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Periscope (January 2, 2019)

  • Heavy Metal Music Label Closes Down Following PayPal, Credit Card Processor Blacklisting

    De-platforming served as a great gift to the Left. Once it became legitimized by media and social media, who simply wanted controversial opinions off of their sites, the Left got busy going up the chain. They would attack your host, your web provider, their provider, and finally, your domain name registrar. Eventually, they took you off of the internet. Now they have found out that they can do the same with vital services like credit card processors, since every business is so afraid of the attacking lynch mob that it will simply drop customers rather than engage in controversy. As part of their attempt to take over culture, Leftists have attacked the remaining non-conforming musical genre, heavy metal, in an attempt to sterilize it, render it impotent, and then churn it out in a more acceptable form like rock, punk, jazz, and even hip-hop have become. This is why free speech and free association have become the battleground of the twenty-first century: many of us simply want the option to avoid participating in the great Leftist crusade to make Utopia by forcing all of us to be “equal” in whatever way they interpret that to mean this week.

  • Israel: African migrants told to leave or face imprisonment

    Nationalist Israel demonstrates the right way to deal with migration from the third world: tell them that their options are going back home, or jail. No need to get more extreme than this because you have just ruined the expected reward, namely an easy life in the first world, that gets migrants into ships and trucks to make the long journey. Without that easy payoff, they would not bother, just like if lottery tickets cost $100, fewer people would play.

  • ‘Out of control’: The ‘race war’ brewing on Melbourne’s streets

    Diversity cannot work because it fragments national unity into many special interest groups which form along religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial lines. This joins the Leftist crusade to splinter society along class lines, and to alienate all who are not Leftists, which fragments politics into lots of special interest groups like MADD. As we approach full diversity, expect the different groups to make war on each other. They do it in America, but this country is savvy enough to avoid mentioning that it is a race war unless white people are involved. As diversity collapses, we need to think about strategy: oppose diversity and immigration generally instead of attacking their symptoms, such as high ethnic crime, race riots, daily racial resentment, discrimination lawsuits, affirmative action incompetents, police shootings, and other daily parasitic vitality-sappers created by diversity and immigration. Instead, go for the jugular: say it loud and proud that immigration and diversity are simply dysfunctional policies that need to be stopped and reversed. Boats to Asia, Africa, and Ireland! (We can ship Leftists to Venezuela later. They will love it: abundant diversity, socialism, anarchy, top-notch drugs, and ethnic food!)

  • Empty Homes and Protests: China’s Property Market Strains the World (non-paywall)

    China wanted to be a superpower and built itself up into a major power with an economy that had one major product, its own labor. Under globalism, the rest of us subsidized this. Now that globalism has collapsed in a string of Western nations heading toward bankruptcy and race war, the first world economies are pulling back and becoming self-sufficient. This means that China, which has over-extended itself, will see its own Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme collapse. Get ready for the economic domino effect as these failures come cascading across the ocean to hit Europe and the US. On the plus side, the globalist Tower of Babel has begun to show the signs of its collapse, and when it goes, we will be able to act independently of what the rest of humanity wants us to do which, following the poor results of their own decisions, would have likely been our suicide.

  • Andrew Cuomo: New York to lead U.S. out of ‘great social depression’ brought about by Trump

    They always blame the person who notices the lie and not the lie itself. America has been massively divided for a long time, but the Left simply suppressed anyone who noticed. With the rise of Trump, Americans — like the British with Brexit before them, and the “yellow vests” in France after them — found a neutral libertarian angle of critique of our globalist Leftist New World Order, namely that it makes ordinary life impossible and everyone is impoverished by the high-cost tax-and-spend agenda and what it does to our economy. The Left, called out on the facts that it is the Establishment now and that its policies are all failing, has turned to blaming Trump for causing the division, when in fact the division was caused by those failures of Leftist policies. “The Leftist cries out as he strikes you!” + send them all to Venezuela.

  • Gilets jaunes are violent, racist, hate‑filled liars, says Macron

    The Left has not yet figured out that the gig is up. They used to have a comfy existence being the Establishment that did not admit that it existed, because that way they could act, the media would cover up how badly things turned out, and then anyone criticizing the act would be called a “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” “classist,” “elitist,” “ableist,” chauvinist, bigot, or some similar term and this would induce others to destroy that person and their lifestyle. Soon no one objected, and so in the solipsistic stupor of the fatuous idiot promoted to a position of power, the Left assumed that this meant that everything was going just fine. In 2016, after eight years of 0bama wrecking America while the $40k/year journalist clickbait experts assured us that everything was better than ever before, America revolted just as Europe is now in rebellion. People realized, finally, that all those nice-sounding plans and entitlements resulted in high taxes, high costs, and unstable cities where you needed a lot of money to buy your way out of problems. No one could live a “normal” life anymore; we had to dedicate ourselves to succeeding within the system, much as people in the Soviet Union had to back before it fell. As a result, people no longer have faith in Leftism, including globalism. This means that they have also lost faith in the insults, so when Macron address the “gilets jaunes” by claiming that they are a hate-filled crowd attacking elected representatives, the forces of law and order, journalists, Jews, foreigners, homosexuals” and says that this is “simply the negation of France,” people find themselves no longer appalled by those things. In essence, he called them a “basket of deplorables,” and now all of them are considering adopting the positions that he vilified because if he hates them, they must be good.

  • Ex-New York Times editor Jill Abramson rips paper’s ‘unmistakably anti-Trump’ bias

    She is not wrong but, this is also the newspaper that championed Stalin and denied the mass murders of the Soviets. This is the newspaper that also routinely publishes clever evasions of Right-wing arguments instead of facing them on their merits, and bleats out the “talking points” that are used to unify the Left-wing crowds at the next protest. They also relentlessly give awards to bad books for being PC and shun anything which is farther Right than Jeb Bush’s Hispanic wife. They blatantly obscure facts, such as about the Central Park Five, and have a long history of reporting sensationalized blather such as the murder of Kitty Genovese. The problem is not that The New York Times is biased against Trump; it is that it is a Left-wing propaganda organ that is as transparent as Izvestia.

  • Remove Confederate statue or face possible legal action, Winston-Salem tells Daughters of the Confederacy

    Careerism killed the West. To not get passed over for affirmative action candidates, nieces and nephews of rich donors, and the usual obedient conformist brown-nosing bean counters, you have to get famous outside of the job, so every public figure in America wants to get the headlines that ensure that his or her fifteen minutes of fame translates into enough visibility that lack of a promotion would seem like an omission. As a result, each little town out there with a Confederate statue has some politician or bureaucrat who wants to get in front of the cameras, cry a little, and then talk about how they are doing the “right thing” by obliterating history. In Winston-Salem, the little men are claiming that because the statue was vandalized a couple of times, it should be moved, and if it is not, something awful — they never quite say what — will be done to the organization that owns it. If the same rule applies, it sure would be terrible if someone were to vandalize City Hall (twice), because maybe they could move into into the Atlantic and we could have some sanity for a change.

  • ‘Seattle-ization’? American cities fear what’s happened here (non-paywall)

    The Left arose from a party of shopkeepers. They look at life through the prism of selling things. For this reason, their economic system consists of increasing the value of the end product by taking on debt. This type of outlook, demand-based economics, means that you are able to save almost no money because you pay it all in taxes and the high cost of living, but if you are very obedient and move to the center of the city and waste your life on working hundred-hour weeks, you will end up with a very expensive house and when you sell that, you can retire with a lot of money. If you are not obedient, you cannot live in the cores of the cities, and so you will be pushed outward into cheap housing and the violent underclass for your failure to participate, citizen. This makes American cities into two-layer apartheid-style systems: the people who are very obedient are rewarded, and everyone else is destroyed.

  • Brazil’s Bolsonaro targets minorities on 1st day in office

    Not quite, AP. Bolsonaro is targeting civil rights itself, since civil rights has been used as a universal path to power by the Left since WW2. If you can find someone from a protected group who is not thriving under any policy, it must go out the window, which effectively erases any majority culture or their ability to defend themselves against Leftist graft-by-taxation. Bolsonaro has simply removed Leftist civil rights protections because they harm the majority, and not as the headline implies acted in some away against minorities. If anything, he is acting against egalitarian policies that use minorities as a weapon against the majority.

  • In South Africa, ‘Decolonizing’ Mathematics

    The universalist dream — that of morality, values, truths, and communications which apply to all people — has died. In its death of a thousand cuts, the slice for today comes from mathematics, where minority groups have made it clear that they want the discipline taught in a way that emphasizes their ancestors and their likely uses of mathematics. Their request is not unreasonable; every group needs to think well of itself and in terms of itself. However, it means the demise of diversity in academia, as predicted by all of us who realize that diversity is unstable.

  • Go ahead, Elizabeth Warren, make Trump’s day!

    The Democrats want Elizabeth Warren for the same reason they want Hillary Clinton: Leftism appeals only to “former disenfranchised groups” like women, low T men, criminals, homosexuals, drug users, proles, and religious or ethnic minorities. In Warren, American housewives and office workers can see a woman like themselves, and the hope is that they will vote for her despite her lack of knowledge and ability. If the vast cloud of corruption and murder floating around Clinton Incorporated did not dissuade them from voting for Hillary Clinton, nothing will stop them from voting for seemingly loopy Senator Warren. In fact, as with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Nancy Pelosi, the nuttiness of these candidates makes them “warm and accessible” and attracts people to how easy it appears that it would be to socialize with them. This charisma for the socially under-confident appeals to the alienated audience upon which Leftism relies, but for everyone else, it compares badly with someone who actually gets things done.

  • France honours its most provocative author

    Michel Houellebecq, like black metal, presaged the revolt of the postmodern Right, who essentially noted that equality is not realistic and that genetics and other aspects of reality predict what will succeed at an inner structural level, therefore we need to pay attention to them. Houellebecq chronicled — he is like a French Tom Wolfe or F. Scott Fitzgerald — the misery of jobs, the pointlessness of bureaucracy, the existential trauma of the West, the emptiness of modern religion, and finally, the death of the West itself. He continues to write great and interesting books that terrify people at the same time they amuse them, making him the type of writer that everyone likes to discuss even if they utterly hate him. It should be great to see his newest work hit American shores sometime in the near future.

  • Report: Lieberman revealed details of US peace plan to Palestinians

    Anatomy of a Trump strike:

    Former defense minister and Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Lieberman revealed details of Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan to the Palestinians before resigning his ministerial post in November, the London-based pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat reported Wednesday, citing Palestinian officials.

    Who leaked, and who asked them to do so? We do not know. However, the leak occurred long before the decision. It includes a peace plan that is far from ideal, but represents a sensible compromise between the extreme demands of all parties:

    According to the Saudi-owned paper, the plan calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip. Arabs in the West Bank, meanwhile, would be citizens of the Palestinian state in Gaza, but the Palestinians will not receive control of any land in the territory.

    In theory, it would be to the advantage of everyone to take this plan, if their goal was to end fighting and get on with the business of building nations. Already, however, one party has made it clear that this plan is entirely unacceptable to them:

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dubbed the Trump administration’s so-called deal of the century peace plan as “a conspiracy that they are going to be waging from afar.”…”What they offer is rejected, rejected, rejected. We will fight to prevent it, because we will not sell our sanctity,” Abbas told a meeting of his Fatah movement in the West Bank on Monday.

    This gives the Americans permission to use the Trump Steamroller: since the parties cannot agree, he will rely on what already exists and strengthen it, much as he did by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. This gives him a green light to over-rule the demands of the international community and act in favor of nationalist Israel, who is following his moves and whom he expects to take over a broader role of peacekeeping in the middle east just as he expects NATO member states to do the same in Western Europe.

    We can see proof of this in the Israeli settlement surge and the the joint withdrawal of the US and Israel from UNESCO, an organization dedicated to globalist civil rights.

  • Algeria deports Syrian, Palestinian refugees to Niger

    Correctly figuring out that it is being infiltrated by immigrants from nations with hostile ideologies, Algeria has been exiling these refugees to open deserts and nearby nations, following the “our people first” nationalism of the Trump era.

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