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  • DeWayne Craddock was violent with co-workers before Virginia Beach shooting: report

    In a diverse society, no one wants to criticize a member of a minority group for fear of being called racist. As a result, we all ignore the bad behavior until it reaches the “objective” stage of being bad, like totting up a dozen coworker kills. It is possible that modernity simply drove this man mad and he decided that it was time to count coup on those who irritated him by seemingly adapting to this illogical, paradoxical, cult-like, and paranoid mess of a consumerist egalitarian liberal democracy.

  • Taylor Swift just proved my point about feminism’s harm on millennials

    We still have human sacrifice even in modern society. We make people into celebrities so that we can watch them self-destruct. Taylor Swift has chosen to be the outraged ex-girlfriend instead of the traditional wife and mother, and this is a hard path. The bigger point that this article makes is that women have a biological clock, and denying it shuts them out from the happiness that family provides. Casual sex and dating is a path to death, not “freedom” or “enlightenment” or whatever the neurotics are nattering on about this week.

  • Stellenbosch in shock after well known wine farmer shot and killed in attack

    More killings of good guys who just wanted to live in a diverse society, operate by free markets, and treat everyone equally. Hint from history: you can only live in a non-diverse society, operated by free markets to a degree, where you treat everyone according to their place in a social order or hierarchy. Proles gonna prole, yo. We need the kings back and to end diversity, of course, which just puts ethnic groups at each others’ throats. South African Negroes need their own state, made by them for them. That way, their successes are all their own.

  • Somalis have Changed Minneapolis

    People think that we have accepted Darwinism, but we have not. Different groups are genetically different which includes coding for abilities (average IQ) and behaviors. Their behaviors are hard-wired and will not change until selected out by their environment thirty generations from now. Diversity does not work, and despite the Leftist luvvies trying to make Somalis into standard Minneapolis hipsters, the only success has been in destroying Minneapolis, which joins Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Detroit in the list of diversity hellholes that people are fleeing for the countryside.

  • AP Relies on SPLC to Spew BS About The Northwest

    Leftists freely point out that corporations act in their own self-interest alone. They are afraid to say the same about not-for-profit corporations, who are different only in that they cannot pay dividends and bonuses. People make good salaries, and those salaries go up, when they bring in more donations. For the SPLC, this means finding hateful Nazis under every bed and determining that we are always at risk of the Fourth Reich breaking out in our cities. Ironically, they make that more likely to happen by inducing people to (correctly) hate “anti-racists.”

  • FDA food sampling finds contamination by ‘forever chemicals’

    Kings and conservatives move slowly to adopt new things, and they do it one at a time. They adopt, then wait to see consequences, and this often takes multiple generations. Instead, our sophomoric prole/bourgeois ruling herd decided to rush forward with lots of technology, and now we are seeing that it is poisoning us. When do we depose the voters for having completely failed to do what democracy charges them with, which is to lead us? If you vote, you are responsible for the consequences of the vote, but most people believe the opposite is true and are busy blaming the other side, politicians, or the gods for the misfortune of man’s own crap judgment skills.

  • Dole fruit trucks burned in Honduras as protests spread

    The poor remain poor because they are too mentally disorganized to run their own businesses. If you live in Honduras, you can set up a farm and grow bananas and make a ton of money, but almost no one can figure that out, so large corporations win out by their greater efficiency. Instead of realizing what they must do to succeed, the poor do what they always do — see that bit about mental disorganization again — and throw a riot, then a revolution, and seize all the stuff the big corporations have, figuring that somehow they can kill the goose that laid golden eggs and still have the gold. This is the story of the third world, and it is why they got colonized; they cannot rule themselves. Ten years after the revolution, they will invite the big companies back in because they will have impoverished themselves, again. The solution is hard eugenics to promote the best and to let them run the fruit industry in Honduras, selling their bananas to the big corporations. That only works if you run the business well, which few in Honduras can do, but they are there. They are just not in power because, again, the mob rules.

  • Science institute that advised EU and UN ‘actually industry lobby group’

    If we looked seriously at these institutes, think-tanks, and NGOs, we would find that most of them are this way. Most of that is unofficial, meaning that a scientist gets promoted, or new research funding, or discovers that a real estate deal suddenly “magically” went his way. People are careers, and the interests of those careers go against the ostensible purpose of the organization in which people find themselves. We call this process dark organization and it is both how institutions get corrupted and how the Left engineered their “march through the institutions.” Trust no one who is getting paid to tell you the “truth.”

  • Not Many Companies Actually Get Busted For Hiring Illegal Immigrants, Study Finds

    Of course not. These companies hire other people as well, and fund local economies, so busting them is not popular. It is also very difficult to prove that they “knowingly” hired illegals, since the illegals present plausible documentation. Our law enforcement serves the Left, or it would just hang out near Home Depot and Lowes and arrest the people hiring day labor, or start busting all the construction, painting, and lawn service independent contractors where one white guy hires a dozen Hispanics. That would really put the fear in people, but be expensive and, again, the FBI and others are staying out of this one in order to please their Leftist masters.

  • Nearly 9-in-10 Illegal Aliens Recently Released into U.S. Not Showing Up to Court Hearings

    No surprise here, but it is good solid evidence that the people coming to this country have zero regard for our laws or us. They just want the good wages and free stuff so that they can send money back home. The Left loves immigration for the same reason it loves carbon taxes: it transfers wealth from the first world to the third, so we are now all more “equal,” which in the Leftist morality is the one good thing in a world where everything else is bad.

  • Ai-Da: Robot with artistic skills gets first exhibition at University of Oxford

    One of the great ironies of automation may be that it replaces Leftist/hipster jobs first. Who will need graphic designers, copywriters, Facebook consultants, Starbucks baristas, Whole Foods checkers, entry-level tech support, paralegals, and diversity consultants when an algorithm can do better? Even modern art can easily be replaced because irony is nearly programmatic. Rock stars? Heck, the golden days of music are over and everything is recombination now. Machines can do all of this, leaving a vast audience of tattooed, blue hair, soy smile, and iPhone stone-cold losers waiting in unemployment lines, before we ship them off to Venezuela (or toward a bullet-catcher dushman-versus-dushman war in China).

  • Twitter is eroding your intelligence: Study

    This study boils down to the fact that social media encourages you to read the headline and react, instead of analyzing the article and relevant facts, as the old Slashdot joke goes (people on Slashdot who actually read the article are rumored to be rare as unicorn turds, which is not quite true but true enough in spirit). This creates an echo chamber, however, that one pales to the one created by media itself, which by preaching Leftist propaganda at us caused many of us to distrust it, which in turn caused everyone to pursue media which agrees with their worldview. Social media just accelerated this but is not the cause. The real story is that China controls much of social media and uses it to manipulate the narrative. Nary a peep about that in American mainstream media, which leads us to ask who controls them. We know China pays the bills for the DNC, and the media simply follows the DNC lead. Is it time to simply deport Leftists so that social media can function again?

  • Donald Trump calls Mayor of London Sadiq Khan a ‘stone cold loser’

    Is anyone else tired of third world people telling us how we should behave? Fix your own countries.

  • Reeling from tariff threat, Mexico begins immigration talks in Washington

    Trump found a way to discipline the third world. They depend on us, not the other way around as they assure us is the case, so if we begin to cut off the money supply, they start behaving. Headline should read “Trump Cucks Mexico.”

  • Canada complicit in ‘race-based genocide’ of indigenous women

    A genocide? Let us look at what is actually happening:

    Indigenous men, often the offenders in domestic violence cases involving Indigenous women, are already over-represented in Canadian prisons.

    Oh, right. Minorities are killing each other — not the news — and so now it is the job of whitey and his tax dollars to fix. Repatriate all the “indigenous” to their ethnic homeland in Mongolia.

  • Not one single country set to achieve gender equality by 2030

    The Left makes the assumption that we are all “equal,” then points out that equality has not been achieved, and uses this to argue for more Leftism, despite not having demonstrated that its assumption is real. This is simply their method of seizing control and then destroying us. We should let them have an egalitarian paradise somewhere, like, say, Venezuela, and deport them all there so that they can make their Utopia work unmolested by our realism.

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