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  • Cities Prepare for the Worst as Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts Near

    Leftists want it both ways: Trump is achieving nothing, and yet he is disrupting the way things ought to be. In reality, Trump may succeed in salvaging America by cutting it free from what holds it back, like globalism, unions, diversity, taxes, regulations, and lawsuit abuse. If he succeeds, America will dominate the world while everyone else huddles in poverty, disease, and irrelevance.

  • Salvini vows to ‘evict’ government if far right wins Italy regional polls

    Everywhere, humanity suffers from the same poor judgment and bad decision-making. Large government makes society go down a path like that of the Soviet Union, where so much is taken out of the economy to subsidize workers that the economy tanks at about the same time that people figure out that if they show up and do nothing, they get paid the same as if they apply themselves and achieve results.

  • Hong Kong medical experts call for ‘draconian’ measures in city as research estimates there are already 44,000 cases in Wuhan

    Pandemics are going to change how we view individual rights. When everyone is healthy, human rights can work; when people are diseased, whoever has the disease is going to get locked outside the city walls for the wolves to eat, no matter how much they talk about their civil rights.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. — Spock, The Wrath of Khan

    In a non-utilitarian sense, epidemics destroy civilization, so you are willing to sacrifice some people in order to preserve civilization. The counterpoint to this is that if you let the disease rage and thin the herd, the remaining people will have immunity. There just may not be many of them. The age of pandemics will eliminate human rights and liberal democracy, replacing them with either centralization or hierarchy. If you are hoping for the Human Holocaust, and who could blame you, you can watch the coronavirus pandemic unfold in real time.

  • European police bust human trafficking ring worth $77M, accused of smuggling 10,000 migrants

    Who knew such huge money was being made from immigration? When we look more deeply into this one, we will find organized crime, unions, and Leftists.

  • German police probe Nazi-style beer brand

    Germans are tired of getting chided by foreigners for having been essentially correct about diversity in WW2, even if their methods were a bit unsound. The last five years have rehabilitated Hitler to the point where the average German is violently indifferent to Allied propaganda.

  • Germany warns of ‘mass exit’ of Jews if anti-Semitism persists

    Muslims are doing to the majority of these attacks, but ordinary Germans are not stopping them. It turns out that seventy-five years of guilt makes a hard heart, and no German cares if every Jew exits Germany.

  • Islamic State urges attacks against Jews in effort to thwart Trump plan: recording

    In the meantime, Muslims remain fanatically committed to cleaning up the Jewish problem with whatever horrible means they can summon.

  • Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz

    Tone-deaf to the last, the Jewish Establishment has missed out on the change in mood in the West, and wants to keep enforcing its agenda and defending the Left so that the Jewish population can live among the diversity. Hint: the diversity will kill you in hilariously awful ways, and your agenda is offending Europeans enough that they will soon be quite content to look the other way. Support nationalism and your local Kahanist instead!

  • France reports 27% increase in anti-Semitic acts

    The thing about diversity is that different groups hate each other. When you put them in the same society, you end up with constant crime, but this crime is actually a proxy of ethnic violence. A better solution is to end diversity, but that requires that we admit that equality is a pleasant-sounding Utopian lie and nothing more.

  • ‘Whitewashed’: how gentrification continues to erase LA’s bold murals

    What a non-tragedy! White people keep moving into ghettos, cleaning them up, and making them safe and productive again. This also removes the ugly murals with Communist themes of racial vengeance against whites. We are expected to join hands and weep over this situation, but in fact, no one cares. Everyone wants to move into those gentrified white neighborhoods if they can.

  • Several Fifth Ward families have a cancer diagnosis; nearby rail yard blamed

    Historical Black Neighborhood was near train tracks, and now is soaked in creosote, which possibly may be causing a massive outbreak of cancers. This is obviously horrible treatment of the African-American community and reflects how whites will be accepting of the Other on the surface, but then move away and essentially doom them to early death. This cannot stand. Diversity, slavery, colonialism, and identity politics are the same thing, and all can be cured by ending diversity.

  • Walmart tests higher hourly starting wages in 500 stores

    Large employer realizes that the flood of endless unskilled labor is ending, so gives employees a $1 raise in exchange for those employees taking on more responsibility and more tasks. This represents the Trump world order of less immigration and more focus on quality, not quantity. In turn, people without much education, money, or social graces get a shot at the good life through a job that rewards anyone constructive, productive, useful, alert, diligent, and competent. Darwin smiles.

  • Germany: Over 500 right-wing extremists suspected in Bundeswehr

    The last century of German policy seems designed to turn Germans into extremists. You can only for so long be told that you are horrible for advancing your own interests before you chuck all this neurotic cosmopolitan stuff — equality, democracy, socialism, diversity, feminism, pacifism, pluralism — into the dumpster and start heading for what has always worked in any age, namely honor, pride, loyalty, hierarchy, heritage, culture, upward breeding, and subjugation of the weak, foreign, insane, retarded, sociopathic, schizoid, criminal, and corrupt.

  • Jair Bolsonaro’s racist comment sparks outrage from indigenous groups

    Brazil has awakened to the fact that its Mongolian-origin Amerinds do a terrible job of self-rule and will always end up at communism, when what they need is a stable social order provided by hierarchy, European rule, and capitalism. The average IQ differential cannot be overcome here.

  • Nato’s purchase of five drones is ‘first concrete sign’ of moving away from dependency on US, says expert

    NATO moves away from dependence on the USA. Europe can no longer afford its entitlements programs. Without America footing the bill, European socialism will implode. The same will happen to China. As the illusions shatter, people will be forced to see that liberal democracy has ended itself, and we are moving on to a potentially much better future.

  • Modern Family: Average Parent Spends Just 5 Hours Face-To-Face With Their Kids Per Week!

    People work too much and spend too much time dealing with bureaucratic red tape. We should streamline all aspects of this society and cut work back to what must be done, then send people home to discover their friends, neighbors, families, gods, culture, and souls.

  • World needs to prepare for millions of climate displaced, UN says

    If it is global climate change, this just increases the problem. The UN has taken the mask off too early, and revealed that its real agenda is to obliterate the first world and replace it with a world population of a featureless, cultureless grey race. That will finally achieve what all Leftists desire more than life itself, equality.

  • Demand for tax cuts in Germany grows after record budget surplus

    Right now, Germany has a budget surplus. The politicians know that it will go away quickly, so they are trying to spend it so they have an excuse to wring out more. However, ordinary Germans are tired of paying so much in tax just to see it go to refugees, feminism, welfare, and other programs which do not benefit ordinary Germans at all.

  • Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna, among 9 killed in helicopter crash

    Before the sportsball fans overwhelm you, remember that Kobe Bryant is a rapist:

    Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. After months of reviewing discovery, listening to her attorney, and even her testimony in person, I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter.

    Recall also that he raped and sodomized an eighteen-year-old girl. Maybe the universe does have a sense of justice.

  • Every Place Is the Same Now

    It is not smartphones doing this, but centralization. When everyone adopts the same government, legal, and political systems, they end up doing the same things. This is why every city on Earth now looks like a localized version of Los Angeles. Even more, diversity has wrecked society, so people are interested in selecting only the parts of reality that they want to participate in, and they want to filter out the rest.

  • Thousands rally across Australia for ‘Invasion Day’ protests

    People social status signal in order to feel important in ways they cannot achieve with their ordinary petty lives. By passing moral judgment, they feel like ancient gods come to live with the power of objective™ science. In reality, they are just indulging in making excuses for the incompetence and failure of most of humanity. Aboriginals would be happier in their homeland of India.

  • 80 reptiles caught in Miami Super Bowl Burmese python hunt

    Watch an invasive species eat up all the domestic wildlife until nothing remains but rats and squirrels. Coincidentally, this resembles our immigration policy, which will soon create a grey race that will consume all of the different groups in our diverse societies.

  • Medieval treasures uncovered – from the sludge of a London cesspit

    It is amazing how little of the past we know, since people were too busy chasing after the latest trends, fads, and fascinators to bother writing down what they knew. That seems to be an inbuilt engineering flaw in humanity.

    And always car trouble: in St. Louis traded the 1942 Studebaker in (it has a built-in engineering flaw like the Rube) on an old Packard limousine heated up and barely made Kansas City, and bought a Ford turned out to be an oil burner, packed it in on a jeep we push too hard (they are no good for highway driving) — and burn something out inside, rattling around, went back to the old Ford V-8. Can’t beat that engine for getting there, oil burner or no. — Naked Lunch

  • The alphabets at risk of extinction

    We keep erasing what we know in order to emulate others who seem to be having a better time of it. Then when things are lost, people simply rationalize that those things were not that important anyway and then, look!, another trend to chase. Round and round… until it stops.

  • French Quarter antiques shop owner pledges to stop selling Nazi, KKK items amid controversy

    We can witness erasing history in real time. The losers of the past are now outraged that someone remembers. They will feel good when they conquer the winners, and then everyone can be an equal loser, together.

  • Outrage at whites-only image as Ugandan climate activist cropped from photo

    Behind the headline: a nobody stands with some well-recognized people. Associated Press crops out her picture in a story about how well-recognized people are campaigning for the environment. She cries racism, probably unfairly, showing how no one wins with diversity.

  • Delta Airlines Fined $50,000 For Telling Muslim Passengers To Get Off Plane

    I say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but the reverse DOES seem to apply… — Dan Lilker

    The shakedown continues.

  • Arizona bill would ban transgender girls, women from teams

    Transgenderism may be the furthest foray into “if I want to believe it, it is true” from humanity yet. Luckily this seems to be the peak, as people push back against the obvious. In the meantime, most transgenders are not honest transgenders, merely lost people looking for their fifteen minutes of fame through social status signaling, and after a few years of bossing others around they will begin to realize their mistake. Hopefully, at that point they will be sterile, enacting Darwin’s will on Earth.

  • ‘Embarrassing conduct’: Anger in Italy after Salvini’s election doorbell stunt

    It is not exactly rocket science to see that outsiders deal drugs, and many of these outsiders are foreign immigrants. Salvini just says what most people are thinking, fair or not. End diversity and this is not a problem.

  • Elizabeth Warren responds after angry dad confronts her on student loans

    Leftist policies always benefit the insane, unproductive, destructive, and useless at the expense of the sane, constructive, useful, and productive. Warren just stumbled into this one. The Overton Window shifted so far Left from 1918-2018 that the Democrats have nothing to offer short of Full Socialism, and this makes voters nervous, so they are desperately trying to find ways to disguise socialism as good old-fashioned American somethingorother.

  • Alone Time All The Time: Over Half Of Adults Describe Themselves as ‘Lonely,’ Survey Reveals

    The total alienation of modern society will be the single factor that unravels it. “Equal” means anonymous and unimportant until you demonstrate slavish obedience to the system, at which point you will be grinding away until your youth is gone and then wake up to find yourself divorced and lonely anyway. Community, culture, heritage, and hierarchy worked better.

  • Aboriginal youth detained at 23 times the rate of non-Indigenous kids, report shows

    Different groups, different behaviors. People recognize this and enforce accordingly. White people like to believe that the whole world should behave like white people, but in fact, people are quite different and happy that way. Diversity and assimilation are two sides of the same (failed) coin.

  • China is a massive headache for Europe

    Europe slowly realizes that the Mongols are back, and they have the same agenda, namely taking over the world. Apparently the total futility of this dissuades no one, much like the total failure of Leftism has not prevented it from accumulating a horde of useful idiots. It must be like teenagers and drugs: some cannot resist drugs and sex, and you either send them away, or all the other monkeys start imitating them. Darwin won his argument because humans act like monkeys.

  • Art History Department to scrap survey course

    Too white, too male. Better to erase history in pursuit of equality-Utopia than to stop and think. After all, careers are made by chasing trends, and someone else is left to pick up the pieces, which means that it goes to underlings who predictably do a halfway job and much is lost in that process. Humanity keeps pursuing the same pathologies and failing, but like a bug with its head cut off, cannot notice that fact and so keeps grinding ahead.

  • Fringe groups undermine democracy via social media: Kofi Annan think-tank

    Calls for conformity through censorship intensify as liberal democracy winds down. A healthy system does not need so much censorship; a dying one lives by it. No wonder the internet has been shunted into the hands of a few Big Tech tyrants.

  • Supreme Court seems favorable to religious education funding

    Roberts said no one would defend shutting down all public swimming pools “because a higher percentage of African Americans come and use the pools.”

    “No, of course not,” Unikowsky said.

    “How is that different than religion?” Roberts asked.

    Here we see the first inklings of the death of disparate impact, or the idea that if one ethnic group turns out to have worse results than another, it is the fault of the former. The Court rejects statistical views, pointing out that even if a high percentage of religious people use an exemption, it does not mean that this is unequal to others. Great, now apply that to affirmative action.

  • China Poised to Buy More From U.S., at the Expense of U.S. Allies

    Trump breaks the triangle. Europe, subsidized by the US, and China, subsidized by the US, were happily trading at the expense of America. Now that this has ended, China is buying more from the US, and Europe is facing the nightmare of realizing that its many regulations have raised costs to the point where its goods are non-competitive. Such clever people, socialists. They invent ways to pump up currency that work really great until they completely implode without much warning. Watching humanity chase these grand dreams is like slapstick. Every time, they have it blow up in their faces. But, like Wiley E. Coyote, they have to try again. Because, look! There is the dream. It is unlikely to be real, like winning the lottery or having Jesus come down to speak to you specifically, but it could be. And so, we repeat the cycle, making great things and burning them down, learning nothing.

  • DNA from child burials reveals ‘profoundly different’ human landscape in ancient Africa

    Remember the 1990s, when race was not part of DNA and we were all 99.9% the same? Slowly that ideological taboo — akin to criticizing Mao or pointing out that Lenin had a pointy head — has fallen. Now we have open recognition that race and ethnicity are coded in our DNA and that the differences between groups are significant.

  • French girl, 16, forced into hiding when anti-Islam comments online spark death threats and leak of school and address

    The open society always self-destructs in this way. In the name of openness, it becomes pluralistic. Then the different groups vie for power by getting offended by what others do. That leads to certain obvious observations becoming taboo. At that point, the open society has committed itself to being closed, and it self-destructs, all for the pretense of equality and openness!

  • Overtourism in Europe’s historic cities sparks backlash

    Bad news for Europe: tourism is all that you have left. Your days of greatness are behind you. You traded all that for equality and class warfare. Now, you are Disneyland with a high tax rate. No one pities you; the Greeks warned you, but you were certain you knew better, and you did not listen. It is your epitaph, and the warning against hubris will take the place of whatever fond dreams of Leftist Utopia you had. You have failed.

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