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Periscope (February 11, 2019)

  • Japan managed to win its war on drugs, why can’t we?

    Japan simply took a sane policy: go after the users, implement strong and semi-random penalties, and have a culture that supports this intolerance and is willing to ostracize people who go against it. In the West, on the other hand, we have a compliant media that promotes drug use as enlightened, intellectual, and cultured. We have a massive underclass of diverse groups, each of which likes its own drugs. We have savaged the family and turned jobs into jails so that kids have nothing better to do than be self-destructive. We have also made it clear that our civilization is in decline, hostile to reality, and does not have the best interests of its people at heart. No wonder we are all strung out. Strong power is coming back in response to the behavior of the unpunished herd.

  • US shutdown looms as border talks stall ahead of deadline

    Excellent news. Trump gave the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves, and so instead of coming up with an actual compromise, they have spent three weeks trying to re-style Trump not getting his border wall as a “compromise.” They own the next shutdown, and Trump will have the mandate from his voters to continue it until the childish Democrats back down or are removed from office. These people are saboteurs who have never been spanked, and they do not care what happens to the rest of us, since they view us as idiots who are there for them to use as a profit center through taxes and lies.

  • What was found in southeast Houston home after deadly drug raid

    Deranged Boomer, hell-bent on manipulating her daughter, calls the police to inform them that her daughter uses drugs. Police find some confidential informant (CI) to swear that he saw drug sales in the home. Cops charge, five get shot, and both homeowners and dog are killed. This is a typical outcome of Boomer thinking, which holds a bourgeois view of the world in which government is there to help you, demanding to see the manager does something other than get you a worthless coupon, and people should do exactly what you want because you are an equal citizen-customer-comrade too!

  • Illegal immigration on pace for worst year since massive wall-building spree in 2007

    They will never do a study on this, but if they were to analyze the figures, they would find that immigration surges any time the Left signals its defense of the issue. Immigrants see a nation where the people who are presumably in charge are saying no immigration, but there are all of these immensely popular people urging them to come on ahead, which makes them conclude that the people presumably in charge are weak or corrupt and faking it, and therefore — as it would be in their countries — immigration is desired and will be rewarded. As with drug legalization, we send dual messages because democracy is based on disunity not unity, and only unity makes effective policy. If we deported all Leftists to the third world tomorrow, immigration into the nation would cease in the ensuing silence and end of public drama on the issue. Then again, people like Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, and Doug DeBlasio have more in common genetically with the immigrants than with Western Europeans like Donald Trump, so of course they are encouraging their side to overwhelm the natives.

  • AAF 2019: New football league averages nearly 3 million views on opening night

    The NFL had one winning play after players started “taking a knee” to protest muh racism or something. The NFL could have declared no politics on the field and cut out the protests. Instead, they waffled, having been bloated with fat cuck bucks from all the bloated wage slaves who have been trained to see their only joy as watery beer and sports events on weekends. They see it in commercials, so they emulate it. However, even those people will flake out when their muh good times are interrupted, which creates a market for an alternative football league. Maybe this one will get it right for more than a few decades, although I am not holding my breath. As soon as a business gets big, it begins promoting the obedient instead of the competent, and the competent head off for more interesting challenges. We could even say the same of bureaucratic nations like the one that Abraham Lincoln created in 1860. Any time humans form a population density great enough that anonymity is the case, they start wanting external control, which leads to bureaucracy and insincerity. If nature were more optimized, it would kill off its victims quickly, but instead we must wait for decades or centuries to see the results of our delusion.

  • Dog DNA testing takes off, and generates debate

    We can admit that dogs have sub-species or races, and that these have genetically-coded traits, but it is taboo to do the same for humans. However, as people become more interested in genetics, it becomes clear that the Official Position is all lies and that you can find the truth if you just look under the surface. That by itself means little, but the fact that it in turn becomes common knowledge means that people have zero faith in our system and the people who run it. Like all clever leaders — “clever” is the opposite of “intelligent” in Anglo-speak — they do not see death staring them in the face until the hammer starts to fall. Oh well, will the world miss any mixed-race/mixed-white Leftists? We have seven billion people, many of whom are far more useful than any baizuo.

  • U.S. destroyers sail in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

    Trump has basically said: accept that we are still the superpower and that our economy rules you, or face inevitable war, which you will not win because you are less competent than you think. Mongols do well in land wars that they can manage, but ultimately retreat when they face more competent warriors who do not tie their own hands with democratic thinking. Like the rest of the third world, they are bullies because they are caught in a dream of their own self-importance, which fits because the third world is the most individualistic part of human society.

  • Reddit: Censorship fears spark criticism of Tencent funding reports

    As internet lore relates, Reddit is where stupid people go to appear smart. It has cultivated an audience of neckbeards, NEETs, cucks, dweebs, low self-confidence nerds, geeks, transgenders, baristas, entry level tech support workers, and other Dunning-Kruger arrogance life dropout cases. Now, suddenly, they discover that this website which has supported censorship for years has been invested in by the Chinese, and stage a half-hearted protest before going on to reposting cat pics and ten-year-old memes. When the West gets back on its feet, the first thing it will do is enact a Great Filter to remove such people from among us, since they are obviously mental and physical defectives. As always, apply the Stevens test: if all Redditors died tomorrow, would life be better or worse?

  • Finnish WWII troops participated in mass murders of Jews, new government report finds

    Finns fought with the Germans in order to help defeat the Soviets, who randomly invaded Finland and destroyed anything good that they could find. As part of this, the Finns send over about 400 volunteers, some of whom have said something in their diaries that implied that they were part of ethnic cleansing of Jews. The data is too murky, and this looks like a shakedown attempt by NGOs who make their money on finding guilt and exacting payment.

  • IMF warns of global economic “storm” as growth undershoots

    Europe is blaming trade wars for its failure to meet targets. In the meantime, we should ask why growth is needed? Oh, right, because we take money out of the economy through taxes to an absurd degree. They do not want to admit it, but what has happened is a disruption of globalism, or the idea that we all become liberal democracies and share the same sickness so that no one can compete with us. However, that model breaks down as soon as one country leaves the fold, and with Brexit and Trump, the cozy little world domination through liberal democracy model that the EU has counted on has imploded, kind of like everything else that the EU has tried to do, come to think of it.

  • Norfolk Island, South Pacific haven with NSW postcode and ACT vote, grapples with Australian rule

    Why is secession a big topic of late? Paying high taxes to distant authorities that do nothing for you except wreck local traditions, economies, and landmarks in order to bring everything into compliance with Big Picture ideological views has become unpopular. This island offers a classic case in point: all they need is defense. Instead, like some sort of bad cable television contract, they are getting billed for defense, diversity, equality, welfare, standardization, and several dozen other things for which they have zero use and all of which disrupt their time-honored ways of doing things. Looks like the CSA was prescient after all.

  • World’s insects could be wiped out ‘within a century’ as scientists warn they are dying out eight times faster than mammals

    The more people we add, the more land we use, and the more we destroy native species. Not just insects are in decline; we are killing everything, mainly because democracy requires taxes to fund its underclasses and so we must constantly grow and find new consumers in order to keep from imploding. We have reached the end of the line for the 1789 order, but everyone is too afraid to move on to the obvious next step.

  • Pablo Escobar’s hippos keep multiplying and Colombia doesn’t know how to stop it

    Invasive species have fewer demands on them than those species which are more precisely adapted to their environment, so the invaders take over, every time. Maybe humanity will learn from this lesson.

  • White-hot anger as town evicted (non-paywall)

    In an effort to appease the never-useful and always-extortionate aboriginals, Australia banned white towns from a certain region, and now has told the members of one such town that they will be forcibly removed. They sued under the theory that if discrimination is illegal, discrimination against whites is illegal, but they are about to find out that “equality” always and without variation means “take from the thriving to give to the failing” and so those who are of the presumably thriving group have zero case and never will until they unfog their brains and get rid of equality.

  • AP Exclusive: Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many

    Israeli operatives got caught trying to bait representatives of companies into making anti-Semitic statements. This is not a winning strategy for Israel in the long term. They will simply confirm the anti-Semitic bias of those who think that Jews run the world, and they will make everyone else suspect them as being like every other special interest group, dedicated to itself at the expense of everyone else. Sane people realize that all groups are this way and therefore, that diversity is an illusion, but the citizens of democracies have been lobotomized by equality and just cannot wrap their minds around this plain and obvious fact. It is simply too shocking for them to realize that they have wasted their lives pursuing a Utopia which will never come, so they would rather lay down and die instead.

  • Orban offers financial incentives to boost Hungary’s birth rate

    The Right — always hungry for a good easy armchair solution — is foaming over this policy, but in reality, it is a bad idea because it does not take into account quality. Our problem is not too few white people, but too few white people of quality; we got into this democracy, equality, diversity gig after all by having too many proles or low-IQ whites. Now, if you give out free money in the socialist style, you will simply get more of those and, when the immediate administration leaves, they will go back to doing what low-IQ people do, which is voting for free stuff especially when it is promised on the backs of others. The first politician to promise free pensions paid for by third world labor who will be taxed to provide those benefits will take over and that will be all she wrote. RIP Hungary.

  • Some Washington sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun laws

    America will soon realize the high price of judicial activism and sanctuary cities, which is that other special interest groups will follow this same idea and stop enforcing laws they disagree with. At that point, centralized government becomes nonsense because its rules are arbitrary. While we all hope that maybe government will go back to being in charge of defense alone, that creates unstable government, so instead we will get many local areas bickering over power in the usual human model. With hierarchy, this is avoided; with democracy, it is inevitable.

  • Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

    Apparently loneliness is about “the quality of your connections with people.” When no one can tell the truth about simple things like diversity and democracy, all interactions are inauthentic, and we are all lonely. We see another triumph of democracy in this. We have nothing left but to go shopping, vote, and then go back to our jobs for more servitude to freedom.

  • Congresswoman Ilhan Omar suggests Jewish money behind US support of Israel

    For decades Right-wing Jews have warned Left-wing Jews that diversity was not a good idea. Being Leftists, however, the latter could not stop themselves and plowed ahead with the diversity agenda. Now they see the true consequence: most of these groups hate each other, and so diversity will bring about endless war until we are destroyed or merged into a uniform cultureless grey. This sort of outcome is typical for democratic thinking.

  • Private Mossad for Hire

    Influencing elections through social media is not just theory; it is a growing business. Could it be that people are so suggestible that we need to censor everything in order to keep them voting for the “correct” things? Otherwise, elections are up for sale. Oh wait, they are anyway, because lobbyists rule Washington and voters pull that lever for whoever promises them free stuff. Democracy is falling fast.

  • Wealth concentration near ‘levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties,’ study finds (non-paywall)

    Any time you import a ton of lower IQ people and give them enough money so that they make businesses rich for catering to them, you get massive income inequality. The cause of inequality, as it turns out, is fattening the left side of the bell curve. We did it back then with a new influx of Southern, Eastern, and Irish Europeans, and we have done it now we an influx of third world ethnic groups. In both cases, you end up with a third world style society: many starving people who buy products from a few families who quickly end up owning everything. People, being congenital idiots, will try to stop that by creating socialism, which simply gives those few families control of government as well as the economy. The stupidity continues.

  • Latinos, blacks breathe 40 percent more pollution than whites in California, study says

    In egalitarian times, you cannot argue for something by pointing out that it benefits everyone. The goal is not to benefit everyone, but to benefit those who are not feeling very equal, so you have to find a bunch of helpless and hopeless victims, trot them out on stage, and talk about how you are the Great Emancipator. Then, you can “fix” their problems, which mostly results in more middle class tax money — the middle class is asleep and always has been when it comes to measuring the results of their votes! — for those who are “fixing” the problem, and their cousins, and their friends who run consulting groups, and their buddy in construction, etc. etc.

  • African leaders unveil statue of Ethiopia’s last emperor

    This is healthy and sane ethnic and racial pride. Whatever your group, gain control of yourselves and start rewarding the good and weeding out the bad. Have pride in who you are. In a few generations, you will rise. It starts with a sense of who you are, and that it is good to be you, instead of worrying about what the guy on the next continent is driving, eating, or watching on television. Do for you. That way, you benefit, and you are finally in command of your future.

  • The Democrats will commit political suicide by embracing socialism (non-paywall)

    While I enjoy Ferguson generally, here he fails to grasp the situation. The Left wanted to change the demographics of the West solely in order to have an audience which would vote for socialism. Third world populations — including the Southern, Eastern, and Irish Europeans — consistently vote for socialism, especially when it fails, at which point they double down. To them, the only government model that makes sense is a vast herd of poor people who are ruled by warlords who periodically give gifts like a big lottery. They have no hope of doing better, and so the Left imported them, because that way you get permanent Leftism. Like all bad managers, however, they have failed to take into account the damage that this will do to their bottom line. Conservatives knew this, and figured the Left knew as well, and that this knowledge would keep them from doing something utterly destructive. It turns out that this is not the case.

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