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  • Chinese diplomat deletes tweet about black Americans

    “If you’re in Washington, D.C., you know the white never go to the SW area, because it’s an area for the black & Latin,” Zhao wrote on Twitter. “There’s a saying ‘black in & white out’, which means that as long as a black family enters, white people will quit, & price of the apartment will fall sharply.”

    We even punish the Chinese for telling the ugly, obvious, and commonly-denied truth about diversity. It does not work. Its failure is costing us what is left of our civilization.

  • Brexit has contributed to far bigger fall in living standards than 1990s recession, research finds

    Actually, it is not Brexit, since that has not yet happened. It is the foot-dragging by the political class in implementing Brexit.

  • The Innisfil experiment: the town that replaced public transit with Uber

    Demand is infinite, supply is finite. If you make something free or even low cost as this Canadian town does, people will exploit it instead of more expensive alternatives. This is not capitalism, but simply economics. In an attempt to save money, Innisfil adopted Uber as its public transportation, then watched as the budget went far above what it would have required to have buses.

  • UK’s renting millennials face homelessness crisis when they retire

    When you pour immigrants and foreign investment into your nation, housing prices go up, and that means that land prices go up, which means that rents go up. Your government benefits will not keep pace and cannot keep pace because the tax base is not growing, which is the opposite of what the Leftist talking heads, government advisors, and media pundits told you. They said that if you brought in new people and taxed them, those taxes would pay for your retirement benefits — which government already cannot afford — but it turns out that many of those newcomers exist off the books, do not pay into the economy, or are on welfare. Your system is in a terminal debt crisis. In the meantime, America is fixing part of the problem by driving out Chinese investors; housing prices will fall, and so will rents. This annoys the Left, who profit from the continuing growth of civilization to house more random useless people, and hope to make their own retirement income by selling off their San Francisco, New York, and Austin condominiums at record-breaking prices.

  • Air Force NCO behind racist online video separated from service

    New twist on “white guy loses his job.” This time, in the spirit of feminism, it is a woman.

    In January 2018, Lovely posted a video of herself in a private Facebook forum that was shared publicly and went viral. The video featured a profanity-laced rant about black female subordinates.

    We cannot handle difference of opinion on diversity because we are diverse, and therefore assume that this is a permanent condition, when in fact it is a temporary one. Diversity is collapsing all around us.

  • Historic: Trump set to raise record $2 billion for reelection, 4-times 2016

    Guess people are more serious about saving America from itself than we thought…

  • Raising of Mexican flag during Colorado ICE protest sparks outrage from rally organizers, DA

    What did you expect? You are on one side or the other. The Left wants an America of people from everywhere with no culture, which means that our only interactions will be economic and political. The Right wants a culture. That is a harder sell, but now people are finding out that we needed it all along.

  • ‘We’re leaving France because of antisemitism,’ says Jewish couple

    Diversity is not working anywhere. After years of being told that their only hope of survival lay in crushing European and American nationalism, Jews are figuring out that diversity will destroy them just as fast as Nazis, and because it is disorganized, there is nothing that they can do about it. The Left has turned on them because, since Jews are a frequent target of Muslims, the existence of Jews is a threat to the Leftist dream of a diverse Equality-Utopia. The rest of society shrugs and says, “Guess you should have thought of that before supporting the Left.” Another tragedy unfolds shrouded in apathy and confusion.

  • Britons being exposed to toxic chemicals from birth, MPs say

    Modern society is a toxic wasteland. No one source is that significant, but when you add them all up, it is a death of a thousand cuts, just like you can live through any one of these, but not all together now: commuting, the McJob, the doomed marriage, the diverse neighborhood, the failing political system, the high taxes, the ugly cities covered in advertising and graffiti, the insane foreign policy of spreading democracy that will result in endless war, the death of all higher culture and nature, and the constant bloated expansion of humanity like a tumor upon the Earth.

  • White nationalist: Trump gives nothing but racist tweets

    Richard Spencer correctly intuits that the dissident Right does best right now by keeping pressure on Trump while changing cultural attitudes as we mock the infinite failure of clown world.

  • The global debt binge begins anew

    This is the ticking time bomb that destroys Leftism. In order to afford our entitlements states, our governments have bankrupted themselves; they have in turn extracted too much wealth from industry and private citizens, who are now living on debt. No one is worried about it because we all know that the voters will resist kicking and screaming any attempts to take away “their” bennies, and therefore, we are headed for default. Might as well run up a whole lot of debt because it will all be forgiven when the world economy crashes because we are all running up a whole lot of debt.

  • Britons believe far-right groups a greater threat to society than Islamist extremism, poll says

    Saturated in media that preaches about how Hitler was evil and his modern day descendants walk among us, UK citizens say what is expected of them. Will the last person with a functional brain please turn off the lights?

  • Former German spy chief causes alarm by sharing far-right tweets

    He was fired for noticing off-narrative truths and now has been finding more on the far-Right to like. The Left is building up a huge pool of highly talented people who have been destroyed by this system, and they now have nothing to lose and are ready to kill. Soon we hit critical mass.

  • The Unique Neurology of the Sports Fan’s Brain

    People need something of meaning to live for, and that means continuity with past and future and connectivity to something larger than themselves — nature, gods/God, culture, heritage/genetics, nation, tribe, social class, family — in order to feel that continuity. When we take away those traditional outlets and replace them with sports, jobs, and shopping, people become empty and therefore get more extreme.

  • Private health care facing ‘death spiral’ if young, healthy users abandon insurance, report says

    It said if current trends continue, Australia will find itself in a “death spiral”, where young and healthy people abandon private health cover, leaving a larger proportion of unhealthier, older and expensive users.

    When you tax people too much, they start resisting, and your already debt-burdened system goes into a full-on crash. This will happen with all social entitlements across the West as people stop owning houses, choose lower-earning but easier/shorter jobs, and do more of their transactions through barter. In fact, the black market economy is gearing up for a huge revival here in the West as people realize that evading taxes is the only way anyone will be able to get a breather on the treadmill of the worker’s society and its consumerist economy.

  • France to vote on ratifying contentious EU-Canada trade deal

    This is what is replacing globalism and silly empire fantasies like the EU. Countries will negotiate, as the UK will after Brexit, with each other to have free trade zones. This will cut tariffs, paperwork, and other useless costs, and allow

  • ‘Lion of London Bridge’ who fought off terrorists denied injury compensation

    But shocking footage showed him racially abusing anti-capitalist protestors and spitting on a black photographer, Inner London Crown Court heard.

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