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Periscope (December 23, 2018)

  • UK to tackle loneliness crisis with £11.5m cash injection

    “We’re all equal” = “Social order is irrelevant, only individuals matter!” = “Life is a personal quest for meaning” => atomization, or everyone living for (1) themselves and (2) their jobs, to the point that things we need like social order and connections outside of the individual are forgotten. These things require maintenance of something larger than ourselves and this offends our notion of equality/individualism (when you think about it, they are the same thing) so we rebel against it. Pretty soon we are nothing but an angry mob dedicated to tearing down rules, culture, standards, values, beliefs, customs, conventions, decorum, heritage, class, sex, and race. That mob is not motivated by nihilism, but by self-worship, and it is this narcissistic religion of humanity which then obliterates all things natural, real, and good and replaces them with lowest common denominator utilitarian crowd-pleasers like McDonald’s, witch hunts, and Communism. In this system, you owe your allegiance of course to the Workers’ State and therefore, must go to your job for forty years and hang out with people you would never choose to socialize with normally. When that is done, they send you off home to watch a lot of crowd-fodder television until the sweet release of death spares you any more of this modern tragicomedic travesty. This creates a society of zombies who hate themselves. Then, finally, people realize that they are lonely and their lives are purposeless. Their solution? Why, more of what ails us, of course: apply government, money, “reason,” and of course mass mobilization through raising awareness. Is there anything more plentiful than human mental obesity?

  • Partial government shutdown likely to extend past Christmas

    I was out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. The crowds were lighter, with fewer minorities and mixed-race people. It turns out that government serves as an industry, as we might expect that any large employer would be, in addition to creating many jobs like those occupied the minorities that every corporation hires zealously so that it does not get sued under anti-discrimination, civil rights, affirmative action, or human rights laws. People who attend government or affirmative action jobs really do not need to show up, which is why we see them driving around in new cars, spending a lot of money, especially at the luxury stores that a generation ago were exclusively white (white people have moved on to ordering from Abe Books and Walmart, who will deliver even furniture to your house for a small fee; if Sears could hang on and reboot the famous Sears Catalog, they would make a fortune, since no one wants to leave home anymore). When the government shuts down, the stock market tanks, or pro-Trump forces stage a win, these people all become scarce. Did they get scared back to their jobs, or are they at home hiding out, hoping that the Fourth Reich is not going to suddenly spring up around them and shove them all to the back of an oven? Or, more likely, are they simply unable to continue the policies of racial, class, ethnic, and gender resentment, which they act out by going out in order to signal to the rest of us that we are being conquered? Either way, the Western European middle class — most of the upper half of the middle class in America, since our lower middle class is what the Europeans might call “working class” and our real working class consists of the permanent third world underclass that votes exclusively Leftist, is of Western European extraction, and they still view the Irish, Italians, Jews, Spaniards, Greeks, and Poles as outsiders — has worked around any dependency on government. They homeschool, buy private health care, save their own retirement funds in 401(k)s, and have AR-15s in case another Los Angeles Riots moment comes over the horizon. When government shuts down, this group can go out in public again without having angry minorities and angsty Leftists rubbing their metaphorical testicles all over our faces, telling us in no uncertain terms that our time is over and we are a subjugated people now. Let’s keep this idiot government shut down as long as possible.

  • Spiegel to file criminal complaint against cheating reporter

    In any sane society, lying would be illegal, and there would be civil penalties for lying. If, as a person in a position entrusted with some authority, you tell a deliberate falsehood, and others in reasonable expectation of approximate truthfulness act upon your lies and suffer for them, you should be liable for the damage that you have done to them and their future. In other words, we should hold people to the same standard as those who shout “fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire. You own your words. Accountability? Responsibility. The press fears this, of course, because if it were not for conjectures, half-truths, suppositions, insinuations, and outright fabrications, the news would be rather thin. Anonymous high-placed sources at the White House confirm this, but warn also that Trump has suggested that allegedly aliens will kidnap Baby Jesus and probe him in high Earth orbit, although this is not confirmed at this time.

  • Amid shutdown, bigger worries are brewing

    Leftists complain that American government is chaotic under Trump. In reality, instead of blindly applying Leftist dogma, Trump has been reacting to world events and the behavior of individuals. As a result, there is not consistency, but constant dynamic change. Leftists love that, in theory, but when they see it in reality, they turn back into the quivering fieldmice that they are. Can we just send them all to Venezuela now?

  • How arrest of Chinese ‘princess’ exposes regime’s world domination plot

    Did you think the Mongols just went away? They regrouped under the aegis of a larger society. They have invaded us once, and they intend to do so again. This is inevitable because of the nature of the Asian mind: it seeks cleverness and to save face by asserting self-importance, so the existence of anything outside of its control that is thriving offends it. Just as a dog will eat unattended steak off a table, Asia will invade the West again… and again and again.

  • The exodus of New York City’s endangered middle class

    Bear with me for this one: the Left is a conspiracy to raise values without backing them by actual performance, so that they can be sold at high prices and the proceeds re-invested before the deception is discovered. It is all a pump and dump, all the way down. In New York, as in other Leftist strongholds, tax-and-spend bankrupts the middle class while propping up the underclass, who promptly buy the entertainment, liquor, restaurant, media, and inexpensive daily products that are sold by the merchant classes. This creates a nexus of wealth, so more people move in, which drives up property values at the same time that the values of the businesses of the merchants go up. Their ultimate goal, even though this is fatal to the place that they called home, is to simultaneously sell their businesses and housing. This will net them a huge amount of cash which they will promptly take out of the city and invest in real stuff like land, agriculture, production, or blue chip stocks. This is why cities like New York and San Francisco have a boom-bust cycle: the elites make a ton of money and sell out, then leave, sending new people (a.k.a. “the suckers”) rushing in to buy land and businesses that turn out to be overvalued. The suckers go bankrupt, and the former elites do quite well, but the city then experiences the crash that always comes after a good run of demand-based economics, namely that the market adjusts the value of these properties downward to more accurately reflect reality outside of the hype bubble that a cosmopolitan, trendy, highly social, and morally flexible or anonymous city produces. Then the cycle starts again. A few get rich and everyone else shoulders the load. Now consider that yellow vest style protests against the high cost of living are breaking out wherever social democracy is in force; this means that the old system of democracy, consumerism, and equality is falling and will be replaced with something more functional and less prone to boom-bust cycles.

  • Study links early puberty in girls to chemicals in shampoo, toothpaste and soap – even if only used by mother in pregnancy

    Field scientists detest the laboratory geeks. A basement nerd will don his lab coat, put on his boffin identity badge, and do a “study” that considers how something reacts in a laboratory, then drawn super-broad conclusions from it as if he were a philosopher king. He drops a bunch of a solution onto a microscope slide filled with human cells, sees no mutation, and declares the substance safe. He forgets that over time, interactions with other substances, decay of the substance, and daily exposure in the context of naturally-occurring chemicals, the picture is far more complex. What does he care? Someone pays his salary: either a laboratory that takes grants from industry, a government agency that is looking to increase the value of our economy, or a consumer audience who buys magazines, videos, and books written based on his theories. Either way, the geek feels a sense of power that makes him feel important, so he seeks to draw the broadest and most radical conclusions possible, knowing that the basement nerd who gets the most headlines will get his own lab, at which point he can sit back and let others do the hard work for a change. He feels like Jesus on the Cross for all the hard work he has done, even if most of it is “hard” only in the sense of attending for many hours and memorizing lots of details. In the meantime, things that he has rubber-stamped are out there in the world, wreaking havoc on the fragile balance of ecosystem and biology that allows individuals to survive in healthy groups. His laboratory does not recognize quality, duration, nuance, or depth, so the laboratory boffin remains oblivious to the actual conclusions of what has been legitimized and validated — these are important terms in the absence of strong, singular, and centralized leadership — by his work. Now we clean up the pieces, and hope we have not mutated or destroyed so many of our best people that we cannot recover, and without that recovery, are doomed to the slow descent into third world levels of ineptitude like every great civilization that went before us.

  • Prague: The city watching out for Russian and Chinese spies

    According to Czech information services, Russia and China are “pursuing a long-term strategy of undermining the West” through espionage. A race realist might get cynical and note that last time the East invaded the West, the Mongols were able to buy off Eurasia — the mixed-race, part-Asian population of Eastern Europe — so that it could clear a path to the West, which resisted so intensely that the Mongols withdrew because their casualties were too heavy. The clever bully, who unleashed new methods of warfare which were brilliant in their crudity, fell back once his hand got slapped enough. The same will be true of China today, and its allies in Eurasia will similarly be interested only in their own material advancement and cleverness, since they lack the intelligence that enabled the West to rise above all others without being in significant contact with them.

  • Trump Administration Warns Palestinian Aid Recipients That Funds May Soon Be Cut

    Despite the allegedly all-powerful Israeli lobby, America spends a lot of money, time, and lives trying to fix the Muslim portions of the middle east. Trump dials this back by pulling us out of nation-building in places that want to be tribal theocracies, and now, retreating from support of “the Mexicans of the middle east,” the Palestinians, whose presence in Israel serves as nothing but a threat to advancement. Israel made itself a powerful first-world nation in a region known for the absence of them, and it is turning toward extreme nationalism as it becomes clear that not just Palestinians but any ethnically foreign people threatens its mission of preserving Jewish genetics, culture, and religion, which makes Israel a good nation for us to emulate. Far from repudiating the National Socialists, the Jewish state of Israel has adopted all of their values except genocide and repression, which shows us what good we can take from the failed and unstable regime of Adolf Hitler as we as a species move past the dark and pointless days of liberal democracy and unfettered market consumerism.

  • German cabinet approves immigration laws to ease worker shortage

    Germany does not have a worker shortage. It has too many people doing elevated cubicle jobs where they should be on factory floors. It has too many deleterious mutations, producing people who are too retarded or lame to work. It has too many EU-mandated paperwork jobs, too many Facebook consultants, and too many turnip-picking proles pretending to be middle management. They do not need immigration. What they need is to enforce some bloody reality and take most of the people who are working desk jobs and put them back on the floor. The only thing holding them back is the pretense of people who want to think they are “above” or “better than” actual work. Sneer, sneer.

  • In Syrian withdrawal, Trump abandons Israel and the Kurds

    Not worth caring about. Trump told Democracy, Inc., that it needed to find another sucker to use as raw labor for enforcing its French Revolution era cocktail of diversity, equality, consumerism, democracy, and utilitarianism upon humanity. In addition, he wants to see the world revert to its pre-American order of chaos so that some of these conflicts finally get resolved. Sure, Tehran will probably be a plate of glass, but at least we will not have to put up with the same stupid events happening in the news on a regular cycle. The Kurds may vanish from history; oh well, they had a few centuries to work out something with Turkey or Iraq or both. The world will plummet into chaos, perhaps, but either way, Trump will demand that other countries accept our rules before they get American aid. This in turn will make a powerful bulwark against China and Russia, and force America to figure out what it actually stands for, which is going to be quite complex at this point.

  • We’re losing monarchs fast—here’s why

    You have to read past the Soviet-style “climate change” boilerplate to see the real topic of this article: milkweed is disappearing because we used weedkiller to destroy it. This would not normally be a problem except that we now have taken over most of the land; this is the “habitat loss” that the article discusses. Over the last thirty years, we have added almost 200 million people, and each one of them requires a bunch of land for food, medicine, housing, driving, education, and government. That means that the big swathes of unbroken land which butterflies require are gone. This means no more butterflies. It will happen slowly at first, with the population dwindling, but at some point it will not be able to maintain genetic diversity and it will crash, whether by disease or slow failure to adapt. Maybe some will live on in a few isolated environments. They’ll end up just like Western Europeans, a boutique curiosity in a niche, not a force in the world any longer.

  • Electric planes will not cut pollution sufficiently to justify airport expansion, analysis reveals

    The Left loves to live in a state of panic because this gives them license to both undertake their totalitarian ideals and to indulge in their little personal guilty pleasures. They are slowly finding out that we are not going to get to a “zero carbon” environment as they hope. That will in turn justify more panic, and, they hope, Soviet-style total control. More likely, the rest of us need to push back with the idea that we have too many people, so immigration and diversity must go, along with stupid ideas like the welfare-entitlements state. Let natural selection and natural scarcity do what democracy cannot: thin the herd.

  • Italy rejects appeal for 300 migrants to dock

    Italy tires of the great immigration shakedown and refuses entry to migrant boats. Since migrants “gain rights” the instant they touch a foot to Italian soil, the best solution is to avoid allowing them to reach land, and then to send them back. Once the first boatload fails to make it through, the risk to those coming over has been raised. They might spend a few thousand and end up with nothing for it instead of the guaranteed ride to the land of free stuff and rape. This discourages others from coming. Europe fails when it sends weak signals like “some will get through,” and wins when it sends strong signals like “none will get through.” This also prevents any future migrant deaths on the passage over.

  • George Osborne denies his austerity caused homelessness crisis: ‘It’s not a lack of money’

    British politician says the unthinkable: it is not a lack of benefits which causes poverty, but a lack of productivity. In addition, UK bureaucrats seem to have distributed the money badly, since to a bureaucrat, the meta-level interpretation of their job is to always justify that job and more like it, since if there are perpetual crises, there must always be bureaucrats. Back in reality, a nation is only as prosperous as what it generates, and Leftist socialist-style benefits programs damage that. If you want to avoid poverty, make yourself rich, instead of making yourself poor and then fighting (endlessly) over how to scatter the crumbs so that everyone feels “equal.”

  • US intensifying intervention in China through legislation means

    Calculators figure out that “US policy elites are intensifying geopolitical competition with China.” Of course they are: China stated its intention to take over the world, and we listened. Now we have started pushing back by eliminating areas where we make this expansion easy. This mirrors in inverse what the Chinese did to gain power in the first place; why are they complaining? To the Mongol invader, any successful tactic is a good one, and shame is an afterthought. The decency of the West, and its tendency to reduce warfare to the least destructive iteration of that process, made it weak in the face of vicious, calculating, and crude Mongol aggression during the first Asiatic invasion. Perhaps this time we will learn, and instead of playing nice, simply act brutally and effectively in service of our needs with zero consideration of the “needs” (wants, desires, delusions of grandeur) of others.

  • Short-staffed RCMP looking at ‘everything’ to attract new recruits

    Democracy has not figured it out yet but the good people have fled the system. They want nothing to do with the oppressive democratic regimes of the modern West, and are instead heading toward self-sufficiency and low earnings as a substitute for high earnings but low ownership of productivity in the cities. In addition to this, democracy has ruined its citizens, producing huge numbers of genetically inferior people and bloating out the rest by turning them into basement dwellers afraid of their increasingly nonsensical, dysfunctional world. For this reason, the law enforcement and military agencies are finding that the steady stream of reliable young men that the politicians took for granted has dried up, and so they are going to have to recruit more minorities, stoners, pudgy nerds, and criminals. This should end about as well as you might expect!

  • Denmark, with an eye on Muslims, requires new citizens to shake hands

    Europe gets it wrong again. Unable to simply say that diversity does not work, they are acting against the most visible “problem” with diversity, Muslims. By forcing new immigrants to shake hands, it alienates those who are from traditional Islamic culture, forgetting that (1) the fanatics will simply do it in order to disguise themselves and (2) any form of diversity is bad, even cultures which have not yet started ackbaring up the buses and nightclubs.

  • School’s initial response to sign hung in UMass Amherst dorm window stirs controversy

    School asks student to remove F*** NAZIS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE sign from dorm room window. People promptly accuse them of being Nazis, forgetting that they would probably ask for the removal of the same sign even if it simply said F*** POKEMON YOU ARE A WASTE OF TIME. Optics are optics. However, the Left fears competition, and so it sees any tolerance for non-Leftism as evil, and it wants to expunge that evil by destroying people, whether through simply wrecking their careers or through the more literal methods of the Jacobins and Khmer Rouge.

  • How terror changed Europe’s Christmas markets

    You will have crash barriers and heavily armed SWAT teams everywhere as long as the enemy can walk among you. With diversity, you incorporate not just groups that hate you, but minority groups who will act in their self-interest, which is to overthrow you in preference to remaining a conquered group in a foreign land. You can have diversity and suicide, or avoid suicide but not have diversity. This offends the Left, who want to believe that all of humanity is equal so that it can be easily controlled through universal rules, allowing individuals to do whatever they want without being “judged” (a loss of validation and legitimacy, in Leftspeak). This requires obliterating culture, standards, customs, values, family, sex, and heritage. Everything natural must be removed so that the absolute form of the human individual rules over all. If that means that society must be a warzone, Leftists plan to simply sit in their apartments, work remotely from their do-nothing desk jobs, and order everything they need from Amazon to be delivered by drone.

  • New loonie to commemorate end of laws against homosexuality

    The West has crawled so far down the tunnel of egalitarianism that it has no idea what its values are. We see our primary role as allowing individuals to pursue whatever they want without a loss of social status, so we legalize and normalize all sorts of dysfunctional (read: achieving bad results, instead of adapting to reality as understood through inevitable results of actions undertaken in the past and therefore, having known results) behavior because the individual wants it. This makes us feel like celebrating ourselves, but we can only do so in a Leftist context, so we shifted Leftward. We could not celebrate what we have become, so we rationalize it, although those excuses are wearing thin as the quality of life plummets downward through thousands of subtle but undeniable details.

  • China says U.S. can’t slam others on rights when it has racism problems at home

    The Soviets and Chinese have been saying this for years. “We are egalitarians, and therefore, you cannot be good according to our definition until every individual is absolutely and universally equal,” they say, knowing that they will fool the proles, armchair intellectuals, suburban moms, and young people of the world. These people have no experience with or capacity for understanding the reality of making decisions based on results and not social factors like feelings, judgment, status, desires, and emotions. In reality, diversity does not work, and China acknowledges this by how it treats the Uyghurs and other minority groups. Unity works; diversity does not. Hierarchy works; mass mobilization of mobs following trends does not. These hard truths seem radical now but will be seen as moderate halfway through this century. The age of democratic, individualistic thinking is over, and the age of consequentialism — judging things by their results, not what some large crowd of people think those results will be — is dawning.

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