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  • University of Pa. professor: ‘Our country will be better off with more whites and fewer nonwhites’

    “Conservatives need a realistic approach to immigration that … preserves the United States as a Western and First World nation,” Vox quoted her as saying on the panel. “We are better off if we are dominated numerically … by people from the First World, from the West, than by people who are from less advanced countries.”

    Pure common sense, but she does not go far enough. If we have any outsiders, we either marginalize them so that their presence does not cause social distrust, or include them and experience social distrust. We do not simply need to be dominated by ethnic Western Europeans — this is what she says above, essentially — but exclusively comprised of them. We’ll learn to cook our own ethnic food.

  • Kyrsten Sinema, Eight Other Senators Sign Letter To Speed Up Removal Of Certain Migrants

    Others come around to the Trump perspective partially. The solution to a mob attack at the border is to tell people that they will not get in with fake information, and will be sent back quickly, which means that they will have taken an expensive trip for no gain. That will cause others to stop coming.

  • New Zealanders hand over 10,000-plus guns and weapons parts in buy-back scheme

    More than 2,000 people have surrendered 3,275 firearms, 7,827 parts and accessories and in return authorities have paid them slightly more than NZ$6 million ($4.06 million) since the buy-back began last Saturday, a police spokesperson told Reuters by telephone on Sund

    Sounds like a junk sale more than anything else. Hand in your old defunct weapons, get paid up to 95% of the price of them when new. Other news sources are already reporting 10,000 weapons turned in, when 80% of what was handed over consisted of gun parts and accessories. Might as well toss in the old blender that stopped working in ’03 and has been in the back shed ever since.

  • Ted Cruz Is Trying to Call Antifa a Domestic Terror Group. Here’s Why it Won’t Work

    Cruz — who has genetic loyalties to Cuba and Ireland — is trying to get headlines for himself here. We do not need to declare Antifa a terrorist group. We need to start arresting them and then using RICO to make sure organizes like Yvette Felarca face charges for the dastardly acts of the subordinates that they command.

  • Idaho music event canceled amid immigration enforcement fear

    Music festival with name in Spanish that appeals only to Mexicans in Utah worries that it will be targeted by ICE. If I were trying to bust illegals, I would camp out near Loewes and Home Depot where the day laborers hang out.

  • Rope resembling noose found at UM hospital was not hate crime, police say

    Shakedown averted:

    An investigation by UM’s Division of Public Safety and Security concluded the spool rope used for medical procedures was being used by a person on a break to practice tying a “Uni Knot,” which is a type of knot used for fishing. After the spool was returned to the storage area, the knot was still in place and discovered the following day by an employee.

    In other words, this was obviously not a noose, but someone thought a payout might be coming. Here is what they were saying a week ago:

    “Yesterday, in one of our hospitals, a noose — a symbol of hate and discrimination — was found at the work station of two of our employees,” Dr. Marschall Runge, executive vice president for medical affairs and dean of the UM Medical School, said in an email sent to employees Friday, June 21. “We have taken immediate action to have this investigated as both an act of discrimination and a criminal act of ethnic intimidation.

    “This act of hate violates all of the values that we hold dear and will not be tolerated.”

    These guys were clearly at the top of their classes. They out-memorized everyone else, and they know the perfect things to say at a time like this. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with reality, which is that you investigate everything with a straight face until you find out what it really is. The days of automatically believing the hate crime hoaxers, something kicked off by Clinton’s investigation of black churches in the mid-1990s, are nearing their end. Wonder how many billions have been paid.

    In the meantime, a Black lawmaker from Georgia has just gotten caught lying about another “hate crime”:

    Eric Sparkes showed up during a WSB-TV interview with Rep. Erica Thomas of Austell on Saturday, outside the Atlanta-area Publix store where the incident occurred , the station reported .

    He denied making any racially charged comment, adding, “I am Cuban.”

    The real story here is probably that he could not tell that Thomas was pregnant because she is a large woman normally, and was irate that she used the express lane to pay for a large number of items, where normally those lanes are used for people buying just a few things to get out of the store faster. She was shocked by this, probably not accustomed to being confronted, and invented this story for political pity points.

  • Student arrested for wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter rally cleared of most charges

    A jury found Tristan Rettke guilty of one misdemeanor count of disrupting a meeting, and not guilty of two counts each of civil rights intimidation and disorderly conduct, according to NBC affiliate WCYB. The Washington County Court jury in Jonesborough recommended a $500 fine.

    Jury says enough of the guilt train. Here was the guilt attack:

    Asked by an assistant district attorney how the gorilla mask and strung-up bananas had made them feel, people from the rally said on the stand that the incident evoked thoughts and feelings of racism and slavery, WCYB reported.

    Back to reality, how can we claim that we live in a “free and open society” where people are getting hauled into court for words and attire? Even if he was promoting the worst of racist stereotypes, that is not an actual harm to anyone. People need to grow up and move on.

  • Wittenborg “Happy” Zwarte Piet Excluded from Apeldoorn’s Christmas Celebrations

    Dutch town ducks and cucks on “Black Pete,” a Christmas character that was originally a chimneysweep but has been changed to be a Black Moor from Spain, usually portrayed by normal Dutch guys in blackface. If we look at this realistically, however, no one should be offended by this; those who immigrated to the Netherlands, including the Black, knew that this tradition was there or might be there and decided to come anyway. They need to just suck it up and stop whining.

  • Uber ties some executive pay to diversity goals

    Anyone else notice this pattern? As companies go from young to mature and the deep flaws in their business models are revealed, the fanatics take over as the creative types flee. The fanatics then manage to bleed off any income that remains so that when the end comes, there will be nothing but desk chairs and five-year-old Dell computers to auction off while the former drivers look for (digital) paychecks that will never come.

  • Drawn to the US border, volunteers weave a safety net

    Hispanics in America (and their neurotic helpers) are doing their best to bring more Hispanics into America. That way, they can be the majority soon, and own the whole nation, and do whatever they want with it. This will produce civil war conditions obviously, and in five hundred years we will be hearing about how our ancestors “genocided” the “legal immigrants” just because an election went against the white supremacist narrative. Just deport everyone who is not an ethnic Western European. Send Them Back!

  • First ever black James Bond girl who played Thumper in Diamonds Are Forever blasts casting of actress Lashana Lynch who is taking over as 007

    Of course it does not make sense. Politics consists of thinking in terms of symbols, specifically symbols of a utilitarian nature, or those that cause most people to say that they think that they are happier because of them. When you show people an inverted world, or one in which the normal rules do not apply, they feel more powerful, so they like the idea of tearing down the Cold War era white Bond and replacing him with an empowered Black female from the 1990s. This is how dumb your average person is. Realists look at this and see that the fun of James Bond films is that Bond is a white fellow doing white dude things, namely laughing at he kills his enemies and blows stuff up, but saving the world in the end. Of course the Leftists are going to target this; they want to replace any and all culture, ideas, practices, and outlooks with Leftism. They want total control. Say goodbye to all of your childhood idols, who will be turned into ideal Soviets by the mob of neurotics and their wealthy enablers.

  • Scotland has highest drug death rate in EU

    Why are people so miserable? Scotland is massively Leftist, and just like the USA developed a drug problem when it elected an Obama, Scotland under turgid troll Nicola Sturgeon seems to be having a misery problem as well. Let us hope that most of the casualties are Leftists. That is how nature generally solves problems.

  • Commonly prescribed drugs are tied to nearly 50% higher dementia risk in older adults, study says

    Remember this the next time some neurotic Leftist is rambling on about “settled science” and “medical consensus.” There is a reason that people do not trust their doctors, and it is not the profit motive exclusively. Doctors, like others “in the know,” are very faddish. They imitate the latest trends and use those as new standards, especially if those lead to more media opportunities, accolades, and profits. The healthiest people are the ones who avoid doctors, as usual.

  • Flies in Hospitals Are Full of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

    More concerning, 53 percent of the bacteria strains found were resistant to at least one antibiotic and 19 percent were resistant to two or more antibiotics, including penicillin, vancomycin and levofloxacin.

    It seems best to stay out of hospitals if you can, too.

  • Churches jump into action with threat of immigration sweeps

    Churches serve mostly as cases of “bad money driving out good” at this point. The neurotics get in and fiddle, as they always do, since what defines the neurotic is a need for constant external stimulus. This makes the church incoherent, absurd, and potentially blasphemous as the neurotics graft and patch in every trend and passing fad. At that point, the smart people begin to leave, and the crazies and idiots take over. Fast forward a few years, and everyone intelligent is either an angry atheist or “spiritual but not religious” in the Californian tradition. Now, with a few exceptions, churches are collecting people who have nothing to do with their time and weaponizing them in service to neurotic Leftism.

  • Local governments try to get spending approved ahead of new restrictions

    Texas passes a law to limit property taxes, since its taxes are among the highest in the nation, and local communities rush to approve high rates. Property taxes and healthcare taxes are how the Left has bankrupted the middle class, and it is by design. They want you busy working to pay off all the taxes so that you do not notice what they are stealing. Almost all of this money goes toward schools and diversity hires who get paid fat salaries to do basically nothing. It is, as usual, the Leftist idea that if you transfer the power, wealth, and prestige from the naturally talented to the naturally incompetent, none of us will have to worry about being incompetent ever again. These people are just insane, and when we are done sending the ethnics back, we are going to have to talk about (gentle) physical removal of Leftists. They belong in asylums, but I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year.

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