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  • Poland: Bill allowing judges to be punished signed into law

    In the twentieth century, we depended on systems. There were procedures and rights, and those must be heeded all the time. Then those things betrayed us, and ran away, serving themselves. The procedures brought us the Swamp, an unelected bureaucracy acting in self-interest to perpetuate its plunder of middle class taxes. Rights became a weapon in the courts, culminating in human/civil rights, by which individuals could refuse to engage in any of the traditional practices of civilization, like culture, discrimination, taboos, values, customs, and aesthetics. We tore everything down to remake society in the image of the individual, and ended up with mob rule overseen by tyrannical pencil-pushers. Now, the question has become simpler: what is healthy, and what is not? Judges writing law has never been healthy, and they only go in one direction. For that reason, Poland leads the way in removing the power of Leftist judges and increasing the power of the executive branch.

  • Chinese woman says Sydney, N.S. restaurant discriminating against her

    Restaurant run by ethnic Chinese posts sign in Chinese saying that Chinese students are no longer welcome in the restaurant. Racism, or just fear of coronavirus? As usual, diversity makes everything muddled. As it turns out, the coronavirus is mostly killing the old and already diseased, which means that it is behaving more like an aggressive influenza than some new wild form of airborne Ebola-AIDS that will kill us all, much to the disappointment of most of humanity, which wants the drama of our species to end as quietly and quickly as possible, mostly because dying in a pandemic is better than another few decades of corporate jobs, red tape, paying taxes, divorces, and soy-laden carbohydrate-based fake food.

  • Will the White House Order New Federal Architecture To Be Classical?

    From the file of more proof that populism is the first step toward Western Restoration, the White House wants the federal government to stop making brutalist horrors and to turn back toward classical architecture. Among other reasons, this makes places that people want to visit, instead of the same wallpaper of modern aesthetics that we find everywhere. It also represents strong signaling of our unique identity and destiny in the face of “everyman” generic design.

  • Mexican Migrants Sent Home Record $36 Billion in Remittances in 2019

    Beating out petroleum and tourism, having illegals working in America turns out to be one of the most lucrative industries in Mexico. Normally, our larcenous government would hop at an opportunity to tax such things, but apparently they are content in taking in the sales taxes on Modelo Especial alone.

  • Valley CEO calls student Uber driver racial slur

    Late stage diversity shows us that most people speak fondly of diversity in public, but in private or what they think is private, the inner conflict emerges. No one likes diversity and the constant ethnic tensions make people more prone to racial resentment, not less. As said before: diversity is over, and we are now just feeling our way through the best way to end it.

  • New Details Show How Deeply Iowa Caucus App Developer Was Embedded in Democratic Establishment

    The Left faces a difficult decision coming up. The Hart-Celler voters want a minority candidate, but the Boomer, Generation X, and Millennial Leftists are aware enough of the instability of diversity to want a white candidate. On the other hand, the wine/soy crowd wants another Obama, even a Jewish candidate like Bernie Sanders or a homosexual one like Pete Buttigieg. How to avoid a crisis? For starters, manage the app that does the reporting. If you get bad results, you can adjust them, or claim that the app is malfunctioning. Either way, you get the famous Clinton-style plausible deniability and can choose whoever you think will win, which right now seems to be Joe Biden for his stance of not going too far Left, since that will wreck retirement accounts. Once the rage and confusion dies down, the DNC is probably going to nominate a Biden/Buttigieg candidacy, even though absolutely no one is excited for the ineffectual career politician and the smarmy, holier-than-thou A-student without a clue about the real world.

  • He says his mass shooting threat was a joke. His case may answer whether such posts are a crime

    Despite the answer being obvious, our legal system finds itself at war with itself over the question of whether “On my way! School shooter” is a legal threat of course. The old rule was that a threat had to be made at a specific target, communicated to that target, and used to force them to do something. The new way — a product of social breakdown and the many groups who want to kill each other — involves any statement praising violence, even jokes. Good to see that free speech lasted all of ten minutes with diversity in the room.

  • Dad prosecuted for keeping son off school over No Outsiders LGBT+ lessons

    You must consume your daily propaganda, or we suspect that you are a traitor to the civil rights agenda. That the father in this case is Muslim seems lost on that authorities. The West fooled itself by thinking that the standard we designed for ourselves was universal, when in fact it only worked for some of us, namely the sane people among our own kind. When Leftism hit, we kept expanding standards through a defense of the rights of the individual, and eventually we brought in others, so now we are preaching one law for a wide range of people, offending not just religious belief but commonsense that says that LGBT+ is not a topic for school and diversity means conflict forever.

  • Arrest warrant issued for former South Africa President Jacob Zuma

    Today in diversity governance: problems, followed by more problems.

  • Blinded by the light, firefly species face extinction

    Habitat loss and exposure to pesticides take the blame here, both symptoms of humans using too much land. We value nature, if we search our souls, and so we need to learn to say no to ourselves and cut back on the land we use. If we leave half of it as a nature preserve, these creatures and many other plants and animals can survive. Otherwise, we will leave Earth with a fraction of its original biodiversity.

  • Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe suspended from Twitter

    After all the complaints about Citizens United, you would think the Left would be up in arms because Twitter, Reddit, Google, and Facebook all act like wings of the Democrats. Yet we hear nothing, and the censorship ramps up. This will merely help the decline of the centralized internet, which people rely on for entertainment. Just like when Colin Kaepernick hit the NFL, the Left-branding of the internet means that it is no longer an uncontroversial, socially-acceptable way to meet and interact with other people. That means that normal people will flee, leaving only the fanatics and people on disability for mental health issues.

  • A university gift shop hung historical black figures from tree-like displays. Black students said it looked like a lynching

    100% outrage, all of the time; this is what you have to look forward to under diversity, and why people are tiptoeing away from it like the drunk guy telling JFK conspiracy theories at the office Christmas party.

  • Parent responds with racist retort at school meeting: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’

    “Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” asked the man, who was identified by Ann Arbor News/MLive.comas Tom Burtell.

    It is not racist; it is a good point. If things are so bad here, why come? And even more important: why stay?

  • German court rules medieval anti-Semitic sculpture can stay on church

    The “Judensau,” or “Jew pig”, on a wall of Wittenberg’s St Mary’s church is a reminder of widespread anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages. It depicts a rabbi lifting the tail of a sow and peeping at its behind, while Jewish children suckle on the animal.

    People have disliked diversity for a long time. Ending it requires someone to face the problem and handle it maturely, instead of just lashing out. It also requires that the foreign visitors realize that they would be happier elsewhere. Soon, racial resentment and sound policy will converge on a solution of deportation, possibly with reparations.

  • Homeless US student population ‘highest in more than a decade’

    We should just admit now that public schools are daycare and propaganda, and a striking expensive poor quality education. Teaching people to do things that they cannot understand simply produces an arrogant crowd that makes terrible choices with the issues it encounters.

  • The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Become the World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment

    We could do this everyday. People are happier outside of the toxic, boring office where most of the activity is make-work. Even more, we need them stimulating community and culture, getting to know themselves and their neighbors. Jobs, despite being “social” on the surface, are in fact deeply alienating, and this makes miserable people who take that misery out on others.

  • Mila: ‘No regrets’ for French teen targeted for criticising Islam

    Teen who “wanted to blaspheme” calls Islam a “religion of hate,” and prompts a firestorm as France tries to decide which is more important, open communication or catering to pluralism. Since they need to find one standard for Muslims and non-Muslims, the only possible resolution will be to ban criticism of Islam, at which point the Muslim takeover of France as documented by Michel Houellebecq will be well underway.

  • Ottawa businessman tells incredulous judge he burned $1M cash to keep it from ex-wife

    Court seems oblivious to the fact that setting up alimony and child support payments gives women a good reason to divorce their husbands. Further, the court fails to notice that these proceedings are always biased against men, basically giving them the choice of being slaves to their ex-wives who absorb half of their wealth, or going to jail. At some point, more of them are going to choose a few years in the slammer followed by a lifetime of poverty just to deny their former spouses the luxury they were promised. In a sane world, divorce would be rare, and only in cases of insanity or deception. People need to take marriage more seriously, and that does not happen when you have an escape valve.

  • China influence scandal rocks Berlin university

    Everywhere, China seems to be infiltrating, and finding people who no longer believe in their countries willing to sell out so that they can escape before the collapse gets serious. Democracy means no loyalty to anything except your own bottom line. Equality means that everyone else is trying to get what you have. Your best strategy is to screw them all and escape.

  • ‘It’s national preservation’: Greece offers baby bonus to boost birthrate

    These plans are all insane — subsidies for breeding will produce lots of useless people, where cutting taxes on the productive would produce more productive people — but they show how seriously the world is taking the great European die-off. At some point, we will have to look at the cause, and we will find democracy and its persistent tax-and-spend larceny states as the reason for the existential misery that is causing Europeans to cease reproducing.

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