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  • China Uses DNA to Map Faces, With Help From the West

    Modern people are so steeped in Leftist (egalitarian) dogma that they find it hard to believe that IQs differ between populations, that race is genetic, and that you can infer race, ethnicity, sex, and other traits of appearance through DNA. It shocks them that there might be some connection between cause and structural center (genetics) and outcomes or effects (appearance). They like to think the two are separate so that they can pretend to be whatever they want to be, when in reality, much of what they want is also determined by DNA. The Left successfully indoctrinated science, academia, and media during the 1960s and so what was common sense one day became a “hate crime” and “ignorance” the next, but now DNA science is tipping the scales back and the people who told us we were wrong all along are getting their comeuppance. Hint: we need to drive these people out of public roles and into bankruptcy; humanity only learns through tragedy.

  • Linda Sarsour: Israel is ‘built on’ idea that ‘Jews are supreme to everybody else’

    Yes, it is, and any ethnic group that wants to survive needs the same mythology: we are superior to everyone else, they exist to serve us, and we alone deserve to survive; everyone else survives by our tolerance of them, not the other way around. That is a healthy outlook and a necessary part of gearing your group for success by building up its confidence and awareness of itself. The West is a rarity in that it, following Socrates, tends to take a lower position of itself so that it can be open to foreign, unknown, and heretical input; other races and ethnic groups would simply exterminate every group other than themselves if given power. In fact, when the West falls, that is what they will do. No ethnic group is fully stable until it has its own planet, and if that means destroying the rest of them, they will simply accept the wisdom of “time heals all wounds” and enact the greatest genocide in history knowing that in seventy years it will be forgotten. On the plus side, this would get us to a world population of only 1.5 billion.

  • UK’s six richest people control as much wealth as poorest 13m – study

    Part of living in this time involves learning to identify clickbait. The extremely wealthy have always had great power, and every society produces them, because some people are better at earning money than others. Earning money does not equate to good leadership skills, and the best societies are the ones which hand over the money and power to good people so that they can keep it in reserve. Increasingly, however, we are seeing that they must do more than this, which is to find a way out of the race in which each nation tries to generate as much wealth and power as possible to beat the others. Likely the only correct answer is “space travel.” In any case, The Guardian runs a variety of this article every thirty days so that the box wine single mums and angry call-center pegboys can rage at “the rich,” while ignoring the vast structural problems of their societies.

  • American jobs are getting worse, new economic index shows

    “The history of private-sector employment in the U.S. over the past three decades is one of overall degradation in the ability of many American jobs to support households — even those with multiple jobholders,” they wrote.

    All the money went to government. Since the 1960s, we have implemented socialist-style government which operates by many taxes and entitlements. This in turn raises costs and simultaneously reduces wages and bumps up prices. The “yellow vests” found the same situation in France. The socialist model is simply unworkable in any form, and democracy will always drift toward the socialist model much as Marx predicted, not because the socialist model is good but because societies without strong leadership always fall into decay. To fix this problem, we need to give up entitlements (healthcare, education, retirement, welfare) and drop taxes, and then we will get the type of healthy environment we had in the 1940s. It will also mean that we have to get rid of regulations and ideological agendas like affirmative action and women in the workforce. These changes are coming because our economies are crashing thanks to the changes we have made since the 1960s and worse, these changes have driven out “the American dream” and “the good life” and replaced it with treadmill shekel-slavery so that we can pay taxes to keep the Left-voting third world underclass happy.

  • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on news commentary: We won’t recommend YouTubers for breaking news

    Big Tech took over from the mainstream news media, but now realizes that it depends on it, so it is filtering out everything but the big sources. Watch how in the hands of government the consumer buying population, the Wild West Internet became just as controlled as television in the 1980s back when you had three channels and a few grainy UHF options that sometimes went off the air for days at the time. The free internet could not exist for the same reason that community access cable stations never really took off: it pointed out how divided we are, and did not offer the same simple “what you’re doing is fine, keep doing what you are doing” Narrative that mainstream media offers. All of their shows start from the Fukuyaman assumption that our society is doing great and represents the ultimate evolution in history and thus will never change, and that any cracks in the system are in fact oddities and human interest stories, so get back to work, and keep buying junk and paying taxes to keep the sickness of Democracy Inc. afloat for another year.

  • Survey: National populist True Finns Party largest party in Finland

    Across the West, the Right-wing parties are rising as it becomes clear that the Leftist policies adopted in the 1930s and 1960s are all failing exactly as predicted by their Right-wing critics.

  • ‘We were just hurt’: Ukrainian students call for UofA to fire lecturer who denied Holodomor

    Similar resistance was common years ago, and the Ukrainians had to lobby hard to get this genocide accepted at all. The Left does not want to hear about the horrors of Communism, since they know that Communism is not just Leftist but the highest degree of Leftism, basically just what your average American Democrat believes turned up a couple notches. If Communism is bad, and Hitler is not the worst thing ever, then we have been fearing the wrong enemy for the past seventy-five years. As it turns out, even if you do not like Hitler — not particularly a fan here of his methods, although he was correct in his diagnosis of diversity as untenable and Communism as wholly toxic — you now can see that in running away from Hitler, we ran straight into the arms of the same con men who have always ravaged humanity. They promise good-sounding things that no one can criticize, just like snake oil salesmen and tent preachers, and then use those as an excuse to seize power. Most of humanity, lacking by genetics the intellectual wiring to think around this, rushes forward to seize the “opportunity” like sheep to the slaughter. We repeat this pattern again and again. Someone founds a new society and makes it thrive, and then all sorts of people show up or are produced as genetic waste products who have no role except as labor. Over time, they demand power, and so they abolish the people who know better by virtue of genetic abilities, at which point we get mob rule. The mob always falls for the scams and then makes the rest of us pay for their stupidity. We will get nowhere without actually good leaders and strong hierarchy based in genetics, and in addition, we are going to have to purge the moronic, callow, neurotic, perverse, criminal, schizoid, sociopathic, promiscuous, and otherwise defective not just in bulk to clean up the recent past, but in every generation to deal with natural variance. We cannot escape the unity of natural selection and morality, which says that we should do “good to the good, and bad to the bad,” with good/bad being interpreted in terms of what makes our group more realistic, powerful, moral, healthy, and wise. Whichever group achieves technological domination is going to exterminate the rest.

  • Government to ban foreign donations to political parties and candidates

    Most voters have no idea that such commonsense rules were not already in place. It turns out that Democracy Inc. flits from obsession to obsession, ignoring structural issues and shared needs, since all it has to do is acquire enough votes to maintain power. However, now that China has started buying up governments wholesale, countries are realizing that they either defend against this or find themselves receiving orders from Beijing. While this is most notable in Australia and Canada, New Zealand the United States are recognizing that they are targets as well. Europe, dependent on Chinese ally Russia for oil, seems silent on this issue.

  • Leak of papers before UK election raises ‘spectre of foreign influence’ – experts

    People seem to think that they could run open societies without interference from others, and then connect global travel, telephones, television, and internet and still have that be the case. Now that we have made it convenient, others meddle. Does it achieve any goal other that disrupting us and subverting our systems? If that is the goal, it tells us what they intend to achieve, which is to make us dysfunctional and then sweep in for a takeover.

  • ‘It Just Isn’t Working’: Test Scores Cast Doubt on U.S. Education Efforts

    America throws more money at education each time it fails. However, it suffers from trying to teach one education to students ranging from 70 through 130 IQ points. This means that no one gets what they need because the education is dumbed down so that everyone can understand, but this makes it into boring fact memorization and regurgitation. In addition, diversity creates wide variance in behavior and understanding. Schools also have become government-mandated free daycare, which the federal government writes into law for state and local governments to fund, which cannot expel retards, criminals, and other problematic students who disrupt classes. As a result, schools are hugely expensive and unproductive jails that waste irreplaceable years of the lives of young people, who would be happier with education geared toward their own abilities as only private schools can provide. Parents would do better without the huge property tax bills that function as a second mortgage in most American states. And yet, for our pretense of being accepting of everyone as equal without hierarchy, we must insist that we have a meritocracy, which in turn forces us to believe that jumping through hoops of memorization and obedience somehow selects the best, when we all know that it has the same problem as the corporate and government systems, namely that it selects bean-counters and weeds out creative, analytical, and realistic thinkers. The only fix that American public education needs is to be abolished.

  • In a first, Labour Party vows to teach colonial history in Britain’s schools

    Speaking of miseducation, in Britain their equivalent to Bernie Sanders wants to teach more far-Left theory in schools as fact. Not surprising, but of course, minorities celebrate this because it brings them closer to conquering the former majority and therefore, escaping their own subject population status.

  • chooses `existential’ as word of the year

    “Existential” refers to questions of being able to continue existing and the meaning of existence. If anything, humanity realized this year that it faces a huge existential crisis, mainly that we have no idea what we are doing and what our goals are. The last few decades have shown us fighting over the distribution of wealth and power, and now we are in a new Cold War with Russia-China, showing that nothing changes, only loops, in the lands conquered by liberal democracy. Things are not working well; people are existentially miserable, or finding their lives without meaning, mainly because they are simply treadmill slaves generating income for the tax system to keep the Left-voting underclasses happy. Democracy, equality, and diversity have failed; the postwar order has failed. We have no idea where to go next, since we have been told that everything else was bad or racist.

  • 67% of Jeremy Corbyn supporters hold at least one antisemitic view

    Those of us who are raging realists recognize that while we love to bash the Left, DR3 never works as a strategy. A realist sees that every human is “racist” and “sexist” to some degree, but some are socially savvy enough to avoid mentioning it. Even more, stereotype bias tends to be accurate which means that people are not making up these views, or repeating what others have told them, but coming by them naturally through life experience. With that in mind, at least 67% of humanity probably has views that are considered “anti-Semitic,” and lots of other “problematic” opinions about other groups and possibly their own. The search for a universal morality based on equality has failed, and now people are interested in getting their own group together, making it powerful, and breaking free from all other groups.

  • Defense budgets set to dominate yet another NATO summit

    When the Cold War ended, NATO members slashed military budgets and spent the money on buying votes instead. This created a new generation which leans hard Left since, in its experience, socialist-style programs work. Now, however, we are seeing the high cost of assuming that Russia-China would not simply rise in a new form, East against West as usual, and that we would not have to defend ourselves. In fact, it was silly to ever assume that because one enemy was down another would not rise in its place. The bigger picture shows us that entitlements are doomed, a byproduct of the wealth of the high numbers of the Baby Boomer generation, the peace dividend, and the “service economy” which consists of rebranding items made in China. All three of those are going away now, and realism returns with a vengeance.

  • Ukraine’s Zelensky: I never talked to Trump about ‘position of a quid pro quo’

    As the impeachment drama winds down, it becomes clear that Trump used his authority to send a wake-up call. As it turns out, having Ukraine do more to investigate corruption will benefit the country:

    “It might seem like an easy thing to say, that combination of words: Ukraine is a corrupt country. Just to say it and that’s it. But it doesn’t end there. Everyone hears that signal. Investments, banks, stakeholders, companies, American, European, companies that have international capital in Ukraine, it’s a signal to them that says, ‘Be careful, don’t invest.’ Or, ‘Get out of there.’”

    With Trump withholding aid temporarily to see if Ukraine would respond, he forced them to commit to addressing the actual problem. The effect is people saying “Ukraine is a corrupt country”; the cause is that corruption in Ukraine widely goes unpunished, encouraging more corruption. Everything Trump did in this case made the situation better, which means that the Democrats lack the bad faith they need to find in order to make their impeachment fantasies stick.

  • US to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 before Christmas

    Suicidal Europe wants to ally with Russia and China so that it can be “free” of the American influence that has allowed it to survive during the postwar period. Instead of actually making itself free by choosing a different system of government and direction, it runs into the arms of its enemies, unaware (apparently) that they intend it to be a vassal state. As usual, democracy like public education produces people who know all the “correct” answers but have no idea how reality works. If the US sanctions delay this pipeline long enough, Europe will source its energy elsewhere. Surprisingly, no one has mentioned the obvious, which would be conquest of the middle east and seizing its oil.

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