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  • Dissatisfaction with democracy ‘at record high’

    For almost two centuries, democracy has been the regime in power here in the West. During that time, we have seen our societies self-destruct as Earth increasingly becomes an ecocidal dystopia where people live in misery. In other words, liberal democracy has failed. People no longer see it as a solution, but as a horror. We know that dictatorships are unstable, oligarchies predatory, and military rule restrictive. That leaves one of the five possible options: monarchy. The restoration is coming.

  • South Africa warns Trump about ‘premature’ trade review

    In theory, the US is concerned about intellectual copyright law but some observers suggest that this is about the seizure of white farms. After all, any country allowing land seizure cannot be seen as viable trading partner. South Africa walks these back or loses a heck of a lot of trade, which conveniently would boost American industry and decrease transport pollution.

  • South Africa: wild animals at risk of ‘genetic pollution’

    Domesticated trophy animals may breed into wild populations, contaminating them and leading to their genetic destruction, even if a new hybrid lives on that believes in the Constitution, Fourth of July, hard work, apple pie, and strong defense. Trace admixture destroys a race even more thoroughly than attempts at forced outbreeding, since soon it has no option but to pollute itself in order to perpetuate itself. Nature is cruel and loving at the same time; it is more cruel, however, if you follow stupid human Utopian ideas instead of paying attention to the why behind how nature does things.

  • ‘No Chinese allowed’: Racism and fear are now spreading along with the coronavirus

    Liberal democracy identifies the real epidemic, which is intolerance of equality. In the meantime, the epidemic began in China and hits Asians and Africans harder than Caucasians. It turns out that maybe all of those plagues we endured gave us some hardiness. In the meantime, of course people fear Asians. They have virtually disappeared from our streets here, mainly because people who are not Asian have difficulty telling Chinese from Koreans, Japanese, and Vietnamese. No one wants to be blamed for the epidemic that will either fizzle quickly or mass slaughter humanity. Everyone is secretly hoping for the latter, since we all know that there are too many humans.

  • ‘Talking about sport at work excludes women and leads to laddish behaviour,’ warns management body

    They want to neuter you. Sports neuter you also, since they are a substitute for masculine aggression applied against real-world problems, but cucking you with guilt into not talking about sports represents another way to force compliance. Political correctness, the scourge of our time, will end in people who refuse to communicate at all. They will retreat to their condominiums, order in supplies from Amazon, turn on the big-screen television, and contentedly watch the world burn.

  • Shock & Roll

    We spent a century demonizing Germans and telling them that they needed to be ruled by guilt and self-hatred. It really is like pushing against a sapling in the wild. You can push it down, but at some point, it will come snapping back at a much faster speed. As extremism rises again, we should consider that simply having admitted that diversity, equality, and democracy were problems would have bypassed all of this drama, just as it would have during the American civil war.

  • GOP wins closely watched Texas special election

    It turns out that Trump is not what is crushing GOP candidates, but failure to update their platforms to the new populist vision certainly makes their voters stay home. The solution to a purple Texas is stronger Right-wing candidates so that people have an option other than “more Leftism” and “slightly less more Leftism.”

  • Into the Brexit unknown, a dis-United Kingdom exits the European Union

    Populism rises as people come to distrust unelected bureaucrats in highly centralized modern empires based on an ideology of enforced altruism. With the UK escaping the EU, it will be able to act for its own best interests, at which point other countries are going to see how much they pay and suffer to remain in this new corporate Roman Empire. The last century was one of democracy and ideology; the new century will show us a return to organic things like heritage, culture, hierarchy, faith, and nature.

  • Health care in America: For one family, a $300,000 debt nightmare

    As conservatives have said for a long time, socialized medicine is a total disaster. You want catastrophic and disability coverage so that if something prevents you from working and drives up medical costs, you have a policy to cover that. Insurers do not like this idea. They would rather charge you every month for all of your health care and then portion it out slowly so that they control what you do. Medicine and insurance should never have been combined; adding government is a disaster. If we privatized catastrophic and disability insurance, ended EMTALA and socialized medicine, and removed the regulations driving up costs, we could have a good healthcare system, by not having one. Instead we waffle and get a predictably horrible bipartisan compromise.

  • Huawei denies German report it colluded with Chinese intelligence

    If you are a company in a totalitarian state, you will do what the state asks, and then find yourself denying it to others. The first cracks in the European desire for Chinese 5G are appearing.

  • Migrants face housing discrimination in Germany

    Democracy has died in a cloud of endless demands for more equality in the name of people who cannot seem to take simple affirmative steps to survive. Functional people increasingly tire of this game and want to simply cut out the entire system, since all it does is take money from the thriving to create a huge pool of useless and compliant people in order to game the democratic system. Democracy is self-corrupting, and this is why it cannot continue to rule.

  • ‘Eco-fascist’ Arm of Neo-Nazi Terror Group, The Base, Linked to Swedish Arson

    If you want to protect the world against pollution, ecocide, and weather disruption, sign up an eco-fascist. This movement is just starting to take off, following the wisdom of Pentti Linkola and Ted Kaczynski, with a lineage going back to National Socialism and before.

  • Everything We Know About The Lord of the Rings Amazon Series

    The Left whines about cultural appropriation, but really what they want is cultural erasure. They will tear down your statutes, re-write the history books into propaganda,

  • Evangelical pastor claims coronavirus is God’s ‘death angel’ to ‘purge a lot of sin’

    Perhaps all of humanity. Ecocide may be the one unforgivable sin.

  • Greta Thunberg says climate demands ‘completely ignored’ at Davos

    Business realizes that “climate change” is another hyped trend. What is happening in reality is that we have too many people, and wherever they go they build giant heat reflectors called cities, and this messes up the jet streams and results in unstable climate anywhere those streams hit. We do not need carbon taxes, EnergyStar appliances, or Priuses. We need humanity to use less land. We can do everything we need to that way, but we are going to have to focus on quality not quantity. That scares the egalitarians, but not business, or anyone else focused on what actually works.

  • Author tour for controversial ‘American Dirt’ is canceled

    Mexican American writers have been among those strongly criticizing “American Dirt” for stereotypical depictions of Mexicans. Cummins is of Irish and Puerto Rican background and had herself raised questions about the narrative, writing in an author’s note at the end of the book that she had wondered if “someone slightly browner than me” should have done it.

    Mexican-American writers somehow did not manage to produce a comparable book. Soon no one will be poor enough, brown enough, and powerless enough to get published. Unless you are a transgender midget homosexual cripple retard with halitosis, you are not the Supreme Victim. Soon, the Supreme Victim will rise from the dead and come back to us as a prophet, telling us how to fail creatively so that everyone can be equally impoverished, stupid, immoral, lazy, visionless, and soulless. Oh, and you all get corporate make-work McJobs.

  • Gays in Hungary facing increased government hostility – rights group

    We do not need hostility to homosexuals. We need hostility to homosexuals who do not keep it under wraps. Within reason, society works if homosexuals can do their thing without attracting the attention of others, and in exchange, the majority does not do something stupid and harm the homosexuals, which will simply drive them into fake heterosexual lifestyles, spreading STDs and genetics not designed by nature to reproduce. We have real problems to focus on. Then again, this is just the backlash to Leftists making homosexuality their latest pretext in the war for Ultimate Equality.

  • Greece to build floating border barrier in bid to stop migrants

    Like an abused child, the West cannot simply say “Greece for ethnic Greeks” and kick everyone else out. Instead, we play these little legal games where anyone who arrives on the territory can claim an obligation to support him, based on the ill-advised American Fourteenth Amendment and its subsequent interpretation by highly Leftist courts. The Supreme Court recently approved of special restrictions on classes of people, such as those from Muslim countries or plague-ridden China, instead of insisting on that old Fourteenth Amendment jive which says that we can only consider people as individuals without group characteristics. Like it or not, equality and human rights are going down because they have failed, which is causing people to flee them.

  • Trump Declares ‘Beginning of the End’ For ‘Really Pathetic’ Fox News

    A year ago many conservatives were wailing because Fox News had made it clear that it wanted to liberalize, despite being the only conservative voice on network news and a relatively moderate one at that. Being entertainers, the owners of the network looked at the future and realized that they were afraid to follow Trump and Farage into actual realist conservatism, so they have opted to try to cultivate a Leftist audience instead. Trump points out that this is more rule by guilt and an attempt to pander to people who hate the Right, and these people will not accept the proffered olive branch, preferring instead to simply keep watching Leftist sources.

  • In sermon, Minnesota pastor calls Muslims a ‘threat’

    He got it half-right. All diversity is a threat. You cannot assimilate foreigners; you can only keep them in their own lands. It is not their fault that they come to conquer, but simply the rule of nature, one that we have decided to ignore in our quest for individualism (“me first”). We either reverse this course or suicide.

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