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  • MSG in Chinese food isn’t unhealthy — you’re just racist, activists say

    Some monosodium glutamate research disagrees. Apparently the ancient Romans used MSG. Most likely, “Chinese restaurant syndrome” results from the high salt, capsicum, sugar, and oil used in Americanized and consumerized “Chinese food” which combined with MSG may deliver a hammer-blow to the digestive system. After all, ethnic food is often associated with poor digestion with the same culprits involved. Even high doses of garlic can provoke an alimentary reaction. Is it “racism” to notice things?

  • U.S.-bound migrant caravan in tense standoff at border between Mexico and Guatemala

    Immigrants play the lottery when they try to come to the USA. If given money and encouragement by Leftist NGOs, they show up in great numbers with the idea of staging a mini-riot to get in. As long as we do not have firm rule of law, where those who obey the rules get in and no one else does, they will keep coming. A better idea involves simply refusing everyone so that they know their chance of getting in approaches zero, meaning that they will spend a lot of money, waste a lot of time, and still be back in the same circumstances that they claim to be fleeing. America was founded by pioneers, not immigrants, and immigrants today are simply coming for the affirmative action jobs and free entitlements state benefits. That means that by definition, whether legal or illegal, we are not getting the best, only the most opportunistic. This caravan represents a desperate attempt by Leftist NGOs to work around the crashing immigration numbers caused by the many tiny details of American immigration policy altered by the Trump administration. Crucially, this lack of cheap clueless labor is driving a tightening-up of the American economy and a renewed high employment level. These things drive the death of the welfare state, since when people are employed and working full hours, they start to wonder why so much of their money goes to taxes for that free entitlements state.

  • ‘We’ve Got to Change This’: Has Dixie Highway Reached the End of the Road?

    Any appreciation for the South must be solely attributed to racism, say the “civil rights” activists, who ignore the fact that people loved the South for not being the industrialized, urbanized, and soulless hole that the American northeast had become. As always happens in diversity, the interests of any group conflict with that of others, ignoring the finer details of history.

  • Climate refugees can’t be returned home, says landmark UN human rights ruling

    The Left loves the law because the law defends individuals, which means that it can be used as a weapon against any group interests or demands for social order instead of simply anarchy with institutions. Legislating from the bench, the UN wants to make it impossible for the first world to turn away third world immigrants who claim that they are fleeing the “climate change” disaster, when in fact this will simply erode the first world and produce a world with more humans producing more emissions. If anything else, the UN should realize that its own propaganda contradicts this idea, since it claims that people in the third world produce lower emissions than those in the first world. Moving everyone to the first world would — by their own logic — then result in catastrophic levels of emissions.

  • Capitalism seen doing ‘more harm than good’ in global survey

    They blame capitalism for the bad decisions made by democracy, as usual. Costs have gone up thanks to high taxes necessary to perpetuate the entitlements state and civil rights (diversity, globalism, affirmative action) agenda. High costs mean that only the ultra-wealthy get a chance to accumulate wealth, which serves their needs since it eliminates their competition; this explains why so many wealthy people endorse socialism, since it means that those who are already wealthy get to hold onto their power, status, and money while those who want to rise to that level are kept back. Government loves high costs because it keeps citizens, especially the smarter ones, on the treadmill and therefore less likely to oppose government and more likely to join it. Across the world, liberal democracies are making the same mistakes. This prompts complaints about inequality, driving people toward more of the same policies that cause them to have wealth but never enough wealth to feel stable in their position. Equality sets everyone at a starting level of zero and rewards only the compliant, obedient, and entitled who do not mind wasting their lives slaving away at the treadmill in order to rise in the system. That means that a select few become ultra-wealthy by selling disposable junk products to the masses of incompetent proles, and this group then endorses more taxes and regulations because while it can afford them, no one else can, ensuring that the status quo power structure remains intact. We are seeing Late Stage Democracy here, not Late Stage Capitalism; if anything, reverting to actual capitalism and getting market socialism and big government out of the picture would allow normal middle class living again.

  • Wuhan nCoV outbreak quadruples, spreads within China

    Almost two hundred people now have the disease, but the big point here is that it is no longer tied to one fish market and human-to-human transmission has been observed. While this is probably not a big deal, just another variety of the aggressive forms of influenza that have cropped up lately, it suggests that future epidemics will come as these organisms mutate to work around our treatments of them. Most impressively, the virus seems to spread aggressively despite precautions, infecting fourteen health care personnel so far. Perhaps nature has found a way of clearing out the eight billion extra humans, after all.

  • As gun rights rally looms in Virginia, Richmond residents fear another Charlottesville

    Mass panic roils the United States as it becomes clear that Civil War 2.0 will not go away. One group wants government and socialism so that equality can reign, where the other group wants competition and traditional living so that — in emulation of natural selection — the good rise and the bad go off somewhere else. The same was true during the Civil War, where the South opted not to become an industrialized urban nightmare of corporate jobs and consumerism, enraging the North which wanted cheap textiles and picked a fight over slavery to force itself on the South. “Civil rights” simply means social breakdown, which benefits the cruel manipulator and destroys normal life.

  • ICE issues list of ‘fugitive’ illegal immigrants freed by New York City’s sanctuary city policies

    It feels like the 1850s agenda as local jurisdictions war it out with the federal government over civil rights. To realistic observers, even our limited crackdown on immigration so far has produced a healthier economy and social outlook than open borders, so this one shows us those who are in denial of the failure of the system and want more of the system against those who want to escape the system and trust in nature, common sense, and a historical knowledge of what works best instead.

  • Humans risk living in an empty world, warns UN biodiversity chief

    Human activity is busily exterminating natural species. They speak of “deforestation, pollution and the climate crisis” but the only way to limit these is to limit the amount of land available for humanity, in turn limiting the number of humans and the low cost of environmentally destructive acts. When we all lived on quasi-farm homesteads, owned our own businesses, and had strong culture and nationalism to guide us, none of this was a problem. History will record that ecocide came about through the liberalization — loosely, “relaxation of standards” — brought about through the rise of individualism in the Enlightenment™ and the consequence focus on collectivized individualism, or egalitarianism, through the adoption of liberal democracy and market socialism, commonly called “neoliberalism” by raving internet Leftists.

  • The Democrats’ Best Choices for President

    The incumbent president, Donald Trump, is clear about where he is guiding the Republican Party — white nativism at home and America First unilateralism abroad, brazen corruption, escalating culture wars, a judiciary stacked with ideologues and the veneration of a mythological past where the hierarchy in American society was defined and unchallenged.

    They miss the point that “white nativism” confuses the essential meaning of American Nativism, which is defense of the ethnic Western European founding group that pioneered this nation. Since America worked best under the ethnic Western Europeans, we will be heading back in that direction, with mixed-whites (Southern, Eastern, and Irish Europeans and Jews) and non-whites (Africans, Asians, mixes) going away.

  • Influencers ‘being offered thousands for sex’

    Wait a second. When you put yourself out there as a sex symbol, do not be surprised when people consider you a prostitute waiting for the best offer. Those who make money pleasing others will always be taken literally and these lines of convenience erased.

  • The 2020 Democratic field is outraising Trump by a huge margin — that didn’t happen to Obama or Bush

    In democracy, which since it is dedicated to equality loves underdogs and scapegoats, being the small guy “telling truth to power” is a profitable area of business. This is why the GOP wants to cuck, and the Left relishes having another Reagan era style opposition movement. By being the underdog, the Left can continue to rake in money and have zero accountability, since its only mission is to “resist” the Trumpreich and not to actually achieve anything. When you have no goal, you cannot fail.

  • Many Texas college students turning to Sugar Daddies, Mommas for tuition — UT tops list with most ‘Sugar Babies’

    Only a third of them use the money for tuition and school-related expenses. The rest are paying for high rent and luxuries. First we sacked the teenage labor market by importing illegal aliens; next, we drove up education costs through “free” government grants and loans; finally, property taxes sent rents soaring (renters still pay the tax) especially in Texas which has some of the highest property taxes in America, causing wealth transfer to entitlements starting with public education for illegal aliens which often requires new school construction to house them all. All of these pass on higher costs to the student at the same time that students have almost no work experience and are already highly sexually liberalized, encouraging many of them to prostitute themselves for a living.

  • Immune discovery ‘may treat all cancer’

    The universe speaks in metaphor. Scientists discover that T-cells can be “re-programmed” to recognize cancer cells as Other and remove them. We are doing the same to our minds, realizing that there is no universal system, values, communication, or truth, and therefore that we need to be apart from all Other. Diversity is over; perhaps cancer is, as well.

  • Boris Johnson defeated in House of Lords as peers vote for EU citizens to be given physical proof of right to stay in UK after Brexit

    Leftists want to work around Brexit by allowing people from other European nations first to stay, and then to come back. Watch them expand this rule over time. It will eventually extend to temporary citizens of other European nations as the Leftists attempt to create an immigration pipeline yet again. Why are they so pathological? They need for diversity to exist in order to prove that equality is real, something they require because it obviously is not real, so they need to force it into being against nature, common sense, logic, and history.

  • How Trump Has Kept Near-Unanimous GOP Support Through Impeachment

    Short story long: he has created new opportunity in the GOP, which otherwise like all human ventures would become a few people in power maintaining that power through social pressures. “The swamp,” or entrenched bureaucracy, is real within the GOP as well, and it means that those who have already found their niches want to keep everyone else out. It is no different from how the kids in the “cool” cliques never want to admit outsiders. On the other hand, the DNC swamp controls most of DC because Leftism offers an excuse for government to expand, namely civil rights.

  • Isabel dos Santos: Africa’s richest woman ‘ripped off Angola’

    What defines the third world? Higher levels of individualism, or lack of obligation to anything but oneself. One becomes wealthy in the third world by gaining a position of authority and then taking or selling everything that one controls. For this reason, in the third world institutions and positions of authority are seen as ways of making money, and only incidentally to do whatever task or role they “officially” perform. Without those institutions, individuals in the third world find their options are limited, which just restarts the cycle of trying to rip off everyone else before they rip you off.

  • For Retired Seniors, Key To Overcoming Loneliness & Isolation Is Acceptance, Independence

    “Loneliness rivals smoking and obesity in its impact on shortening longevity,” says lead study author Dr. Dilip V. Jeste, senior associate dean for the Center of Healthy Aging and a professor of psychiatry and neurosciences at the university, in a statement.

    Diversity will kill you. It reduces social trust. Without that, people do not form bonds. Soon you have a whole nation locking itself up in its apartments, commuting to work in SUVs, ordering its supplies from Amazon, entertaining itself with streaming video, and living its life vicariously through the internet, which as it is anonymous and ephemeral provides no lasting connection, merely intensifying the loneliness.

  • EU on alert: Protests break out in Germany and Ireland amid anger at Brussels regulations

    Regulations refer to the many little rules handed out by unelected bureaucrats. In America, we have the fourth branch of government, administrative agencies, but in Europe, much of government consists of appointed committees and bureaus which decide what “should” be done. Oftentimes, this clashes with market wisdom, which is especially difficult for Europeans as their costs are much higher than those in most of the world, which makes their products more expensive and therefore, less competitive. Add a regulation, possibly bankrupt many farms.

  • Geneva mosque to be run by Swiss management

    Swiss take over mosque after connections to extremism were discovered. This prompts the larger question of whether or not there should be mosques in the West at all. After all, any religion which is not the majority is conquered, which makes all religions — like all ethnic, racial, and cultural groups — seek to dominate all others, prompting the constant internal turmoil for which diversity is well known.

  • Meghan Markle’s dad accuses daughter of ‘destroying’ the royal family

    Miscegenator experiences diversity regret.

  • Chaos in Puerto Rico as mob finds unused disaster supplies

    Welcome to life in the third world. Those in power steal anything that they can and then resell it later.

  • China moves to phase out single-use plastics

    China makes a sensible move. More sensible would be to limit the amount of land available to humans, which would limit the population, and then to have some kind of refuse recycling or incineration policy so that pollution would not enter the environment. You will probably not be able to limit the amount of trash produced on the whole, so long as people are buying food and supplies instead of producing them, but you can ensure that it does not get introduced to the wild.

  • San Antonio spends over $300K to keep Chick-fil-A out of airport: report

    In order to show that they are good Leftists, the minority-majority city of San Antonio fights having a Chick-fil-A in the airport, despite the fact that this restaurant offers good quality at a reasonable price when considered in the context of fast food. In the end, all actions of this sort aim to manipulate voters, and the voters then pay for them in the form of higher prices. An airport restaurant that wants to sell $12 sandwiches definitely does not want Chick-fil-A in there offering reasonably safe food for $6 per sandwich.

  • Malaysia says won’t be ‘garbage dump’ as it returns waste

    We can afford to recycle or burn our garbage. We do those things not because garbage generates value, necessarily, but because we want to prevent it from going into the environment. Not only does this work in Norway and Sweden, but some parts of America have adopted high-temperature incineration as a way to cleanly remove trash and generate energy at the same time.

  • Fast food giants still ‘failing’ on chicken welfare, says report

    Fast food rewards low cost and convenience above all else, which means that animal welfare comes secondarily if at all. Who feels good about this? Without the need for a modern economy, we would have no need of fast food, which by providing cheap food generates lots of economic activity and therefore taxes to fund the State. However, in order to make money off cheap food, one must cut corners everywhere, including on raw materials, most of which are generated by animals.

  • Gun industry gathers amid slumping sales, rising tensions

    Gunmakers do not prosper under Republican presidents, but do great when Leftists are in power and threatening to enact gun control. An American Civil War 2.0 might be just what they need.

  • Norway government collapses over IS spouse repatriation spat

    Norway has a populist party, but it leans Left, and therefore decided that it was essential to bring back an ISIS supporter because she has children who might otherwise suffer. With incidents like this, politicians are learning the lesson that people do not want legal immigration or more safeguards on refugees; they realize that diversity has totally failed and can never work, so they want to hear about how it is being dissolved, even if they cannot articulate that when asked.

  • The AR-15 a Portsmouth councilman wore to a meeting this week stunned two of his peers. One wants an apology.

    Modern society specializes in being unreal because humans want to ignore so many parts of reality. We do not want to hear about death, disease, war, frailty, failure, and risk. We want to hear about how everything is going well and we do not have to change or adapt to our world, including the “invisible” parts like events over time and aging. You can see why such things exist; without them, humanity would become wholly solipsistic and shortly afterwards, catatonic. People fear guns because they mean war and the possibility of death, forgetting that the best way to survive is to resist those who want to destroy you.

  • Row over white models in ‘cornrow wigs’ at Paris fashion week

    Cultural appropriation claims more victims. In the meantime, the list of uncontroversial stuff continues to shrink, as do the hopes that people have of surviving multiculturalism.

  • Federal appeals court rules that both parents in same-sex relationship can be listed on their child’s birth certificates

    Law operates by precedent. Once you establish, as with the Fourteenth Amendment, that government needs to force equal treatment of all citizens, that definition will expand until it includes everything short of murder. The Right needs to get organized and remove civil rights law since it will eradicate any social order that remains.

  • Thousands-strong Hong Kong protest cut short by clashes

    Hong Kongflict expands into a struggle between Communism and “democracy,” by which the protesters lump together liberal democracy, market socialism, and independence from the desires of the majority in mainland China. In reality, they will always find themselves in the process of being absorbed until they find a way to fully separate from China. At that point, they will face a new struggle, which is the innate tendency of democracy to want to return to its master, the ultimate expression of equality, Communism.

  • Tennessee governor seeks to amend law honouring leader of Ku Klux Klan

    More erasing history so that our current path appears more inevitable than it is. Most Leftist activity consists of rationalizing decline at this point.

  • Hospital’s ‘unfathomable ineptitude’ caused mother to bleed to death hours after childbirth, inquest rules

    Diversity doctors snuff another one. The NHS relies on diversity hiring in order to get the cheap professionals it needs to keep from going bankrupt. Otherwise, it would have collapsed long ago. As the old saying goes, nothing is free; you just pay for it later somewhere else. Sometimes, that payment includes your life.

  • Rotherham child sex abuse victim ‘vindicated’

    Apparently the police were aware that the abuse “had been going on 30 years and the police could do nothing because of racial tensions.” Chalk up another cost of diversity, which seems cheap until it comes your turn to pay the price for an unstable, unworkable, and vindictive political system.

  • The contiguous United States just lost its last wild caribou

    Humanity snuffs another species. The more we expand, the less land remains for animals, causing their populations to crash because they cannot forage, hunt, fight, mate, and raise young as they need to. For each chunk of land, many species exist that use it simultaneously, each in its own niche. In order to keep these species alive, we need to have enough individuals alive and in contact in order to establish internal genetic diversity. When we build roads, fences, cities, and suburbs, we exclude them from that land. Whatever we use, we need to have at least that much kept wild so that these creatures and plants can survive.

  • ‘White only’ signs sold at Colorado antique store called racist

    History offends people, mainly because they realize that ultimately, it will be our judge. Those “whites only” signs existed for a reason, just like diversity has failed for a reason and we will replace it for a reason.

  • Germany posts worst annual growth since 2013

    The Trump crackdown on the triangle of unbalanced trade between EU, US, and PRC takes its first scalp. In particular, Europe is having trouble selling cars in China now that the Chinese unfair trade practices have been stopped. This means that Europe may have to stop cruising on its historical reputation and doing something actually impressive, which will be something new since the 1990s at least.

  • CID investigating whether Army infantry officer called for mass murder and destruction amid racist, anti-government Reddit screeds

    Man speaks Alt Right talking points, so Reddit cucks dox him and compile his outrageous opinions in an attempt to destroy his career. As usual, social media accrues all of those with nothing better to do and delusions of grandeur.

  • Why Manhattan’s Skyscrapers Are Empty

    Supply of housing has not kept up with population growth, and the housing that we are building in our cities caters to those with a lot of money, mainly because they pay the taxes that keep the social programs afloat. The same thing is happening in the UK, where high taxes have driven up prices because homeowners must now earn more money from the sale of their homes to offset what they paid out in taxes. Much like insurance, free stuff from the government simply moves the costs elsewhere, increasing them in order to fund the government bureaucracy and its dependents in the process. This is how democracy ends.

  • After drastic policy changes, more than 20,000 Cuban asylum seekers are fighting deportation

    Like the rest of the first world, America has realized that if it does not stop immigration, it will become the third world. When that happens, it will have ceased to exist as a society, but long before that, it will have become a permanent Leftist regime. The only solution consists of ending diversity and repatriating those of foreign genetic origin.

  • Trump assembles a made-for-TV impeachment defense team

    The Left wants this to end with the idea that they made a good case but were obstructed by the Republicans; Trump wants to play it out so that the evidence is revealed for as thin and misinterpreted as it is, effectively putting the impeachers on trial at his own impeachment hearing. This shows him skillfully inverting the tactic of the Left, which is to use media attention to force change. He wants the same media attention but even bigger so that over time, the lack of convincing material serves to make outrage instead of demands for removal. If he pulls this off, the Left will regret the day that they went down this path, but it remains equally clear that their audience does not care and cannot tell the difference. They just want their team to win and rule in perpetuity, even if it requires destroying the country to achieve that.

  • Biden Calls for Repeal of Law that Shields Internet Giants From Liability

    Biden wants to remove protection for social media against liability for what their users write. This inverts defamation law, which ultimately is about the individual having liability for what they write. Biden knows that removing these protects will set off an orgy of censorship by social media as it tries to avoid the possibility of infringing content. While that is terrible, it may force the internet into its next evolution, namely as not cyberspace but many small fringe communities hidden behind the digital equivalent of locked doors.

  • Putin’s, Xi’s ruler-for-life moves pose challenges to West

    Their activities are normal for Eurasia and Asia. Westerners exist in a mental bubble based on the pocket of time after WW2 when liberal democracy took over the world and the time, probably in the early 2000s, when it became clear that it would not work for everyone, so nations began to revert to their historical models. In Eurasia and Asia, that means strongman warlords who execute dissidents.

  • Murdoch’s flagship Australian newspaper pushes climate denial as devastating bushfires rage

    People warned the Left that tying “climate change” to Leftist ideology would make it a partisan issue and backfire on that basis. It has backfired, and yet the Left simply doubles down, wanting to use “climate change” in the model of “civil rights” as a battering ram to force its control into every area of society. In the meantime, ending immigration, killing globalism, ceasing entitlements, and exiling Leftists would all help the problem, but we hear no support for that, and little mention of the only practical way to end pollution, climate problems, and ecocide, which is to set aside half of the land on Earth as a nature preserve into which humans do not intrude.

  • Period poverty: Schools urged to order free menstrual products

    Another shakedown emerges. In an egalitarian system, all you must do is find one person who is inconvenienced by something, and then demand free stuff for them. They will get those free menstrual products, but another ten thousand bureaucrats will be hired to make it happen, meaning that the actual cost will be multiplied by many times. This is how the Left grows and reproduces: it spreads misery, demands free stuff, and hires Leftists. With the Left, you will always have a (pointless and tedious) job, and that appeals to your average modern citizen with no culture, family, heritage, philosophy, faith, or particular wisdom. In the name of ending the domination by money, they have made it all about money.

  • Beijing expanding attempts to influence foreign media — including Canada’s, report says

    When you have an “open society,” anyone with money can manipulate it and take over. China has realized that it can do this with Western media, and while it is starting with Chinese-language publications, no doubt it has already expanded this reach to journalists in English. A few thousand dollars in a fast food bag can buy a lot of positive coverage from people who do not get paid very much, and since media is suffering a glut in the face of diminishing demand, many writers will gladly place their loyalty up for sale.

  • Pope condemns ‘barbaric resurgence’ of anti-Semitism

    Every nation wants to rule itself. This means that foreign influence is not wanted, even if it comes from people of foreign heritage, culture, and religion within the nation. Although this manifests as various forms of bigotry, the origin is in diversity itself. End diversity and all of these problems go away.

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