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Periscope (December 14, 2018)

  • Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation by Federal Prosecutors

    Trump won this one. All the round headed obedient types sat around telling us that the “deep state” did not exist. Trump went out there and proved that it did, since now there are dozens of attackers swarming at him from all angles, with one thing in common: they are getting fat and rich on the current permanent bureaucracy, and they know that any realist input will ruin that, so they are 100% opposed to Trump. All the jibber-jabber about how crude he is, how sexist he is, and so on is just background noise. Their real fear is that he is the anti-Establishment candidate, and he realizes that the Establishment is the permanent bureaucracy of nerds and lawyers that is serving as a giant parasite on this economy. They take six-figure salaries to be experts, lawyers, paperwork-filers, investigators, and so on, and we pay them with our taxes. If someone comes in who says, as Trump does, that America should be self-interested instead of an ideological state committed to bringing democracy and equality to the globe, all those nice easy jobs go away. This is why the deep state is fighting hard.

  • Nancy Wilson, Grammy winning jazz singer, dies at 81

    “Greetings, comrade! It is important moment for our culture, da? The music of America has lost one of its bright lights. We are all listeners of the People’s Music, which is so equal that it includes all races, are we not? This is our culture!” No, you junior Communists, it is not. Jazz is not my music; neither is most rock ‘n roll or pop, to be honest. My music is ancestral, both folk and classical, and sometimes it manifests in popular music forms, but I refuse to enter official mourning for someone who is not from my tribe and whose music, whatever its ethnic origins, essentially served as a profit center for an industry that never reflected my values.

  • Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says Trump knew it was wrong to make hush-money payments during campaign

    Apparently Cohen does not know the law very well: to say to someone “if you do not pay me, I will tell the world that you had sex with me” is extortion, but if you tell someone, “I am about to go public with the fact that you had sex with me” and then they offer you money to sign an NDA which prevents you from doing that, it is perfectly legal. It is also normal, since $130k is a tiny amount to secure a reputation, even if the person making the accusation is not factually correct. This payment had nothing to do with the political campaign, and the Left relies entirely on making it so, even though Trump is going to simply point out that he has been making payments of this nature for twenty years. At that point, the whole thing will collapse, because the Left will be unable to prove campaign fraud, just like their case for an emoluments clause defense requires you to entirely misread the law. That clause says, effectively, “you cannot take a bribe in exchange for doing something with your position in government,” but the Left wants to read it as, “if you profit from anything you owned before going into government because of your visibility in government, you have been bribed.” As with everything Leftist, this does not hold up under scrutiny, and that is the gentle way of putting it.

  • South African politician urges people to ‘kill whites’ and their pets

    Taxi billionaire says that he has an army of people supporting him, and upstart South African politician says that the response by his people will be to kill white people, their children, and their pets. No one blinks. As usual, diversity means that a state goes minority-majority and quickly becomes a third world kleptocracy.

  • Populism and paralysis in the West

    Why are our political events so divided? Ask yourself: why are we so divided? First we had the battle of Progress 1.0 as exemplified in the American Civil War; the herd wanted more factories and unions because it wanted to continue what the French Revolution had begun, namely overthrowing anyone who knew better so that the mob could have its fun. Weirdly, this paired the proles with the merchants, but the two get along because the proles need low-impact anonymous jobs, and the merchants want culture, politics, and society out of the way as much as possible. This is why the merchants also allied with the proles to overthrow the kings in England, starting about AD 950 and continuing for the next thousand years. Since the herd won there, they moved on to their next battle, which was to take over the world for utilitarian thinking, or “whatever the herd wants is best” so that they could stop being interrupted by standards like culture, values, heritage, religion, morality, decorum, and the like. This is Progress 2.0, and it serves to make “workers of the world, unite!” more than a slogan, creating a vast prole-merchant alliance which will take over the planet. Most want to just go along with the herd because they perceive that there is zero moral responsibility in that, but some of us see how this path is a disaster and resist. As modernity culminates, you are either a denialist who wants more modernity, or a realist who wants to escape it, and these two perspectives cannot be reconciled. Thus politics is at an impasse and will only get worse.

  • How police and the FBI found one of the country’s worst serial killers

    This man completely gamed the system with the help of Leftists on the inside who kept giving him light penalties when he randomly strangled a hooker or three. Years later, someone finally breaks out of the system enough to analyze a pattern, and realizes that despite him not fitting the profile — he is not a white man, age 18-35, of high intelligence but low obedience, stuck in a dead-end job, who drives a white van — this man has been a prolific serial killer. Then again, since he murdered prostitutes and other criminals, do we care?

  • Texas judge who approved plea deal for alleged Baylor University rapist faces public backlash

    This is another he-said-she-said case. The alleged victim claims that she did not consent, but she was intoxicated; we have no other evidence for what is true. Realizing this, a judge gives the alleged rapist a light sentence, figuring that the publicity will do the rest. Leftists howl, scream, and throw fruit while demanding judge be removed from the bench. I have a better idea: remove Leftists.

  • China to halt additional tariffs on U.S.-made cars as trade dispute de-escalates

    Trump won the trade war. China will now accept US imports, and this will calm down the trade disparity. At the same time, it will also make American manufacturing more attractive. This means that America could become very quickly what it needs to be, which is self-sufficient. No superpower is truly a superpower if it depends on foreign trade for its wealth, weapons, or quality of life.

  • China demands developed countries ‘pay their debts’ on climate change

    Since extortion is in the news, it makes sense to mention that all of Leftism and all interactions between the first world and third world that do not involve the latter dominating the former are extortion. The third world threatens to cry out that it is a victim unless it is gifted with free stuff, knowing that the women voters, children, students, intellectuals, bureaucrats, and other nancypants neurotics will cry out if it looks like we (the strong guy) are beating up on the poor third world, despite them outnumbering us and killing us whenever they get the chance, which is why we conquered them in the first place. Now China has taken this path with climate change, arguing that the developed world should subsidize the rest. While the developed world uses more resources, it has also limited its pollution, which is why the Left is focused almost exclusively on CO2 now instead of the more toxic plastic, exhaust, and complex mutagenic chemical pollution that comes mostly from the third world. In the West during the 1960s, we decided that any process which emitted CO2 and water was harmless, but we did not want to be emitting dioxin, particulates, or other toxic compounds. The Left saw that and, in a need to find some way to make us feel bad so that we would give in to wealth transfer and thus Leftist demands for power, invented the carbon pollution fairy tale. The Chinese have picked up on this — they either bribed the American Left or are simply fellow travelers on the path to Glorious People’s Revolution Communism — and now want to choke us with guilt while in fact China is the remaining major polluter on Earth. Inverted world, clown world, or just egalitarianism as usual… you decide.

  • ‘I felt like an impostor’: a mixed-race American in Africa

    Mixed-race guy who can pass for white discovers that to be without a racial identity is a terrible thing. It is almost as if our ancestors knew something when they considered it a sin to mix races. He realizes that he can join neither world, and then goes on to talk about how Irish, Italians, and Slavs became white, but seems to realize halfway through that the social construct — we accuse race of being one — is actually whiteness, and that “we” assumed that certain things were white without them ever being so. He seems to know that the same is true of him. To blacks, he is white; to whites, he is black; to no one is he a brother.

  • Miss Universe announces all its judges this year will be women

    2018 is probably peak political correctness and also a defeat for the Left. They hoped that by having a conservative president, they could rebel against him and gain lots of momentum. Despite the many people who buy into their insanity, the vast upswell of 1968 or 1861 is not happening, which means that the middle has lost faith in the Left. That is not going to stop all of the clerks, managers, bureaucrats, and other dweebs from trying to cash in on the political correctness trend, which in their bourgeois view is no different than fidget spinners or Beanie Babies, so we will see lots of “long tail” attempts to be super-PC despite the fact that the audience has moved on. We all know that Miss Universe style contests are there to measure sexual desirability. Other than the 1.6% of lesbians in the audience, it will all be men, and 98.4% of the women onstage will be looking to find one or more of those men through their participation in the contest. Thus it has always been; nature does not mess around when it comes to reproduction, and we should heed its bottom line wisdom.

  • Online video, anti-Semitic flyers target Baraboo educators, students

    School has a group photo, and kids in the photo display Roman salutes. This causes panic. Now, the authorities are using this event as a chance to demonstrate their allegiance to the herd by showing how offended, shocked, and hurt they are. Even a bakery got involved, really social status signaling hard. However, it backfired. People are tired of the PC SJW control, and so the bakery found itself featured in a video that seemed to defend the national socialist side of things. This resulted in the bakery losing most of its clientele. Was this the sole reason for the video? It is hard to tell, but it looks like pushback against political correctness so that the people who force this stuff on the rest of us actually have to pay the price for doing so.

  • All automated hiring software is prone to bias by default

    No one will use a hiring algorithm to make a final decision, so they use them instead to weed out weaker candidates. It turns out, however, that these algorithms rely on things like past job performance and distance from the office to make their choices, and not surprisingly, these work against the impoverished and minority candidates. Thus we continue to endlessly pound the square peg into the round hole by doubling down on trying to be objective, instead of simply admitting that diversity has been a colossal failure in our society just like every other place that it has been tried and that if we want to survive, we will have to stop being afraid to abandon diversity. If we abandon it, the right thing to do is to fix the problem, mainly by repatriating those who are not part of our founding group (Western Europeans). If we do that, however, society will be functional and therefore have standards again, and that scares people who require anarchy as a background noise camouflage in which they hide their own insufficiencies and devious acts.

  • Migrant caravan: Girl dies in custody after crossing Mexico-US border

    Migrants deprive girl of food and water for several days, then throw her over the border where she dies. Leftists see this as a chance to attack the evil Orange God Drumpf and his army of totalitarian monkeys, when really, this just shows us what con men and parasites the migrants are.

  • Walls Work

    It turns out that the new border wall kept the migrants back, but the old fence did not. No wonder there is so much pressure to get migrants here before the wall gets built. Once we build the wall, no amount of “but muh immigrants are mostly people who come in via plane and overstay their visas” and “walls don’t work” will sell anymore. Instead, we will have to start deciding who to send back, and how many Leftists we can tuck into the crowd in order to force Mexico to take them.

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