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Periscope (February 2, 2019)

  • Payrolls surge by 304,000, smashing estimates despite government shutdown

    Remember how that government shutdown was going to kill us, dig us back up, kill us again, and then laugh at our decomposing cadavers? The job market seemingly doesn’t remember that either. Here’s how rapidly that shutdown was wiping out all life on Earth.

    Job growth in January shattered expectations, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 304,000, the Labor Department says. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had expected payrolls to rise by 170,000. There were revisions. December’s big initially reported gain of 312,000 was knocked all the way down to 222,000, while November’s rose from 176,000 to 196,000. The unemployment rate ticked higher to 4 percent, a level where it had last been in June, a likely effect of the shutdown, according to the department.

    The Shutdown Show got canceled because the government was being replaced. The key stat in those numbers involved the fact that the figure beat expectations by 142K. So out of the 800K gvoernment workers laid off, 142K were actually necessary in the near term. We know that because they were replaced. That’s why the new hires number registered nearly a 2:1 beat vs. expectations.

    On Feb 15, it looks like we could do Shutdown Show II – The Sequel. Let the VIX on government reliability continue to trade in too wide a range and fewer people will rely on them. They can’t. We won’t be able to know whether they are doing their job or not. It’s like trying to get someone with poor personal reliability to sign one of your documents. Good luck in finding him when he’s got a tee-time and a sunny day.

    In response to this, purely functional jobs like Food Inspection or TSA Airport Security will be automated away or privatized. You don’t even have to be a Bitcoin-Spinning Stonertarian who hates The Man. You just have to want certainty so that your systems remain reliable. That which you continue to need has to be predictable and functional in a steady state. That which doesn’t meet this standard will be replaced be any decently competent professional engineer.

  • Kathy Tran: On second thought, ‘I really regret’ failing to condemn infanticide

    So Pravda on The Potomac is trying to clean up after a Democratic Virginia State Legislator who pushed the boundaries between abortion and infanticide.

    “Until this week, Del. Kathy Tran was known for nursing her daughter on the House floor. Now Republicans are calling her a baby killer.”

    What else do you call somebody who thinks a woman who is going into labor should be offered an abortion and a cold glass of milk? This has gone far further than just quietly making a 13-year-old girl’s intractable problem go away in the very early stages of an incest pregnancy. If the child crowns, and you can physically see the head, you are looking at a live and viable human being. So Bezos-Pravda changed the headline.

    “Del. Kathy Tran was known for nursing her baby on the House floor. Now she’s getting death threats.”

    So rather than having a he-said she-said on this, and making some poor, lovable journalist have to go learn to code, let’s let Delegate Tran speak for herself.

    Should she not have said that? If she said or did nothing wrong, did Heydrich and Beria kind of have a point as well? At some point it may matter to you personally just what the law considers a human being. Once you get to be one of those, we’re not supposed to dispose of you without some abstruse due process of law. Let’s not make qualifying as one too difficult a goal to achieve.

  • Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Panics That Climate Change Will Force Canada To Grow Food

    Back when you were a little kid, did you ever buy something like a Slurpee and then drink it really fast to get the sugar rush? I used to, and it could hurt! You’d get a headache sucking all that flavored ice into your face because your sinuses would be warmer than the surrounding tissue and attempt to expand. Maybe polar vortices have a similar effect on Global Warming Theory fan boys like Bill Nye.

    “The agriculture in North America is going to have to move north into what would nominally be Canada and we don’t have the infrastructure,” Nye told host Chris Matthews, apparently under the assumption that Canada does not already do a significant percentage of North America’s farming. “We don’t have the railroads and roads to get food from that area to where we need it around the world,” Nye added.

    Ideologically driven stupidity masquerading as science perverts the entire intention of science. I just whined that we aren’t too sure what makes a human human anymore because we keep trying to find clever ways to abort the “pre-humans” we’d rather not feed via our welfare systems. We now can totally dork up our agriculture and infrastructure policies both here and abroad to make environmentalists feel relevant.

    This is how we make really, really smart people into engines of blind stupidity. We really don’t each get our own personal truth. We either try to figure out what those shadows really are that we see on the wall of Plato’s Cave, or we just shrug and accept that we are doomed to eternally exist as idiots. It probably shouldn’t surprise you that the NFL has teams throwing 600 forward passes a week during the regular season and isn’t even sure how to define what it means to have a receiver actually catch one of those passes at the end of the play.

  • Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey Launches Presidential Campaign

    He’s here! He has come to run for President. He believes the following.

    “I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind; where parents can put food on the table; where there are good-paying jobs with good benefits in every neighborhood; where our criminal-justice system keeps us safe, instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins; where we see the faces of our leaders on television and feel pride, not shame,”

    I’m relieved that somebody has finally come to drain the swamp and make Amerika great again. Oh, wait…

    !SPARTACUS! is actually pushing Medicare For All, legal weed, Green Laws to stop climate change, and re-importation of prescription drugs. Two out of four aren’t necessarily 100% bad. I’m not saying I’d prefer him to Donald Trump, but Cory Booker is not the worst thing the Dems could nominate in 2020. If !SPARTACUS! would grow up and try to avoid yelling “Avengers Assemble!” at the start of his campaign rallies, he could be an interesting and useful member of a loyal opposition. He just needs to stop T-Boning himself.

  • Woman uses DNA test, finds sperm donor — and pays a “devastating” price

    When we play stupid games, we win stupid prizes. This woman bought sperm from an anonymous source, conceived a daughter and got worried five years later about the unknown pediatric health impacts of her choice of fertilizing fluid. You don’t get very many do-overs in life. Just ask the New Orleans Saints.

    Danielle Teuscher’s 5-year-old daughter Zoe is one of thousands of children conceived with sperm from an anonymous donor. When Teuscher wanted to know more about her daughter’s ancestry and possible health issues, she and other family members decided to get DNA tests from 23andMe and added one for Zoe. What turned up appeared to be one of the anonymous donor’s immediate relatives..

    When someone as smart as Albert Einstein decried the idea that God would play dice with the universe, perhaps we shouldn’t just callously roll the bones on anything that important either. This woman made a choice and signed on to this guy remaining incognito. She doesn’t get a do-over 5 years later. I feel for the poor daughter if she contracts a genetic form of cancer that isn’t traceable to her female heritage. However, Danielle Teuscher was an adult. Adulting is hard and the world isn’t a fair place. It gets worse when you gamble with fate. It doesn’t do business with a very nice collection agency. For Poor Zoe’s sake, I hope this woman develops a level of moral and emotional maturity that matches her physical ability to perform adult functions like bearing offspring.

  • The Infanticide Craze

    I turn up my nose at abortion politics. That and the Second Amendment both. I feel like I’m being played by Lucy. “Kick the football, Charlie Brown!” Send $50 to Cuckservative Review or nobody will look out for you! It feels like one of those email scams from a Nigerian Prince. Get me mad enough about the 54 millun abortz, and I’ll blindly and stupidly vote for GOPers that are pretty much Socialists on every other issue under the sky.

    I really do feel like abortion is an act of premeditated homicide. That said, I’m not in favor of strapping a 13-year-old who has been raped at knife-point by drunk and horny Uncle Feelgoodz into an electric chair for not wanting to carry the resulting child to term. So we hit a paradox here. It could be sick and inhuman to enforce too many crazy and restictive laws against sober, planned-out, industrialized, premeditated murder executed IAW the appropriate ISO standards.

    All right. I’ll take my Black Pill with a good, stiff glass of Scotch-on-the-rocks. Morality be damned and me right along with it. Then I get hit with The Michael Corleone Moment on abortion. I make this analogy to a scene from the famous Mario Puzo novel The Godfather. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

    You see, dire necessity is not why most of the abortions in Amerika take place. Apparently, at least according to our cultural Zeitgeist; the only easy button here is to just stop giving a crap about anyone else’s unborn kids.

    In New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that makes abortion legal, even after the unborn child is viable, so long as the abortionist makes a “reasonable and good-faith judgment” that abortion will protect the pregnant woman’s health. In Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo has pledged to sign legislation that also makes abortion legal after viability to “preserve . . . health.” In Virginia, state legislator Kathy Tran has introduced legislation that would, she has explained, make abortion legal even at term and in the middle of birth.

    What makes the political class defend this in so motivated a fashion? Was the Titan Saturn really empowered when he ate his offspring? This has gone far beyond just solving intractable social problems at the fringe. People are emotionally and sacramentally invested in at least the symbolic extermination of humanity. It’s related to the entire Science, Technology and Progress Cult. People want to demonstrate dominance over the processes of nature and thereby deny their fundamental human mortality. Could their be a more fundamentally contradictory rebelion against mortality than killing our own offspring?

    I watch “Governor Gosnell” of Virginia below and wonder if ISIS or the Taliban finds Youtubes of things like this so that they can better convince their soldiers every Amerikan they encounter needs to be pulled out like a weed.

  • Virginia Catholic Bishop: Late-Term Abortion ‘Comparable to Infanticide;’ ‘Our Governor, However, May Be Willing to Cross That Border And Go Even Farther’

    Let’s compare and contrast levels of motivation here. The Bishop just said mean things about Va’s Governor.

    “I hope that the disapproval of this bill will be due to the fact that the elected authorities of the state legislature have recognized that it constituted an impermissible evil and offense against human life and against our collective decency,” said the bishop. “The abortion of a baby in the final stage of pregnancy is comparable to infanticide,” he said. “Our governor, however, may be willing to cross that border and go even farther.”

    So let’s ask a key question. “How many divisions has the Pope?”

    Let’s ask the key Black-Pill question. “Which side would Pope Francis have these divisions actually fight on?”

    Cuckservatives recently cuck-frenzied over the facts that Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign received massive evangelical support — from evangelicals who no longer darken the doorframes of cucked protestant churches. They seem to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ instead.

    It may well be that Catholics will need to focus on the word and not the sacrament. If their churches continue to insist on Social Justice rather than legitimate grace, then Catholics need to take a lead from the evangelicals and defect from the Sunday Soviet Socialist Republic. In China, the official suppression of Christianity led to the rise of the House Church.

    In Amerika, the unofficial cuckcastration of Christianity needs to lead to a similar Great Awakening in our nation as well. Cut out the church, cut out the Conservative Inc. bugmen and bag men. Rise as angry, condign, invisible army and demand that our society do what is right.

  • Three of the BLACKEST PILLS of All

    Relax, you don’t necessarily need Planned Abortionhood to get rid of all of those inconvenient little diaper-crappers who you may or may not believe are convenient enough to allow to exist. Ecocide can succeed where Governor Gosnell comes up a few votes short. Overpopulation and consumerism are laying waste to the planet. In our complete and pathetic worship of materialism we lay total and utter waste to the planet over which we foolishly seek dominion.

  • Vice Media to Reorganize, Lay Off 10 Percent of Staff (Exclusive)

    If you serve society, this economy is hiring. If you do not, it’s not hiring. Vice Media is the latest organization where large numbers of employees are getting their “Learn To Code” Notices.

    Vice Media is planning a reorganization that will include laying off about 10 percent of its workforce, as the once high-flying startup looks to rein in an unwieldy business that grew quickly during the height of the digital boom. Around 250 jobs are expected to be cut, a company spokeswoman tells The Hollywood Reporter, as the 2,500-person Vice reduces redundancies internationally and reorients to focus on growth areas like film and television production and branded content. All departments at every level are expected to have layoffs, from IT to finance to television.

    Perhaps the narrative is the enemy of the media. We know what media is allowed to say. We know how they are allowed to say it. We see something happen, we can predict the narrative in advance. We are no longer informed, helped, or educated. Whatever purpose the narrative serves, it doesn’t need a million people to parrot it. The tighter and more restrictive the narrative becomes, the fewer loudmouths you need to get it out there. Maybe when they are off learning to code, they can start by reprogramming journalism. The Newscasts are one less reason for me to waste time or life in front of an Idiot Box.

  • Pakistan Works To Finish Border Fence Along Disputed Afghan Border

    Pakistan 1 – USA 0. Pakistan takes care of Pakistan. You don’t have to like them and they really aren’t asking if you are amused. They saw a problematic border where vicious pyschopaths seemingly crossed at will. They built a wall and aren’t sweating the stupid optics. Imagine if Amerika started operating off a similar principle. This is what we could get done as well.

    Climbing over some of the world’s toughest terrain, Pakistan’s border fence will stretch more 1,800-miles and ascend more than 12,000-feet above sea level. It will march over mountains, span gorges, and descend into desert plains—halting, at last, on the Chinese border. The fence will seek to protect valleys and mountains that invading armies have crossed for centuries from Alexander the Great to Mongol hordes. Built to divide Pakistan from Afghanistan, the logistical difficulties of the wall are enormous. Construction workers require constant armed protection from terrorists and bandits, who often blend in among the 60,000 people, many of whom are Pashtun tribesmen, that Islamabad estimates illegally cross the Pakistan frontier every single day.

  • How does exercise make your muscles stronger?

    File this under Good To Know.

    The exact mechanism by which exercise enhances strength remains unclear, but its basic principles are understood. Overall, two processes appear to be involved: hypertrophy, or the enlargement of cells, and neural adaptations that enhance nerve-muscle interaction. Muscle cells subjected to regular bouts of exercise followed by periods of rest with sufficient dietary protein undergo hypertrophy as a response to the stress of training. (This should not be confused with short-term swelling due to water intake.) Enhanced muscle protein synthesis and incorporation of these proteins into cells cause hypertrophy….The neural basis of muscle strength enhancement primarily involves the ability to recruit more muscle cells–and thus more power strokes–in a simultaneous manner, a process referred to as synchronous activation.

    You can build your muscles and you can train them. I knew about hypertrophy, the part about synchronization was fun to learn. But men are not made happy by muscles alone…

  • And now, as a grand finale, we present, a man’s man, a manly-man’s man.

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