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  • Satellite constellations: Astronomers warn of threat to view of Universe

    Humanity could be described as a species of animals with the partial intelligence of the gods or an omniscient machine. We find ourselves divided between what our big brains postulate and what we know from our animal instinct about the world; our intuition is part of that instinct. Our brains, however, generate a constant flood of ideas which distract us from our inner reality and the outer reality which it understands. This causes us to invariably drift away from the real and focus instead on power, human power, and ideas like humanism, human rights, and other anthropocentric ideals. To us, all that matters is us, or rather us as individuals as protected by the group. This allows us to, for example, launch a bunch of satellites so that we personally can get rich, despite it changing our world for the uglier. No one seems to be talking about who will pay for the clean-up, either. Do those satellites stay there? Do we send them into the atmosphere to burn up into lots of exciting toxic gasses? As usual, no one seems to be making credible decisions based on anything other than “I want.”

  • FBI investigates Briton, others for Epstein links – sources

    Slumbering law enforcement wakes to find out that in the social chaos created by the 1960s “cultural” (read: ideological) revolution and its programs, human exploitation has risen up all around us.

  • GOP governors grapple with whether to accept refugees or not

    Conservatives divide into two groups, denialists who think we can make the current system work, and realists who recognize that since The Enlightenment™ humanity has drifted far from “we share the same reality” into “what I want as an individual” and the result has been a herd of selfish individualists tearing apart nature, society, culture, heritage, the family, and even knowledge. The denialists want to continue the trajectory of the twentieth century, toward the dissolution of all organic things and their replacement with bureaucratic alternatives. The realists oppose the bureaucracy entirely. These GOP governors are afraid to do the right thing, since the denialists will freak out and join the Left in a chorus of wailing, but that it is a short-term problem. In the long term, they will prosper by getting away from these insane refugee resettlement programs, which essentially amount to national suicide in the name of protecting other groups from their own bad decisions.

  • Five Hamilton Co. students charged for school bus attack caught on video

    Apparently in post-diversity America, violent assaults are the norm. The parent claims that the victim wore a Trump hat earlier that day and had milk poured over his head; the school district and sheriff claim that this is not true but offer no motive for the assault. If it was five white kids punching a Black kid, this would have been prosecuted as a hate crime. We can find no way out of this permanent divide. Diversity is over.

  • Impossible burgers are made of what?

    Veterinarian claims that meatless “Impossible Burgers” have high levels of estrogen and low usable protein levels:

    That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper. Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day. You would have to eat 880 pounds of beef from an implanted steer to equal the amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.

    The controversy over phytoestrogens continues, but for now, media seems to be unable to answer the question: is the claim about impossible whoppers having 44mg of estrogen in fact correct? This should require only a relatively straightforward test to discover.

  • Anguish and Anger From the Navy SEALS Who Turned In Edward Gallagher

    The New York Times finds some weepy Navy SEALs who seem to reflect Obama-era recruitment standards. In the meantime, other than innuendo about the tendency of SEALs to avoid informing on each other and statements from a few weepy people, we are short on knowledge of what actually happened over there. Not that this will stop the Times from going ahead and calling for the destruction of a career through trial by media.

  • A French union cut power to an Amazon facility in support of workers

    We can see the Dunning-Kruger Effect in full glory here. Workers always over-value their own input. They do not realize that they are pieces of a machine, and that those who design and maintain the machine are more important. Instead, they see only that they have the power to wreck the machine, and use that to demand more money, even though this will raise prices to everyone in their society, spreading like ripples in a pool from a splash outward to other industries. When Amazon charges more for a gadget, your local store will see this and raise its prices, simply because it can and because people always want more money. The same is true of all worker revolts, including democracy. They claim to be doing good, but in fact, simply reward those responsible and the rest of us pay, either directly or through the loss of things (nature, culture, heritage, faith, family, values, continuity) that were once paid for with the “excess” the workers are now pirating. Do you believe me yet when I say that our civilization has been destroyed by worker revolt? For context, look to the French transport strike that is making life worse for everyone. We have to consider the socially unpopular possibility that society cannot survive unions and worker revolts.

  • Trump Retweets Article Which Names Alleged Whistleblower

    The whistleblower is not a real whistleblower, but a partisan hack. The Left specializes in sending its operatives into organizations, then searching for something to claim as a wrong, and then using that as a justification for their takeover. In this case, the fake whistleblower needs a whistleblower to reveal that this entire impeachment is an artifice.

  • Fighting as masked vigilantes, Brazil’s police leave a trail of bodies and fear

    Welcome to your diversity future. With no unifying culture, the nation becomes a third-world wasteland because what defines the third world is a lack of unity such that the society can support shared institutions instead of subsistence living for all individuals with little cooperation. You might see the third world as the stage before a society develops social trust, and because of that, is able to have shared institutions which are force multipliers for culture, business, and learning. You only have social trust with a homogeneous society. When that social trust goes away, it is “every many for himself” and crime skyrockets. That in turn makes everyone adapt to the new normal, which is criminality in every direction. Eventually, the only response must be the hard heel of the boot smashing a human face forever.

  • Faith-based groups earn millions on refugee loan commissions

    Based on the allegations advanced by the writer of this piece, the faith-based refugee resettlement groups make money off of tracking refugees to pay back loans made to them so that they can resettle. In a broader sense, however, refugee resettlement groups are like other NGOs and funded by other NGOs, all of whom receive money from the Leftist establishment. This means that lots of bureaucrats get hired with six-figure salaries. Whether an NGO is religious or not, people are making a lot of money from it, and they will default toward things that business, government, and the herd like so that they can rake in more.

  • Scientific Publishers Unite to Oppose Potential Open Access Executive Order

    Scientific publishers have a pretty good gig going. Scientists and professors need to publish, so they send in essays (“studies” are essays with empirical data); mostly unpaid groups at journals read and “edit” (usually not) these essays. Those are then published, and the publisher charges to access the full text, passing on a small portion to the journal, which spends it mostly on the big science names on its masthead. Trump wants to make government-funded research free, advancing science and learning. Somehow the Left is not supporting him despite all that blather about “bipartisanship” recently.

  • Bronx muggers pummel two men for just $1 outside McDonald’s

    Diversity violence nets $1 for the muggers, and sends one guy to the hospital with critical injuries. Hospital staff are preparing a bill for a half-million dollars most likely, police are earning overtime, security cameras are getting installed, and McDonald’s will hire more security guards. This shows how diversity aids our “broken window” approach to economics. By generating constant insane costs for little reward, it stimulates the economy with unnecessary spending. That allows us to continue to play-act as if the System is working.

  • Rwanda avoids US-style opioids crisis by making own morphine

    Look at how Rwanda is leading the way into the future. Instead of depending on international pharmaceutical companies, it home-brewed its own morphine at a fraction of the cost. Local communities can in fact resist the pull of globalism and make what they need or substitutes thereof without having to be part of the globalist system.

  • Revealed: microplastic pollution is raining down on city dwellers

    History will record the twentieth century, and possibly the two before it, as a tragedy of the commons. The commons in this case was civilization itself. People out there wanted to offer money for convenience, so anyone who stepped to and churned out product made a big score. They externalized all the costs, and then demanded that society generate more people to buy more products. The shopkeepers took over during the workers revolt because the workers were unable to handle fundamental organizational tasks. Now that we have all made our big scores, we are seeing that ignoring the need to dispose of waste properly has made a planet ridden with toxins which will cause nothing but human diseases and savage destruction of wildlife. Are we proud of ourselves? No, but we are proud of our paychecks. What a glorious epitaph for humanity! (polite golf clap)

  • US, Russian troops brawl in northeast Syria – report

    Trump plays a difficult game. The postwar order was built on American military power. Wherever humanity was screwing up, America intervened. Withdrawing however presents a problem because regional strongmen will seize whatever we leave behind. Consequently, America finds herself opposed to other powers like Russia and China which aspire to rule the world — everybody wants to rule the world — and knowing that passing on territory to these will result in future conflict. In the long game, however, allowing those empires to over-extend themselves will result in their collapse, and will drive the world back toward the Western model instead, so despite it appearing odd Trump is doing roughly the right thing with his staggered withdrawal.

  • Americans are retiring to Vietnam, for cheap healthcare and a decent standard of living

    First world countries, like all bureaucracies, tend to treat themselves as a source of wealth to be exploited. Consequently, they pass lots of regulations and taxes, which drive prices up and send functional people fleeing the system. This also means that people increasingly leave behind the high-cost, high-stress world of the West and move into the developing world. With this we see how nature achieves equilibrium, which like any other form of entropy, lessens the potential of the group by reducing its concentration in any one area. We do better with kings and a thriving Western Europe to show the world how to live than we do with everyone everywhere living the same type of lukewarm, mediocre existence.

  • Bizarre Fortunes Flourish as World’s Richest Gain $1.2 Trillion

    When we look back on this time, we will see it as an age in which bureaucracy created wealth by writing so many silly rules that people profited from them. The dot-com industry got huge by working around the high taxes, unions, and employment regulations which shattered local business. The consumer entertainment boom occurred through the circular Ponzi scheme where government “primed the pump” by dumping money on the impoverished, who promptly spent it on garbage and distraction, unlike previous generations who invested in productivity or enduring goods. Now we have created a democratic elite of billionaires who have profited from this time, and no one gets the normal middle class lives that they desired; bureaucracy siphoned off the “excess” wealth and ruined the functional ecosystem that is a healthy civilization, much as it did under the Soviet Union.

  • Global stock markets gained $17 trillion in value in 2019

    Reversing the globalism and government-as-an-industry policies of the Clinton-Obama era, Trump energized American markets and in turn, stimulated the global economy. This shows us that the Chinese model pioneered under Bill Clinton, where we all send our money to China in exchange for cheap stuff, failed in 2008 and the new order, based on supply-side economics, low regulations, and small government is winning on all fronts.

  • 2 kicked out of National Guard over white supremacist ties

    In a desperate attempt to regain control, bureaucrats are booting people for following the Asatru religion because it affirms that Europe was always ethnically European and that there is a sacred spirit to a people. Despite this being the opposite of white supremacy, the bureaucrats want to avoid controversy and punish everyone else to keep them in line. This will backfire wonderfully, as it is driving more normal people to accept these views and then go into Republican politics and mainstream churches, meaning that soon these views will have a seat at the table.

  • NYPD is stepping up its presence in Brooklyn after 5 possible anti-Semitic hate crimes this week

    Some form of diversity-based mini race war has kicked off in Brooklyn, which has always had high Black-Jewish tensions. In a diverse society, each group can be either conquered or a conqueror, and every sane person chooses the latter. Consequently, each racial, ethnic, and religious group wars against all others through constant petty crime and periodic racial assaults. Hate crime laws will not fix this.

  • For Muslims in India, ‘entire neighborhoods have gone empty in fear’

    Diversity does not work. Recognizing this, India and China have both seen an opportunity to make themselves more productive and powerful by discarding this failing policy before any other nation recovers from the sickness. They will be more competitive, stable, and desirable in the future while the West will stagnate. Modi wants a Hindu India for the simple reason that having one ethnic group and one religion makes a nation less weak; diversity is a weakness, an inability to choose a path, and an election instead for constant internal conflict. Several other religions can tag along because they are essentially Hindu-compatible (or Hindu-derived, like Buddhism) and because their ethnic groups are contiguous with the Hindu majority, where the Muslim minority represents foreign blood introduced to India through invasion during the medieval period. Ideally, Muslims in the region would expatriate to Pakistan which is the homeland of mixed Arab-Indian people. This would solve all problems but limit Pakistani territorial ambitions, which would like to displace as much of Hindu India as possible, using a vanguard of Muslim terrorism to advance its interests. Bringing up this issue, which like a deep muscle infection has hampered the ability of India to move for centuries, has triggered long dormant hostilities as Indian Hindus realize that they would, indeed, like their nation back and they are, indeed, tired of constant low-grade ethnic warfare against them as Muslims and other minority groups agitate for dominance, since in a diverse state, only one group can rule which means that every group is fighting all others in a battle royale. In the meantime, India has suggested that Hindus trapped in Pakistan by the English border-drawing exercise repatriate to India, which makes sense since Muslim on Hindu violence is increasing in Pakistan. When we think about this situation, the simple rule of “no diversity” would work both for best sides, although this would place Pakistan in a sticky situation because instead of focusing on the “enemy” next door they would have to address their massive internal problems. Repatriating Pakistanis in the US, UK, and mainland Europe would re-infuse that homeland with some vital skillsets and genetics needed to bring it to a healthier level of stability.

  • Burning Man alleges U.S. gov’t rip-off, sues to get back millions

    Among Generation X, you have the outright tools, who put on suits and ties and went off to work in the great commercial empire as if it were the same when their parents the Baby Boomers were young. Most of these have ended up burned out and highly liberalized. Then you have the undercover tools, who go to work for the tech industry and yet, act out so they seem different; these created alt-culture enterprises like Moon Tribe and Burning Man. Not surprisingly, the tools have been over-billing the undercover tools, mainly because the two groups vitally hate one another. In the meantime, the happy plastic hippie revelers have found out that government, too, is a self-interested enterprise much like any other corporation, and this may even cause them to revisit their egalitarian libertarian beliefs since obviously in the absence of social order, self-interest takes over.

  • Embattled union honchos’ lavish spending exposed: Villas, four-figure dinners, $60,000 cigar bill

    Speaking of self-interested corporations, some are figuring out slowly that unions are simply another type of corporation. Like class action suit lawyers, union bosses have carved out an ambiguity within the law and used it to extract massive amounts of wealth from society, getting away with it because technically they are acting in the name of people with few options. However, the workers end up losing their jobs in the long term, and the union bosses always seem to be enjoying the high life. Much like all bureaucrats, they adopt a good cause and a bad method, and use the latter to enrich themselves while passing the bill on to society. We are surrounded by potential parasites of this nature. Government can make this problem mostly go away by removing the legal protections we have granted to unions.

  • This caravan of migrants headed south to Mexico – for Christmas

    Foreign populations in the USA — those who are not of the founding ethnic Western European (English, Scots, Dutch, German, northern French, Scandinavian) — retain strong connections to their homelands. If the easy money and affirmative action jobs, which they receive before anyone else and from which they cannot be fired, dry up, they will Go Back Home.

  • Pop culture in 2010s marked gains in diversity, inclusion

    Just a quick reminder that this is propaganda, and by Brett’s Rule, since they have to tell it to us, it is not true. Diversity has failed and people are noticing. We do not mean ill toward other groups, at least everyone except the HitLARPers on social media do not, but we need them to Go Back Home because diversity in any form does not work. It was simply a bad policy like Prohibition and although it seems equally titanic to change it, history has shown that this is necessary.

  • Anti-racist group protests tweets about black Miss France 2020

    The proper way to signal that you are from the nu-elites is to choose a Black person for any award in white countries. This shows that you have greater allegiance to the ideology of equality which justifies government bureaucracy and abolition of all organic and traditional structures than to your own society, which marks you as “cool” and “free” in the grand tradition of all rationalization which sees support for disunity as empowering to the individual. Not surprisingly, people increasingly have trouble with this; in any world but the upside-down inverted Clown World, it makes sense that Miss France be ethnically French.

  • Transgender children sense true gender at young age, study finds

    More bad science. The kids who claim to be transgender are going to say whatever they think will make that position strongest. The point of the transgender mania can be found in classic Leftist thinking, which says that you must make all reality secondary to ideology, and ideology is based in individualism and the bureaucracy which defends itself. Individualism says that your choices matter more than anything else, especially reality. If we think like people with real-world experience, we can see that most of these kids simply want attention, were abused, or have other psychological problems, and a tiny majority have some form of mutation which places them in the wrong sex. For every Wendy Carlos Williams, there are ten million neurotics looking for fifteen minutes of Instagram fame.

  • Slave cemetery poses questions for Florida country club

    If we had any sanity, we would disinter these remains and rebury them in some nice cemetery in Africa where they could be with those of their race and ethnicity. Instead, we keep them in a foreign land where they are treated like an afterthought, and people play golf across them. Our local idiots suggest impossible “solutions” like blocking off part of this land, ignoring the fact that it has uses now, and that diversity does not work and so America will always be foreign to these people. Take them to their homelands and let their souls rest.

  • BPA: have flawed analytical techniques compromised risk assessments?

    It turns out that neutering chemicals are more prevalent in our environment than previously thought, and have worse effects than previously thought. Glad we had government bureaucrats to, in addition to their six-figure salaries, take bribes to approve these chemicals in the first place and scientists who, in addition to their substantial salaries, to accept that the research was a no-go area for many years. Now that everything has come crashing down, all of the corruption of the past has come to visit us again.

  • It’s Christmas! So a British Newspaper Is Encouraging Wives to Cheat on Their Husbands… Again

    For the powers that be, promiscuity remains an effective method of control. It neuters men and allows them to be led along in pursuit of sex instead of demanding what they actually need, which are wives serving in complementary roles. As usual in the shopkeeper-ruled world, you can make a huge product by substituting an inferior product for the real deal, and then charging more for the “exciting” and “new” alternative.

  • Turkey’s block on Wikipedia violates rights, court rules

    You must get your daily propaganda! Wikipedia, like all other social media, relies on volunteers to type in what they have heard and read elsewhere. It requires that articles use mainstream sources, most of which lean Left. Even more, its cabal of editors somehow always lean Left and manage to drive out anyone who does not toe the party line. Human groups always tend this way through a process called Crowdism, where they use social logic and revert to the lowest common denominator.

  • Disney Removes Same-Sex Kiss From ‘Star Wars’ Film in Singapore

    Other nations do not want to share our weakness. Consequently, they demand that we remove the infection from our propaganda over there, but here we keep it intact so that we may grow weaker and they may grow stronger. Nature tends toward equilibrium, which is one way of saying that there are big rewards in going the opposite direction. The first human society to combine kings, competitive economies, social hierarchy, and nationalism/culture-rule will dominate this planet. Every move in any other direction is a move toward weakness.

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