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  • Malmö sees third explosion attack in 24 hours

    Sweden has basically capitulated. Its Leftists — among the most virulent in the world — refuse to accept anything which points to a systemic failure of diversity, socialism, and the highly-regulated “compassionate” free-ish market. Its journalists, who are Leftists, consequently censor anything interesting, and the cops misfile any incident which is outside of the narrative as a traffic accident. On paper, Sweden looks good; for most people it still is; however, cracks emerging in the system point to a sudden collapse in the future.

  • Christopher Columbus statue near Port of Corpus Christi taken down

    Corpus Christi stealth removes Christopher Columbus statue by taking it offline during renovation, and leaving it to be decided at a nebulous future date where the statue will go. Most likely, it will end up behind a transgender bathroom in a ghetto outreach program.

  • Trump says he’s considering slapping sanctions on gas pipeline from Russia to Germany

    Nordstream 2 facilitates the European dream. They can unite Europe into a socialist superstate, get their energy from Russia, be independent of the USA, and rule as a superpower by being cute and bribing everyone the same way that China has. The only wrinkle is that the United States notices this treason to our shared cause, and is perfectly willing to smash down on the European economy for the insincerity of its leaders. Ironically, this may save Europe from yet another quest for world domination with Russians as its allies.

  • Oregon bill would allow victims of racially motivated 911 calls to sue

    African-Americans are tired of having suburbanites call 911 on them for doing everyday stuff. Suburbanites are tired of African-Americans. A sane solution could be separation, but that seems to difficult, so we will battle it out with symbolic acts instead.

  • Financial emigration is the new way out

    We are taxing ourselves into poverty and this move aimed at taxing expatriates’ income is going to encourage more people to leave the country.

    As if you needed more reasons to flee South Africa, which is like the California of Africa. Sorry, South Africans, I know that this statement was uncalled for, but you know it is also at least mostly truthful.

  • More than 5m people in Britain suffer low-paid, insecure work

    What do we do when most people are fundamentally useless? No one will ever pay them much because they are flaky and incapable. Feudalism simply made them into lower household servants and paid them the minimum so that they could survive but had zero power, because after all, they are both useless and incompetent people. In modern society, with equality, we are going to have to purge the less useful in order to have some kind of balance. Two-thirds of our people right now could simply vanish into smoke and nothing would be lost, but greater efficiency, stability, and lack of clutter would be benefits. We cannot say that in public; what is wrong with us?

  • City to end ‘saggy pants’ law that mostly affects black men

    Since we cannot legally segregate, people are always looking for proxies that can keep other ethnic groups away. Attire, names, hairstyle, finances, saggy pants… just say you want to be an ethnic white enclave, if that is what you want, and fight it out in the courts. The Civil Rights Acts are unconstitutional and must fall. Tear down this wall!

  • Average person swallows plastic equivalent to a credit card every week, report finds

    This is an estimate, so you have to assume that it is mostly hysterical, but the bigger point is that we unleashed a whole bunch of plastic into our environment, then it broke down into microscopic particles, and now we cannot escape it. If we find out that it turns people into zombies, we will all be screwed, that is after we finish commuting two hours to get to eight hours of going to meetings and filling in TPS reports before an orgy of brain-eating consumerism and passing out in a box wine haze in front of the television… oh wait.

  • With Most States Under One Party’s Control, America Grows More Divided

    America has divided. There are people who make their money from the administrative-managerial bureaucracy that is part of our modern civil rights government, and then there is everyone else. Everyone else realizes that the Nanny State is nonsense and is about to make a big splat, so we are trying to get the heck away, but for some reason this offends the bureaucrats, lawyers, scientists, doctors, and unskilled bone-stupid underclass who depend upon the egalitarian system. Civil war, collapse, balkanization, or foreign invasion remain our options since we have set ourselves up to FAIL.

  • Hit the mute button: why everyone is trying to silence the outside world

    When everyone is equal, they can all make lots of noise to attract attention to themselves, just like they can all braggart around with job titles and inventing make-work. The name of the game in modern society is to externalize costs while doing whatever you can to seem important. As this chaos rises like vomit in the throat of a dying man, we are all just trying to escape the noise, light, visual, cultural, and toxic pollution. Modern society is really over, and we are just waiting for all the people out there to catch up with this fact.

  • Cheerios, Nature Valley cereals contain Roundup ingredient, study finds

    In our quest to provide for everyone, we reduced standards and made everything toxic. Down it all goes.

  • Angelenos ‘Most Stressed’ Citizens In The US, Study Shows

    Could it be that diversity is destroying us? It turns out that diverse societies are miserable and end up dying out. Our most diverse cities seem to be the most miserable, and our most diverse countries have the most crime, corruption, and breakdown.

  • Black Missouri drivers 91% more likely to be stopped, state attorney general finds

    A statistic alone tells us little. Where were they driving? How often do white people drive in black areas? What were they doing? Different ethnic groups have different behaviors. Insisting that they share one legal system, or even one nation, ensures that one group will be on the losing side of the equation. Ethnic separation and reparations-with-repatriation seem to solve this problem.

  • Paedophiles should not be prosecuted for watching child porn

    You can take two approaches to evil. The first, the atavistic approach, says that you destroy as much of it as possible. The popular approach, pacifism, says that you simply cut it a check and let it live alongside you because you are more afraid of losing a fight than you are of having a death of a thousand cuts from parasites with whom you made peace. There is nothing that we can do with paedophiles; like other neurotics, schizoids, retards, perverts, and criminals, they are broken and useless people. We should exile them so that we do not have to pay for them or spend any more time worrying about the failures of humanity.

  • Trump says he’s considering giving Venezuelans asylum

    Your average Right-wing dummy does not understand what Trump is doing. He is layering everything he does in chaos, but he is also trying to get votes, or at least fracture solidly Democratic voting blocks. If he does that, he can sail into power in 2020 and get radical, possibly reversing immigration, affirmative action, disparate impact, Civil Rights, entitlements, and other broken and unconstitutional law. He knows that the Left is going to hit him with everything they have, and on the Alt-Right we have losers trying to appear important by criticizing Trump instead of recognizing that he is our best chance now, but only the first step of thousands required to end diversity, equality, and democracy.

  • World’s Fastest-Growing Economy May Not Be So Fast After All

    Just like China, it looks like India faked the statistics. Who can blame them? Every group acts in its own self-interest alone. However, as something closer to the actual figures come out, we see that the globalists have produced a Potemkin Economy.

  • ‘Frightening’ number of plant extinctions found in global survey

    We should not feel so bad about white genocide. Modernity is trying to kill everything. The unrestricted human ego will only feel satisfied when it has eliminated all variation, replacing it with a solipsistic repeat iteration of itself, and things are entirely “under control” of human intention with nothing of nature, chaos, logic, or the divine remaining. We have replaced a world of variation and infinite potential with a world of obedience to the collected egos of the many individualists out there, who refuse to humble themselves before the majesty of creation and instead insist that they are gods above man, nature, and the gods. These people are insane; woodchippers, when?

  • A famed French-Jewish philosopher is afraid to leave his home

    During a now-famous private exchange in 2014, Natan Sharansky, the former refusnik and one-time chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, asked Finkielkraut whether “European Judaism has a future in Europe.”

    Finkielkraut replied with his own question: “Does Europe have a future in Europe?”

    Good point. Solid hit.

  • Pentagon eyes controversial diet in bid to build more lethal warriors

    I guess keto works. I was just using it as an excuse to eat steak and zucchini.

  • Chimpanzee meat ‘being eaten at weddings and sold on market stalls in Britain’

    Why are people shocked by this? This is what diversity means. If the things other cultures do offend you, or strike you as pants-on-head retarded, do not invite them in. Oh wait… if we do that, we have to admit that equality is nonsense and gibberish, and then our whole system unravels. Except it does not; we simply remove the insane parts and pick up from there. No one is equal. After equality, sanity and realism come. We are struggling to reach that point, knowing that it will hurt, but less than the regret we will feel looking back on a society that we gave away for pretense.

  • ‘My vegan diet brought on early menopause’

    I guess veganism does not work. And here I was, using it as an excuse to eat avocados.

  • Gene edits to ‘CRISPR babies’ might have shortened their life expectancy

    We are not ready to play God. In fact, we never will be, but the bigger problem is that we only understand correlations between certain areas in the genome and effects, but not the language of DNA. Our genes create a series of proteins which cause us to arise, and only by understanding this environment and language do we have a chance of doing some editing, but we are probably going to find that traits are linked — after all, parallel evolution suggests this — and so we will be unable to change much without changing the organism as a whole into something entirely different (for example, if you need it to have depth of perception, it might end up looking ancient Greek). This will shake our belief in equality to the core.

  • Denmark’s Elections Show How Much Europe Has Normalized Anti-Immigrant Politics

    Big point is that it is no longer weird to think that immigration should stop and immigrants from the last 200 years should be sent Back Home. However, Europe loves its Leftism because it loves its Free Stuff Total State and the cradle-to-grave benefits system, so it is resisting the idea of leaving behind the socialist state no matter how much people want escape from egalitarian policy. The problem: the whole thing has to be destroyed, because the root of it all — equality, individualism, class revolt — is toxic to the core and must be destroyed in fire for Europe and America to survive at all.

  • The Russia-India-China Trilateral

    Did you want another Cold War? I hope so, because the West versus the Asiatics conflict continues. Russians — who are about a quarter Chinese, with lesser amounts of Arab, Jewish, and Turkish — are joining with their fellow Asian-derived population in China, and for some reason India has decided that it fears China next door more than America and Europe far away. This means almost four billion Asiatics are going to invade, just like the Mongols did last time. Where will we put all the bodies?

  • Two-hour ‘dose’ of nature significantly boosts health – study

    We know that being in nature makes us happier, healthier, and saner. What if we could just abolish modernity? We could start by going back to small towns, having normal professions instead of “careers,” and cutting loose all the free riders, parasites, and dependents who force us into an office-tax-consumerist environment. We can have a better life. We just have to want it, and be willing to give up on the “we are all one” notion of saving everybody.

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