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  • History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin

    Having successfully mined so much of Earth without leaving behind any environmental catastrophes, humanity decides to try the far more difficult operation of extracting metals from the seafloor, most of which involves dredging and sucking up the mud and then blasting it out into the ocean where it will spread out for 62 miles in every direction, distributing heavy metals and other pollutants to sea life from high above where it normally rests. It makes sense to mine the sea floor, if we can have robots do it without destroying the wildlife. That will require more money, perhaps even the investment of a government, but somehow Democracy Ltd remains silent on this issue. We really need regime change.

  • Like China, India’s Modi Is Engaged in a Massive Faith Cleansing of Its Muslim Minority

    Could we love India more? They have figured out the secret of diversity, namely that it destroys civilization, and so they are driving out the Muslims and keeping Hindus and related religions. Those groups tend to be from purely Indian heritage, where Indian Muslims tend to be Indian plus Arab. For India to survive, it must purge the foreign genetic influence and then focus on eugenics among its founding ethnic group. Somehow, the land of Krishna has rediscovered these truths.

  • Drinking Diet Coke means you’re more likely to put weight ON, docs warn

    Welcome to inverted world. Here, we look at effects (ball breaking window) not causes (someone throws ball at a particular angle and force). We decide that we will filter out the effects that we do not like and cherry-pick those that we do, but without changing the underlying cause. As a result, everything is inverted, since you still get the underlying cause except now it has been rationalized as good. If people drink too much soda, just change the soda to be safe, but that fails because whatever broken behavior leads them to drink too much soda is part of a sedentary lifestyle that is making them obese. They need five mile daily marches.

  • Lights out for multilateralism? Alarm as U.N. faces cash squeeze

    The US and Brazil are choking out the UN, which has become a mouthpiece for China, by not paying it the annual billions it demands. This both saves money and destroys another human idealistic plan, world federalism, which turned out to be a horrible idea because it simply created a central authority which as usual is bought or otherwise captured by bad actors in the system. Idealistic social feelings and careerist opportunism seem to be the twin evils of the human blindspot; the UN reflects both, and its demise will be of great benefit to all of us in getting out of that mental framework.

  • European Parliament slams ‘LGBTI-free’ zones in Poland

    This seems like an intelligent idea to me. Some people want no LGBTP in their neighborhoods; what is the harm in establishing places where LGBTP cannot go? It is oppression if you cannot go anywhere, and maybe if you cannot go most places, but if there are only a select few places you cannot go, it is oppression if you insist on going there. Let people go their own way. Stop trying to control them with some universal vision of the human individual.

  • Putin defends Trump on ‘far-fetched’ impeachment, sounds like a Republican

    He sounds like a Republican because he effectively pursues the same path, which is being the captive opposition while allowing the real puppet-masters (China) to rule the show. He has little choice in this case, since he depends on China to keep himself in power.

  • Germany regional CDU government rocked by accusations of neo-Nazi links

    Most normal people of a certain intellect think that the Nazis were right about most things. Environmental law, diversity being suicide, an end to Communism, a need to avoid Idiocracy, a more masculine society, clear rules and goals, and even repression of the press. We have no problem with them relocating Gypsies to India and Jews to Israel, gassing retards and sterilizing career criminals, crushing the irritating French, and burning modern art. We are less enthusiastic about the totalitarianism and genocide, to be frank, but as our society approaches another time of atrocities, people become less concerned; apparently, that is simply the language of history, genocide. Since it is about to happen to us through the anti-Nazi policies of the postwar era, we find ourselves less sympathetic of late, even if we still think it was a stupid idea. Anyway, the Germans will find it hard to locate anyone who is both competent and not a Nazi, sort of like in Hitchcock’s Lifeboat. Many of us still point out problems with National Socialism such as its adopted governmental framework from Communism, the attempt to make conservatism an ideology, the lack of fiscal conservatism, and of course, not enough support for the monarchy.

  • Is the Netherlands becoming a narco-state?

    Legalizing drugs seems to have some bad long-term consequences in that your economy and later your government seem to get taken over by those who make huge profits from the drugs. This causes Democracy to throw up its hands and wail; should it keep drugs illegal or make them legal? It seems to miss the point that there are many options inbetween, including personal decriminalization and the only effective anti-drug policy, which is to exile anyone caught with any amount of illegal drugs. Criminals do not fear prison; they do fear loss of citizenship. In actuality, it really depends on who is using the drugs. Most drug users are like most people, thoughtless proles. Some however are your rare artist types. If you legalize drugs for artists, suddenly everyone is an artist. If you take a eugenics-based approach and simply remove idiots, then you can stop worrying about whether people are taking drugs.

  • Study estimates that half of US adults will be obese by 2030

    We designed all these jobs to fit everybody, meaning that they cannot involve too much physical fitness, lifting heavy objects, or physical fitness. Now just about everyone sits at desks all day, then goes home to sit at another screen, and when they go to the gym, they focus on absurd regimens which do not address their need for underlying physical health. Add to that our cheap food made of carbohydrates and petrochemicals, and you can see why we are heading toward being a society of little round people who are totally useless in most circumstances.

  • Greece expects 100,000 more migrants in 2020

    If you allow any of them to get in, many of them will try, since now you have created a lottery and the winners get lots of free stuff. It is better to shut the doors, cut off the free stuff, and let no one in, because then the others will stop trying and stop dying in the process.

  • Halifax ‘grooming gang’: Police officer among 16 men charged with sexually abusing girls

    From England comes another grooming scandal. Again, it involves Muslims. This time, however, one of them managed to get hired through an affirmative action program and became a police officer, but that did not stop him from grooming young girls. But wait! — you say — He has been instructed in their Constitution, adopted their language, learned their values, and now he is fully assimilated. Yes, but he is still what he is, and he is still doing what is normal for what he is to be doing. Cultures differ because genetics differ. You cannot force “assimilation” without changing genetics, at which point you might as well just stick to your own citizens and instead of taxing the productive, encourage the productive to have lots of babies.

  • Why does Pete Buttigieg bug so many on the left?

    The irony is delicious:

    Compounding that sting is his meager support among black and Latino voters, a core of the Democratic base.

    After years of agitating for Hart-Celler demographic replacement of WASPs, quasi-whites like Pete Buttigieg find themselves replaced as well. He is not a viable candidate if the vast non-white underclass dislikes him. They now have the swing vote, so all of America is like Detroit, doomed to minority candidates forevermore. These will, as is normal and sane, act to transfer money from other groups to their group by using government as a jobs and welfare program. There is no way out of this except dissolution, repatriation, and eugenic filtering of the remaining founding ethnic majority members to weed out the retards, career criminals, promiscuous, and idiots. In fact, by the laws of supply and demand, idiots are the least valuable thing in America since we have a surplus of them.

  • The Air Force is moving to discharge airman investigated for white nationalist ties

    Funny, no one ever gets thrown out of the armed forces for Communist Party membership. Perhaps McCarthy was right after all.

  • Wyoming students disciplined after coming to school in white robes and a hood

    In a time as Hallmark-precious and Disney-kawaii as ours, when men are neutered into ideal rom-com wage slaves with tender hearts and women are turned into robotic givers, you cannot rebel against the regime because it loves rebellion. After all, it is using competition against you; self-destruct if you want by “protesting,” but in the meantime, some other guy is going to get a great job as Diversity Administrator at IBM or Sysco and he will get the cute ethnically-ambiguous Anne Hathaway lookalike and have the Martha Stewart wedding in the Hamptons with all the Irish and Jewish people who are trying to act WASP. This rebellion was doomed to failure, but it succeeded. Every incident like this keeps a national dialogue alive about what we should ban, which requires us to figure out who we are, and we are discovering — over and over again — that we do not know.

  • Ex-PM Blair tells Britain’s Labour: change or you will disappear

    Old school Leftism ran its arc. So did consumerism. In fact, so have all of the benefits of modern technology and industry, as well as the social boost of The Enlightenment.™ These things created a brief burst of activity, and therefore careers were made, but now at the end of the night, we see the cost and emptiness of these things, and so we are fleeing from them. The Left needs to actually make life better for its constituents, but since socialism has failed, that leaves them only going farther Left to kibbutzim or farther Right to feudalism. Blair got in while it was easy to be a Leftist, or even a Leftist disguised as a conservative. Now that era has ended, and if the Left is not worried, they should be; their current path offers only more of the same from the past thirty years plus the dubious closer to Soviet that has always been tickling the back of our minds since WW2, when the West woke up and found that it was allied with the worst mass murderer in history, Joseph Stalin. With that kind of moral flexibility, you might end up firebombing civilians and using nuclear devices on soft target cities.

  • Family of man killed by off-duty LAPD officer at Costco sues

    Mentally ill retard assaults police officer, then gets spattered with lead. His family needs to hear this: your problem is not our problem. Stop expecting society to take care of your issues. If you have an insane tard in the family, keep him on his meds; if he goes off those meds, he might assault a police officer and get blasted. If that happens, maybe grow up and man up and take responsibility for your own crazy sped instead of suing for free money so that we the taxpayers and ordinary consumers pay for your messed-up lives.

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