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  • Glittering symbol of press, Newseum set to close its doors

    The media thrived when it represented a majority culture through a narrow channel. Everyone bought a newspaper, and the market was competitive but not crushingly so; even more, people shared a common point of reference and common behaviors, so the media could pitch to the group as a whole. Then the group fragmented, and media started to become more contentious in the 1980s, not just politically aligned but designed for their specific groups only. That seemed to work for awhile, and then the internet came in, which made a wide channel since users can easily skip between 10,000 newspapers for the news they want. This made the news cater to the worldview of specific groups in an attempt to retain an audience. Now, like most of consumer industry, the news media finds itself regretting diversity. Without a single majority to pitch to, the news must pander to specific groups who tend to abandon it quickly if it says what they do not want, which turned journalism from reporting into an echo chamber. That drove away the audience they actually wanted, which is the remnant of the founding population that remains sane and functional and does most of the shopping that responds to the subtler advertising of print. Video and social media took away the rest and hauled them straight to the lowest common denominator, which is where they are receptive. Look forward to a future economy based on selling tshirts and mugs to people working in birth-to-death entry level desk jobs.

  • China orders Christians to rewrite the Bible for the era of President Xi

    China formalizes what people have been doing across the world for years. Genetics influences outlook; this determines how one interprets anything from afar. Each culture re-interprets Christianity in order to fit its needs. While it sounds horrible and dictatorial, China has simply recognized what is inevitable and worked politics in alongside culture. The idea of the universal or one-size-fits-all religion that can be read and understood from a text (exotericism) has died. This will enable each continent to take the ideas of Christianity — a compilation of Greek and Buddhist ideas with Jewish, Babylonian, Hindu, Nordic-Pagan, Roman, and Zoroastrian influences — and re-write it into a religion for itself. On the plus side, this means that we can save those lovely old churches for our new European religion.

  • Homelessness among ill and disabled people rises 53% in a year, figures show

    What you subsidize, you get more of. Then you run out of money. Suddenly, it seems like a crisis has arrived, and the only solution is to extract more money from the population to spend it on this very urgent problem! This is how you stumble into a death cycle. Cut all benefits, and the situation will resolve itself with the least amount of cruelty.

  • Woman charged with bias crime after harassing food cart operator, police say

    McDonald then told the operator to “go back to Mexico,” poured soda on her head, and on the grill where she was cooking chicken, the charging documents say.

    According to court documents, McDonald, who is black, told officers that she believed the food cart was racist because “they served white people faster than they served her.”

    As predicted, diversity leads to conflict between all groups. Every group needs to rule the others in order to be stable, and to eliminate the others in order to be safe. Conflict is natural and not illogical.

  • 2019: The year refugees were urged to return

    Internationalism consists of globalism and diversity. Both of these have failed. Now desperate politicians are scrambling to reverse their mistakes. The gentlest way to do this is reparations-with-repatriation.

  • Putin rebuffs Western criticism of 1939 Stalin-Hitler pact

    The Soviet Union just rebranded and added consumerism so that it could compete with the West. To be fair, however, Putin makes a good point: Poland formed the cornerstone of the fight, since it was protected by England and effectively provoked Germany into war.

  • Maryland lawmaker who resigned last week accepted over $33,000 in bribes, prosecutors say

    If you are a minority, you are part of an occupied population in a foreign land. When you get any power, you act to take from the majority in that land to give to your people while enriching yourself, because your office is not a quest for goodness but a weapon against the occupiers and that foreign land. Diversity creates corruption wherever it goes.

  • Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier – review

    Why libertarianism does not work:

    Given the network effect – that Uber only works if everyone is on it – a thousand flowers were never going to bloom. There’s only room for one and it’s a Venus fly trap. The same libertarian spirit also instituted the peculiar economics of the internet: software had to be free, because only that way would it be open (“everyone knew that software would eventually become more important than law, so the prospect of a world running on hidden code was dark and creepy”). Yet that meant programmers wouldn’t be paid: they would create free code and make money by solving problems later.

    The internet worked when it was non-commercial and had a high filter to get on. When you let the Crowd in, they turn it into the same mess that they made of daytime television. The audience shapes the product. The product thus becomes dumbed down.

  • 20% of Persian Gulf’s aquatic species to be extinct in 80 years: expert

    The usual culprits of growth and pollution provide a grim prediction. Fewer people means less pollution.

  • Last Jews of Bukhara fear their community will fade away

    What it is like to be ethnically cleansed, in this case by the youth of their community moving away to other areas. The same happens when anything else causes a community to die out. It just fades away as the old perish, and then people remember it briefly, but then inevitable “progress” builds over its landmarks and erases its cemeteries and it is like it never existed.

  • Rising popularity of Chinese medicine threatens global wildlife populations, say conservation groups

    When your culture emphasizes finding exotic species and turning them into magic powders, you end up destroying a lot of natural wildlife. Humanity could do something about this like refute these superstitions or at the very least, test them.

  • China will lower import tariffs on over 850 products from January 1, finance ministry says

    The trade war succeeds. As it turns out, China found that even light pressure from the United States accelerated the decrepitude of its economy. Consequently, it made a big show about not giving in, and then gave in, at least partially. This reverses the awful deal that Bill Clinton made and gives America hope of escaping the triangular trade co-dependency of Europe, China, and the USA.

  • ‘Right on our doorstep’: Secret sub reveals China’s chilling plan

    A newly aggressive China is following the Japanese war plan from the 1930s and patrolling the surrounding seas more aggressively, possibly preparing for invasions in the region. Just like it took WW2 to snap the American economy out of the doldrums induced by government intervention, the Communists will need a war and total militarization to become functional again after the collapse of the Clinton boom.

  • China calls Trump’s Space Force a ‘direct threat to peace’ and ‘serious violation of international consensus’

    SDI II is already provoking the overly-militarized into trying to compete in an arena that will bankrupt them. It has also kick-started the next innovation race to get humans to the stars. A total win for Trump.

  • Trump is rolling back over 80 environmental regulations. Here are five big changes you might have missed in 2019

    Regulations do two things well: they protect companies from lawsuits, and they raise costs to consumers. The Left wants us to believe that regulations are the only way to protect against pollution, but in fact, they are an impediment. People simply leave their brains on hold when they think government is addressing the problem. A better option is to remove the regulations, bring about nice fat expensive lawsuits against polluters, and have a citizenry renewed in its awareness of the need to boycott corporations that pollute on an everyday basis. Citizens need to want to buy only products which are not destructive, and be militant against ideas like globalism, immigration, welfare, and subsidized urbanization that increase environmental destruction.

  • Rumours fly about changes to US government open-access policy

    If you want to advance your civilization, having open access to government-funded data would be a good start, and would likely lead others to do the same. Information wants to be free, and it is struggling against both restrictive databases like pay-per-view scientific paper archives and the tendency toward monopoly created by permissive systems. Starting the avalanche by providing access to government-funded research would cause that research to be cited more frequently, which would in turn cause scientists to want their research in open access journals so that it would also be used more regularly. Not only would this advance humanity, but it would tear down another senescent industry based on market positions or intellectual property decisions made long ago and now used simply as extractive rent-seeking mechanisms.

  • Fewer than 900,000 new Japanese babies this year for first time on record

    The Japanese are sensitive in the Nietzschean sense, meaning very aware of life and its many fine-tuned changes. If they are dying out, this is our coal mine canary that tells us that modern society makes people existentially miserable, too busy, and too distracted with brain spam like red tape and socializing, and that this causes civilizations that get too civilized to self-destruct. The ancient Nords and Greeks knew well that too much organization becomes disorganization, and that it is better to have a society with constant internal struggle for the right than to make lots of rules designed to save everyone from themselves.

  • Modi’s party loses Indian state election amid protests over citizenship law

    Democracy is suicidal. When something proves controversial, the good burghers who want their shops to be frequented by as many customers as possible start to panic, and they shut down whatever is being done with the vote. This tells the opposition that all it must do to take over is to burn a few trash cans, assault some police horses, and reduce a city to riot conditions so that business is interrupted and the cowardly voters run headlong in the opposite direction. Modi has taken steps to make India a Hindu majority from this day forward, and this will guarantee the greatest long-run health, stability, sanity, prosperity, and moral integrity, but the neurotic voters may defeat him in a bid for self-destruction. For humans, a good nugget of wisdom is the idea that whatever works in the short-term really well probably works terribly in the long term, and so to choose it is to “eat the seed corn” or pay for today with tomorrow. Such actions are pathologically self-destructive.

  • Falsely accused of shoplifting, Tracy couple sues CVS after ordeal sends woman to ER

    Another shakedown. Us old ethnic Western European stock people tend to, if accused of shoplifting at our local CVS, storm off in a huff and call a lawyer to write a strongly-worded letter, but first we get to another pharmacy. This woman saw dollar signs and wants to enact the usual diversity shakedown, i.e. pay me money or me and my buddies call you racist on national television. All awards of this type are simply passed on to the consumer.

  • France to Raise Pollution Tax on SUVs and Trucks to $22,240

    At this point, government has simply become a tax system in search of justifications. They raise the costs on everything, these are passed to the consumers because the people driving SUVs simply raise their rates, and so everyone ends up more broke, but it was all done “in your best interest.”

  • Genetic Mutations In Father’s Sperm Can Predict Children’s Autism Risk

    Small mutations in the sperm of the father can, while not causing life-threatening illnesses, also cause autism. This leads us to wonder about the high costs of shoveling people through twenty-five years of schooling, horrible stressful jobs, miserable divorce-bound marriages, and other means that delay reproduction. Our brilliant bureaucratic society may destroy us all with mutations not just that cause autism, but other problems as well.

  • Venezuela refugee crisis to become the largest and most underfunded in modern history

    Fatigue over funding the endless problems of the world has set in. What you subsidize, you get more of. This is causing broke Western nations to reconsider simply not funding any of it, preferring a grisly tragedy now to unending grisly tragedies in the future. If no one rescued the refugee boats or granted asylum, they would stop coming. As it is, they will take their chances playing the immigration lottery because the payoff is big: free housing, welfare, affirmative action guaranteed jobs, and social benefits in a new society that they have absolutely no obligation to help in any way.

  • Mexican ambassador caught shoplifting book resigns citing health problems

    In third world societies, criminal behavior becomes the norm because there is no longer anything holding the society together and no expectation that things will get better. First world societies enforce standards upward, and so they get the people who are genetically inclined toward honesty and thinking of the whole (nature, divine, future, group, intangibles like culture) first before immediately grabbing anything that they can. Third world societies abandon this, and soon the only way to succeed is to be criminal, so not surprisingly, criminal behavior predominates. Mexico could reverse this with a strict caste system which aggressively fails to promote any who engage in anything but highly ethical behavior, which when you think about it is a stronger standard than laws and punishments.

  • EVs not spared as China auto sales head for biggest drop ever

    The paper tiger economy continues its implosion. It thrived on American money and European luxury products, but now, it must consider self-sufficiency, which is impossible for a bottom-heavy society. War has become inevitable.

  • Austria’s former Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache ‘addicted’ to gaming

    The challenge to conservatism now seems to be finding people who are both not cucks and do not have these weird sorts of personal problems. He was spending $4k/month on online gaming. That does not indicate readiness to lead.

  • Child sexual abuse still happening in Telford, says survivor

    When you have a diverse society, some groups get a pass for as long as they can claim “racism” was responsible for their legal problems. The police, interested in their own careers and not wanting to lose their pensions, will ignore anything that could get them fired, which means that problems will build up until they are intractable. Bust one grooming gang, and a dozen spring up in its place.

  • France blocks export of Cimabue masterpiece found in kitchen

    Western Civilization does such a great job of preserving its past that masterpieces are found in the random suburban kitchens above the hot plates. This essential piece of history was almost lost, and only found through stumbling accident. What else have we lost, simply because we were so focused on ourselves that we forgot out the world out there?

  • Pentagon tells military personnel not to use at-home DNA kits

    If you read the fine print on these things, they own your DNA and the right to use it for whatever after you send in the kit. And you are paying them to do it. We all want to know our genetic heritage, but unless you also want medical researchers, police, and foreign governments combing through your DNA, it is a bad idea to use 23andMe and its analogues.

  • More than 1,800 people spending Christmas in immigration detention centres

    Most of them do not celebrate Christmas, and we could end this problem easily by deporting them so that they could be back home in time for the holidays, but layers of restraints and bureaucracy imposed by Leftist judges makes this difficult. Maybe we can repatriate the Leftist judges, too?

  • Germany: Finance minister proposes billions for debt-ridden towns

    All across the West, everyone is broke. They spend it all on entitlements. Now Europe has to pay for its own defense, which will savage those budgets at a time when obligations are skyrocketing as Boomers retire and die. Liberalism has entered its endgame, namely a need to seize power and go to a full centralized economy before the debt bomb explodes.

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