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  • Jewish groups push back against police surge in wake of antisemitic attacks

    Jewish community notes that if the cops show up to defend Jews, it will make their already-strained relationship with the surrounding Black and Hispanic communities even more uncertain. Perhaps it is slowly dawning on all these mental toddlers, Jew and Gentile alike, that diversity is doomed and has already failed and now we are just in the clean-up or fail stage.

  • European money spawns more misery for migrants in Libya

    The dumb golden retrievers of Europe figured that if they sent money to the third world, that would stop the migrants from coming. Who are these incompetents? Instead they signaled submission and a desire to bribe the stronger party, which meant that Europe portrayed itself as weak because in a democracy, your leaders must be weak or the people panic about the Second Coming Of Hitler. The third world, seeing Europe groveling in weakness, promptly sent even more people to where the money came from.

  • As China Anxiety Rises in U.S., Fears of New Red Scare Emerge

    It is not a Red Scare; it is a race war. We now recognize that it always was a race war, even when the Asiatic Russians and Asian Chinese were challenging us in the Cold War, Korea, and Vietnam. It was a race war when the Anglo-Saxon South fought the round-headed mixed-whites of the North. It was a race war when the diversity nations of the US, UK, and USSR waged war on Germany in WW2 (paralleling similar events during the first war). It was a race war when Napoleon led his herds against the aristocrats. It has always been a race war, and now we are facing the new Mongols, who we will have to turn away and possibly exterminate.

  • Picasso painting attacked at Tate Modern

    Worthless mental toddler symbolic “art” gets torn up. Maybe we should all snap our fingers, bring ourselves back to reality, and recognize that this stuff communicates only doubt, confusion, and a futile search for universal truths when really what we need are highly particular truths. God loves those who know themselves, and only by knowing ourselves to do we reach God or even mental clarity, while stranded on a planet of ape infants who will never be more than NPCs, have no souls, and encounter mere infinite nothingness (i.e. nothing) when they croak. We should line the walls of the asylums with modern art, and save the good stuff for the sane people.

  • Senior Palestinian claims Jesus was an Islamic martyr

    Master-level trolling calls into mind something that people forget, which is that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism come from the same root and use most of the same ideas, namely a degenerated version of Platonism which seeks a universal truth instead of an external order. Europeans “fixed” Christianity by reading it in the context of the Greeks and Nords, but now it seems the Abrahamic religions are converging. Perhaps like most really good fights, after 3000 years of enmity, there may be make-up sex and a new generic Abrahamic religion will be born. History loves to make things rise and then converge so it can achieve the equilibrium of the generic. This is how it standardizes. Of course, with standardization, excellence usually leaves. Nature always wanted to kill us, but in the future, it will kill us by turning us into generic versions of what was once great. It will do the same to the Abrahamic religions, but as we can see, the task is easier because they are so similar.

  • With births down, U.S. had slowest growth rate in a century

    Look at all the round-headed people, staring at this with their hands flat at their sides and their mouths open in sucking circles. They have no idea what it means! It means that people are miserable and are dying because they want to, and not breeding because they do not want to introduce children to this world. Happy people always do the same thing, which is pair up and have families and raise them well. Miserable people make excuses. Then, after a life of being single and miserable, they drink enough and get careless enough to die in some kind of accident or just have a general bodily crap-out. Think it is an illusion? The same thing is happening in the UK.

  • Why retiring at 65 could become a thing of the past

    Go out there and work hard. Work hard to pay your property taxes, income taxes, fees, licenses, sales taxes, and HOA fees. Everything you do exists so that you can be the tool that makes other people feel better and live on subsidies. Your job is already insufferable because it is dumbed-down and repetitive with horrible social dynamics like that of a third-grade class, mainly because in democracy almost no one becomes self-actualized and mature, but it will get worse since now there is no escape. You are merely a domesticated animal, working on the worthless for idiots until you die. No wonder people are dying young and failing to breed. We live in Hell!

  • Jewish cemetery vandalized in Germany, suspects investigated

    Far-Right extremists like these need to focus less on Jews and more on seizing power, keeping the good and throwing out the bad. Of course you will need to repatriate all ethnic Other groups, but that is not the focus. Gaining control of a dead civilization, pruning it by removing defectives and the insane, then re-organizing it for growth toward quality is the issue. The focus on Jews just defeats you, in addition to making silly messes like this vandalism.

  • Trump says Iran will be held ‘fully responsible’ for attack on the US embassy in Iraq

    The middle east will always be important because of its location and its oil. We either dominate it or bad guys seize it and then we have problems. The only sensible solution is the Roman one, which is to invade and displace all the people into North Africa. Keep the functional locations like Lebanon and Israel but turn the rest into a nature park. Not only can we stop worrying about these insane and dysfunctional people all the time, but some prime territory for nature will be preserved.

  • Low-wage workers are getting bigger raises than bosses

    The press insists that Obama brought a recovery. In reality, he boosted some areas of the economy at the expense of our currency value, which caused employers to eat those costs. As everything relaxes, they are able to raise wages again because they have finally paid for upgrades which were deferred under the Obama years. And yet, the voters remain oblivious and solipsistic and have no idea that this is the case. Democracy has already died, and we are just waiting to fully formalize that fact.

  • Convert half of UK farmland to nature, urges top scientist

    Very close. Convert half of the UK to nature and you will be talking. That way you can have clean air and water, and keep natural species alive, too. You have to do it with all the land, not just hand the least useful areas to nature and claim that we are doing good things for the environment because we are driving electric cars and eating vegan.

  • The future of work won’t be about college degrees, it will be about job skills

    “Skills” means having memorized the ins and outs of some particular gadget or software in most cases. College was never about jobs, but about making well-rounded, thoughtful people with a broad framework of reference in our culture. Politicians saw it as a good anti-poverty program to send everyone to college, reasoning that if college graduates earned more money, now everyone would earn more money! Not surprisingly, that round-headed thinking simply destroyed the value of a college degree, and now we have turned to credentials — little certificates saying that you have mastered one gadget or another — instead.

  • Young people can’t remember how much more wildlife there used to be

    Every person forms a frame of reference about age sixteen and, by the nature of human solipsism, assumes that the world does not change much if at all after that time. Most importantly, they believe that nothing that they do will influence the world, since it is there for them to be consumed and excreted like everything else that they can control in their little flat hands and ram into their round mouths. Consequently, they have no idea what the past was like and, having been “educated” by public schools that are basically workplace conformity and neo-Communist propaganda organs, absolutely no intellectual curiosity to read old books or view old movies and see what it was like. That would make them feel weak, where with the simple pragmas given to them by the propaganda machine, they feel like they know things, and this makes them pat themselves on their round heads and toddle forward toward what surely must be the Utopian future promised by their teachers and television commercials.

  • U.S. has changed in key ways in the past decade, from tech use to demographics

    If you find that things are accelerating, it makes sense to look at your altimeter. Are you going upward or downward? The public believes that we are going upward, but they are vested in the system and want to believe that it will do Just Fine without them stopping whatever they are doing, usually the pursuit of money, power, and libertinism. In reality, people have become slaves to jobs that will never get them enough money to achieve the American dream, but demographic displacement is proceeding apace. Sure, you can afford the big house, nice cars, and retirement plan, but it will never be enough. You will still live in ugly places with insane people.

  • In 2 years, India added a Delhi and Goa in green cover

    If you want to live in a nice place in the future, it will need lots of forest land, perhaps ten times as much land as you require to live on per person. Some societies are gearing themselves toward the future while others are busy building as fast as possible to sell to the newcomers, like the United States, which acts as if its population wants to sell the place and leave. It may be the first time that we have seen “white flight” on a national level.

  • Study shows integrated organic crop and livestock production systems can conform to food safety standards

    It turns out that traditional farming methods produce better quality, are more efficient, and turn out to be just as clean as modern methods. What they do not do is scale to urban levels, but then again, since transportation creates such a heck of a lot of pollution, you probably want to be farm-to-market within fifty miles of your table anyway.

  • Giles Coren condemned for ‘homophobic’ remarks about Owen Jones

    He made a near-universal joke about chasing interns through the halls. It had nothing to do with homosexuality, except that the recipient is a member of a Protected Group and therefore, anything that is bad that happens to him is not his fault but the fault of someone else. We suffer every day for this insane fiction of equality and the subsidies and double standards required to keep it operational.

  • How Religion Predicts Pet Ownership in the United States

    Owning a cat negatively correlates with attending religious worship services. This suggests that owning independent pets like cats fits best with the shut-in lifestyle of someone who has withdrawn from the civilization which has failed and in doing so, failed them.

  • NY farmers sue to block law that gives workers overtime, right to unionize

    Farms, already struggling, now might have to face employee unions. That will sink most of them, but on the plus side, will drive automation right into the heart of family farms. Your future farmer will have a swarm of refrigerator-sized machines doing the work formerly done by five hundred illegal aliens. This means less E. coli in your lettuce as well.

  • How Crisco toppled lard – and made Americans believers in industrial food

    It turns out that when you make science the new god, scientists turn out to be some of the dumbest, most corrupt, and most deceptive people out there. Following on the heels of the discovery that industry promoted sugar despite knowledge of its harms, we find out that industry also promoted vegetable fat in place of animal fat. Instead of buying one product, you bought two! Everyone got wealthy and everyone had a career boost. Now later we pay the externalized cost of scientists making profitable careers a generation ago.

  • Water-related violence rises globally in past decade

    We have an abundance of resources. Having them be clean enough for human use, and in all the places where we have humans, proves to be more difficult. The world is near its next major resource war which will involve fighting over water, air, and food. When it ends, a heap of gnawed skulls will remind us of how badly we screwed up during the Era of Individualism (1500-2000 AD roughly). On the plus side however we all get skull paperweights.

  • Tesla must face lawsuit claiming racism at California factory

    The shakedown continues. If you hire minorities, they sue you. If you do not hire them, government takes your company. What do you do? Viciously, legally, and morally pass the cost on down to the customers, since the idiots keep voting for diversity. “Punish idiots” is never a bad thing.

  • High carbon footprint families identified by sweets and restaurant food, not higher meat consumption

    Bad news for Leftists. The biggest carbon footprint comes from those who eat a lot of restaurant food and highly processed items, not us “knee deep in blood” carnivores. Soon we will find out that living in a city apartment, taking Ubers everywhere, eating out at vegan restaurants, and owning Apple products has twice the carbon impact of living in the country and enjoying healthy steak, beer, tobacco, and random gunfire.

  • Furry, cute and drooling herpes: what to do with Florida’s invasive monkeys?

    Everywhere humans go, we ignore the pattern order of nature in order to assert ourselves so that we feel better about being little mortal meat-sacks with sub-clinical megalomania. Every time we do this, we make wreckage. Invasive species and immigration are the same type of human control over our world with the same destructive end result.

  • China may be behind theft of bio samples by Harvard-sponsored Chinese student, feds say

    China is aware that war is on the horizon. Only the citizens of democracy, caught in a bubble of the human ego, have no idea what is going on. Floating between concerns for their social media, shopping, careers, sexual liaisons, and television, they really have no idea what is going on out there. Surely it cannot touch them in here, where everything is shrink-wrapped and sterile and if something goes wrong you can demand to see a manager.

  • Reuters poll: Hong Kongers support protester demands; minority wants independence from China

    Just like here, we see the split. Most want the status quo with a change that makes it more favorable to them; only a minority are thinking about the distant future and actually addressing the problem instead of slapping a band-aid on it. Lazy human thinking as always.

  • Private schools defend refusal of £1m donation to help poor white boys

    Only white people cannot have scholarships. If the scholarships were not directed solely at whites, they would have been given to minorities anyway, since that is how to build your career in a system that only rewards Leftists. If they allowed these scholarships to go out, however, it might slow the removal of white people. They might as well put big WHITES JUST DIE banners over public institutions at this point, despite most of them (Leftists) being white or mixed-white (Italian, Jewish, Irish, Slavic).

  • ‘Severe backlash’: School community fights to keep Latin classes

    Despite Latin experiencing a renaissance as Western people attempt to reconnect with their roots, Leftists are doing everything they can to kill it. In this case, they artificially adjusted the requirements for their Latin teacher to make it impossible to fill the position, and used that as a pretext to kill off the Latin program. We are going to have to physically remove these people. They will not be missed.

  • Hunt for Chinese tourist who ‘vandalised’ sacred religious site in Europe to remove message of support for Hong Kong protests

    Chinese tourist was outraged at pro Hong Kong message. Blood is thicker than laws, rules, ideology, “culture,” and other assimilationist fantasies.

  • Firearms Registrations Increase at Least 48% under Bolsonaro

    People across the world are seeing the endgame of modern society. There will be a few wealthy people who live in entirely separate communities, but the rest of us will be out here somewhere in the wasteland. We will have to be armed, because there will be millions of poor dumb people who want to steal, rob, rape, and murder and they will hate us for having more than them, so they will target us. Get guns for the whole family. You will need to defend yourselves. Government can do nothing but show up and put you in a bag.

  • Temptation is more dangerous to the soul than demonic possession, exorcist says

    The great secret of evil hides from us because it is within us. We create evil by making stupid short-term decisions based on our desires instead of the needs of a healthy ecosystem involving ourselves, including social and civilizational layers. “I want” is the doorway to Hell, but people would rather blame demons and scapegoats than confront the moral duty that humanity nearly universally neglects.

  • Unmasking the secret landlords buying up America

    Anonymous home ownership is at an all-time high, with shell companies being used to buy property with cash in order to launder money for foreign governments, or simply own enough property to have control here. Some analogize to the days after the fall of the Soviet Union, and they are probably not wrong, if we view the Obama regime as the nadir of America.

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