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  • Trump says immigrants ‘unhappy’ with detention centers should stay home

    Trump points out the simple truth: if the Left stopped telling illegal immigrants that they stand a chance of being admitted, they would stop coming. This border crisis was entirely created by the Left.

  • Are Americans Falling Out of Love With Their Landmarks?

    No one trusts the American story anymore because it has ended so badly. We all know that we are at a peak of wealth, military, and technological power that comes before a fall because we are also at a low point of morality, culture, and social unity. Why go see Gettysburg when the story ends “…and then they became equal, and then they became raceless, and then they became good egalitarians just like the Soviets, before turning into Brazil 2.0”? Even more, we are busy erasing history, in order to make room for a new story where the horrible white oppressors were killed off in order to make Equality-Utopia.

  • Rescue ship ‘bumped’ Italy police boat, in judge’s resizing

    Leftists love professions like the law, which gives them power in exchange for talking and memorizing. These are popular Leftist activities. Now, they use that power to thwart the enforcement of realism anywhere it is tried, basically turning society into a constant low-grade civil war. In the name of utilitarianism — equality, civil rights, human rights, freedom, liberty, altruism, compassion — they justify action against civilization and then by the default process of grinding down, force their agenda upon us. Leftists everywhere, like a big deep state, collaborate.

  • Head of largest EU Parliament group condemns lack of democracy after leaders ignore election results

    Populism says that a people has a “spirit” that can be channeled by certain shamans, like Trump or Farage. Egalitarianism says that democracy is not a functional thing, but a steady push toward more political, economic, and social equality. For this reason, EU bureaucrats see nothing wrong about overturning a vote that goes against the commandment of more equality, since they cannot allow the voters to betray themselves and end up less equal.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts moves to shut down 9 of its own franchises for hiring illegal immigrant employees

    Most likely, this is not a political move. The Dunkin’ Donuts executive team has foreseen a number of economic trends, and they realize that the American economy cannot survive with illegal immigration, so now is not a good time to be known as a supporter of illegal immigration, even though all the followers out there are busy chasing yesterday’s trend by enthusiastically affirming that all are welcome, sex with refugees is jasmin-scented, and borders are just lines on paper.

  • ‘Are our lives worth less?’ Shooting, racism fuel Ethiopian Israeli protests

    Black Lives Matter comes to Israel. It turns out that diversity works nowhere, and the Biblical land, which may have been one of the first experiments in race-mixing in history, is now seeing just how brutally diversity fails with any race. Things are not working out so well for the Uighurs in China, the Palestinians in Israel, or whatever nightmare is slowly uncoiling in Northern Ireland. Just as in the USA, nothing can be done to make the situation better because it is fundamentally a clash of civilizations within a nation-state, and so outbreaks of violence will be the new norm until both sides get exhausted and collapse.

  • A Muslim Syrian Refugee Plotted a Black Church Massacre

    Diversity does not work no matter how far away from its homeland you move it. It turns out that people in the West did not prosper because of where they were, but who they were, being a nomadic group that had been driven out of Asia and the middle east before settling in northwestern Europe. That, in turn, leads us to understand that some were kings not by chance, but because of who they were. People quality varies between tribes and within tribes. We all benefit when the best rule us, and the Other are far away.

  • At campaign launch, extremist Jewish party calls ‘to resettle our enemies’

    These guys are the mirror image of white nationalists, but both groups make a good point: diversity does not work, so the Other will have to be resettled elsewhere, whether the Other is Palestinians or Mexicans.

  • Charlottesville drops Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as holiday

    The great drive for Conformity continues as we remove more people in order to fit our new, quasi-Communist narrative of equality and different races joined together to create a Worker’s Paradise in Equality-Utopia. Like all objectives invented by human groups, this one is fictional and represents the lowest common denominator in humanity.

  • UK government among those exaggerating impact of aid

    It turns out that those non-profit NGOs behave exactly like predatory corporations, forming little cartels where they talk up the good work that all of their members are doing, when in fact despite being focused on the third world, they are basically jobs programs for bureaucrats. Look through their employee rosters to see lots of people earning over $200k/yr for shuffling paper, writing reports, and making speeches, with no actual credential to their name except for success in Leftist academia.

  • Trump Approval Remains in Low 40s

    Forty-five percent of Americans think that Trump should be impeached based on the Steele-Mueller dossier. This shows us how divided the country is: heritage Americans on the Right, and pyjama boys, cat ladies, intersexes, neurotics, and minorities on the Left. We will have to send this 45% back to their homelands or, if they are Europid, to Venezuela where they can enjoy an already-existing Leftist egalitarian paradise.

  • Tufts to remove mural with only white people ‘to attract a diversity of people’

    The great rewriting of history continues. We must retcon our past to suggest that we were always diverse and our only problem was racism, because that way we will become ¡Finally Equal! and we will reach Utopia in no time. Does anyone still believe this fantasy? Apparently, enough of the people who are in authority either think so or do not care what reality is anymore.

  • Trump Administration Hits Some Immigrants In U.S. Illegally With Fines Up To $500,000

    Intelligent politics by Trump. He can always turn those fines over to private industry to collect. Imagine if you could be an illegal alien bounty hunter, bringing in your captives for a few thousand apiece. This country would be devoid of illegals (and anyone who looks like them; heck, I’d haul in soyboys just to see if they had old traffic fines) in no time.

  • Man charged with online threat to lynch Muslim candidate

    The tweet directed at Rashid included a picture of a lynching and read, “PLEASE … VIEW YOUR DESTINY.”

    That is not a threat. As predicted, hate crime laws are being used to clean out dissent. Pretty soon if you suggest that any kind of police enforcement against illegals is needed, you will be banned from social media for “inciting violence,” have your credit docked to zero as a risk, be charged with a hate crime, and put in a prison block that is 99% minorities with a giant tub of lubricant in the center. Leftists play for keeps. That every time they win, they self destruct, has not quite occurred to them yet.

  • Regulators urged to act as investigation reveals Amazon sellers using hacked accounts to post five-star reviews

    “On the Internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog” has turned into “on the internet, everything is fake.” You cannot trust reviews; social media likes and dislikes are bought by the hundred thousand; most Twitter followers are bots; all advertising statistics are inflated; the internet audience is dominated by a few impoverished and lonely people acting out their rage (sort of like Leftists have done to our society).

  • Caution urged as scientists look to create human-monkey chimeras

    We could say the same thing about mixing races or ethnic groups. It seems that a lot of the “nu-white” mixes of Southern, Eastern, and Western Europeans tend to be sickly little people, as if their parents did not have enough genes in common to make healthy offspring. We will win no wars and make no future with such people.

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