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  • China exports fall again as US trade war continues

    The rising third-world Axis (China, Russia, Iran) needs us more than we need them. In fact, in the West our future health involves discovering that we do not need anyone but ourselves, which means that we need to stop using other groups as distractions (colonialism, post-colonialism, diversity, globalism) and instead focus on making ourselves inwardly good again. As the trade war winds onward, China finds itself feeling the heat of the US decoupling, and Europe finds that it no longer has a willing market for its overpriced luxury items. If the USA cuts its entitlement programs and government jobs that basically throw money into those who would otherwise be destitute, radical consumer spending will drop off and Europe will find itself without an industry. This will force Europe to in turn cut its entitlements, focus on self-sufficiency, and stop importing all of its food and goods from abroad.

  • Record number of African migrants at U.S.-Mexico border

    The third world has seen the writing on the wall: it is increasingly irrelevant, which means that life there will be good but not great. On the other side of the Wall in the West, however, there are free social benefits, guaranteed jobs through affirmative action, and a functional society which makes it easy to live and afford consumer gadgets. They will all come here unless we stop them; Trump, by making it more difficult to get into the country legally, is raising the cost of coming here, but his second term awaits the real push to make this country slam shut the doors and go another direction.

  • Official: Base shooter watched shooting videos before attack

    They are still trying to decide if this is officially “terrorism” or not. It turns out that a group of Saudi students watched shooting videos together, and many are still unaccounted for; the shooter may have become radicalized long ago. In the meantime, we are cleaning up from another diversity shooting at Pearl Harbor on the anniversary of the Japanese attack. The symbolism does not get much richer than this; after 9/11, we were doing the same thing, and after Pearl Harbor, we interned Japanese-heritage people in America because we presumed that their dual loyalties would make them favor Japan over the US. Out there in the vast multiculture lurk many who hate us, and many others who are simply hoping that someone else destroys us so that they can take over, and we cannot tell who these people are. Diversity, on fire and flailing, falls fast in the hearts of those in the West. We cannot survive it.

  • Trump says pro-Israel group will vote for him to protect their money: ‘You’re not nice people at all. You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax’

    Trump trolls Leftists:

    “We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love Israel more,” he told the crowd.

    “Because you have people that are Jewish people, that are great people – they don’t love Israel enough.”

    He makes the point that Jews who do not love Israel are lost, and that Jews are now in an ugly position between the people who want to ruin their wealth (no one wants this) and voting for him despite him being non-Democrat. The big point is that Jews, like everyone else, will have to choose between survival and Leftism.

  • Breakthrough or a threat?: Research on genetics of same-sex behaviour ignites ethical debate

    Researchers identify five areas in human DNA which may regulate same-sex attraction. This causes our “blank slate” public Narrative to fail, and makes for nervous agitation as people realize that a genetic test could identify who goes to Memphis and who goes to San Francisco.

  • Holocaust survivor watched starving prisoners ‘roast and eat a human child’

    The Holocaust narrative jumps the shark. Instead of focusing on the obvious truth, which is that the Nazis used Jews as slave labor and let them die of disease in addition to open pit executions and barn burnings in captured territories, some profiteers are using this Soviet/English-constructed historical drama to seize more power and importance. However, it is not working so well anymore, so the stories have to become even more lurid.

  • UK Tory candidate suggests people using food banks can’t ‘manage their budget’ properly

    Man states the obvious, audience reacts with “audible gasp” at someone daring to say something so socially unacceptable. Then again, if people could manage their budgets and plan for the future, they would not be using food banks in most cases. That alone proves shocking to Leftists, who want to believe that we are all identical and when bad things happen it is pure chance (or… Satan) and not our fault at all. When someone points out that this is an illusion, the entire reasoning behind egalitarianism collapses, and the Left find themselves revealed as opportunistic careerist salesmen — like bureaucrats, actors, prostitutes — and not the messianic bringers of good news that they like to pretend to be.

  • Oscar film nominee director: “I wish to drown Israel”

    In diversity, each group works to destroy all the others so that it alone can be supreme. It does this because until all other groups are dead, threats to the group remain; it will only be stable when it has total control of its future. In a diverse society, that means destroying the majority and then other minorities; on planet Earth, it means killing off all other racial and ethnic groups; if humanity develops faster-than-light travel, it will mean purging the universe of all other groups. This is the rule of nature; one human group can exist in our niche, and it will be either a pure ethnic group or a mixed-ethnic group, but in either case, everyone else will be heaps of bones. With the former case, humanity will have better capabilities, especially if it is European, Japanese, or Jewish.

  • CIVCUS monitor reports that the world is becoming “more oppressed”

    Democracy, civil rights, and humanism have failed. We need some sense of order other than individualism in groups so that everyone does whatever they want and the group, nature, and civilization pay the price. We either accept this gracefully or descend into strong power days through brutal methods.

  • Dozens of convicted terrorists linked to hate preacher Anjem Choudary are back on the streets of Britain

    Bureaucracy offers a powerful racket. If you run society badly, people need you more and give you more money. If you run it correctly, you are out of a job. Therefore, you might as well wreck everything and use each outbreak of failure as an excuse to form a new agency, hire more bureaucrats, and spend more money on irrelevant and destructive “solutions” to make the next generation of failures.

  • Woman faces $25K lawsuit over Yelp review about Middle TN doctor

    If this lawsuit goes through, does it mean we can sue social media for deplatforming us and leaving a de facto review of us as “bad”?

  • Mom of slain UPS driver says she didn’t come to this country ‘for my son to be killed’

    Someone should tell her that her arrival in this country helps tear it apart, taking it from a place with a strong majority culture to one with no culture, creating a void in which all sorts of desperate behavior becomes the norm. She would not understand, but in order to keep this place nice, we have to keep her and people like her — anyone but ethnic Western Europeans — out of the country.

  • Top cop told her deputy to act like a ‘white supremacist cop.’ It was caught on tape

    Headline is misleading. She was telling her deputy to scare the man by pretending to be a cartoon Nazi.

  • Iceland puts well-being ahead of GDP in budget

    The march for culture continues. Iceland wants to place family-friendly and green policies first before simply generating money. This makes sense, even if mainstream conservatives will oppose it, but will also lead to the end of Leftist programs as the extra money for spending on subsidies dries up. In the long term, this will be a great win, and will provide business the guidance it needs to be responsible and therefore, to enjoy a positive relationship with the community.

  • NYPD officers say they were directed to target blacks and Latinos in subway: report

    This is where those statistics on crime by race make sense. The law likes to treat each person as an individual, but police and other practical — that is, not desk job — people tend to see people as coming from different genres and know the importance of seeking out those most likely to cause actual problems. In Black- and Hispanic-only nations, this would not be a problem; it is wholly an artifact of diversity.

  • Susan Rice: ‘Domestic divisions are the greatest threat to our national security’

    The Left likes to claim that our problems originate in the divisions in our political system. This fake news obscures the truth: our problems consist of Leftist ideas that we have adopted, and the resistance to them consists of first and foremost noticing the truth about how Leftist ideas when implemented have failed radically. Our domestic divisions cannot be healed; the future they want for us is abhorrent to us. Leftists will have to go elsewhere with their parasitic ideology.

  • ‘Haiti is like the forgotten emergency.’ UN needs $62 million to combat hunger crisis

    Haiti has been a disaster since it overthrew its colonial masters. It has never figured out self-rule, in part because it is an alien land. Repatriate these poor people to Africa with reparations and turn Haiti into a nature preserve.

  • Thousands of Yellow Vest Activists Join French Pension Protests Amid Police Tension

    Slowly, the voters realize that promises made in politics have no bearing on reality. Instead, all of the money will be taken into government and spent on high bureaucratic salaries for people from low origins. This will inch us closer to a Soviet-style equality Utopia but will in the process destroy all hope of normal life. Every dollar taken by government reduces wages, raises prices, and increases red tape, all of which make people miserable to the point of self-destruction.

  • Musk’s defamation win may reset legal landscape for social media

    “I think this verdict reflects that there is a feeling that internet tweets and chats are more like casual conversation whether you call it opinion or rhetoric or hyperbole and should not be punished in a lawsuit,” said Chip Babcock, a lawyer who defends against defamation lawsuits.

    That means that social media is not responsible for the horrors of our “racist,” “classist,” “sexist,” “Islamophobia,” “ageist,” “healthist,” and “homophobic” comments and should allow them. This will reveal exactly how much the people working in social media are true believers and not simply reacting to market forces, which then gives us good cause to regulate propaganda outlets like Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

  • In London’s key swing seats, Britain’s Muslim voters could prove decisive

    When foreign groups control your elections, you have no chance of honesty or competence. Instead, you will get whatever candidate buys off, bluffs, and flatters the largest number of groups. This in turn guarantees that whatever the majority needs will be ignored. In the same way, if you are afraid to confront differences between groups, you will never have coherent policy, and your people will be doomed to ride out the dubious results of compromises that seem intelligent in terms of manipulating the system, but are idiotic in results.

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