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Periscope (February 25, 2019)

  • France’s Marine Le Pen stokes anti-EU sentiment

    The rising Right has a simple idea: reality (including genetics, biology, and our inner knowledge of what is good) is more important than ideology, economics, and getting along with each other. As part of this, we realize that nationalism is more important than internationalism, which takes two forms, globalism and diversity. We know that some humans get it right, and we want to follow those, instead of lumping everyone together into a big group and standardizing on the mediocre. For this reason, the new unions — United States, European Union, and the de facto Eurasian Union of Russia and China — are breaking apart. People want the ability to do well, be rewarded, and push the others away. This is where natural selection and morality converge, and it is pure sanity, unlike the insanity we have been suffering under since we decided to go the path of mass standardization back in 1789.

  • The three friends behind a $1bn healthy fast-food firm

    The herd is always wrong, no matter which way it sways. Three guys decide to renovate fast food and instead of coming up with adequate nutrition, they serve fancy fruity salads that millennials love despite those salads lacking what people need to survive. The opposite of a bad burger is not a non-burger; it is a quality burger. And yet people flock to the restaurant because the symbolism of a salad seems important to them.

  • Chinese gene-editing scientist He Jiankui may have made the twins smarter, scientists say

    While the West spends its time fighting over its internal class revolt, China surges ahead with a simple goal: achieve supremacy. Basing their economic system on National Socialism, and undertaking the research required to build supermen, they intend to dominate the world. Democracy will awaken too late, and its people will suffer frightful losses as a result, with most of them dying on the field in great battles that will churn up people and countryside like a meat grinder. When we told you that democracy was a fatal illusion, no one wanted to listen. Soon they will be listening. Trump is simply trying to hold America together and put it in the best position possible to survive the coming great financial crash, toxicity of our natural world, and ensuing warfare over resources. China, on the other hand, is positioning itself to conquer.

  • Worker visas in doubt as Trump immigration crackdown widens

    While most of the Right spent its time moaning over the perceived betrayal by Donald Trump over the border wall, they ignored the fact that he faces a hostile Congress, opposition within his own party, and a political system designed to prevent radical action. Instead, construction has begun on the wall in five areas, and across the board, he is removing the flood of people coming into this country both legally and illegally, since both are the tools of the Leftist desire to import foreigners in order to subjugate the native population and destroy its culture, leaving only obedience to Leftism as the option. This is how they always do it, tyrants, because it works. In the meantime, dummy conservatives are still bleating about “assimilation” and “legal immigration is fine” in order to show other people how nice they are. We should deport them to Venezuela with the other Leftists.

  • Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth

    They laughed at Michael Crichton when he suggested that climate change was an incorrect theory, and that instead, we were suffering from many local climate effects caused by overbuilding and overpopulation. And yet:

    In cities, concrete also adds to the heat-island effect by absorbing the warmth of the sun and trapping gases from car exhausts and air-conditioner units – though it is, at least, better than darker asphalt.

    We are experiencing many areas warming because thanks to having too many people, they have built too much, including too many roads and parking lots, and these are radiating heat and disrupting natural air currents. Install more forests, space out the cities with green places, and decrease the population by removing the last competent, and this is not a problem.

  • Yellow Vests at crossroads as anti-Semitic incidents cloud message

    Diversity does not work. Any time a national population is under threat, it targets foreigners as free riders because they profit from the nation, but are not tied to its fate. They can just get up and move. As a result, when the French look out there and see that they are being taxed to death and are paying too much for living because businesses are also taxed to death, and that these taxes go to a massive welfare state which mostly benefits the foreign, dysfunctional, or hostile, they target the outsiders in order to make them pack up and move. They figure that if the foreigners would leave when things got bad anyway, it is easiest to make them leave now. When the foreigners resist this, the next linearly logical step is genocide, although a pattern-based thinker would simply recommend seizing power over the state and achieving deportation peacefully because it involves the least amount of damage to the nation and foreigners alike.

  • Global sovereign debt to jump to $50 trillion

    Governments will now owe a combined total of $50 trillion. This exists in a world producing $88 trillion yearly, which means that we are up to our necks in debt. How could this happen? Entitlements programs consume two-thirds of our national budgets here in the US, with likely similar fractions in other developed nations. We cannot afford this; we could never afford it. Now, we are going to submerge ourselves in debt so that liberal democracy can end in its endgame of tyranny. With no economic future, those who seize the means of power will have total control.

  • Facebook targeting of extremists, fringe movements in Australia stokes civil unrest fears

    Politics will fool the goobs at home in their dingy apartments and cubicle jobs, but it does not fool the market, which recognizes a growing interest in strong power (the opposite of divided power, which is what liberal democracy offers) especially among those who look like they will be influential in the coming decades. In other words, the cultural zeitgeist has shifted from adoration of freedom, equality, democracy, pluralism, and diversity, and has instead gone to the idea of unity and concentrated power. Those who adhere to the previous system of diffuse power, like Leftists, still control the media and many minds, but as the best among us shift, the others will follow. The only remaining question is whether they will choose intelligent strong power (aristocracy, tradition, culture, nationalism, faith) or idiocy (dictatorship, oppression, ultra-modernism). The future of humanity rests on this choice.

  • Trump’s Secret to Victory in 2020: Hispanic Voters

    Whatever the mainstream media tells you is true is usually wrong, but Trump is playing by the statistics. If he can bluff enough Hispanics to vote for him in 2020, then he will fragment an important Democrat base, and be able to win re-election, since after having been ambushed by a heritage America charge in the last election, the Left will be fully mobilized for the next one much as they were in the 2018 midterms.

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Faces Legal Battle over Race-Based Admissions

    In a moment of pure white hypocrisy, admissions directors at UNC Chapel Hill are caught discussing why they want to admit students: they are “brown.” This shows us the duality of white anti-racism, which is a desire to do what is popular by being anti-white, but at the same time, recognizing in a pejorative sense the inferior role of these brown people. If there is a handy takeaway, it is that white anti-racism is merely another weapon in white class warfare, and third world people are being used and will be discarded when their utility expires.

  • YouTube and YouTube Kids videos are hiding suicide tips for children. A pediatrician is exposing them. (non-paywall)

    What were social media sites hiding that made them so eager to delete Right-wing content? Probably a lot of things, starting with videos of young girls in skimpy clothing that were frequented by pedophiles, and now, suicide how-to videos for young children. If we follow Stevens Rule #1 of humanity (“all people and groups act in their own self-interest alone” a.k.a. “they’re whores”) we can see that social media has a lot of content to hide and, being Leftists, decided to scapegoat the Right as usual in order to appear to be “doing something” in the hopes that this would deflect from the real bad stuff they have on there.

  • World Court: Britain must return Indian Ocean islands to Mauritius

    The real target here is the US naval base in Diego Garcia, which irks the Chinese to no end. When you set up the United Nations, and give the rabble of the world the vote, do not be surprised when all of these starving nations gang up on the first world. Luckily, this will force the US and UK to confront the UN and decide that, after all, it is worthless and has failed in every objective.

  • When The Veneer Of Civilization Slipped Away

    The West is only now beginning to appreciate the tragedy of its first democracy war, WW1, which wasted the best of a generation and began the tragic crash that is part of the endgame of democracy when it takes over a formerly thriving civilization. We gave up on civilization, murdered each other by the millions, and achieved nothing, plunging subsequent generations into darkness. Sure, the Jews profited off of it, but they did not cause it; democracy did. Maybe the third world cheered it on, but they were not the people who adopted the democratic system which, as it became unstable, required continual conquest. The democracy wars were a reaction to the Napoleonic Wars and the tsunami of conversions to democracy that occurred across Europe during the previous century, setting up the fragile alliances that finally detonated in WW1. No one won.

  • Mozilla may treat Aussie staff as ‘insider threats’ to code base

    Either because they went insane on their own or because the NSA put them up to it, Australia approved a law which can require workers to insert backdoors in the encryption software made by their employers, while simultaneously prohibiting them from admitting that they have done this. Why do we need to break encryption? A sage guess: without constant monitoring of our cell phone and internet traffic, we would see exactly how many diversity conflicts occur each day, and how many of the enemy walk among us. That leads to the question of whether or not the Chinese have, as Oriental chess players tend to do, simply infiltrated the US and created the “deep state” to represent their interests. Certainly the Clintons, the heads of the deep state public front, and the Obamas, who were notoriously soft on China, benefited from a flood of Chinese money and economic activity. Stevens Rule #7 (“always assume that your enemy is smarter than you are”) tells us that if China wants to dominate the world, it will do so through the path of least resistance, and if it can buy out the US government for a few hundred million dollars — the price of a handful of high-tech fighter jets — that is money well-spent.

  • The ‘Right to Repair’ Movement Is Gaining Ground and Could Hit Manufacturers Hard

    In theory, “right to repair” sounds good, and that is all that matters in a democracy. In reality, governments are using this as a way to further regulate manufacturers, which will result in increased costs and therefore, squeeze the small guys out so the big guys can dominate even further. As usual, if government does it, be suspect; the people who can afford lobbyists and television commercials always win.

  • How ‘Green Book’ And The Hollywood Machine Swallowed Donald Shirley Whole

    Not surprisingly, Green Book took “Hollywood-style” liberties, including not mentioning that the black protagonist was in fact a civil rights activist and Leftist. Mentioning that would have ruined the propaganda value of the film, which works better if he is an African-American everyman who just stumbles into his role as the teacher of the “white” Italian-American racist. Italians in America should be able to sue over this movie, except that they are busy snuffling down pasta and hating Anglos.

  • Trump accuses Spike Lee of being ‘racist to your President’ in early morning Twitter tirade

    Conservatives tend to view politics as they do their employees, and try to make the system work, figuring that if they hold it together from the Leftist onslaught, life will be better for everyone. They forget that Leftists are playing both sides, both providing the core of the system and destroying the system, so that in the constant instability, no one can react to the relentless invasion by delusional neurotics. Like most Republicans, Trump treats citizens as if they were his employees, or people who depend on him in order to survive, and so he tries to be nice. This means that he falls into the old Equality Trap, in which conservatives visualize “equality” as meritocracy instead of what it is, which is class warfare by the many peons against the few who actually know better. When he tweets, “Be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes, or better yet not have to use notes at all, when doing his racist hit on your President, who has done more for African Americans (Criminal Justice Reform, Lowest Unemployment numbers in History, Tax Cuts,etc.) than almost any other Pres!” he is assuming that this is battle by individuals for a better way of life. It is not. It is a diversity battle, in which each group tries to conquer every other group, but will form alliances with those more like them, because in the end, only one can rule, and everybody wants to rule the world.

  • Police force ‘discriminated against white heterosexual male’

    In the UK, affirmative action begins the first part of its breakdown before its renewal. A white applicant noticed that he was passed over for a less qualified minority and sued under the idea that if justice was to be color-blind, it must not discriminate against any group, including whites. This makes conservatives get all moist and excited, but think about the long term. In the UK right now, people get fired for hiring a white guy if there is a black guy there, because the black guy can sue and ruin the careers of those who hired him. For that reason, they always hire the black guy. Now, they can be sued by either party, but if they hire the white guy too much, the police force will be mostly white and the politicians will come after them. They will adapt a compromise: stop hiring any white guy who is not overqualified. The end result will be approximately the same, and affirmative action will be stronger than ever.

  • SA government lowers “pass mark” for maths to 20%

    Not enough students in the diverse wreck of South Africa were passing math, so the powers that be lowered the passing requirement from 40% to 20%. Something similar has happened in the US, UK, and Europe, whether formally or informally, because any teacher who fails most of his minority students will find himself explaining his actions to a board of people who are interested in firing him in order to protect their jobs. Careerism has several dark sides, and one is that no one wants to be caught looking bad, so they will gladly pass on incompetents in order to maintain the illusion of competence. This is the same idea behind the Peter Principle:

    The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence.

    Managers look bad when they do not promote people; after all, were they hiring incompetents? As a result, they promote people until they have gone too far and the person is obviously inept, at which point they hire a second person to do the job of the first so that everything looks good to an outsider. Affirmative action fits right within that framework.

  • Attackers torch Ebola treatment center in Congo, patients evacuated

    Congolese detest foreign intervention for the same reason that Germans Holocausted Jews. Every nation needs power over itself and to determine its own future, even if the short-term results are bad. Until the Congo is the one to handle Ebola treatment on its own, foreigners will be distrusted and resented, as they should be, because they are violating Stevens Rule #1. When someone does something that goes against natural law, people naturally suspect manipulation. The Chinese are faring better with their libertarian approach, in which they pay money for certain things and demand control of resources in return. The West, hoping to seduce the third world much as it brainwashed its suburbanites with advertising that featured fuzzy cute animals and happy brown people, comes in second.

  • Jewish cemetery vandalised hours before demonstrators across France gather to protest against anti-Semitism

    Any time Leftists gather to protest something, and a convenient example of it pops up, be wary… be very wary. Spray paint washes off easily, so no one is harmed much in the long term, but the symbolism can serve to unite the herd and make them do something unwise. In this case, France wants to further criminalize criticism of Jews, Israel, and Zionism. This will both suppress speech and lead to further resentment of foreigners, taking the problem from something that can be solved with soft solutions to one that will inevitably end badly.

  • Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck

    If the Supreme Court takes this case, the results could be interesting. It poses the question of whether the private operator of a government-granted monopoly has a duty to enforce the Constitutional right to free speech. If the answer is “yes,” as many suspect it will be, then corporations operating over the internet will find that they, by operating over public lines, are subject to free speech requirements.

  • Catholic cardinals urge end of ‘homosexual agenda’

    The Catholic church grows some balls and points out that the widespread abuse scandal is almost exclusively homosexual in nature, and that Leftist reformers who are forcing Christianity to drop its prohibition on homosexual behavior in fact created this crisis. Included in this is a good reference to The Gay Mafia, which protects its members and gangs up on anyone who challenges a homosexual person in an industry.

  • From Haiti to Madagascar: The world’s forgotten crises

    Most of the world is suffering most of the time because most people are incompetent. This ugly truth underlies the crisis we face in the future, and populism essentially consists of people saying that we should acknowledge this truth and let the best break free and rise, casting aside those who are doomed. That appalls those of an egalitarian sentiment, but is pure common sense. We cannot carry the population that we have now. Most areas are wastelands. If we let nature clean up, we do not have to do it and face the further ugliness that doing so entails.

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