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  • US to send asylum seekers back to dangerous part of Mexico

    People want strong, bold, and decisive strokes, but in a heavily divided country restrained by a constitutional republican democracy, that will not happen. Instead, Trump is implementing the pincer strategy: make it more expensive or risky to come here, and make it less advantageous to be here. If he kills remittances, the banks will scream, but that will send immigrants flowing back into Central America. Right now, they face a lower chance of being let go if they come here, a greater chance of being nabbed by ICE, and a lesser chance of making a fat profit. If we got rid of the entitlements state, our immigration and diversity problem would mostly end itself.

  • Visitor From Space: Asteroid to Fly Close to Earth Today

    While humanity continues to bicker and dicker about how to best divide the wealth, nature carries on with its usual activities, including the asteroids that routinely fly past. Eventually one will hit us. At that point, history will be written: either we got over our organizational and personal problems, formed a stable civilization, and explored the stars taking our environment and its plants and creatures with us, or we became null very quickly. Asteroids do not care if we have entitlements, equality, and diversity. Like all of nature, they are nihilistic, merely doing what they do in a semi-chaotic fashion, blind and independent of all our human intentions.

  • Italy’s far-right Salvini moves to round up Roma, Sinti

    Those who are not ethnically Italian are to be sent back to their country of origin. This not only ends the toxic anti-culture of diversity, but also cuts expenses from the state and private individuals who must deal with the fallout from diversity.

  • The Future of the City Is Childless

    People in cities do not have many children. This probably occurs because life in the city is miserable, pollution makes them semi-sterile, and they are too busy with their make-work jobs and obsessions like shopping and entertainment to make the time. Our modern way of life is death; the old way of having a network of villages where everyone knew each other, and where tradition was upheld, worked better.

  • The Squad v the mob: that’s what the 2020 election boils down to

    As usual, the Left reports everything backward to confuse you. The Squad is the mob, and the Trumpian insurgency is trying to keep the Crowd from consuming everything good, decent, organic, and living. When left to its own devices, humanity invents horrors.

  • Miss Michigan World America stripped of title over ‘offensive’ social media posts

    Apparently, not even whatever minority privilege a Chinese-American has cannot protect against the stigma and offensiveness of the following statements:

    “There is a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus.
    So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

    “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community before blaming others.”

  • Officer put on leave; Metropark police probing alleged discriminatory remark to Arab-Americans

    The officer, who allegedly told an Arab-American family visiting Lake Erie Metropolitan Park in Brownstown Township to “go back where you came from,” is on leave until an internal investigation has concluded.

    The officer immediately says, “Illinois,” a few times in an apparent attempt to clarify what he meant.

    Every day, more lives are destroyed for the pretense that democracy can work, when in fact it cannot.

  • Norway’s state broadcaster airs ‘Jewish swine’ cartoon

    In diversity, you are safe as a minority group until some minority with even more poverty cred shows up. Then, the Left kicks you out and legitimizes hatred against you, because the new minority groups hate you because they want to take your place. Essentially, Europe is telling Jews to get out of the way because there are boatloads of Africans, Muslims, Hispanics, and Asians who want to replace them.

  • Top Gun Remake Edits Out Taiwanese, Japanese Flags In Apparent Concession To China

    Who controls America? It turns out that many conflicting lobbying groups do, because when you give proles the vote, those votes are for sale through television advertising, promises of jobs, and positions of prominence in entertainment. Much as diversity is tearing the country apart from within, lobbying diversity — special interests, minority groups, industry, NGOs — is shredding any unity that remained. Civil unrest or civil war is unavoidable now.

  • McConnell: Trump ‘on to something’ when he suggests far Left trying to destroy USA

    Mainstream Republicans are starting to see the wisdom of what Trump is doing. Instead of shying away from conflict, as they normally do, they are now willing to undertake the conflict because it energizes both their constituency and the moderates who are fleeing the Left because its policies have all failed and its only solution is to bring out angry minority politicians who want to make this place into Venezuela.

  • Boeing warns of soaring 737 Max grounding costs

    Boeing fought the unions, but the unions are protected by law, so they began to win. As always happens, it outsourced, but in this case, got too greedy and allowed unqualified people to write code for its flagship plane. This could potentially end the company. That in turn will send American companies to Washington, begging for an end to the laws that protect unions. If we end those laws, we can become self-sufficient again, and as a result, will no longer depend on any other nations at all.

  • More than 50 major companies, from Apple to Nintendo, pull production from China because of the trade war

    The Trump trade war continues to devastate China, and bring home many of the companies that fled the Obama-era stew of expensive regulations, diversity chaos, and energized unions. In an ideal situation, America would produce everything it needs and a little bit extra for trade, but to get there, we have to stop making American business so expensive through labor costs and taxes.

  • Military eyes 16-year-olds as ranks and candidates dwindle

    Fewer people want to join the rainbow army to join the fight to bring democracy worldwide. As a result, Democracy, Inc. wants to bring in younger children as cannon fodder. Last time anyone checked, the US military was more interested in eliminating anti-diversity speech and promoting women, transgenders, and minorities than it was in being functional in any capacity.

  • Polish newspaper to issue ‘LGBT-free zone’ stickers

    People are tired of hearing about what we “should” do and more interested in what works. Traditional societies breed healthy and independent nations, where following the Democracy, Inc. agenda creates neurotic city-dwellers who do not reproduce and are replaced by third world hordes as they die out.

  • Meet the Elves, Lithuania’s digital citizen army confronting Russian trolls

    The European Union’s Cyber Rapid Response Force has its headquarters in the country and the region, with the other Baltic states, is a focal point for Nato strategy.

    Thus, it is not surprising that it was in Lithuania that the citizens’ online army of the elves started five years ago to take on the Russian trolls. It now has an international force of thousands of volunteers. The vast majority of them are based down the length of Russia’s border from the Nordic states to Armenia. But there is also rising interest from countries in the west, including Britain, as the arena of the internet warriors continues to spread.

    This is what the Right must do: summon an army of elves to debunk the propaganda from the other side, whether that be Leftists, China, or Russia.

  • Halla-aho: We all have intuitive understanding of whether someone is a Finn

    Finnish far-Right party brings up the point that someone must be of a national population in mind, body/genetics, and soul. All three are necessary. Everyone else is a toxic agent of destruction, whether they intend to be or not, and needs to be deported or exiled.

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