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  • Iran gives Europe 10 days to save the nuclear deal

    We see the root of all the Iran drama: it is, like all relations between the first world and the third, simply a shakedown. Iran is provoking a military response, with the US knowing that Russia and China would just love to jump in with material support and high-tech weapons for those future Iranian casualties, just like they did in Vietnam and Korea and like they prepare to do in North Korea any time we beat the drums of war. Trump has made an intelligent policy response by remaining threatening, yet treating Iran like the retarded child in the room that has just had an oopsie on the birthday cake. “There, there. The world needs ditch-diggers, too!” about summarizes the American view. The TLDR for muh voterz is that we are not going to war in Iran, but we are going to continue to choke them to death with sanctions, hoping to make them go to war and destabilize foreign interests in the region.

  • ‘It’s a problem for society’: Climate change is making some homes uninsurable

    Headlines never match stories anymore. In this case, flooding caused by urbanization is driving people out of their homes. Yes, yes, we can blame the storms that drop the rain on “climate change,” but not explain why places that never used to flood now flood all the time since urban density has increased twofold.

  • 24 billion tons of fertile land lost every year, warns UN chief on World Day to Combat Desertification

    By 2025, says the UN, two-thirds of the world will be living under “water-stressed” conditions – when demand outstrips supply during certain periods – with 1.8 billion people experience absolute water scarcity, where a region’s natural water resources are inadequate to supply the demand. Migration is likely to increase as a result of desertification, with the UN estimating that, by 2045, it will be responsible for the displacement of some 135 million people.

    “Overpopulation isn’t a problem! We can fit everyone on Earth into a place the size of Texas!” bleats the Establishment RINO as refugees trample him into the ground and fires crackle at the horizons.

  • Concerned users worry as Twitter suspends several ‘OSINT’ news accounts

    Twitter bans “Open Source Intelligence” accounts, confirming what many of us suspected, which is that the NEETs ‘n pajeets who work the social media censorship divisions getting paid up to $2/day have simply stopped caring and are blocking, banning, deleting, censoring, and shadowbanning anything that enough Leftists complain about. Leftists, being insane and dumb but not un-clever, have learned to exploit this, and are reporting anything which is not Leftist. This is good, because soon social media will resemble Tass in the 1980s and anyone not brain damaged will cease using it. This in turn is good because social media exists as a means of enforcing group-think through implicit passive-aggressive bullying designed to create an echo chamber by attacking outsider thought; as one source learned:

    He said, “I once made the mistake of going on Twitter. Basically, these people are cyberterrorists. And it works. It’s effective.”

  • To beat Trump, Dems must practice a politics of modesty

    I have read George F. Will for years. He is a talented writer, and it always pays to read those, even if you think they are caste-mixed and therefore, the “thinker” part of being a writer is not as competent as the wordsmith in them. In my reading, Will has always represented the moderate outlook, namely a Leftism that is as close to conservatism as possible without venturing into those dark Machiavellian, Nietzschean, and Platonic corridors where we see through the two-way mirror of the human ego and realize that none of this stuff is working because it is not workable (democracy, pluralism, and equality are human fantasies).

    On this particular point, Will is completely wrong. The Democrats are going to win by being immodest, because to their audience that looks like you have defeated power by mocking it, and by being brazen, because their audience is now mostly soyboys, minorities, drunk cat leadies, and criminals, and these simply do not care at all about standards or the future more than fifteen minutes away. They are like a leech that knows only its own need. The proof of this can be seen in how the popularity of their candidates soars every time they mention free stuff. The audience cares less for the free stuff than for the sense that they are screwing the people who are succeeding in this society, because they are enraged at their own lack of success. Democracy is not logic, but human pathology.

  • In first states to legalize pot, teen use triggers concerns

    It is almost like we made it illegal for a reason. The fact is that you can get by with one of these methods:

    1. A society where nothing is legal until approved by a regulatory agency, and then highly regulated.
    2. A society where nothing is illegal until condemned by a regulatory agency, and then highly regulated.
    3. A society where everything is legal, nothing is illegal, and people are responsible for their own choices and health care costs.

    We have waffled between the three to our doom. The totalitarian and anarchic methods work better than the waffle. My suggestion, which is to decriminalize the manufacture and consumption of all drugs but keep sale and transport illegal, remains too controversially logical for most people.

  • Suspect in German politician’s murder ‘has links to far right’

    Good. Keep them scared. I am not fond of attacks on the symptoms of our decline, but I remain rather fond of people like Anders Breivik and Tim McVeigh who took the fight to the source. When Leftists are scared again, they will back down, and we can do what we have always needed to do, which is eugenic deportation of Leftists to… well, who cares, but somewhere far away. Either that or drown them all in bogs and let future generations wonder why they find all these pierced, tattooed, “educated,” and neurotic bog mummies. Then again, this might be unfair to bogs.

  • South African farmer’s wife, 45, relives the horrific moment a gunman raped her in front of her children

    Brave woman to reveal all this. I could not finish reading the article. This is your future under diversity; groups naturally compete, and so when stuck in the same area, they destroy each other. You need a mono-ethnic society, which means you can have Western Europeans or Eastern Europeans or Southern Europeans, but not mixed Western, Eastern, and Southern Europeans, and definitely not mixed races or religions. The world is gradually waking up to this truth. In the meantime, they should bring the Boers to Texas.

  • Crowd protests outside church in Picton after priest publishes anti-Pride statement

    It is a way for the powerless and incompetent to feel powerful: “No, screw you, you people with reality and power and your side! We the incompetent herd demand to feel equal!” This is why groups of humans shift Leftward. It lets them seem brave and important to their fellow underlings, which gets them social popularity, so they all compete for it; they thrive on the attention, because without external stimulus they are nothing, since they are empty and dead inside. The only solution is to beat them down and reduce or eliminate their number. Tell me, what would we lose in a world without proles?

  • DeKalb Man Charged With Hate Crime in Alleged Stabbing

    Ooo, the N-word! Seriously? We have become infantilized brats. Just use the term “ethnic slur” instead.

  • Government could ‘abandon’ plans for stricter citizenship tests

    Sometimes when people get shot in the head, they do unnecessary, insane, and illogical — these are synonyms, when you think about it — things for a few minutes before collapsing from blood loss. It sounds like this government just took a 7.62 to the dome and has not yet realized that it is dying.

  • Quebec government adopts controversial religious symbols bill

    Quebec has banned public workers from wearing religious symbols. This kills two problems: first, Muslims attempting to take over the place, and second, minorities being offended when other groups wear their own religious symbols. “Fine!” says Big Sugar Daddy Government. “Now no one can have religious symbols!” This is why governments drift toward diversity, and diversity produces atheist libertine anarchist consumerism (ALAC) as the final state before collapsing into third world irrelevance and vanishing from the scrolls of history.

  • Japanese Population Decline Accelerates as Annual Births Dip Below 920,000 in 2018

    When people live in a thriving civilization, they are happy at a fundamental level, and tend to marry early and have big families. When they think their civilization is dying, they take their toys and go home because there is no victory in working for civilization, only defeat, death, and misery. Thus, avoid it as best you can while you wait for the inevitable end. When you grow up in a world of mindless education designed to prepare you for corporate obedience to fund a welfare state while you marry some girl for whom you are penis #4,096 and whose only goal is to take your money and run, you stop really caring about having a family. You enter palliative care and look to medicate yourself for a painless death. That is what the first world is doing at this point, just as the other 95% of humanity realizes that it is failing and tries to crowd into the first world to steal everything that it can and kill off the failing occupants. Build a border wall? Make Existence Sane Again.

  • Painted bike lanes are waste of money, say cycling commissioners

    Here’s how it works: brats hang out, working in unnecessary jobs doing unimportant things, bored and mostly just angry, resentful, embittered, revengeful, and irritated. Brats then demand things from their leaders in order to “feel good,” as in “I feel good that we are helping the poor” and “I feel good that we are carbon neutral.” These good feelings allow the brats to keep going back to those jobs and wasting their lives so that government can feed its dependents. The cycle continues because everyone is afraid of what happens when it stops.

  • US Takes First Step to Demand Payback From Sponsors of Immigrants Who Use Welfare

    Your average Right-wing cretin will not understand this, but government is complicated. Disassembling its insanity requires many small steps, not a few big steps. If you try to take those big steps, a huge crowd rallies against you and your presidency fails. So you act like a businessman: for every thing that you want done, you raise the cost of not doing while reducing the advantages of not doing it and increasing the advantages of doing it. Eventually the scared, bickering, angry, neurotic, chattering, whining, self-pitying, agitating, and attention-whoring herd comes around to see it your way. They will not otherwise, because they thrive on those attention points, so you have to force them. Trump is eating away at the Leftist dominance of courts and benefits of immigration. Do I wish he had built a wall, ending affirmative action and civil rights, deported Leftists, and killed off all law since 1832? Yes, of course, but only a dictator can do that. Welcome to democracy, in which we have voluntarily hobbled ourselves because it would offend our pretense of individualism/equality to admit that some people are better than others and in saner times, we called them “kings.”

  • Phoenix mayor apologizes after police pull gun on parents of alleged child shoplifter

    Constant diversity crime * constant shakedowns + neurotic, weak white people + angry, incoherent minorities = total dysfunction. In reality, who cares? Someone got a gun pulled on them and this has to be front page news, only because the proles really like getting angry and worked up because they need a scapegoat? Forget it: admit that the only source of misery in your lives is yourselves. Then, realize that diversity is never going to work. A black person is never going to feel safe and secure until the people who run their society are black. Instead, they will get Hispanics and other Asians, who will give much less of a crap about what is right and wrong than their former Caucasian leaders.

  • A New Migrant Surge at the Border, This One From Central Africa

    Border crisis yet? “Surely not!” say Leftists. The data begs to disagree.

  • Harvard Rescinds Admission For Conservative Parkland Survivor Who Used N-Word

    Oh my god, that N-word again! It just leaped out and destroyed everything. Surely no one who uses such a word will live, or deserves to live. Quick, cast them out lest we follow their fate!

  • Florida’s DeSantis signs controversial sanctuary cities ban into law

    The bill mandates that cities, towns, and villages in Florida refrain from declaring themselves sanctuary cities, and mandates that they enforce federal immigration law. Watch other states do the same, if they are intelligent, to avoid having the feds deposit millions of immigrants upon them. It makes more sense to dump immigrants in states that are already Leftist instead of, as Obama did, shovel them into conservative states to fragment the vote.

  • While We Can Still Say It: The Central Park Five Committed A Gang Rape And Linda Fairstein Proved It In Court


  • Knox accuses media of having built false story around her

    People ask how I can be so sure that “the consensus” is wrong. My answer is that it usually is, because simple answers which scapegoat the powerful are more popular than complex answers which point the finger at our own actions.

    She had been accused with her Italian boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, and Ivorian-born Rudy Guede of killing Kercher on Nov. 1, 2007, in the university town of Perugia. After multiple rulings, Italy’s highest court definitively acquitted Knox and Sollecito in 2015. Guede is still serving a 16-year sentence.

    The diversity policy failed, and resulted in the murder of a mixed-race person of British passport status. Instead of admitting that diversity was failing just like in South Africa and Haiti, the Italians decided to blame the nutty American hipster girl and her creepy passive fetishist euro-boyfriend. When that failed, they doubled down, because it is easier to feel righteously wronged than to admit that you have wronged yourself.

  • Ancient Greece: Underwater Archaeologists Discover Monumental Structure From Site of Pre-biblical Battle

    At Salamis, we turned back an early middle eastern invasion. That was 2,500 years ago. Diversity did not work then and it does not work now just because we have iPhones. Bonus dying media reference:

    The structure was found to be almost 50 feet long and was arranged on a north-south axis. Researchers believe it was a large public building that was used until the late Roman times, in the third century A.yeah well iwewewewewewefsdfsfdwerwfsdfD.

    “Is this thing on?” computer keyboard version.

  • Nebraska high schools to test students for nicotine

    If you want to be part of any school activities like the kind you need in order to get into college, you have to avoid being a nicotine user. Watch them expand this to unpopular political opinions and visiting sites like the dreaded 4chan.

  • Fort Myers man arrested for social media posts inciting violence against minorities

    Aw, heck, they busted Paul Atreides. Billy Roper makes an excellent point:

    I urge people not to drunkpost or make statements of violent intent. Read what these guys wrote and said, and avoid making similar mistakes.

  • Half of Britons socialise with family and friends at most once a month

    Equality, diversity, and the breakdown of the family mean total social atomization. You cannot build a civilization on that, but you can use it to destroy one and seize control, which is all that the Leftists care about. For them, our civilizations exist to be destroyed in order to achieve total equality.

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