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  • Alabama mayor suggested ‘killing out’ gay people

    Mark Chambers lumped “homosexuals” and “transvestites” together with “baby killers” and “socialists” in the post, according to TV station WBRC.

    This is why you do not want to associate your group with the Left. At some point, normal people begin realizing that the Left are manipulative parasites and that everything they support is toxic. If you become one of their pet groups, you have painted a target on your forehead for the coming dushman wars in which each site tries to attrite the others.

  • Last known survivor of Sobibor death camp uprising dies aged 96

    People are tired of hearing about the Holocaust. I send this warning out to Jews, mostly. The Leftists among you think that you have unveiled the total trump card against all nationalism, but you are in checkmate. The Left will not permit a nationalist Israel, either, which means that you will perish by demographic displacement once enough areas because minority-majority Palestinian and can displace your voting patterns. Soon you will serve your servants; this is the nature of democracy. In the meantime, the average person thinks of the Holocaust like they do the Martin Luther King, Jr., mythos or the broad statements about how all humans were essentially genetically identity: a seed of truth, wrapped in layers of lies, and therefore, wholly not trustworthy. That is why you do not allow Leftists to hijack your historical events.

  • San Francisco to force treatment on mentally ill drug users

    Freedom always brings about totalitarianism because “freedom” means “anarchy” which means both a lack of rules but more importantly, a lack of goal upon which people cooperate. When we say “anarchy,” we mean individualism, or “everyone do whatever they want” plus subsidies and grocery stores. This order cannot sustain itself because most people are crazy, and every person is crazy to a degree until they mature and then — notice the “and then” — undergo some process of self-actualization. If you interrupt this necessary process, you get people who do not know themselves and therefore have no purpose, a state of anti-values and emptiness known as fatalism which induces them to rage around looking for external stimulus to fill the void. If you tolerate the individualistic anarchy of lots of homeless people doing drugs in your city, soon everyday life will be destroyed by this process, and inevitably, a police state will result. Bet they under-report the number they tase trying to get them on the boxcars to the mental health treatment camps.

  • Trump dismisses climate change as ‘change in weather’ after holding talks with Prince Charles

    “Oh. My. God. He’s so ignorant, I can’t even!” said the teenage Buffy that is the American collective consciousness — also known as hive mind, echo chamber, circular self-stimulatory event, and so on — when Trump says this. But really, he is scientifically correct. The Left has hyped local climate change into global climate change, but all that local climate change means is that you put down enough concrete to disrupt the jet streams and now, your local area is hotter. If you look at many of these at once, you think the world is heating up, but you are missing the fact that we are doing the same dumb thing in each one of these places: using up most of the land, covering too much of it with concrete, reflecting too much heat with light-colored building materials, and preventing water from draining and being absorbed by the Earth. Trump has seen through the idiocy of assuming a universal cause to what is the result of collective human stupidity.

  • Zimbabwe is ‘open for business’ but its struggling citizens would say otherwise

    At the same time, many of the once-thriving commercial farms are under-utilised, occupied by subsistence farmers who struggle to produce commercial quantities of crops for resale.

    This is the third world method. They are individualists, so each man gets his own farm and grows just enough for himself and his family. Then he goes around trying to beat up every other man and take his wife, figuring that if he pushes down others, he will rise. On some level, he hopes to simply spread his genes farther than that of the other guy. This creates a culture that we would recognize as gang culture, where men band together to fight off other men, and ultimately the only one respected is the guy with the strength and power to potentially kill anyone else. This means that in the village, everyone is starving except the big boss and his lieutenants, and those regularly change position. Nothing is invested in shared order because there is no social trust because each person is an individualist. The West reversed individualism in itself and worked toward transcendental purpose instead, and as a result, took over the world because its methods simply work better than the third world method used by the other 95% of humanity. This offended third world whites who make up our lower castes, so they staged a class revolt in order to seize control of the West and its wealth, and in doing so have turned it into a third world state.

  • Churches Helping Migrants Sue ‘Patriot’ Groups for Intimidating Volunteers

    Notice the church names:

    Among those suing: Alliance of Christian Leaders of the East Valley, Iglesia Alfa y Omega, Iglesia Monte Vista, Iglesia Nueva Esperanza, Iglesia Apostolica, Helping With All My Heart, Iglesia Apostolica De La Comunidad, and Iglesia Cristiana El Buen Pastor.

    Every single one of these are Hispanic churches or obvious limousine liberal luvvies forming a hippie-sounding organization. There should be no churches with names in Spanish. There should not be anyone in America but Americans, which means people who are ethnically Western European and can act within the capacity of Western Civilization. Everyone else needs to go back home and stop telling us what we “need” to do for them when their methods are the ones that have failed and continue failing. No one is trying to sneak into Mexico in order to live there. It is known worldwide for being a failed society.

  • Rabbi: Hurricane Katrina Was Result of Gay Pride Parade

    “A dire warning: Hurricane Katrina which occurred in 2005 on Southern Decadence Day when a gay pride parade was supposed to be held but was stopped when the dam burst,” Levin said. “Homosexual conduct is the worst form of sinful behavior.”

    Levin said the upcoming gay pride event hosted by the Lakewood Blue Claws is totally unacceptable.

    “What’s next in Lakewood, white supremacist having rallies at the Center Square in the name of free speech?” he asked. “Where does someone get the chutzpah to sponsor a gay pride night in town?”

    Note to the clueless: no one wants a gay child. If your kid is homosexual, it means that something went so wrong that nature decided to snip off that line of genetics. Either you molested them, trusted the wrong uncle, made them emotionally despair, bullied them, or something just went wrong in the dice-roll of genetics, indicating that perhaps Dad married down because he was underconfident. Some people are just more honest about this than others. Those who are honest but realistic see that gayness happens every generation, so it cannot be “fought,” and that the best deal is the traditional one: you hide your gayness, we protect you from people who would beat you up over it. That means no (Gay) Pride parades, no gay-themed bars, no rainbow flags, no Apple Computer, and no Gay Rights agenda, but it also means no guys in Pantera shirts walking around calling people “faggot.”

  • A White Man’s Republic, If They Can Keep It

    Finally we face the diversity question. White people bought into diversity — even ethnic diversity, like including the Irish, Spaniards, Italians, Polish, Greeks, and Russians — as the idea that we created a thriving society, so these other groups can come live among us and behave according to our laws. We never thought that they would change their culture and “assimilate” as the cuckservatives rave on about; we thought that they would continue to be Them, much like Jews and Gypsies in Europe preserved their culture and lived in their own communities. This way, white people thought, we could mutually tolerate each other and They could benefit from Our advanced civilization.

    Then we discovered that when the diversity in any area gets above about two or three percent, the diverse start agitating for power and working against the white people, because to people who are not drugged on the white man’s disease of egalitarianism/individualism — the opposite of what Osiris Akkebala calls “the divine” which means the transcendent, natural, and metaphysical united as one — it becomes clear that one is either conqueror or conquered but not neither or both, which means that your group needs to seize power or it will be destroyed. Diversity is like one of those Chinese finger puzzles: a deathtrap. Once you get into it, no matter how much you struggle, your doom is assured.

    If the USA does the intelligent thing and declares itself a white man’s republic in which mixed-whites (Poles, Irish) and non-whites (Jews, Gypsies, Hispanics, Chinese) can live if they follow the laws and stay in their ethnic communities, then it is clear that diversity will reverse itself and America will survive, which will benefit those Chinatowns which decide to stay within that order. In the meantime, the rest of the world will have to Go Back Home and fix its own nations, which will make all of humanity stronger and reduce poverty, suffering, and intolerance.

  • India heatwave kills ‘dozens’ of people as temperatures hit 50C (122F)

    Population swells to 1.5 billion, everyone has some kind of internal combustion engine, concrete goes down everywhere, people invest heavily in gadgets, rainwater has nowhere to go, and people adopt “intelligent” strategies like reflecting sunlight away from their roofs. We have seen this before; I saw it happen in Houston, Texas once it got above a certain level of population density. The place simply became hotter and the daily rains ended, replaced by a “forever climate” of invariant heat and humidity. The only thing that broke it up was the arrival of periodic storms coming in from elsewhere that were strong enough to break through the smog and mushroom cloud of heat, humidity, and pollution rising from the city. India now has the same thing, but instead of cautiously rolling out change, they implemented it across the country very quickly.

  • One in five young women have self-harmed, study reveals

    The West should pay attention to the fact that its people are miserable, starting with the most intelligent children. Our system is not working. This means that it did not just have a few stumbles, but is rotten at the core. We need to rip out the whole thing and replace it, and we can do that by evicting the concept of “equality” from our minds.

  • Three men announce plans to hold a “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston

    People are tired of special interest groups getting pity points. We are sick of the rest of us being expected to drop everything in order to cater to refugees, homosexuals, transgenders, minorities, and members of religions that no one seems to like. We just want to get on with our normal lives and rise above the usual background human of human failure — caused by discoordination, disorganization, and other chaotic individualism — so that we can thrive. Let the others figure out their own path; it is not our job to save everyone, no matter how much the bored office workers and suburban moms need a pet project.

  • The town that should shame our politicians

    No one can admit that modernity itself is killing off these places. With mob rule, there are no local lords to keep things flowing; with entitlements, everything grows too expensive and industry leaves; with consumerism, the poor have money and so business caters to them instead of the decent people. In the end, a once-thriving civilization dissolves into third world style subsistence living, as we are seeing across the West now.

  • Democrat Presidential Candidates Urge Cheap Labor Forever

    Unions promised higher wages. Business looked at the figures and pointed out that this would make American labor non-competitive. “Actually,” said the wise round heads of the bureaucrats and academics, “we are simply entering into a new age as a service economy.” The unions went through. A decade or two later, the factories simply left. The voters stared. How could it be? All the experts — who the voters do not apparently realize are paid to give opinions that benefit those paying for them — had said that it would work, so something else must be to blame. These simple, primitive people (voters) then went looking for other scapegoats. “It must be the rich!” said a young man with wild hair and beard, wearing a black sweater. The crowd surged after those. In the meantime, business realized that legal American labor was as dead as Stalin and so it needed illegals. It bought the unions, then the DNC — probably with the help of the Chinese — and then the rank and file. Now they are all adamant about having illegal immigration because they know that, without it, their nice easy lifestyle goes away and they have to confront the unions. When we look seriously at unions, we will find that they are parasites, and the whole Leftist gig will be up. Democrats have no choice but to defend illegal aliens; if they fail to, Democrats themselves will go away.

  • Man says swastika lawn display is ‘Tibetan symbol’, neighbors complain

    Leftists do not understand pluralism. Pluralism means we “agree to disagree” so that we can have freedom. The Leftist version means that we all get normed to Leftist ideals, but those clash with diversity, so we are going to get the anarchic Libertarian version, which means that the Holocaust survivor lives next to the Wahabist and the neo-Nazi, and they all are supposed to get along. Comical? Yes, it is absurd, but so is pluralism, and so is egalitarianism. We are not equal; we are not the same. Nature relies on us taking different paths. I may not want to live near swastika-guy, but I certainly do not want to live near the people who complain about swastikas.

  • NBA ratings down sharply for ABC from last year

    People watched sports because it was a safe space. You did not have to talk about politics, religion, or social class. This meant that everyone could come together and bond on something symbolic (no one actually cares about who wins the ball game). Now that everything has become politicized, entertainment and sports have lost their value. The majority have not figured that out, yet, but they will in time. This means that whole industries are going to die simply because they went along with the Regime.

  • Putin and Xi hail ‘unprecedented’ ties as US relations sour

    People had nostalgia for the 1980s. Luckily for them, the Cold War is back. It never went away; it was always a race war, a continuation of the Mongol wars and possibly the revolutions that Asiatics sponsored in the West, where it will be the Western European people against the Asiatics. Nature wants one group to exterminate the other; we are fighting for what “human” will be in the next thirty thousand year period. It’s like Highlander: there can be only one.

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