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Periscope (December 3, 2018)

  • More than half of your Internet traffic is ads and trackers

    How could the internet industry fail, you ask? Perhaps in that it has never found a working business model, since the internet was always based on a commons which everyone could access in exchange for supporting everyone else. As it turns out, that model worked for American military, government, and universities, but does not work for the world population of human consumers. How interesting, as if a metaphor for diversity or something. Diversity delenda est!

  • Denmark to banish foreign criminals to remote island

    Tired of the constant influx of foreigners, Denmark has decided to follow the Trump lead with his tent cities and start housing foreign criminals in an inhospitable environment. This is the first step toward doing what any sane — e.g. not blighted in the mind with egalitarianism — person would do, which is to exile or relocate every person who is not 100% ethnically Danish.

  • Northern Virginia men accused of swindling billions from Pentagon

    America is so racist that three Iranian guys can swindle $9 billion from the Pentagon and not get caught until a general audit picks it up. These late stages of democracy are pure comedy.

  • David Attenborough: Collapse of civilisation is on the horizon

    He’s raving on about climate change, as if addressing one tiny part of the problem can stave off the disaster. He cannot. Leftist programs are popular with “muh The People™” and so they will never be repealed, but they are driving our governments and economies into bankruptcy, so they will end us. Air pollution will give us cancer. Water, food, and land are no longer inexhaustible resources. Political instability, brought on by the last two centuries of Leftist misrule, is erupting worldwide. Humanity is finished. Most of you are toast, and a few of us will survive because we recognize the actual commandment of the twenty-first century: kill as many people as you can while saving the few good ones for your tribe.

  • A Billionaire Backer And Murky Finances Of The AFD

    When Leftist billionaires dump tons of money into NGOs to overthrow governments and destroy societies, that’s just fine. When conservatives fund a single party in order to stave off the disaster, it is a scandal. At what point do we admit that physical removal of Leftists — boats to Venezuela, blaze those passports, never let them come back — is necessary already?

  • ‘Neo-Nazi troops form terrifying secret group inside German military’

    You defeat a nation, humiliate a people, saturate them in guilt, and ensure that only soyboys win at the game of life, and when the pushback comes, it will be brutal. Every German worth knowing these days is either a neo-Nazi or sees at least that Hitler was right about diversity. Even people outside Germany like myself who are not very pleased with Hitler must acknowledge that he was correct about diversity, eugenics, and a few other things. Even people who are outright opposed to Hitler are terrified of him because he was the last time that the world feared Europe and respected it. In other words, we won the war, but lost the peace, just as happened in the American South.

  • Far-right party picks up seats in election in Spain’s Andalusia region

    Leftism created all of our problems and has exactly zero solutions. Despite a massive propaganda wave brainwashing the population, some are starting to wake up, snap out of the humanist stupor, and start thinking about results-oriented action instead. This naturally leads them to the Right, since it is based not on what “most people think” is good, but what produces good results, and they quickly go far-Right because we live in a far-Left time which has been normalized as “moderate.” Expect more nations to have a rising far-Right presence, more to leave the EU, but more strength to NATO to counter the rising Sino-Russian presence.

  • ‘Kiwi’ nickname not discriminatory, Australian tribunal finds

    According to the media, race is a social construct. However, people are racist, so that must be counteracted with discrimination law. However, even if you are discriminated against, if you are not of a minority race, it does not matter. But, race does not exist; it’s just a social construct. We hope this is clear to everyone, because dissenters will be shot.

  • How Iran spreads disinformation around the world

    Iran has seventy websites streaming propaganda around the world. Why did the Left not mention this? Oh, right: Iran and China paid the right bribes, but Russia did not, and so it becomes the target while the others are permitted to go about their activities with impunity.

  • Can China and the United States Avoid War?

    Dunno, could the Mongols and Europe avoid war? In the short term, certainly; in the long term, nature rewards those who suppress or destroy all of their competition. China will not be stable until Europe is destroyed, and for Europe to fall, America must first fall. The Mongol dream lives.

  • Macron starts the clean-up: Graffiti is removed from the Arc de Triomphe 24 hours after ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters stole assault rifle from cops, attacked police, burned cars and left 133 injured in France’s worst riots in 50 years

    Speaking of history repeating itself, the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) riots are a counterpart to 1968, fifty years later. The Leftists promised a lot, failed to deliver but implemented a parasitic system of government-enabled “elites,” and now the voter has finally figured out that all those good revolutions in 1789 and 1968 did not lead to the promised outcomes and instead made him a permanent slave. We should be glad that they learn eventually, one supposes.

  • Millennial Men Ditching Traditional ‘Masculine’ Values, More Likely To Embrace ‘Emotional Strength’

    Read between the lines: they are more social in the way that shopkeepers are, being nice to everyone and accepting every idea, mainly because all they care about is themselves and their own prestige, wealth, and power. When you see a soyboy, think Angela Merkel if she were born with male genitalia instead of being a failed lesbian. These people are not more altruistic, but more individualistic like the people in the third world, and they are using altruism as a cover for their selfishness, much like college boys have learned to use feminism as a cover for wanting casual sex.

  • Antisemitism rises in Canada, Jews remain most targeted minority group

    The media overlords think that by saying “in Canada” they can hide the fact that this is not heritage Canadians causing this bump, but all the new Muslims and other third world citizens that Leftists — including most of Canada’s Jews, who are apparently both self-hating and suicidal — have urged the government to import.

  • Census confirms: 63 percent of ‘non-citizens’ on welfare, 4.6 million households

    When you hand out free stuff, people come to take it. These will not be the best people. Instead, they will be those who have failed at life because instead of orienting themselves toward productivity, they have oriented themselves toward passivity. Most of the third world is this way: so individualistic that they pursue only their own fascinations, desires, judgments, feelings, and immediate material interests, leaving behind the question of tomorrow, or the next grow season, or even ten years hence. Western poets, intellectuals, and other congenital idiots idolize the third world for its lack of worry, but really, that is just the fatalism of solipsism. They exist in little bubbles of themselves, and so they are always shocked and certain that they are victims when things go wrong, but in fact, they ensure that things will go wrong by refusing to plan for the future. No one with a functional brain would encourage these people to come to the first world, the one tiny sliver of humanity that has avoided their type of failed thinking and threatens to rise above the rest.

  • What Is ‘Ballot Harvesting,’ And How Did California Dems Use It To Nuke The GOP?

    Ballot harvesting means that anyone else can send in your ballot if you give it to them. Democrats go through those who have not submitted ballots, collect them, and mail them in, which is how they “win” on the recount.

  • ‘People don’t go out’: the town where half the pubs have vanished

    The smoking ban killed pubs, mainly because it symbolized the victory of the Soviet-style health culture over the conservative-style life enjoyment culture. This serves the Left, of course: these pubs are being converted into halal butcheries and other more politically correct ventures.

  • South Africa’s High Court rejects white farmers’ challenge to land expropriation plans

    What does it mean to be majority-minority? It means that minorities re-interpret your laws as convenient for them. Since each group acts only in its own self-interest alone, this means that they will use your laws to displace you and take your stuff. The “muh Constitution” types in the USA have not yet realized this, but that is mostly because they are simply hoping to profit off a new wave of consumers before retiring and dying in anticipation of the disaster that they have created coming crashing down on someone else.

  • Brazilian Lawmakers Push Law Recognizing Right to Own Guns for Self-Defense

    Following Texas and Duterte, Brazil has a plan: let the responsible people arm themselves and thus make crime unprofitable, driving the negative elements back into the favelas where they can then be kept or bombed, whichever makes more economic sense.

  • Phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ could be banned to ‘avoid offending vegans’

    Political correctness has peaked and now become comedy. Even the Fox News impotent armchair Right cannot work up much outrage over this because all of it seems so similar, when viewed from afar, and that is how we are viewing it because we know that we must reclaim our societies, remove the mechanisms that the Left uses to achieve power, repatriate the foreigners who have been given citizenship, and then start physically removing Leftists by sending them on cruise ships to Venezuela, burning their passports in great heaps, and never letting them back in.

  • Poland, Denmark agree Baltic Sea gas pipeline

    Russia gets outmaneuvered as the West finds a way to get Norwegian oil and gas to Eastern Europe, bypassing the Russian product, which means that the prospects for the Russian economy have shrunk.

  • Children abusing children: Children’s Mercy sees’ dangerous trend involving children and porn

    Saturate your society in pornography while in the meantime pretending to keep sex a taboo so that it still has economic value, and use this to stimulate the proles into release so that they can go back to their boring and submissive jobs the next day without murdering anyone, and not surprisingly, you will find that there are secondary consequences. Specifically, the porning of the West has trickled down to its children, who are now absorbing so much intense sexualization that many are becoming abusers. At what point do we just grow up, go back to “erotica” — pictures of naked ladies — and ditch this parasitic porn industry?

  • Mexico’s new president signs deal to stop migrants

    For once, an American president stood up to the “needs” of those poor migrants and now, the countries that have benefited from the outflow and return flow of dinero enviado a Mexico are handling the problem as they should have decades ago. By shifting responsibility from America as provider of the world’s globalist fantasy to local authorities handling local problems, Trump has revealed another part of The Trump Doctrine: do not allow other actors to externalize their costs to the West, whether immigration, military, or unbalanced tariffs. And again, he has won, while the pundits and professional politicians stand around with their tongues out like labradors on bad acid.

  • British town council to have a vote on whether Father Christmas is a man

    Democracy parodies itself by taking a symbolic vote on a symbolic act in order to make mediocrity the norm so that everyone, especially those who are not mediocre, feels good about failing to challenge himself or herself by rising above the comfort zone and reaching out there to the real world where success is not determined by feelings, social activity, or popularity. We have reached peak PC and peak democracy, and it is good to see these illusions start to crumble and fall so that we can finally be free of their destructive influence and move on to something functional and realistic instead.

  • Trump is prepping for all-out political war

    The Left plans to use its Russia probe to inflict damage, not win, and Trump plans to respond with revelations that hurt the Democrats. This will ultimately play in his favor, since the Left relies on the presumption of underdog moral rightness correcting inequality for its legitimacy and authenticity, and acting like a Regime which is punishing dissenters shatters that image and converts moderates to the Right.

  • German police shut down concert over ‘Sieg Heil’ chants

    Germans are tired of the wartime guilt especially as it becomes clear that internationalism, or diversity and globalism, is destructive while nationalism, for which the Axis powers fought, is healthy and natural. As in France, the German state hovers over an abyss of its own creation, and the force rising from below is more powerful — and far more widespread — than previously estimated. When you make it illegal to say certain things or think certain things, people tend to believe that those things have legitimacy while the ruling authorities do not, and so the well-intentioned nanny state policies of the postwar period are just fermenting a new wave of extreme Right thinking. This time, the Right has learned that it does not have to emulate the Left (the “guillotines and gulag gang”) in brutality and repression, but can simply demand that the Other be sent away, hopefully before the Muslim diversity kills off the Jews and the Turks murder the Albanians. Diversity simply does not work. It never did, and the Left has hid this fact for centuries, which means that the Left is on its way out.

  • Minneapolis police officer will be fired over racist Christmas tree decorations (non-paywall)

    Tree was decorated with “a pack of Newport cigarettes, a bag of Takis, a can of Steel Reserve, police tape and a paper cup from Popeyes Louisana Chicken.” Guess people are getting tired of diversity, although they probably need to express that in a different way, like attacking diversity itself instead of the groups that the Left are using to enforce it.

  • Clashes break out in Stockholm at right-wing event

    “Clashes break out” is media-speak for the fact that the Left showed up and started violence, which the far-Right demonstrators had no reason to initiate. Then the media can report “far-Right violence” without having to actually attribute it to the Right, which is their way of sliming the Right while hiding behind the aegis of presumed accountability and responsibility.

  • ‘Italians first’: how the populist right became Italy’s dominant force

    Italy has taken an important step: not “Italy first” but “Italians first.” Italy is several things, including a political entity formed of the Italian state. Italians, however, means ethnic Italians in how most people use the word. We used to use the term “Italian national” for someone who was not an ethnic Italian but held Italian citizenship or passport. That shows us that the term Italian was reserved for those of the Italian ethnic group. With “Italians first,” the Right has finally donned the mantle of actual nationalism and discarded “civic nationalism” (a cooked-up synonym for “patriotism”). This will bring it a path to victory, since people have seen that diversity does not work, cannot work, and was always intended as passive demographic replacement genocide of unique populations like Italians.

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