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  • Without climate action, economic growth ‘will be reversed’, economist warns

    Climate change is the new cash-in. Diversity is the old cash-in. When you make a society centered around the herd, you find yourself guided by its trends and governments. Money for diversity is drying up because we have achieved minority representation pretty much everywhere and it is not working, so we need a new great crusade in order to generate jobs, publicity, and products that will fund our future. Remember, we do not live in a working economy; we live in a system that takes your money to give to the herd so that they spend on it on junk and therefore our currency has value. That is the end result of Keynesian economics. To keep it afloat, we need a new trend every couple decades to generate those jobs. Think of how much money you can make as a climate change consultant, living in a 4000 square foot house, flying all over the globe, and driven by chauffeured car.

  • Royal Marines board and detain oil tanker on way to Syria

    Trump spreads the uncuckening to Europe, and now Europeans are behaving like men again. A tanker violated EU sanctions, and so the UK took action. They were probably just signaling their approval for the EU, but in reality, it shows Europe come out from behind America’s shadow.

  • Trees ‘most effective solution’ for climate change

    We knew that all along; in fact, it was what “climate change deniers” frequently said, namely that CO2trees thrive in places that humans will rapidly fill. Do we want to survive? Then we need fewer people, which means we need to cut off the benefits, foreign aid, NGOs, entitlements states, equality, and other anti-Darwinistic practices.

  • Dutch parliament adopts motion on SA land expropriation, says Solidarity

    The world slowly turns against the failure of diversity in South Africa which has resulted in genocidal murder of whites by blacks. It turns out that the problem was not whites, after all, but diversity itself.

  • Christian student kicked off university course over gay marriage views wins court of appeal fight

    Pluralism leads itself into conflict. The idea that we can “agree to disagree” sounds great (to morons) until you realize that at some point, a decision must be made for the whole group. A standard will be set, a behavior normalized. Our solution until now has been to remove any objections to any human behavior, but it turns out that this does not work so well, because people need guidance and want to enshrine in culture the memory which says why certain behaviors do not lead to thriving. Instead of allowing tyranny by the majority, pluralism now shifts to allowing each group to have its own standards, which will accelerate balkanization and eventually, separation.

  • Wikipedia’s “Constitutional Crisis” Pits Community Against Foundation

    Wikipedia helped ruin the internet by driving out high-quality content and replacing it with average stuff written by stoned graduate school dropouts living on disability and welfare. Let us hope it burns and goes away very quickly.

  • Google denies link to China’s military over touch-screen tools that may help PLA pilots

    Everywhere we see someone doing something to destroy us, it seems like they are receiving money from China. Just an observation. China remains in the grips of both egalitarian ideology and a desire for power, and like most of their schemes, it will end badly for them. This is unfortunate since they have much to offer, but not in their current form. Perhaps restoring the ancestral hierarchy which favored the North Chinese is sensible?

  • India staring at a water apocalypse

    The big secret is that it is not just India facing this crisis. Clean, potable water is rare on this Earth. As we cover the Earth in concrete, jet streams are disrupted, and with them, rainfall is redirected. As a result, many places which counted on water when they had half of their current population will now be parched, and the water wars will begin. The future of humanity is a human face gnawing on a human foot, surrounded by plastic trash and crumbling cities. This may deliver us from our overpopulation problem.

  • Charles Koch, George Soros Help Fund Think Tank Opposed To ‘Endless War’

    The problem with conservatives is not that they are conservatives, but that they are at heart Leftists. How many American conservatives actually oppose equality and libertinism? They will keep their kids away from it, to be sure, but your kids will suffer under it while they are busy acquiring lobbying money. This is a feature of democracy, not a bug.

  • Minority Women Are Winning the Jobs Race in a Record Economic Expansion

    Thanks to affirmative action, our economic boom has resulted in all the minorities getting hired first so that companies are safe from lawsuits. They will hire twice as many people as they need since most of these people are not really competent, having been chosen for their group identity and not their applied skills, and so the costs will be passed on to you. What percentage of the cost of what you bought today went to diversity? Twenty percent? Forty percent? The rise of diversity correlates nicely with wage stagnation, price increases, and quality decreasing.

  • Scholars say Philistine genes help solve biblical mystery

    Philistines were bronze-age Europeans. Perhaps this is why Europeans tend to hate Jews. More likely, they should hate what happened to ancient Israel: it became diverse, and then it became omnivorous. The Jews, a highly advanced civilization, encountered Leftism early, and it created havoc in the region and still threatens them today. Future historians will see Leftism as something like drug addiction, gambling, wife-beating, or buying too much stuff at Costco: an inbuilt flaw to human cognition. We can breed it out if we send all the Leftists to Venezuela and then go on our merry way.

  • 30,000 followers makes you an Internet “celebrity,” says UK ad regulator

    Is that all? How do I get to 30,000 followers? I’d kind of like an entourage, and maybe my own line of scents for men, “Dystopia.”

  • Lobbyist Says U.S. Critics Are ‘Racist’ for Opposing Stealth Transfer of Millennials’ Jobs to Indian Migrants

    Equality provides a canned argument against anything that inconveniences any individual. “It’s not equal!” Then again, they have only one argument. If we simply say, “equality is an illusion,” the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

  • Germany gives homeschooling family custody of kids while awaiting appeal

    “In our increasingly multicultural society, school is the place for a peaceful dialogue between different opinions, values, religions and ideologies,” explained Berlin’s education minister, Juergen Zoellner, in a 2010 BBC article. “It is a training ground for social tolerance. Therefore homeschooling is not an option for Germany.”

    Multiculturalism, diversity, internationalism, and globalism are the same idea: ethnic equality.

  • Afghan asylum seeker, 32, ‘attacked random members of the public with a knife after demanding to know their nationality while fuelled by desire to kill English people’

    Another day, another diversity success story. An Afghan in Europe is either conquered, or assimilated and turned into another wage-slave tool of the hybrid consumerist-socialist system that we have cooked up, or a conqueror, which means that he needs to kill the people in power and replace them with his people.

  • Nivea Skincare Accused of Homophobia: ‘We Don’t Do Gay’

    The usual outrage flares up, but in reality, some brands will not want to “do gay.” If your market is heterosexuals who strongly identify with traditional beauty, you have no interest in gayness, and it is not “homophobia,” merely a sensible business decision. In the same way, if you are a family-oriented cake shop, you might not want to bake gay wedding cakes.

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