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  • Trump renews attacks on Democratic congresswomen

    Fortunately for late stage democracy, Trump introduced a trope which we have not seen in some time, namely the uncertain retreat. He backs off, then doubles down, instead of simply doubling down, which makes him appear less aggressive but allows his new doubled-down position to become the new normal seamlessly and without the appearance of wide dissent.

    A Reuters/Ipsos poll earlier this week said a majority of Republicans supported his comments.

    “I don’t know if it’s good or bad politically, I don’t care,” he said. “If the Democrats want to embrace people that hate our country … it’s up to them.”

    Ocasio-Cortez shot back with a tweet on Friday, saying the Republican Party “wants to send us back: Back toward injustice, Back to the denial of science, Back to the times when women needed permission slips from men, Back to racism – But we won’t go back. We will move forward.”

    Forward means becoming more like the third world. Backward means becoming more realistic.

  • Air pollution may raise atherosclerosis, heart disease death risk

    Air pollution is shaping up to be the biggest issue of this century, up there with overpopulation, the collapse of globalism/diversity, and the resource wars. It turns out that everything is telling us that cities are killing us through the exhaust of internal combustion engines, and that we are probably better off fleeing to the countryside and a network of small villages as we once had.

  • Many Americans who live paycheck to paycheck blame debt

    Why did your ancestors see usury — the lending of money for profit — as a sin? It turns out that most of America rode out the Obama years by sticking their expenses on the credit card, and now they are caught in a terminal cycle where the incredibly high interest rates are crushing them. Even more, people now live through their credit cards and depend on their jobs, which makes them easy to control. We have a whole world living in terror, simply because we have raised the cost of living in order to pay for government so that we can fund our own underclass and the rest of humanity, which is a type of underclass, through diversity/globalism. It might be better to cut the government back to the military and roads, send everyone else back home, and focus on making living less expensive, complex, and ugly.

  • Iran says its seizure of British ship a ‘reciprocal’ move

    The Trump sanctions are crushing Iran, which is good because Iran is unstable and violent and has been funding extremist groups for decades. We want Iran to die and be replaced because at this point, it is nothing but a parasite on functional countries. Iran wants war. The sanctions are crushing them, so the days for this regime are numbered, but if they start a war, they can unify their people against the Great Satan. They want to lay a trap for Trump where he comes in, bombs the heck out of them, but loses enough guys — hopefully a few more captive airmen too — that Iran wins the war of public relations by making the middle class voters afraid. With luck, Trump will not fall for it. So far, he seems content with saber-rattling while he waits for his sanctions to finish off Iran. If he must do military action, I suggest taking a page from Clinton I and sending in cruise missiles to flatten the electric plants and oil drilling equipment. Then sit back and wait for the boa constrictor of a dead economy to strangle the present regime, at which point saner minds may prevail.

  • What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever

    The writer wants to remind us that “If multiracial democracy cannot be defended in America, it will not be defended elsewhere.” He forgets that the intent of multiculturalism is to define us forever by changing our genetics, and if we reject it, everyone else will follow suit because it is failing everywhere. Diversity is death. We must reject it, if we want to live. That will convey it to the dustbin of history, just as Leftism will be thrown, but that is the path of learning. It is not “progress,” since no such thing exists — humans are the same as they always have been — but learning. We have found that diversity is a bad path and we cannot trust it at all. We owe it to ourselves and our future to reject it.

  • Ministers pledge to end ‘poor doors’ in new build housing

    Clever politicians withhold approval of new housing projects unless they include units for “the poor.” This group, who are generally simply dysfunctional people who already live in reasonable luxury thanks to the innovations of technology and capitalism, are not wanted by anyone who is going to pay for luxury housing, especially because of their high rate of pointless violent crime. A successful person does not understand someone who will rob a store with a weapon for a few hundred dollars in cash because it is a silly business proposition: high risk, low reward. As a result, the productive want to be away from “the poor,” so these housing developments make separate doors that lead the poor into their own section of the development, walling them off from the functional people. This now offends politicians, who realize that the poor are many and they can be induced to vote, so they are going to demand that new housing facilities combine functional and dysfunctional. This will simply raise the cost of housing as everyone scrambles to get a condominium in a building grandfathered into having “poor doors.”

  • Greater prevalence of congenital heart defects in high intensity oil and gas areas

    It may turn out that even before it is run through an infernal combustion engine, oil and gas presents a threat to our health. These studies are often trustworthy because they find poor people live near tracts of otherwise worthless land, and those dysfunctional people tend to have more deleterious mutations anyway. In this case, it looks like there may be something to the air and water pollution caused by oil extraction.

  • Black US lawmaker says white man told her to ‘go back where you came from’

    The point of the “go back” rhetoric is that these people clearly want to live in a different country than what America has been, and instead of going to that country, they are attempting to transform America into a replication of it, which is insane since they clearly want to live in some third-world disaster. We are telling them that we like America the way it was more than what they will make it into, and we think they are in the wrong place if they want to repeat the failed third world methods that made the third world poor in countries that by avoiding those methods became successful. We would rather succeed, and leave the third world to whatever fate it chooses. That was the point of ending colonialism: we would no longer be the stewards of these places. Instead, they all came here and are trying to recreate Somalia, Mexico, Vietnam, and Afghanistan in place of the traditional, historical, and heritage American way. Send them back!

  • Rising health insurance deductibles fuel middle-class anger and resentment

    Socialized medicine, like all Leftist programs, takes from the productive and gives to the unproductive. This means that the middle class and above subsidize the underclasses, which means that medical costs for the middle class go up tenfold in order to carry all those illegal aliens, urban poor, and Appalachian shack-dwellers. Since they no longer face the consequences of their own actions, these groups promptly slack off on any attempt to be healthy, and quickly become unwell. The cost spiral is just beginning. By the end, middle class people are going to be paying $25k/yr per head for low quality healthcare.

  • Americans say the nation’s political debate has grown more toxic and ‘heated’ rhetoric could lead to violence

    91% of Democrats believe that violent rhetoric is going to end in physical violence. This reveals more about them than they wanted, which is that they know that their only way to maintain power will be through force, since the world has lost faith in the postwar order of Leftism and consumerism. We are backing away from their ideological quest, and they want to force us back into that mental ghetto, which means that they will be forced to use violence to do so.

  • India set to sign US-like defence logistics sharing pact with Russia

    India has become the replacement for China as our outsourcing and offshoring partner, but seems to want to be partner up with Russia as well, which makes little economic sense but a certain type of political sense. China and Russia, the old Asiatic allies, want to form an alliance against the United States, including the clueless of Europe who being run by head girls and not thinkers seem to believe this is sound policy. This means that the United States should make itself entirely self-sufficient as fast as possible, which is going to require us to cut out a lot of bad laws and ideological programs. Without the 30-50% overhead that government creates, we could have a massively productive workforce, cheaper products and services, and lower-cost living. The only thing that stands in our way is the messianic compulsion to seek Utopia that seems to unite the neurotics of the Left.

  • Tens of thousands of jihadists trying to get to Europe, Lebanese minister claims

    Immigration gives all of these groups great cover, creates dense Chinatown-like areas where they can operate unseen, and provides camouflage. We were better off when they did not walk among us.

  • A group of individuals attempt to rush Texas port of entry

    These are not good people. Good people do not rush the Border Patrol and assault them to get into a country. They are coming for the free stuff, enabled because we have the blinders of equality on, and to conquer. Treat this as the invasion that it is and respond with force.

  • President Trump, moved by religious persecution victims’ plight, insists meeting go into overtime

    I see a trap for Trump here. The postwar narrative as exhibited by JFK and Reagan, his role models, holds that if we want to defeat the Chinese, we have to show that they are bad guys because they mistreat their minorities. Trump, however, has changed the postwar model (the postwar model failed in 2008 with the Great Recession; the Left was placed into power before WW2 because of their promises to prevent another Great Depression, and with the Great Recession, people saw that those promises were illusions).

    Instead of proving that we are ideologically “good” — which, since it is egalitarian, places us in the same camp as the Soviets — we have to prove that we are more realistic. We cannot defeat the Chinese with virtue signaling. We must defeat them with competence. Minority groups cannot coexist with any majority. Neither can a society with no majority thrive. We must end diversity now. China has recognized this before us, and is making itself stronger by ending its internal divisions. We must do the same. Send them back!

  • City apologizes, settles for $151,000 with realtor and client over police response

    People respond to ghetto-looking people as threats. When they push in the door and act like they might be clueless as to the behavior required by a situation, they call the police. Instead of being punished for being out of touch, the yahoos get a payoff, simply because they were from protected minority groups. This happens many times across America every week. Diversity will drain us unless we end it soon.

  • Virginia Pastor Defends ‘America: Love or Leave It’ Church Sign Amid Controversy

    “Love it or leave it” means that we do things a certain way here, and we are too polite to say it, but we do not do them as you do in your third world countries because your methods are failing. If you come here, we think, you will want to take advantage of what we do and do the same thing. That requires believing that immigrants have the same capacity for reason as Western Europeans; apparently, this is not a matter of simple parity, but that groups think in different ways for their own reasons and therefore no two are the same. This leads us to the final realization: groups that are genetically incompatible with our heritage will do nothing but vandalize what we have built and replace it with what they are familiar with through genetic memory. Irish, African, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Italian, Jewish, or Greek: they must go back home. Send them back!

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