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  • Philadelphia NAACP president facing calls for resignation after sharing anti-Semitic meme

    The image, which features and offensive caricature of a Jewish man, was shared by Philadelphia NAACP Rodney Muhammad last week.

    The image also features pictures of Ice Cube, DeSean Jackson, and Nick Cannon, who have all come under fire in recent weeks for anti-Semitic comments.

    It makes no sense to destroy careers for opinions. The choice should be made by elections or whatever process normally chooses those in power. The crowd exults in its strength only when it is able to destroy something, and that is the process that we should interrupt, since it creates an emboldened and destructive crowd. Let this man have his opinions.

  • More than 50% of nation’s counterfeit COVID-19 goods coming from China: Officials

    “Fifty-six percent of our seizures are coming from either China or Hong Kong,” Steve Francis, head of HSI’s National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center told reports on a call. “We have a list of 39 other countries where these prohibited, fraudulent or counterfeit goods have entered.”

    China lied about the virus, and now is helping sabotage us.

  • Australian police arrest six at Black Lives Matter rally for breaching virus ban

    “Over the last 24 hours, we have said time and time again, do not turn up,” New South Wales Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Willing told reporters in Sydney. “We are in the middle of a pandemic.”

    How to end the vandalism in our cities, if we want it. Then again, it might be good to have the Left demonstrating its mask off face right before an election.

  • Seeds from 1,500-year-old Negev trash pits show a world on the brink of collapse

    “It is compelling and crazy that you have these double disasters — on one hand the Little Ice Age and on the other hand the plague — while during the age of Justinian, the Byzantine empire reached its greatest expansion. It was all downhill from there, from the mid-6th century onwards,” said lead author of the study Daniel Fuks, a PhD student in the Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Bar-Ilan University.

    This could be in our future. As humanity covers the world in concrete and reflects heat into the atmosphere while displacing jet streams, it may create a persistent cloud cover, which would result in global cooling. Then, all the illnesses that we run into because we have finally carved up the deep forests will adapt to us and flourish among us, leaving piles of dead. On top of that, world war will almost certainly break out as China implodes.

  • Rite Aid deployed facial recognition systems in hundreds of U.S. stores

    In the hearts of New York and metro Los Angeles, Rite Aid deployed the technology in largely lower-income, non-white neighborhoods, according to a Reuters analysis. And for more than a year, the retailer used state-of-the-art facial recognition technology from a company with links to China and its authoritarian government.

    In response to increasing chaos arising from diversity, companies will adopt more policies such as this in order to keep the violence at their locations to a minimum.

  • Spain’s population to halve and Nigeria to be dominant global power within 80 years, report predicts

    Populations in 23 countries, including Japan, Spain and Italy, are forecast to decline by more than half, according to the research, with another 34 countries, including China, seeing a drop of more than 25%.

    “Africa and the Arab World will shape our future, while Europe and Asia will recede in their influence. By the end of the century, the world will be multipolar, with India, Nigeria, China, and the US the dominant powers.”

    The more we modernize, the less people breed. Bled by taxes and not overly fond of modern life, they are unhappy and having fewer children.

  • Singapore spy case reawakens fears China recruiting on island state

    Jun Wei Yeo, a 39-year-old academic who also goes by the name Dickson Yeo, pleaded guilty in a U.S. court on Friday to acting as an illegal agent of Chinese intelligence. He will be sentenced in October and faces up to 10 years in prison.

    Ethnic Chinese will return to the mother country in heart and spy for it. This has bad implications for the many lesser acts that the “moderate” versions of ethnic Chinese are doing across the world. Anecdotally, Chinese-Americans hide more taxable income than any other group.

  • Black Lives Matter organizers travel to suburbs to take on Nike

    About 30 demonstrators gathered Monday on Southwest Jenkins Road, just south of Nike’s headquarters near Beaverton, returning for a second straight day of protests. Seneca Cayson, an organizer of the volatile downtown demonstrations, said it was time to bring the Black Lives Matter movement to the suburbs. He called on Nike to close the gap between what it says publicly about racial justice and how things actually play out inside the company.

    The shakedown continues. Nike makes its money through third world labor producing products that sell for a substantial mark-up. That was the business model of the 1990s, after union activity in the 1980s was finally stopped by Lee Iacocca when he figured out how to fabricate assemblies offshore and manufacture the final product only in the US, after which point most companies settled on foreign labor instead of fighting it out with the greedy American unions. The 2020s business model will involve moving the factory to someplace isolated and having robots make everything. The workers of the world, united, will have as usual over-estimated their importance and priced themselves out of the industry. No wonder they wail for a UBI.

  • Tencent grabs Facebook’s social media crown with rally that adds US$207 billion to market value this year

    The stock may rise to HK$651 over the coming 12 months, says Jefferies analyst Thomas Chong, who has the highest target price on the stock among analysts tracked by Bloomberg. It is also known for its hugely popular games, including Honour of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite. Chong calls Tencent a “global mobile games powerhouse”.

    Selling to the many returns more profits than selling to relatively small groups, but for how long will this last? The many tend to have little brand loyalty and flit between trends.

  • Revealed: oil giants help fund powerful police groups in top US cities

    Some of America’s largest oil and gas companies, private utilities, and financial institutions that bankroll fossil fuels also back police foundations – opaque private entities that raise money to pay for training, weapons, equipment, and surveillance technology for departments across the US.

    They do long-term studies, looking decades ahead, and realize that selling energy to a dystopian wasteland is less profitable than retaining at least some functional people.

  • School girls in India discover Earth-bound asteroid

    Asteroids and comets pose a potential threat to Earth, and scientists discover thousands of them each year. In 2013, an asteroid heavier than the Eiffel Tower exploded over central Russia, leaving more than 1,000 people injured from its shockwave.

    Sooner or later, nature will clean up the human menace. We will still be bickering about equality at that time.

  • Lake Titicaca giant frog: Scientists join forces to save species

    Five scientific institutions are joining forces in a cross-border effort to preserve the Lake Titicaca giant frog (Telmatobius culeus).

    The frog is one of the world’s largest exclusively aquatic frogs and lives in the waters of Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia.

    We can avoid ecocide, if we so choose.

  • Defend the Police rally in Eaton nearly turns tragic as driver steers SUV through crowd

    A peaceful Defend the Police rally hosted Saturday by Northern Colorado Young Republicans in Eaton nearly turned tragic when a male suspect in a maroon SUV drove through the protest, almost hitting some rally participants.

    Leftists (neurotics, boxwine spinsters, soyboys, minorities) want to kill us.

  • Man Who Assaulted MAGA Hat Wearer to Attend Anger Management, AA Sessions

    David Delgado, 33, of Winnetka, pleaded no contest in March to an assault charge for pummeling a man in a Hermosa Beach restaurant bathroom after learning the meaning of the Russian phrase.

    If one of us did this to a Leftist, we would do hard time. This guy walks however.

  • Picasso murals removed from Oslo building damaged by Breivik

  • Scientists successfully revive 100m-year-old microbes from the sea

    Scientists have successfully revived microbes that had lain dormant at the bottom of the sea since the age of the dinosaurs, allowing the organisms to eat and even multiply after eons in the deep.

    Scientists were caught screaming, “Evolution is a trap! Go back!” at the microbes.

  • Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter

    Six people were arrested. The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence.

    “Their mission is simple, not the Richmond we know,” said Mayor Levar Stoney.

    Black mayor says White Nationalists caused Black race riots. Today in “Things That Never Happened”…

  • How to Fix the COVID-19 Crisis in 30 Days

    In a June 22, 2020, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service press release, Damien Downing, president of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, outlines how we could resolve the COVID-19 pandemic in 30 days for about $2 per person, simply by taking affirmative action to raise vitamin D levels. The downside or risk of doing this is basically nil, while the potential gain could be avoiding another COVID-19 spike altogether.

    If memory serves, the NSDAP doctors believed Vitamin D was a necessary ally in the fight against viruses. Since Hitler did it, we will never admit it.

  • Historian: ‘Africans must be condemned for the slave trade’

    This professor at the history and archeology department of the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) declared on July 25: “When we talk about the slave trade, people only accuse whites. But they came (to Africa) as buyers and we [Africans] were sellers.”

    He continued: “When the slave trade was abolished, Africans were against abolition. King Kosoko of Lagos (Nigeria) was against abolition at the time. A king of Dahomey whose name I do not mention was also against abolition. The slave trade which lasted four centuries is an unfortunate phenomenon of long duration that must be classified among the crimes against humanity for which Africans are also partly responsible.

    “It is a question of co-responsibility. It is not the buyer who must be condemned, the seller must also be condemned and moreover the seller because the seller has ties of affinity and kinship with the one who is sold. Of those who were sold and had offspring there, many returned after the abolition. Some returned home with Portuguese-sounding names, Da-Silva, D’Oliveira. Unfortunately, some of them who came in the 19th century became, in turn, slaveholders and bought slaves for their correspondents who remained in Brazil. Africans resumed this trade after abolition.”

    No one really likes slavery, but a replacement for feudalism was obviously needed. Workers always revolt, not understanding that workers cannot run businesses successfully; if they could, they would not be workers. In the future, we will automate and pay the underclasses a small UBI to keep taking birth control. At some point, the UBI will not be enough, civilization will be destroyed, and the Simian Cycle™ will begin again. Hope you like coconuts.

  • Video does not show Hurricane Hanna leveling border wall

    A day after Hurricane Hanna pelted the Texas Gulf Coast, social media users in both the United States and Mexico began sharing tweets erroneously claiming the video showed the hurricane damaging the border wall between Texas, and the northern state of Tamaulipas in Mexico. One such video on Twitter had been viewed more than 200,000 times by Monday afternoon. A similar video on YouTube labeled, “Hurricane Hanna knocks down Trump’s Border Wall,” had received more than 40,000 views.

    A number of news outlets on both sides of the border reported on the viral video and repeated the claim that it showed Hurricane Hanna damage.

    “U.S. Customs and Border Protection is not aware of any border wall panels falling over due to Hurricane Hanna hitting the Rio Grande Valley Sector this past weekend,” reads a statement emailed to The Associated Press by agency spokesperson Roderick Kise. “The video circulating on social media appears to be from June 2020 when high winds caused several border wall panels that were pending additional anchoring to fall over at a construction site near Deming, New Mexico.”

    Leftists are lunatics who have never seen a map of Texas, apparently.

  • 70-year-old man who took down Robert E. Lee Monument in Roanoke speaks out

    “I was touched by God to do something. I just had a vision, and it came to me,” Foreman said.

    The West continues to break down into insanity as it refuses to accept that its assumptions are wrong, and therefore keeps applying the same non-solutions, making every problem worse but never changing itself. How did we become so calcified and blockheaded? Oh, right, we accepted the Big Lie (“equality”) and have rejected everything that conflicts with that, limiting us to a small palette of methods, all of which make our problems worse.

  • Vancouver city council passes motion deprioritizing policing in mental health calls and social issues

    An amendment to Councillor Jean Swanson’s motion, as moved by Councilor Pete Fry, calls for “a plan, timeline and budget to deprioritize policing as a response to mental health, sex work, homelessness, and substance use and to prioritize funding community-led groups, non-profit societies and others with the experience and training to deliver harm reduction and safety initiatives in these areas.”

    The bureaucrats live in gated communities, so this will not affect them, but the rest of you get to step over piles of feces and needles.

  • Alabama lawmaker who honored Klan leader says he’s surprised by criticism

    Alabama Rep. Will Dismukes, a Republican from Prattville, says he’s surprised by the response to his recent Facebook post that showed him giving the invocation at an annual birthday celebration for Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    No one sane cares; it has become clear at this point that diversity has failed and every ethnic group must represent its own interests especially against those of other groups.

  • ‘We had to eat our seeds for planting’: 10 million in Sudan facing food shortages

    “We sometimes have two meals, but very often only one meal a day,” she said. “We prepared our land to plant sesame and sorghum but it hasn’t rained yet and we had to eat some of our seeds which were supposed to be planted.”

    “Eating the seed corn” is more than folklore. “Corn” originally simply meant “kernels.”

  • 1,000-year-old eye infection potion found to tackle antibiotic-resistant infections

    New research from the University of Warwick has investigated natural remedies to fill the gap in the antibiotic market, taking their cue from a 1,000-year-old text known as Bald’s Leechbook.

    The ingredients for the eyesalve – which was used to treat eye sty infections – include onion, garlic, wine, and bile salts.

    When the team experimented with it they found it showed promising antibacterial activity.

    Our ancestors were not idiots. They built the foundations of our modern knowledge. Could people today do the same?

  • German car sector among biggest winners as export expectations pick up

    The Ifo institute said its index tracking export expectations in the manufacturing sector rose to 6.9 points in July from -2.2 the previous month thanks to an economic recovery in many countries.

    Germany lives on its exports, especially to the third world. This makes it easy for places like China to control them.

    This may include quasi-slave labor:

    While the U.S. has already introduced some sanctions over Xinjiang, Bütikofer complained that the European Commission is still resisting pressure to take action. He reserved his strongest criticism, however, for Volkswagen, which has a factory in Xinjiang’s capital of Urumqi.

    “Volkswagen … is a company without a conscience,” the Green lawmaker told POLITICO, adding that “companies like that are complicit in upholding a totalitarian hell in Xinjiang.”

    Bütikofer also criticized the carmaker for “denying any knowledge of the oppression of the Uighur people in Xinjiang.”

    Once companies are separated from national culture, they become lawless profit-accumulating machines despite simultaneously degrading in performance. The same can be said of democracies. Diversity is death.

  • Work begins in France to recreate process that powers the Sun

    “Fusion provides clean, reliable energy without carbon emissions,” said a statement from the 35 ITER partners: China, the 27 members of the European Union, Britain, Switzerland, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States.

    “Fusion is safe, with minute amounts of fuel and no physical possibility of a run-away accident with meltdown,” it added.

    If they make this work and we get replicators, we can prolong our species death from overpopulation by up to eleven minutes.

  • Air pollution ‘greatest risk’ to global life expectancy

    In countries such as India and Bangladesh, air pollution was so severe that it now cuts average lifespans in some areas by nearly a decade.

    Our technology poses no problem when we are stable. Democracy, equality, diversity, and overpopulation have destroyed that, and now our labor-saving devices may save all labor by killing us off.

  • Police: ‘Umbrella Man’ was a white supremacist trying to incite George Floyd rioting

    Investigators finally caught a break when a tipster e-mailed the MPD identifying the man as a member of the Hell’s Angels biker gang who “wanted to sow discord and racial unrest by breaking out the windows and writing what he did on the double red doors,” she wrote.

    The talking point for this week has gone out to all Leftist antennas: White Supremacists, not Leftists and angry Blacks, are responsible for all the rioting. Soon the chorus will join up, inventing “proof” as they need to, and classify anything to the Right of Communist as White Supremacist in order to force this agenda onto the population and thus, into history. Trust nothing in the mainstream.

  • Black family receives racist letter after posting signs celebrating daughters’ graduation

    “Don’t you think enough is enough? It’s time to take those hideous posters of that ugly fat black girl down off your house,” the letter read. “What a disgrace to the neighborhood. In fact, your entire brood is a disgrace to the neighborhood. Consider moving to a ‘hood’ of your kind. Your neighbors are watching you!”

    Five minutes in Microsoft Word and a half-hour on the phone to journalists in exchange for lots of free publicity. At least they spelled everything correctly.


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