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Periscope (January 7, 2019)

  • Bulldozers to soon plow through National Butterfly Center for Trump’s border wall

    The Left ignores everyday environmental issues until they become useful as part of an argument for more Leftism. They do not care about the National Butterfly Center. However, they hate the border wall, and so suddenly every Leftist is posting pictures of butterflies on their Facebook pages. They expect that you will see headlines like “Monarch butterfly numbers plummet 86 percent in California” and put two and two together and come up with a five in your mind that tells you that the Trump wall has killed off all the butterflies. When conning a mark, always let the mark come to the conclusion himself, because that way he will defend it to the end. You know what the butterflies need? More land dedicated to them. Humanity should use at most half of the land in any area it controls and leave the rest to nature, and not just the inhospitable places; we need to give back the nice ones as well. Tear down a few shantytowns, apartment blocks, barrios, favelas, strip malls, and schools, and let the open land flourish with the plants that nature normally deposits there. This will give the butterflies what they really need: territory. The biggest zero-sum games in life are territory and consciousness, and humanity has effectively excluded nature from both because we are pursuing the Leftist dream of total equality instead.

  • Jewish Families Will Leave UK if Faith Schools Forced to Promote LGBT Lifestyles

    Anti-Semites and other scapegoaters will identify Leftism as a fever that the West has adopted to burn out its parasites, but the correct order of things is that we adopted the Left as a parasite, and then others came to live among us because we allowed them to do so instead of doing the Machiavellian/Realpolitik sane thing of designating our nations as being for Us alone. No, instead what has happened is that we have made ourselves sick and dying, and while the sickness was not advanced, we offered a decent deal on the open market for people to come live and work in the West, and now they are fleeing what has become an animated corpse.

  • How the Self-Esteem Myth Has Damaged Society and Us

    Self-esteem, narcissism, and “my child is precious” thinking are all part of the same idea, egalitarianism, which itself arose from the basic human tendency toward solipsism, or an assumption that the world is bad and so all we can do is focus on our own immediate, tangible, material, and personal needs. Egalitarianism says that people can be self-focused and not be graded down for it, basically. It is collectivized individualism. People re-invent it in new forms every generation, and the self-esteem movement — I think of Mr. Rogers here, with his “I love you just the way you are” said to a television audience who he does not even known — is just the latest form of this emotional promiscuity.

  • What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln

    Illinois shows us the future of minority rule since Illinois has been ruled since the early 1800s by the Irish-American vote. To it they later added the Slavs and Italians, making for another vibrant cosmopolitan city like New York, even if the diversity at that time was simply admixed into white groups like Jews (North African), Slavs (Asian), Italian (Arab), and Irish (Semitic). Amazingly, a strong Irish culture dropped into a diverse city resulted not in an Irish city, but in a diversity city, which means that the lowest common denominator always wins, even more than it regularly does with democracy, consumerism, social popularity, and other utilitarian pursuits. Now Chicago is in debt for “$251 billion in unfunded public union pension liabilities” and shows us that with diversity, we get lots of socialist-style programs like those generous pensions for affirmative action hires in government, tons of corruption, plenty of organized crime, and other third-world problems. It only took us two centuries, but we have proven that diversity fails, even ethnic diversity within the white race.

  • Gun Use Surges in Europe, Where Firearms Are Rare (non-paywall)

    Terrorist attacks and diversity crime cause even mouse-passive Europeans to start buying guns. This means that they no longer trust their government to protect them, which means that even if they will not say it, they acknowledge that government is either incompetent or hostile to its people. That means that they reject not just their current government, but the political model upon which it is based, liberal democracy. Europe is ready for the return of the aristocrats since clearly democratic leadership has been nothing but a two-century bloody tantrum with a full diaper.

  • Americans warming to socialism over capitalism, polls show

    A more accurate title might be: Non-white, young, and female Americans warming to socialism again. That is, this is the same group of clowns — if we include near-whites in the non-white category — who have been agitating for socialism since the late 1800s. In the 1930s and 1960s, they won out, mainly because they had become essential in winning the wars of the previous decades, and each time they assume power, they do something so destructive and stupid that the next decades are spent trying to undo the problem. This means that a breakup is coming, because those of us who do not want to end up following the Russians and French to their doom will have to get away and re-form government around another principle, because the idiots have encrusted our current government in too many layers of socialism over the years for it to avoid taking the final step and becoming full socialist. First, it became an ideological republic in the 1860s; next, it adopted socialist-style entitlements programs in the 1930s; finally, it made itself a vehicle for civil rights in the 1960s. We have gone full Soviet and there is no escape from this except escape itself, which requires that we physically remove the Left and start over with new leadership. I did not say new government; as a product of mass mobilization, government itself is hostile because it always leans Left. We need leadership instead.

  • The extremist organisers of the St Kilda “anti-racist” rally (and why you haven’t heard about them).

    It turns out that the Australian “anti-racist” rally was funded, planned, and instigated by professional Leftist agitators. The Left invented astroturfing, or the habit of sending in the paid activists to pretend to be a grassroots movement, so that the rest of the audience would assume that this is what the kids are doing these days and lend their support to it. They do not need to join in, only to associate the Left with being new, cutting edge, revolutionary, and insightful, when in fact the Left is just giving in to the oldest human impulses, hubris (excessive self-importance for one’s place in the spectral hierarchy of humanity) and narcissism. People are not equal, but if you claim they are so, then peasants can pretend to be kings and all of us can hide our naughty little deeds behind the aegis of “preference” and “freedom.” The Left knows that your average person can be easily conned by giving them an excuse to do what they want to do anyway, and so they perpetually astroturf all sorts of protests, knowing that the average person will see in these protests a chance to further break down social order and therefore, to make the individual — themselves — more powerful.

  • Men ‘face MORE discrimination than women’

    In ninety-one nations, including all of the first world, men face disadvantages built in to the system where women do not. Let us refresh our minds as to why: in a society which dedicated itself to equality, there are those who are above average and below average. Those who are below average need to be made equal, or average, and since they cannot be made more competent, beautiful, healthy, or wise, the society invariably tends toward making them wealthier, since that it can do with external means. To that end, it takes from the above average and gives to the below average, making everyone average. At that point, everyone stops caring, and only the people who have a pathology of victimhood and a constant grievance leading to an obsession with power work within the system; everyone else picks the least offensive option for wasting their days, clocks in and stops caring, then goes home and enjoys what little time is left to them by the system of “freedom” that their ancestors have chosen. In such a society, the only people who win are those to whom something is owed because they are from categories of the below-average: women, minorities, homosexuals, the disabled, the insane. The worst place to be is within one of the categories of above-average, because then you are the target from whom things must be taken in order to raise the below average. You do not want to be in one of those groups that by category society assumes is above average, like the intelligent, the rich, the healthy, the white, the male, or the beautiful. And, as anyone can tell you, a false Darwinism has been applied here: over time, you will get fewer of the above average, and more of the below average, which eventually leads to your society becoming a third world wasteland like Mexico, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela, India, China, Illinois, Vietnam, or Sicily.

  • Scientist explores the ‘7th sense’ — the link between the immune system and the brain

    Living in a competitive world means that you must assume that others are out to get you because they are trying to get ahead of you. If they can be in a different area or specialization than you, then they constitute no risk, but if they are close to you in any way, they are competing for the same things. Either they get more than you do, or you get more than they do, because nothing is ever equal in nature so you will never get the same thing. For this reason, every organism known to us has some way of defending itself, including an immune system. Conservatives are often argued to be the immune system of civilization since we are geared toward anticipating and responding to threats, including those within our society, since we know — being long-term thinkers, unlike Leftists who by their centering on the self know only the tangible and therefore short-term — that if we set up a civilization correctly, our only possibility of error comes from threats. The Leftist has zero interest in setting up civilization correctly and feels a sense of self-empowerment when it engages in moral preening by ostentatiously denying obvious threats and instead pointing people toward pretend threats (scapegoats) which make the person pointing look profound because of course these are threats no one else anticipates because they are imaginary. The Leftist desires to be an iconoclast, and that requires that his theory not be grounded in reality at all.

  • Hundreds of Dutch Protestant pastors sign anti-LGBTQ manifesto

    You are not going to be able to make homosexuality, transgenderism, and bisexuality appealing to religious leaders because those things are an inversion of healthy sexuality. In healthy sexuality, sex is a means to the end of family and contentment, because in the long term, only having a healthy, stable, and sane family offers joy throughout life. It also teaches instructive lessons like humility and love. Inverted sexuality teaches that sex is a goal and not a means, therefore everything else can be used as a means to the end of sex, and not only alienates people from lifelong joy, but turns them into zombie robots who can be easily controlled because they will do anything for sex. Family is love, promiscuity is tyranny.

  • Newtownabbey: Five Romanian men attacked in hate crime

    As diversity proves to be a total failure everywhere it is tried, the poorer and simpler fringes of Europe — Eastern, Southern, and Irish Europe — are showing the least tolerance for this enforced parasite. Expect more “hate crimes,” really a code word for ethnic warfare, as government-applied diversity alienates more people who are barely making it as it is.

  • China passes law to ‘make Islam more compatible with socialism’ amid outcry over Muslim abuse

    Belgium is doing something similar. Public opinion of the herd holds leaders hostage because they cannot simply admit “our society works for Us, and anything else needs to go away” because then the troupe of monkeys will start screeching and flinging feces because an individual monkey somewhere might be denied the ability to do what he wants to do — even if it conflicts with the needs of organic entities like civilization — and therefore, no monkey can be safe from the principle of judgment which states that some order larger than the individual comes before the individual. As a result, leaders resort to bureaucracy, or making vast mountains of rules that make it harder to do things they do not want you to do, so that through this indirect control they both achieve what they need and avoid making the group appalled. Consequently you get burka bans, halal bans, the Danish requirement of the handshake, the Swiss citizenship test, demands for “assimilation” in America, and other nonsense instead of the proleocracy simply admitting that diversity does not work and cannot work, in theory or reality, because it has paradoxical goals, and therefore that we either end diversity or end ourselves. Oh, no; that looks bad, and the round mouths and round heads are nodding vigorously against that because proles are entirely regulated by social feelings, and therefore appalled. And so in the grand tradition of human cleverness, we invent a maze of rules and manipulations instead of being honest and simply excluded the illusory and therefore toxic behavior from among us.

  • Must Writers Be Moral? Their Contracts May Require It (non-paywall)

    Now we see the upshot of political correctness in business: as the hive clusters together, it decides that it must eliminate anything which deviates from its mindset, and anyone who supports the morally exiled must pay the price, too.

    That is “no platforming” and it started when Leftists would call up publishers, venues, and labels to demand they take a closer look at what they were “supporting.” In other words, to publish, host, or distribute a work of art was to interpret it politically and to support those political views, even if you were a relatively apolitical (or politically apathetic) punk record label, book publisher, or hole-in-the-wall bar with a grimy soundstage in back.

    Now business is responding to the high cost of no platforming:

    These clauses release a company from the obligation to publish a book if, in the words of Penguin Random House, “past or future conduct of the author inconsistent with the author’s reputation at the time this agreement is executed comes to light and results in sustained, widespread public condemnation of the author that materially diminishes the sales potential of the work.”

    In other words, if you have a scandal from any time in your life that contradicts your public image at the time of signing, you will be dropped. The herd has won! It has finally found a way to exclude anyone who offends it. This will further intensify the echo chamber and further remove humanity from reality, since the first taboo is on mentioning things that the crowd wants which are against the abstract order that is larger than the individual like nature, logic, reality, the world, common sense, reason, and sanity.

  • 312,000 Jobs Added In December, Manufacturing Growing 714% Faster Under Trump Than Obama

    Economics is a representation of reality. It is up to us to direct it, because it responds to what our societies value, but it shows us how well things work in reality, because function means long-term value and dysfunction is either valueless or has only short-term novelty value. For this reason, Leftists hate economics and propose socialism instead, but the closer they get to that — 1860s, 1930s, 1960s, 1990s, and the 0bama years — the more that the markets push back because we are being unrealistic. Trump simply suspended all of those bad plans, replaced them with a “us first” direction, and the markets rebounded. Leftism is anti-reality. We can take any direction we want, but it must fit within the framework of reality, just like we can take any path in the forest but it will still curve around hills and cross rivers at natural fording points.

  • Gardiner volunteers clean restrooms, take out trash in Yellowstone

    What happens when we do not have government? People do what is needed themselves. Over time, they start to charge for some of these services directly, but then you are supporting a local business, not an inefficient national bureaucracy. Even more, people get accustomed to doing more work on a charitable basis since they have the time and money that they are not giving to government and its paperwork. There is life beyond government. Even more, it is a better life. The longer that government is shut down, the more people are seeing that they would be better off with less government, and the government is freaking out as it notices this. Trump is not; every day that some middle class American sees that we can survive the government shutdown and in fact prefer it this way, Trump gains another voter.

  • Gov. Haslam grants clemency to Cyntoia Brown

    Thanks to the power of the herd, woman who killed man in order to rob him serves only fifteen years for the murder. Yes, no party in this was really a good person; if you find yourself taking teen prostitutes to a motel, you are probably a broken person. However, we see democracy in action with this event, where the crowd gets together and shares some warm feelings and so makes decisions far above its pay grade.

  • Baghdad at 10 million: fragile dreams of normality as megacity status beckons

    Future societies will realize that cities are toxic. Once you break people down into anonymous agents of commerce and social conformity, they become selfish and narcissistic, and stop caring about anything other than the immediate. A city produces people who have the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. This in turn makes them hostile to any long-term concerns like culture, heritage, values, faith, and mental health. In the city, everything is about you, and so the breakdown accelerates. Mega-cities seem to end up the same way: mostly poor mixed-race people with a few ultra-wealthy ruling over them, trying to keep the herd from revolting at the same time they attempt to profit from it.

  • Life Will Go on if Trump Keeps the Government Shut Down for ‘Years’

    The only people who depend wholly on government are people who are — for lack of a better term — parasites. Either from the underclass who are too incompetent to help themselves and therefore would die out under natural selection, or from the “new elites” of mixed whites (Southern European, Mediterranean, Eastern European, or Irish) and minorities who got ahead through “education” that consists of memorizing a maze of rules and instructions. These people are useless in nature. They are also draining away our future from our one precious resource, which is the best people among us, who are always the target of the mob because it resents what they have since it can never have it.

  • Germany’s Green party: Ban dangerous chemicals on high seas

    You know what really keeps those chemicals out of the high seas? Manufacture your own consumer goods… oh wait, Europe, you cannot do that, because you added costs to labor. There were those unions, you see, and then we have to pay for entitlements with high taxes, and then we have seven layers of regulations, and the lawyers and consultants need to be paid, plus we have to ensure that our affirmative action policies hire enough women, homosexuals, and minorities. At that point, making a television in Europe will cost five times what it does overseas, and so you might as well blame the cheaper labor on differential currency rates and then exploit that labor, because you can take a ton of profit from the margins. However, that means you have to ship them on giant boats which sometimes — or, frequently — drop these huge containers into the sea, ensuring that every square foot of Earth has its fair share of styrofoam, plastic, metal, glass, and wire.

  • ‘No proof’ dental braces work, German government report finds

    Dental braces exist to give people straight teeth. German healthcare does not want to pay for them because, like all socialized medicine systems, it is quietly going broke and anticipates lower revenues in the future as the large tax base of the Baby Boomer years goes away. Since they cannot refuse service to people, they will lower the quality of the service as a means of lowering its cost, reducing their country to third-world medical standards over time since no one can abandon the pretense of “we’re better because we have free healthcare!”

  • Nearly all terror attacks in France carried out by radicals already known to police

    Ninety-seven percent of terrorists were already known to authorities. This tells us two things: one, there is a much larger pool of people known to police who have not yet committed terror acts, and two, thanks to the fanatical policy of diversity, police cannot simply exile those who are likely to commit terror acts. This enables the terrorists to congregate in plain sight, and law enforcement is most likely totally reliant on paid confidential informants for information that will stop terror attacks.

  • Congress Is Now 3 Times More Jewish Than United States As A Whole

    No one wants to hear this, but this is a stupid idea. If you are a foreign group among a native population, you do not want to stand out. If you do stand out, you want it to be as silent partners, not leaders who are shaping the destiny of your host population. If you act like conquerors, you will face the judgment that conquerors do, which is that when things go wrong, your disproportionate activity will be noticed and you will be blamed. This is what happened in The Holocaust, which is why most of the killings occurred outside of Germany and outside of German authority. People associated Jews with the Communist Party, its secret police, unions, and organized crime, and since all of these had re-shaped society for the worse, people felt justified in mass killings of Jews. Apparently enough Jews have forgotten that lesson that they are trying again, and the horror will happen again.

  • Government rejects Senator Anning’s call for Muslim, Sudanese migration ban

    It is hard to tell who are stupider, the Leftists or the Rightists. The Leftists want diversity; the Rightists want to make diversity work for the Leftists, apparently, because they keep trying to apply asterisks to diversity. We will take in the world, they say, except this one troublesome group. However, you have multiple groups attacking each other. Diversity also means you have no national culture, you get a third world mixed-race group that consistently votes Leftist, and eventually you get genetically erased. There is no upside to diversity. It is only a path to death. Diversity delenda est! (Yes, I know this is not good Latin. However, I wanted to keep the term “diversity” in English because it is recognized as such in every nation on Earth.)

  • Modi govt announces 10 per cent quota for economically backward in general category

    India adopts an affirmative action program of its own. They will create a quota for the lower castes to have representation in all the nice jobs. Caste is a more honest version of class — we have it in the West, too, with Jarls being aristocrats, Carls being the middle class, and Thralls being the repetitive labor proletariat — and people who are lower caste are genetically coded for lower intelligence, self-restraint, time preference, chastity, and general competence. They are just lower, inferior, and less capable. This offends the egalitarian, but is common sense to a realist. We are now struggling to decide whether our human future is egalitarian and anti-reality, or realist and pro-reality. If we choose the former, we self-destruct as Plato indicated; if we choose the latter, we get to explore the universe. Whose side are you on?

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