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Periscope (February 8, 2019)

  • Trump Isn’t Fighting Anti-Semitism. He’s Fanning Its Flames.

    According to certain Leftist Jews, Trump is anti-Semitic because… he opposes immigration and uses the term “globalist,” which apparently is associated with Jews for some reason. None of this makes any sense, which tells us that this is Leftists covering their tracks. Diversity made people hate immigration and diversity itself, which includes Jews, and that in turn vindicated Hitler, who basically said that the rest of the world needed to leave Europe alone. Now that we have a flood of gypsies, Saami, Jews, Pakistanis, Africans, Arabs, Chinese, and Mexicans obliterating everything that we do, people tend to agree with Hitler, and see his anti-Semitism as part of a general resentment of diversity. This is freaking out the Leftist Jews. Without diversity, they have no cause to exist. Right-wing Jews, on the other hand, realize that this means a strong Israel and Palestinians either relocated to their nearby ethnic homelands or pushed into the sea, and no one really cares which.

  • Schoolhouse gang at Centennial High School targets white students, parents say

    Open ethnic warfare comes to our schools. Or rather, it has been this way for fifty years, but now it is emboldened as minorities realize that diversity is about to go away. Apparently, the idiot voters and moron Leftists had “no idea” that it was going to turn out this way when it was obvious that it would; obviously, both of these groups need to be disenfranchised if not outright deported to Venezuela for the crime of being mentally inept. In the meantime, since white people have made themselves weak by committing to insane notions like “equality” and “tolerance,” those are from pitied/protected groups like African-Americans are busy targeting white kids. We all pay for what our voters decide, and the voters are consistently incompetent.

  • Has Trump found the formula for 2020?

    Trump found the Tea Party formula: libertarianism plus reduced immigration. This still does nothing about the long-term problem, which is that we have been demographically replaced by a third world horde which will vote Leftist forever. That will not work for them, and they will produce another ruined third-world shithole country where prosperity once stood. If we could give this a name, it might be “the human pattern,” because any time groups of humans get together they indulge in a collective emotional spasm which has them favoring the weak and therefore, demoting the strong. The weak then take over society and destroy it. Trump has found a way to unite enough of the Baby Boomers remaining in order to win 2020, but the rest of us are going to have to step up our game to remove any third world immigrants and citizens, legal or otherwise, in the meantime. Even Trump’s vaunted increase in the Hispanic vote shows us that seven out of ten Hispanics will never vote Republican. Remember, this is the best scenario we have so far, and it still shows us complete failure. The same is true of other ethnic groups. Zero ethnic groups — Chinese, Japanese, African, Muslim (an amalgamation of Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, and sub-Saharan African), Jewish, Irish, Indian, Mongolian, Gypsy, Italian — vote for Republicans. They all vote majority Leftist, mainly because in a diverse society, minority groups always work against the majority because they are tired of being conquered by them.

  • Oulu bans asylum seeker visits to schools

    Wherever asylum seekers go, rape is sure to follow, mainly because Western European whites (including the mostly-Swedish Finns) live in a little suburb that we made for ourselves by applying order larger than the individual, while the rest of the world exists in the anarchy that comes of a society where the largest order is the individual. In that chaos, rape and theft are the norm, and you just get used to it like you come to tolerate the various parasitic diseases and organisms that become part of your daily life since no one can get motivated to do something serious about shared institutions like hygiene (sewers, trash pits, clean streets, anti-vermin, etc.). This means that natural selection has eliminated those in the third world who are not at home in this environment of rape, feces, murder, vermin, and chaos. That in turn means that the third world people who come here will bring it with them, and will perpetuate it even after brainwashed/indoctrinated through “education” in the ways of our legal, political, and economic systems. Diversity does not work. It never did. The media simply hid the truth for the better part of a century.

  • Mother, 24, and father, 28, whose four young children died in horrific ‘gas blast’ inferno at their Stafford home are arrested for gross negligence manslaughter

    Everything wrong with the West in a single moment: bad genetics, incompetence, mental health problems, and utterly useless fellow democratic citizens who do their best to ignore the obvious. Add to that a government that shows up, flaps its fetus arms and wails, then takes off to go tax someone or arrest them for posting “kill the hippies” on Twitter, and you have a fascinating snapshot of the end of the West.

  • Grocery store chain slammed for ‘disgusting’ political, religious message on weekly mailers

    Southern food store prints pro-border message on its fliers and outrages up to “dozens” of people, all of whom are illiterate and hysterical, based on the messages they posted. This means that most people were either apathetic or supportive of the message, and presumably these are the ones who can complete sentences, coherent thoughts, and basic tasks without a bib and diaper. In the meantime, we are saturated in Left-wing messages from all other outlets daily, including the message of tacit approval of what is obviously a failing system based on insane policies.

  • Trudeau denies report of PMO interference in justice case

    More people need to know the acronym “TLB,” for “Typical Leftist Behavior,” because it describes so many scandals. Trudeau allegedly asked a member of his government to avoid prosecuting one of his political allies; this member refused, and her contract was not renewed. Now, despite a fawning press, this information has leaked out, so Trudeau is doing damage control with many legions of useful idiots repeating whatever they are told by the Leftist press. Everything in democracy is an illusion covering up a vast abyss of corruption, deception, manipulation, parasitism, and narcissism. Our only hope of survival lies in ending democracy and deporting all of the Leftists to Venezuela.

  • Finland’s basic income trial boosts happiness but not employment

    We have been hacking on the entitlements-based liberal democracy model for centuries now and still have trouble getting it right, mainly because it is paradoxical in nature — leadership and mob rule are opposites — and therefore will never be anything but a disaster. Finland recently tried the Universal Basic Income (UBI) and found that while people like it, it did not encourage them to go get jobs as promised. In the meantime, back in the land of non-paradoxical thinking, we realize that if any people do not get jobs, the rest of us work to support them, which makes us slaves to the people we should be enslaving. Jobs are jails, and so our goal should be to reduce the pain of jobs and our working hours, but not to enable freeloaders and free riders.

  • Mystery author Dan Mallory admits lying about having cancer and family deaths

    [[[ MALLORY ]]] shows that under Leftist control, our publishing industry went from looking for literature to seeking out drama, and it gets served up what it deserves. Other than Houellebecq and Saunders, are there any great books or even people aspiring to create them from the last fifty years? We should give DeLilo a pass, of course, but the list of great Western authors has really shrunk over the past half-century, where the previous fifty years created a handful of some of the greatest ever (Faulkner, Burroughs, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Céline, Huxley).

  • Mexican economic plan aims to cut migration to the US

    The populist wave continues, this time in Mexico under a Leftist leader. In order to discourage immigration to the US, he plans to make the entire border into an economic growth zone by cutting taxes and reducing costs. Ironically, the solution to our economic woes seems to be less government, wherever this is applied.

  • Number of cannabis users relatively unchanged since legalization, StatsCan says

    Pareto chuckles as it turns out that twenty percent of Canadians smoke eighty percent of the weed. In the bigger picture, we can see that things that Leftists adore are not wanted by the majority of the population but by a relatively small group of outsiders, usually around twenty percent or less. This means that the solution to Leftism is not to make the rest of us bow to them, or to make them bow to us, but to send them off to somewhere else where they can have their standards and we can keep ours. In the meantime, realists recognize that if you cannot get your act together to grow your own weed, you are a useless human being and should be ground up into hot dogs.

  • Europe’s Economic Outlook Goes From Bad to Worse Amid EU Warning

    Parasitic Europe, once the land of the intelligent but now after democracy known for being merely clever, depended on the US to have a lenient attitude toward Chinese trade. Americans bought all the Chinese junk — dishwashers so bad that you must purchase a five-year warranty and hope the thing will make it to three years before you toss the whole unit into the landfill — and the Chinese bought European cars, mostly, with the money that they got from selling gunk to Amerimorons. Now that Trump has cut back on the Chinese favoritism in the American economic system, Europe is having to stand on its own and failing. If they were intelligent, rather than merely clever, they would ditch the expensive entitlements state that is requiring them to both import immigrants and cripple their own economic, social, and cultural life with required payments to keep the underclass afloat. Egalitarianism is a bad drug. You take a hit one day, and wake up centuries later as a third world nation.

  • UK anti-Semitism breaks record high for 3rd year in a row, says watchdog

    People used to think that Jews were intelligent. Then Jews supported internationalism (diversity, immigration, multiculturalism, civil rights, globalism) as a means of ensuring that there were never those blue meanie nationalists like the Nazis again! So smart, so very smart… now that our societies are diverse, what these brilliant Jews did not anticipate is that pro-Semitic viewpoints are controversial because many groups distrust The Eternal Jew.™ For example, if I am standing around on the average subway platform here and I accidentally say something nice about Jews — “Gosh, they’ve contributed a lot to science,” “Mendelssohn sucks but Jews have supported our best symphonies for centuries,” “I like their strong sense of native ethnic identity” — I will have several Muslim, African, or Asian people bearing down on me with angry faces. That causes me to lose social status simply for saying something nice about Jewish people, so I become silent. What does that do, you might ask? It cedes the floor to anti-Semites, and the more they talk, the more ordinary people notice the negatives of Jews more than the positives of Jews. In the meantime, when I speak up and point out that diversity is paradoxical because it forces different groups into competition for domination of each other, they look at me like I am some kind of alien who just stepped out of a UFO waving a copy of the Book of Mormon.

  • Chinese Censorship Company Invests Millions in Reddit

    Humans notice patterns over time. One enduring pattern is that whenever China wants something, American Leftists do it first, and then hand it over once the entity is known mostly for its liberal bias. That enables the Chinese anti-American/pro-diversity agenda to go unnoticed. It seems that crazy Leftist ghetto Reddit has now gone this way, allowing Chinese media direct control over the content that was once simply biased in favor of Wired and Ars Technica.

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