you. Nothing can sterilize a sealed package.

  • Activist investor seeks to replace Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, report says

    The social media titans who have hidden behind the free market now face the wrath of the free market, which perceives that companies run for ideological purposes are weak and ripe for takeover. AIDS patient Jack Dorsey should thank them, as they are interrupting the MySpace cycle that happens when formerly successful online sites drive away the interesting people and replace them with drones, at which point the site dies out because who wants to sit among monkeys typing out the same stuff day after day?

  • 67 percent of bankruptcy filers cite illness and medical bills as contributors to financial ruin

    Obamacare failed to reduce bankruptcies in which healthcare was a factor. Back in the real world, it becomes clear that bankruptcies have multiple factors, and as everything falls apart, healthcare will become part of that. Our best healthcare plan is the free market without free riders.

  • Autopsies offer key clues for early stage COVID-19 patients

    All our past research, notably that into SARS and AIDS, turns out to be useful in confronting this new pathogen. Instead of bickering over research because it might benefit one special interest group over another, we should do more of it; think how much we could if entitlements were eliminated.

  • As India counts dead, brutality of Hindu-Muslim riot emerges

    At Amerika, we have long taken the position that the problem of diversity is not the other groups involved, but the fact of diversity itself, which both abolishes cultural, genetic, and aesthetic standards and guarantees constantly infighting among groups because no group wants to be powerless and at the mercy of another group. Across the world, diversity is now exploding as groups vie for power. In India, the longstanding conflict between Muslims with partial Arab parentage and Hindus of wholly native Indian ancestry expanded when Muslim-majority Pakistan started sponsoring terrorist attacks in India. Humanity recognizes, at a gut level, that diversity is dead; what remains is finding non-genocidal ways to end it as policy. Repatriation is in the future.

  • The world’s largest privately owned giant sequoia forest is now protected

    Where government fails, individuals step in. Conservationists purchased an ancient sequoia forest in order to protect it. Pentti Linkola pioneered this approach with his Finnish Nature Heritage Foundation, which buys up forest so that democracy and commerce cannot destroy it.

  • Nike, Apple among dozens of major brands implicated in report on forced labour

    And just like that, globalism died the same death that colonialism and slavery did. The problem has two dimensions: first, having a first world civilization is expensive and labor becomes correspondingly prohibitive in cost once feudalism falls, and second, much of humanity will always exist in a slave-like state because of their ineptitude. Not all humans are competent, good, intelligent, or moral. Many are simply selfish and leave litter across the planet, and do mediocre jobs of whatever they do. The rest of us should not be enslaved to provide for them; we should do what is good, reward what is good, and push the rest away. However, once these people become part of a society, they must be put to work or they will starve and revolt, so the only solution remains repression and slave-like conditions. Feudalism acknowledged this with a gentle form of servitude that allowed them most of their time to enjoy; modernity, in fear of feudalism and monarchy, has instead made them disposable labor. Globalism just masked this for a few decades.

  • How schools may use kids’ phones to track and surveil them

    Huxley was right: our pursuit of convenience leads us into tyranny, not some aspect of tyranny itself. Schools and stores are using our phones to track us, but who will be willing to disconnect? No one can, because the network effects are too great. Privacy has died for no reason other than human convenience.

  • Some states make it harder for college students to vote

    We are now working around the disaster amendments of the postwar period. Very few if any college students have anywhere near the background or presence of mind to be voting. Most of them will rely on what they are told by their high school and college instructors and simply vote hard Leftist. States are not making this harder, but simply refusing to cater to the college audience, in part because those in power know that the days of free stuff are ending and the last thing they need is the idiot voters demanding more debt, er, “free” stuff.

  • How hard will the robots make us work?

    Before automation takes over every job, it is taking over organizational tasks which can be done by algorithm, removing lots of those middle management positions. Marshall Brain wrote a short story about machine-managed labor and how it will end rather badly for humanity as most of us find ourselves obsolete.

  • Eight elected officials switch party affiliation to Republican in Mississippi

    As the Democrats rebrand themselves as the party of socialism and immigration, moderates and conservatives on the Democrat side are defecting, since now to toe the party line means supporting the enemies we fought in the Cold War.

  • A transgender woman’s brutal murder has shocked Puerto Rico and renewed a conversation about transphobia

    As usual, Leftist “solutions” presuppose problems and create them by having been designed around them. Much as the election of Barack Obama did not calm racial tensions, but merely made them a focal point, the great push for LGBTP+ equality has forced people to choose one side or another, simply inflaming both sides. The real loss occurs at the center, where people like me who endorse the traditional “keep it secret and in the bedroom” standard are squeezed out and replaced by two groups of monkeys shouting hatred at each other.

  • Poland: Judges punished for criticizing government reforms, report finds

    The law deals in rights, following the property rights archetype, of individuals only, and therefore will never protect culture, heritage, customs, values, morals, beliefs, standards, and social order. For this reason, the world is leaving behind liberal democratic market socialism and replacing it with strong leadership, at which point the rebellious judiciary will find itself suppressed in retaliation for the last couple centuries of a steady push toward liberalization.

  • Tulane University removes its Victory Bell after learning it was originally used on a plantation

    Instead of letting history exist, the Left demands it be erased. That is not abnormal; humans tend to erase their history whenever liberalization hits simply because it reminds them that there are alternatives to permanent Leftism. In the meantime, this activity shows the other side that Leftism must be removed by removing Leftists, and quickens the race to conflict.

  • College recruiter fired for lining students up by skin color, ‘nappiest hair’

    Incidents of this sort seem like counter-provocation. It is unclear what was trying to be achieved here, if anything.

  • Canadians name Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool as top appliance brands to break down in CBC poll

    Three-quarters of respondents had experienced a large appliance breaking down, and three-quarters of those happened within ten years of buying them. It turns out that outsourcing labor to the third world brought third world quality. Labor will not return here until we end legal protection for unions.

  • 13 rescued, 3 missing after boat ‘dump-and-run’ off San Diego coast

    In the West, we have insane humanist policies which state that once you get a toe on the land, you are the responsibility of your new host nation. This causes people to attempt increasingly insane methods of getting here such as “dump-and-run,” where boats race to the California coast from Mexico and toss people in the water, then peel out and head for safer waters. Until we make it clear that we want not only no immigration, but for those already here to leave, they will keep coming and dying.

  • For the first time, there are fewer registered Republicans than independents

    More people are identifying as independents but most of them come from the Left. People tend to vote for what they think will rock the boat the least, but at this point, the Left has made it clear that it stands for erasure of heritage, tradition, and normal American life so that it can be replaced by a total state. Being an “independent” allows people to claim they pick and choose candidates by personality or election, when really it means that many are defecting from the idea that the safest bet is to always vote Left.

  • Elon Musk says Chinese economy will surpass US by 2 or 3 times: ‘The foundation of war is economics’

    When your economy is based on consumerism, the number of people you have determines how powerful you are. However, the future consists of economies not based on consumerism but on people as independent economic actors generating wealth around the home. The US would do right to cut its population and then cut its dependence on entitlements which fund consumerism, transitioning to an economy based on hard value. If it does that and cuts taxes, it can outpower this massive country which otherwise will always dwarf us in population.

  • San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin rolls out new policies on gang enhancement, police stops

    In the name of ending racism, Leftists end effective police techniques. In a diverse society where each group is rooting for itself, this counts as a victory against the majority, and the Left as the anti-majority party — individualism requires there be no higher standard than the individual — cheers this on for both its empowerment of non-white groups and its general reduction of social order. When they are victimized, they will simply rationalize the defeat as a victory.

  • The World’s Growing Gender Inequality ‘Should Shame Us All,’ Says U.N. Chief

    These nitwits want to justify more world government, so they wail about “inequality,” but really what has occurred is that our standard of living has risen, and with anti-poverty programs in effect, this has funneled wealth to a lucky few riding on the back of the consumer economy. Everyone else loses out. The solution, ironically, is to end consumerism/entitlements and go to a more competitive economy, because that way instead of working soul-destroying corporate jobs, people can have their own businesses and homesteads and live better. We can escape this modern system before it erases us.

  • Iceland grieves after police shoot and kill a man for the first time in its history

    War, as it turns out, is dysgenic. The good go forth and fight, and fewer return, while back home the soyboys and neurotics get busy making the next generation. Soon the good are marginalized and the many useless take over. Weeping over the death of some idiot committing a crime serves as a sign that genetic mutations for mental illness have become predominant in the population.

  • U.S. shuts border bridge to stop migrants rushing across from Mexico

    Courts block Trump immigration policies, so the border shuts to prevent a rush across. If these policies are not allowed to stand, more border closures will follow, and the courts will blink first. In the end, this shows another case of Trump getting what he wants by forcing a meeting engagement between the parties to a deal, in this case American leadership and illegal immigrants. He offers a reasonable compromise, and when they shut that down and make the immigration system dysfunctional, he uses that as a rational pretext to go more extreme.

  • The spread of the coronavirus couldn’t have come at a worse time for Corona beer

    Thirty-eight percent of Americans would not buy Corona under any circumstances because of the coronavirus outbreak. These people vote. It is long past time to discuss the grim fact that democracy is inherently unstable and based on mass manipulation, with the masses choosing wrongly most of the time.

  • Rise in anti-Indigenous racism and violence seen in wake of Wet’suwet’en protests

    More for what I am calling the “Lando Calrissian theory of race relations”: when minority groups become powerful enough to interrupt normal life as most people see it, they react badly to those groups. While diversity remained small and localized, few opposed it; now that it can be seen everywhere, and the racial and ethnic animus has taken off its masks, people are becoming hostile to a problem that just seemed to creep up on them.

  • Hemolithin: a Meteoritic Protein containing Iron and Lithium

    Scientists find proteins on a meteorite with a clear extra-terrestrial origin. Perhaps more occurs out there than we are ready to recognize, and life is not limited to Earth, at which point we have to consider that we are in a new space race, namely to explore and settle the stars and advance our technology before something else shows up which can wipe us out.

  • A high school student created a fake 2020 candidate. Twitter verified it

    So much for the idea that social media fact checkers know anything.

  • Chicago schools drop Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day

    Ordinary voters find themselves shocked that the schools which cater to a diverse audience want to erase history and rewrite it in their own image. Diversity does not work, and it turns out that democracy was incapable of recognizing this until it hit a crisis point.

  • Naomi Seibt: ‘anti-Greta’ activist called white nationalist an inspiration

    She cited Stefan Molyneux, who is hardly far-Right but has noticed problems with the diversity Narrative.

  • The case that America’s in decline

    Ross Douthat explains how a seemingly vital culture can be in decline — “economic stagnation, institutional sclerosis, and cultural repetition at a high stage of wealth and technological proficiency and civilizational development” — showing that we are in the end stages of ideological takeover, where our symbolic beliefs demand doing what is unrealistic to the point that we refuse to try anything else. This creates a doom loop in which all of our problems persist and get worse, but we seem unable to do anything to fix them. Getting out of this loop would require that we change our thinking, namely by discarding the assumption of “equality.”

  • Twitter suspends Harry Chen PhD, known for reporting about coronavirus direct from Wuhan

    Twitter decides that live reporting on the coronavirus from Wuhan is “fake news” and censors it. The utility of these platforms as anything other than a circulation system for press releases will make them obsolete as people turn to newer sources for actual direct information. Among other things, distributed systems like Mastodon are more censorship-resistant and therefore appeal more to a newer generation of technologically-savvy users.

  • A middle school requires kids to dance with anyone who asks. One mom is fighting for her daughter’s right to say ‘no.’

    Watching equality jump the shark provides endless amusement. In an effort to be more inclusive, a school mandated that no one could say “no” to potential dance partners. The symbolic cult of Equality thus reveals its final state: in order to be equal, we must give up individuality so that we can serve the individualism of others, which means that those with the lowest standards win and those with higher standards suffer.

  • How the humanities became the new enemy within

    Conservatives have come to view the humanities as a negative thing, but the headline does not tell you the reason why, which is that starting in the 1960s the humanities — teaching culture, history, philosophy, and critical thinking — were replaced by Leftist propaganda. Now that the takeover is complete, no one wants to support yet another source of Leftist propaganda just because dipsomaniac Leftists with degrees want high-paying jobs.

  • Scottish courts urged not to jail ‘immature’ under-25s

    In their endless efforts to be “compassionate,” Leftists replace strong signals about behavior with weak ones, causing a confused population. Perhaps prison is not ideal, but slap-on-the-wrist policing always results in more crime of even more extreme forms than before.

  • Thousands of depression cases ‘linked to universal credit’

    Attempting to streamline its unsustainable entitlements state, the UK combined six welfare programs into one, and now people are finding that some benefits have been eliminated, which is what politicans do instead of outright canceling programs. If you end these programs, the voters howl that something has been stolen from them, but if you sabotage them, people stop relying on them and it becomes easier to end them in the future. In the meantime, most of this “depression” consists of people self-reporting bad feelings after getting less free money from the people who are forced to work for it on the treadmill of bad corporate jobs and miserable taxes.

  • Researcher at University Arrested for Wire Fraud and Making False Statements About Affiliation with a Chinese University

    Under the Democrats, China was allowed to insert its casual operatives deep into academia and business. These people have regular jobs and lives, but also receive money from China, doubtless in exchange for passing along information. Diversity brings international conflict to a domestic level, and is dying from this and many other reasons related to its inherently paradoxical motives. With diversity, you do not get better race relations, but racial war; with diversity, you do not get a more varied culture, but a culture of no standards so that everyone is accomodated; with diversity, you do not get the benefit of learning from others, but a reduction in what your own people have compiled as wisdom for centuries.

  • Diplomats warned federal government about getting too tight with China, committee hears

    Even lumberjack hippie state Canada slowly accepts that China intends to take over the world, and these “harmless” interactions transfer power to China and weaken the nation.

  • Germany upholds headscarf ban for trainee Muslim lawyers

    Pursuing the illusion of assimilation, Germany hopes to force its cultural standards on newcomers. What this really does is to convert organic culture into a political ideology, erasing its connection to the people and the nation, so that eventually diversity can take over when the old ways no longer make sense to people who have forgotten the why behind the how.

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