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  • U.S. expands scope of program to return migrants to Mexico

    Trump resembles a patient painter. Where others want to scrawl a big symbol on the canvas, he starts with the background, then adds thousands of little details. They add up to the pincer strategy, or making it more risky and expensive to get here while reducing the risk for being here to all Hart-Celler style immigrants. Luckily the press could not escape the idiot fascinator of the drone assassination in Iraq. They will fuss over that for a few days while ignoring obvious larger, long-term structural issues like whether or not we want to be a Hart-Celler nation.

  • Whitehall reforms may lead to discrimination, says union

    Higher standards means fewer diversity, poors, and the aged among the staff. We either aim for quality or equality; it turns out that there is no middle ground. If we think clearly, competence is more important than anything else, and Leftists using government as a jobs program guarantees incompetence and waste. How could anyone support that?

  • France’s pension reform strike longest since 1968

    Once you let the Free Stuff Army, or its vanguards democracy and equality, into your nation, all political discussions become a question of how to expand the tax base and what to spend it on. The moron workers — sorry, you really are morons — have not yet figured out that every free franc given to them has to be made up somewhere else, and those costs are passed on to the consumer. Clever monkeys thought they could steal from other groups for themselves, but instead, everyone gets just enough to get by but never enough to be stable or get out of the system. The super-rich laugh, pay the fine, and realize that they have just inserted a barrier between themselves and others and will reign in perpetuity. There are no words for how brain-dead the moronic mental virus of equality makes people, but if you put up with this kind of interruption to your society, you have already given up on thinking anyway.

  • Don’t ignore far-left extremists, German police say after Leipzig attacks

    Cracks appear in the wall. Seeing the rising popularity of the Right as the Leftist ruling parties fail, police warn against the far Left violence that has been ignored for many years. Normally, it would be taboo to mention this, but things are changing.

  • Video shows fiery end to U.S. airstrike that killed top Iranian general

    Iran attacks your embassy. You either hit back, or Iran will feel emboldened to hit twice as hard next time. Assassinating some architect of the plan involves the least amount of loss of life possible. It also shows Iran that it needs to quit doing this or the next retribution will involve even more flaming bits of long pork scattered around the flaming remains of vehicles. Iran rattles its sabers, and the usual suspects — incompetents who make their money from keeping the sheep scared so that more taxes can lead to more wealth redistribution and, most importantly, more bureaucrats hired — make statements to panic the sheep into fearing war, such as the talking head neurotics and the United Nations parasites. None of these people do anything for humanity and if they died nothing would change for the worse, but still they have an agenda to advocate, which is for everyone to be huddled in their apartments committed to pacifism, diversity, socialism, and equality. That leads to hiring even more bureaucrats.

  • Money pumped into China’s economy in attempt to fight slowdown

    While Trump floats the trade deal, China finds itself dealing with not only the fallout of the slowdown beginning in 2008, but the end of the triangle. The triangle consists of Americans buying cheap Chinese goods, China buying expensive European goods, and China and Europe ignoring American goods in favor of their own. For some reason, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton thought this was great. It leads to both a loss of American industry and lower-quality goods for Americans, but since unions, regulations, and taxes have wrecked American labor, we are unable to get production up to 1980s or 1950s levels. The trade war will create opportunity for American companies, who if they are intelligent will use automation as much as possible, but this requires time for America to adapt to the new reality. In the meantime, Europe is heading for the abyss as the Chinese-spent Ameribucks upon which they relied are drying up. Whatever nation can get over the tax-and-spend cycle, reduce labor costs, and foster business will be the last man standing. Everyone else is going down in flames. If Democrats win in 2020, that will be America, too.

  • Left Behind by Migrant Husbands, Women Break the Rules and Go to Work

    Immigration takes the most useful people out of the third world and sends them to the first world where they live on the dole. Back home, everyone starves, and starving people have more children. We have set up a population bomb here that will take decades to defuse. In the meantime, the third world gets even more impoverished because its prime working-age males have departed.

  • Massive Attack to complete European tour by train as part of climate change fight

    Why do we have so few trains in operation? It turns out that once unions get involved, trains become expensive because unions can disrupt the flow of money. Companies do not have the fat margins that Leftists envision, so they go close to becoming bankrupt and are taken over by larger competitors. To avoid this, people switched to trucking, and now we have these giant vehicles hauling around the countryside running over animals and people as methed-out truckers try to beat insane time quotas. End unions, end many problems.

  • City lawmakers want to impose gentrification tax

    Government wants to charge even more property taxes on the pretext that gentrification is harming minority communities. This greed covers up the fact that gentrification destroys traditional minority communities, and that what does it first and foremost is the rise in property tax, at which point the original residents cannot afford to stay there or have their houses and businesses seized by the city. Those property taxes go toward schools (daycare for idiots, burdened with illegals, retards, and criminals) and paying for local government as a jobs program for minorities. Diversity will bleed us dry with a death of a thousand cuts. In fact, it already is, which is why the middle class shrunk under Obama and Clinton after a short initial boost from the “pump priming” of the economy, which like all disaster policies works great until it fails hard, sort of like using heroin as an antidepressant.

  • An employee at Chicken Express was sent home for refusing to take off her hijab

    The first rule of diversity game is to conquer all other groups by demanding that they put up with your activities which interrupt their normal behaviors. Soon they accept you as the new normal and give up on their own normal, at which point you can subjugate them. Increasingly, the West fights back, but not in the honest way, only with these little snipes and pokes. It would be better to get rid of affirmative action and then, only hire our own people, at which point hijabs cease to be a problem.

  • China’s pork crisis piques interest in dog and cat meat, as animal activists raise the alarm over illegal slaughter

    Yes, Virginia, cultures are actually very different, it is genetic and therefore will never change, and forcing them to “assimilate” just causes them to hide these behaviors until they can take over and normalize them. Diversity is dead; we are just figuring out how to bury the carcass and move on at this point.

  • Older of two Colorado teens charged in deadly shooting rampage pleads not guilty

    Many of us forgot about the great transgender massacre of 2019. It turns out that with diversity, no one knows who they are anymore, and everyone is looking for easy answers like changing sex. In reality, we need our culture back, and we cannot have that under diversity.

  • GirlsDoPorn: Young women win legal battle over video con

    On the day of the shoot, models were often given alcohol and cannabis before being asked to sign an eight-page contract.

    Most people are weak-willed until they reach their 30s, even more so now that parenting is dead (thanks sexual liberation!) and we have no culture because of diversity. Porn preys on girls with daddy issues and turns them into prostitutes, at which point their lives spiral downward. For some reason, these girls thought it was OK to be prostitutes just once, but then again, when casual sex is the norm, prostitution is just casual sex with payment.

  • Ex-Googler savages company on human rights

    Business does not involve human rights. It requires a company to make something useful. The Big Tech companies no longer do that beyond their initial products, and all of their recent attempts have failed, so they have settled into being jobs programs for the diversity. Consequently, they have set off internal revolts that will not be satisfied until these companies become full-on Leftist NGOs. Now they are just entitled groups with no clue how to spend their money. It is way past time to break them up.

  • Amazon threatened to fire employees for speaking out on climate, workers say

    If you care about the climate, or even better yet, the environment, you have no need for Amazon. All of that packaging which goes straight into the dumpster, the junk from China imported in smoke-belching transport ships, and the disposable products which amuse proles for a few months and then end up in the landfill all help wreck life on Earth. Even worse, Amazon has no business plan except to grow and take over everything that it can, at which point it will implode, leaving behind only inferior options. It boomed when in the 1990s diversity hit and people stopped wanting to go outside to shop or do anything else really. Just hole up in your security system protected gated community and do everything you can online.

  • China bans fishing in depleted Yangtze River for 10 years to protect aquatic life

    Great idea from China. Perhaps we should consider the same for our oceans, which are in freefall as fish stocks collapse from overfishing to feed the growing bacterial mat of humanity.

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