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  • Twitter permanently bans white supremacist David Duke

    Social media companies have recently been forced to face a reckoning with hate speech on their platforms. Several big companies, including Unilever, Verizon and Starbucks, have announced in recent weeks that they are pausing advertising on Facebook and other social media sites out of concerns social media isn’t doing enough to combat hate speech.

    They are just purging enough extreme accounts to hide how many regular conservatives they are removing. Social media is following MySpace in demise: once a site becomes big, it becomes “accountable,” which means that it takes criticism seriously instead of blowing it off like 4chan. At that point, the Crowd has power; it can complain, and then complain if its complaints are not taken seriously. This leads to appointing power-hungry pinche cabron idiots to enforce “order,” which means that they remove outliers because of the utilitarian calculus that “most people” would find them to be unsociably extreme in their opinions. Fast forward a few years, and suddenly you have nothing but NPCs, yes-men, bean-counters, me-toos, hipsters, and other mentally garbled idiots bleating the same vapid stuff at each other. Anyone sane flees, leaving larcenous soyboys who are good at writing software but crap at leadership in charge. This explains why Silicon Valley is desperate right now: they are seeing an exodus of the important people, and their audience is standardizing on those who want something in common, namely being lost souls with no direction who turn to the flickering screen for a surrogate for meaning in life.

  • Fury as Conservative MP blames non-whites for UK coronavirus surge

    He said: “What I have seen in my constituency is that there are sections of the community that are not taking the pandemic seriously.” Asked if he was referring to the Muslim community, he responded: “Of course”.

    “If you look at the areas where we’ve seen rises and cases, the vast majority – but not by any stretch of the imagination all areas – it is the BAME communities that are not taking this seriously enough.

    “We have areas of high multiple occupancy – when you have multiple families living in one household. It doesn’t specifically have to be in the Asian community, but that is the largest proportion”.

    We keep hearing how BAME are affected disproportionately, how you are more likely to get infected at home than out in the world, and how big block parties are spreading this disease. Why is it unreasonable to note behavior by groups other than Whites? (Yes, we capitalize it now around here; if Black is capitalized, we are going to capitalize White as well, since a linguistic rule has been established).

  • Wall Street slips as worries overshadow Big Tech strength

    Helping to prop up the S&P 500 was the power of big tech-oriented stocks. Amazon, Apple and Facebook each reported stronger profit for the latest quarter than Wall Street expected late Thursday, and each rose at least 4% in their first trading following the reports. These are three of the biggest companies in the world, making up nearly 13% of the S&P 500 themselves, so their movements hold great sway over indexes.

    Send everyone home and soon tech stocks shoot up. Everything else suffers. The Left wants a transition to a virtual economy where we do our nonsense jobs from home and make money selling Chinese junk to each other at a high markup. That way, they can keep our conventional do-nothing existence going, and we can all avoid reality as much as possible.

  • Archaeologist claims to find 10th cent. BCE graven images of Yahweh

    What has led Garfinkel to believe that he holds a statue of Yahweh in his hands is a combination of an anthropomorphic biblical verse from the Book of Habakkuk, the fact that neighboring nations in the biblical era had national gods, and the relative scarceness of male figurines made of clay such as the one his team uncovered at his Khirbet Qeiyafa excavation, some 20 miles or 30 kilometers southwest of Jerusalem.

    Connections to the past always present the amazing breadth, depth, and layered nature of life while breaking us out of our little modern loops.

  • Six former Houston police officers indicted in botched drug raid that left two dead

    The Jan. 28, 2019, raid came under scrutiny after police alleged then-officer Gerald Goines, who was shot during the raid, lied in a search warrant that a confidential informant had bought heroin at the home. Goines later acknowledged there was no informant and that he bought the drugs himself, authorities said.

    His partner at the time, Steven Bryant, 46, is accused of providing false information in a report after the raid that supported Goines’ story about a confidential informant.

    Killed in the shooting were 58-year-old Rhogena Nicholas and 59-year-old Dennis Tuttle and their dog. Their family and friends have continuously dismissed allegations that the couple sold drugs. Police found small amounts of marijuana and cocaine in the home but no heroin.

    Somehow this one got lost in the Black Lives Matter and Breonna Taylor shuffle, perhaps because the officer who created the issue is mixed-race.

  • Laura Ingraham sprints past Rachel Maddow to become most-watched female cable news host

    In every month since December 2019, Ingraham has beaten Maddow in nightly audience size, according to Nielsen Media Research. Additionally, over that same time frame, Ingraham’s monthly ratings never dropped below 3 million viewers a night, a marker she had never topped prior to this stretch. Ingraham similarly topped Maddow in the key 25-54 age demographic, which is coveted by advertisers, during the same time frame.

    People are not finding answers within the Narrative, so they are heading slightly outside of it.

  • Teen charged with arson at Portland federal courthouse

    Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, security cameras recorded a “large incendiary object” as it entered the porch area outside the federal courthouse, according to court documents. It landed near plywood covering the front of the building and exploded, igniting the building’s main entrance.

    “Peaceful protests.”

  • Archbishop Accuses Pope of Heresy Over ‘Legitimization of Homosexuality’

    “For Bergoglio and his entourage sodomy is not a sin that cries out for vengeance in the presence of God, as the Catechism teaches,” said Vigano. “Bergoglio’s words on this topic – and even more the actions and words of those who surround him – unfortunately confirm that an operation of legitimization of homosexuality is currently underway.”

    In the meantime, the traditional conservative view — ignore it and do not mention it so long as it keeps itself private — gets ignored by everyone despite being the best option for all groups.

  • Researcher Pleaded Guilty to Conspiring to Steal Scientific Trade Secrets from Ohio Children’s Hospital to Sell in China

    “Li Chen was a trusted researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, conducting cutting-edge U.S. government-funded research,” stated FBI Cincinnati Special Agent in Charge Chris Hoffman. “With her guilty plea, she admits that she abused this trust to establish a company in China for her own financial gain. The FBI is committed to working closely with partners such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital to protect the innovations that make America a world leader in science and technology.”

    The myth of “assimilation” continues to die.

  • ‘Deadly Consequences’ of Zuckerberg’s Decision to ‘Profit From Hate’ Have Not Been Addressed, Critics Say

    Zuckerberg told Congress that Facebook removes 89 percent of all hate speech before users see it, but the notion was criticized by ADL boss Jonathan Greenblatt on Twitter, who wrote: “Would a car company say 89 percent of their seat belts work?”

    Demands for censorship continue from those who should know better, but are in fact legitimizing the opposition. Anything which needs to be eradicated lest it convince voters has some cachet, whether literal or metaphorical, that is drawing people to it. The more they censor it, the more it becomes “folk wisdom” counter to the mainstream narrative.

  • ‘China is powerful now’: Beijing’s aggressive global stance sparks wave of nationalism

    “Our country is not like before. We can do more than just make statements, we can actually take action,” says Wu, 25, who lives in Chengdu and visited the consulate on its last day on Monday, snapping a few photos to keep. “Back then China couldn’t afford to offend the US, but China is powerful now and not afraid of American imperialism.”

    As China finds itself under attack abroad as a result of its increasingly aggressive global stance, nationalist sentiment at home appears to be growing stronger. Officials have honed support with the usual tools of propaganda and patriotic education, as well as new tactics, such as “wolf warrior” diplomacy, characterised by aggressive attacks on the country’s foreign critics.

    This is the same psychology we see in the Black Lives Matter protest: we are powerful now, we have thrown down the kings (or at least, the naturally talented). The resentment that lurks in humanity presents endless opportunities for decline because it promotes those who are less naturally talented over those who are more competent. This leads to decaying societies, much as happened after the French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution.

  • Far-right ltalian leader facing new trial for ‘illegally’ keeping rescued migrants on boat for 19 days

    “I am proud to have defended Italy. I would do it again and I will do it again, also because just this July the arrivals are six times those seen in the same period a year ago, with the League party in government,” a defiant Mr Salvini told the Senate after the vote.

    Those who want to save society from itself find themselves opposed by the crowd, which is so drugged on power that it wishes to rush headlong into the abyss to prove how much control it can wield. This is why our ancestors created feudalism and suppressed the opinions of most of their people: it is necessary.

  • KSK: German special forces company dissolved due to far-right concerns

    It came under fire after several scandalous incidents, including one party in April 2017 where soldiers played with pig heads while listening to extreme-right rock music and performing the banned Nazi salute.

    The remaining KSK soldiers have been given until October 31 to prove themselves worthy of the institution.

    High-intensity, aggressive people tend to see the wisdom in Right-wing views. Naturally they hate the new cucked Germany and look toward the old days, even if those were not so good either, because back then they had pride in themselves, where now they live in a state of perpetual apology.

  • Lifestyle changes could delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases – study

    The research weighs up the latest evidence, largely from high-income countries, supporting the addition of a further three risk factors to the list. It suggests that 1% of dementia cases worldwide are attributable to excessive mid-life alcohol intake, 3% to mid-life head injuries and 2% a result of exposure to air pollution in older age – although they caution that the latter could be an underestimate.

    While Livingston said the 40% figure was optimistic as the 12 risk factors are unlikely to be completely addressed, small steps could make a difference. Research has suggested that the incidence of dementia in Europe and North America has fallen by around 15% per decade for the past 30 years – likely because of lifestyle changes such as a reduction in smoking – even though the numbers of people with dementia are rising as people live longer.

    Our lifestyle is slowly destroying us. However, this seems more to reflect how much people fade out from despair, rather than an actionable solution set. Even more, the existing research is conjectural. How about we look at over-processed modern food?

  • What exactly is a ‘Karen’ and where did the meme come from?

    Although its exact origins are uncertain, the meme became popular a few years ago as a way for people of colour, particularly black Americans, to satirise the class-based and racially charged hostility they often face.

    Re-writing history, Ashitha Nagesh. The meme came about from people complaining about difficult customers who wanted to see the manager despite being badly-behaved. The racial aspects were added only recently and show us the Left trying to subvert and capture yet another powerful image.

  • Nearly Half Of Young Americans Say It’s Okay To Fire People Who Support Trump

    Forty-four percent of Americans younger than age 30 believe a company is correct in firing an executive because he or she personally donated to President Trump’s reelection campaign.

    No country can bounce back from this kind of division. We are going to have to seize power and exile the Leftists to Venezuela.

  • Portland sees peaceful night of protests following withdrawal of federal agents

    But in the absence of the federal officers, Thursday night’s protest passed off without major incident or intervention by the police.

    On Wednesday, Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, agreed with the White House that the state police would take over responsibility for guarding the courthouse after weeks of escalating protests.

    Leftists place spin to disguise the obvious: the state was not enforcing its laws, so the feds stepped in, forcing the state and city to begin clearing out the riff-raff. Now they want to claim it was their idea all along; do these people ever stop lying?

  • SA’s public servants ‘very well paid’, OECD says

    SA’s public servants are among the best paid in the world when measured against the size of the economy, a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found.

    The Left always aims for wealth transfer. They give it to the underclass through entitlements, and to the bureaucrat class through well-paid do-nothing jobs. Diversity just makes this even more vicious.

  • Trader Joe’s says no to changing ethnic-sounding label names

    “We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist,” the popular grocery chain said in a statement posted on its website. It added, “We do not make decisions based on petitions.”

    Now that the George Floyd narrative has died, the “peaceful protests” turn out to be violent criminal riots, and the whole thing looks like the Left trying to seize power again, people are backing away from the fanatic panic that had us changing every name and throwing down every statue. Maybe we will learn in the future: never act on anything a Leftist says until all of the facts come out. All of their “urgent needs” are just pretexts.

  • PCSO launches new program allowing residents to assist in law enforcement

    “As Sheriff of Pinal County, I am given the authority to deputize civilians to assist in law enforcement. While we hope such an action is never required, we want to make sure those willing to step into the role are trained and ready,” said Sheriff Mark Lamb.

    PCSO says the new Citizens Posse programs offers a training course designed to show residents the reality of police work. The course is four hours long, where participants will learn the basics of constitutional law, search and seizure, basic firearm safety, home safety, and the use of force.

    People are preparing for the inevitable breakdown of law and order.

  • Gay officer who settled suit will resign from diversity unit

    Keith Wildhaber, who is white, said he was the victim of racism in a Facebook post, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. He alleged in his suit that he was passed over for promotion 23 times and was told to “tone down” his “gayness.” Jurors awarded him nearly $20 million in October, but he and the county settled for the lower amount in February.

    “The dog whispers of a gay, white guy being unable to lead Diversity and Inclusion were loud and clear,” he wrote. “Systemic racism is alive and well.”

    No matter what we do, divisions persist, showing us why having a single ethnic group (WASPs) and a single culture (pioneer conservative) was far more intelligent than diversity and inclusion.

  • Seattle police found explosives in van at protests over weekend

    Best said over the weekend that officers used blast balls, pepper spray and 40mm sponge-tip rounds, while some in the crowd of protesters broke windows and started fires. At one point, she said, someone threw an explosive that blew an 8-inch hole through a wall of the Police Department’s East Precinct.

    On Wednesday, Best told reporters that officers saw a van following a group of protesters around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, before it stopped outside the East Precinct. At about the same time, she said, explosions started going off outside the precinct.

    Best said a witness later told police they had seen baseball bats and explosives inside the same van earlier in the day.

    Must be peaceful protests, not organized disruption by the Left and their allies in China.

  • CDC reports the rich sleep better at night

    The results showed that out of 140,000 adults who filled out and returned the surveys, 55% who reported living at or near the poverty line were able to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep at night. In contrast, for those living 400% above the poverty line, 66.6% reported getting a full night’s sleep.

    Either that, or wealthier people tend to be those who find a way to enable themselves to get enough sleep through self-discipline.


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