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  • Texas struggles to keep pace as thirst for water intensifies

    People are fleeing to Texas because it is less wrecked by Leftist governance. That is, Texas is mostly in the grip of the Left, but less so than California, New York, Illinois, and other powerhouse states. This means that people are streaming into Texas at a high rate so that they can wreck it too by raising taxes; specifically, illegal and legal Hispanic immigration and birth rates have the remaining few white people paying for huge schools that are designed to “educate” Hispanic youth who have not and never will pay into the system beyond sales tax (much of which is avoided by use of local black markets). This is a death spiral: Texas has committed itself to new costs without new revenues, and the rapid population change has outpaced resources. None of this matters, because once you go minority-majority, minorities vote only for other minorities, and those only apply Leftist policy.

  • Catholic school free from legal threats, Ohio city says after lawsuit

    City passes law protecting homosexuals and transgenders from discrimination, prompting Catholic school to sue in order to protect its freedom of association, which includes the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman and therefore that it would not be hiring homosexuals and transgenders. After the city changes its regulation, school relents. These lawsuits could force an end to the civil rights agenda — forcing us to accept others amongst us in the name of “equality” — by creating carve-outs for freedom of association in the name of religion or even conservatism. That would in turn force the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964 to be re-interpreted, which makes sense because they are bad law:

    Goldwater wanted to support the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as he had the civil rights acts of 1957 and 1960. But he reluctantly decided he could not, because he could see that the bill’s Title II and Title VII were unconstitutional. He predicted that Title VII, which dealt with employment, would end in the government dictating hiring and firing policy for millions of Americans.

  • Government warnings can’t turn back migrants from Guatemala

    Many leave for economic reasons, returning to build homes and start small businesses. Those who manage to stay in the US send money back home to their families. Last year, Guatemalans living abroad sent home more than $9.2 billion, equivalent to 11 percent of Guatemala’s GDP.

    Aguilar said that when he returned five years ago, he had saved enough money in the US unloading trains to build a brick and stucco bungalow in the nearby hamlet of San Andres Xecul. In Guatemala, he said, he earned the equivalent of $8 a day working farmland, but in Houston, he could command $15 an hour and often worked up to 18 hours a day.

    They come to the USA, live off the free stuff we give, and therefore it becomes profitable to send the money back home and retire, which further devastates the economy there because people become non-participants. This cycle will not end until we make it clear that they have a high risk of not getting through, at which point they will stop coming.

  • Thirty years after Tiananmen, protesters’ goals further away than ever

    “Now, democracy is not only facing problems in China,” he said. “Democracy cannot survive if China is the global power.”

    This is a good thing. The West, weakened by democracy, cannot compete with non-democratic states. This means that the West will be dialing back its democracy — the tendency to allow any behavior because some individual somewhere desires it — and returning to a sense of cooperation and shared standards. This, in turn, will reveal the impossibility of diversity and start a rejection of that, which will create a baby boom among Western people who otherwise had given up on their children ever living in a non-clown civilization. Democracy, equality, pluralism, and diversity make everyone insane and create clown world; tradition, nationalism, culture-rule, and hierarchy bring sanity and make prosperity with the ability to determine our future. Change or die.

  • China vows military action if Taiwan, sea claims opposed

    China wants to recapture Nationalist China, which lives on in Taiwan. The rest of the world opposes this. This guarantees warfare at some point. Either the West backs down and watches as China essentially destroys Taiwan, or China must back down in the face of Western military and political resolve. Either way, the idea of globalism — that one economic, political, and legal system will unite us and prevent future war — has died, although it will probably take a world war to fully kill it. You know humans: until we have a tragedy and a heap of smoldering bodies, no one feels competent enough to act against the herd delusion.

  • Palestinians say U.S. ‘deal of the century’ will finish off their state

    If humans had been mature in 1938, they would have admitted that Jews were not safe in Europe and Europeans were not safe if Jews were among them, so would have relocated Jews to their historical ethnic homeland in Israel. Palestinians, who came from nearby Arab populations in Jordan and Egypt, could be relocated. Since we were not mature then, and still are not, we are still fighting over the fact that Palestinians need to be relocated and certain holy sites need to be available to all visitors. To anyone sane, the solution involves ending the Palestinian “state” and repatriating all diaspora Jews to Israel, making it stronger and able to keep its Arab neighbors in check.

  • As Mexico cracks down on migrants, more risk the dangerous train known as La Bestia

    Just last year, legions of migrants traveling in caravans passed from Guatemala through the Mexican state of Chiapas largely unimpeded. Thousands more were given humanitarian visas early this year allowing them safe passage northward, keeping in line with campaign promises from Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, that migrants would be treated with respect and compassion.

    This seems a good enough excuse to seal the border and end trade with Mexico, if not outright invade them and establish a protectorate there which is hostile to migrants. The whole world is starving, and they all want to come to the first world because they are legally protected, get free stuff, and can make a lot more money. That will bankrupt us, but unions have so sabotaged our labor that business depends on third world labor. Unions, a de facto form of socialism, have trashed Western productivity, and yet are still legally protected. End that, civil rights, affirmative action, and the free stuff laws and we will be free from drowning in third world people coming here for “a better life.” Fail to do that, and we cease to exist in only a few generations.

  • German SPD leader quits in blow to Merkel’s loveless coalition

    Merkelism — basically European neoconservatism — died horribly once it became clear that the migrants were a wave of rape, welfare dependency, terrorism, and shattered social trust. Now Europe finds itself in a power vacuum, afraid to come too close to the nationalism of the 1940s, yet doomed if they do not find an acceptable form of that nationalism. Perhaps the solution lies in kicking out the movement neo-Nazis, who keep nationalism taboo by associating it with calls for genocide and repression, and kicking upstairs the effective middle class activism of the New Right. We know that “freedom” went too far and democracy fails, but we do not wish to rush to the other extreme, either.

  • German Jews fear kippah solidarity is just a PR stunt

    In the old order, we depended on laws to keep us safe. If we could just beat back people who noticed that diversity was failing, we could maintain ourselves in an orderly society, we thought. It turned out that what we saw as the causes of problems were in fact symptoms of dysfunctional policy like diversity. Jews will be safest in Israel, and Germans will be safest with all people who are not ethnic Germans removed from their nation.

  • New Indian minister Pratap Chandra Sarangi, loved for austerity, linked with Christian burnings

    Diversity — of any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — does not work. India is Hindu, and Buddhism as a variant of Hinduism can exist in that framework, but it cannot be Islamic, Christian, or Jewish. If we are mature, we can accept this and relocate Christians; if not, we sew the seeds of future clashes of civilizations. No one is equal, and the only way that we can all get along is for us to be separate.

  • Amazon could face heightened antitrust scrutiny under a new agreement between US regulators

    Like Leftism, Big Tech promised a Utopia and delivered a dystopia. As a result, people want to carve it up to reduce its power over our lives. Like Leftism, Big Tech responded to dissent by quashing non-conforming thought, and this removed its ardent defenders on the Right, leaving the path open for the takedown.

  • Google’s Dominance Is No Longer a Sure Thing

    Google created a search engine, ad network, and free email service that outperformed others. Since that time, it has developed nothing of note, but through its enforcement of its standards by what its search engine indexes, has controlled the internet and turned it into a media as limited as the old three channels of television and two newspapers we had back in the early 1980s. Consequently, Google shows signs of decay, and this weakness makes it clear that it is heading out sooner rather than later.

  • All-American Despair

    People are isolated because diversity has destroyed culture and social life, and so they are committing suicide in record numbers. End diversity, and you bring back a happy place; continue with diversity, and you commit suicide. Will the voters wake up in time? If not, how do we replace them, since they are obviously incompetent?

  • Rochester drug arrests 10 times higher for black people

    Different races behave differently, and enforcing the same laws on them creates perpetual injustice. When they were emancipated, black people faced a need to set up their own communities and not live off of white people, but that failed because diversity brought conflict. Now we face the question of whether we are mature enough to end diversity gently and in a gentlemanly fashion, or whether we fight for the illusion of equality until it destroys everyone.

  • One in 10 ‘is mistaken about identity of father’

    Normally, four percent of people have mistaken parentage, but that has hopped upward to ten percent. Thank sexual liberation for making people unable to commit, hence they treat marriage like dating, and therefore, tend to keep seeing other people on the side and having little fertility boo-boos as a result. End sexual liberation, bring back the family, and this will go down to four percent again (much of which is driven by infertility).

  • Shocking moment an Airbnb host asks which ‘monkey’ is going to sleep on the couch as she kicks out black guests

    Asian woman uses the term “monkey” when referring to black guests who crammed an extra guest into their party. Racist, or not? Who knows? And who really cares?

  • Is HCAD Going to Pile on Harvey Victims?

    Minority-majority city bungles flood control and swamps huge parts of the city in water. To add insult to injury, it then raises the taxes on these people — many of whom did not have flood insurance, since they were not in the “flood plain” or area expected to flood — by almost a quarter. No wonder the minority-majority administration of the nation’s fourth largest city has killed growth by raising costs and reducing value, as the city drowns in a wave of third world corruption destroying its institutions and depending on a shrinking group of originally Anglo whites to pay for it all.

  • Fontainebleau Stripsteak Chef Resigns After He Was Seen Wearing Proud Boys Gear

    White guy loses his job for supporting the Proud Boys, who are anti-racist but get called “Alt-Right” enough in the media for people to freak out. When does this nation grow up and face reality? Oh, right, voting and consumerism and individualism mean that we never have to, at least until the system craters. Welp, won’t be long now.

  • Group of 116 Africans arrested at border

    Leftists, through sanctuary cities and thwarting the Trump border wall, have signaled to the world that it is not OK to be white but it is OK to come in through our southern border and nothing bad will happen to you for breaking our laws. Consequently, everyone and their dog is sneaking across, bearing who-knows-what on their persons and in their bloodstreams. An Ebola outbreak in New Mexico might wake the voters up for ten minutes, but then a new Netflix series will put them right back to sleep again.

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