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Periscope (December 10, 2018)

  • Map Of EU-Funded Projects in the UK

    Always follow the money. 99% of humanity have almost no imagination and no consciousness beyond the next fortnight. For that reason, whatever pays the bills wins the vote because people are blind to the possibility of other options that might also reward them and equally oblivious to anything beyond the world they have selected for themselves, namely their job, where they shop, their hobby, the few people they know, their commute, and what they see on the blinking screen. When you hear people complaining about Brexit or Trump, it makes sense to first ask where their income comes from and how that might influence their choices.

  • Antisemitic pamphlets found in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting neighborhood

    No “hate crimes” are trustworthy anymore; so many have been faked that we often sleep through the real diversity terrorist events (a more accurate term for “hate crimes”) brought on by the internal conflict that is a natural and inevitable response to diversity, such as the unfortunate shooting by Robert Bowers that both harmed innocents and drove people to the Left. If you want to win at this game, you oppose diversity itself by pointing out that it works for no one, it creates a USSR-style ideological government, and it will end our civilization. You can then point out that Leftists are the source of this because egalitarianism always expands to whoever is struggling and therefore not equal, and that the solution is to put all Leftists on boats to Venezuela and wave goodbye over a bonfire of their passports and citizenship papers.

  • Chile declines to sign U.N. pact, says migration not a human right

    The United Nations, which is the most herdly of the herd organizations, wants to declare migration a human right in order to pacify its third world states. All of the overpopulation which is choking humanity and nature occurs in the third world, and these states have become nervous because they realize that too many people means political instability which can mean regime change of the bloodiest and most impulsive sort. That means that, as happens in all egalitarian situations, the many with nothing will look to the few who changed their behavior from the norm and as a result succeeded and demand what they have. This sabotages humanity: we punish the good and reward the bad, all in the name of pity, which is probably a projection of our own doubts about life and its goodness instead of an actual care directed at another. Pity, like altruism, is fake. The only analogue for altruism that is real is loyalty, which means that you will sacrifice for others of your tribe who are doing the right thing by that tribe because they will carry on something that you love. Altruism is not love; altruism is social status signaling, or “keeping up with the Joneses” or politicians kissing babies so that they can con other people into liking them and thus, doing what they ask. With this in mind, the Leftist worldwide agenda of civil rights and human rights shows us its true face, which is destruction of humanity for the sake of the profit of those who will get rich administering it. We cannot afford that; no one can. We are battling for the future of humanity and nature here, and Chile did the right thing by refusing this de facto agreement to include human rights on national agendas so that they can in the future be compelled to accept the endless flow of starving, low IQ, criminal, and individualistic faces from the third world.

  • America becomes only country in the world to vote against work of UN refugee agency

    In more rejection of the UN, America has finally woken up under Trump and realized that we face a classic killing the goose that laid the golden eggs situation: we are slightly less incompetent than the rest of humanity, and therefore have great wealth and functional institutions. Since most of the rest of the world lacks these things, most of the rest of the world wants to come here, but that tells us that these are not honest people, since if they were honest, they would start adopting what we did in their own countries. Instead, they are faithless and careless, bailing out on their homelands because life got difficult instead of doing what is necessary to make those places as prosperous as the USA. Asia, Africa, the middle east, and South America arguably have greater natural resources and potential than the US or Europe, but as long as they are wracked by corruption and disorder, they will never capitalize on that. However, as is wisely said, “every society gets the government that it deserves,” and those who are ruled by warlords and corruption find themselves in that position because they, as a population, are dishonest and morally lazy. Instead of fixing that problem, the UN wants to simply ship people across the globe to healthier places, destroying those in the process and ensuring that in future, every place will be a third-world kleptocracy with no glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Exit humanity at that point.

  • France to Probe Possible Russian Influence on Yellow Vest Riots

    I take the sensible position that Russia, like every other nation or ethnic group on this Earth, acts only in its own self-interest alone. This means that if they are allies, it is temporary; if they are enemies, equally so. We can get along where our self-interests overlap, but that is a narrowing field as Russia continues to threaten Western Europe, promising to unleash another WW1-style conflict. Russia is also allied with China, against who we have fought two wars, and whose manipulations in our country seem wider than are generally acknowledged, with hints that they may have purchased Leftist politicians back into the 1950s and may be behind our push toward diversity. With all that being said, Russia seems like a paper tiger: a nation enthralled by Stalinism because that was the last time it was relevant, with almost no industry, and rattling the sabre because it has nothing else to unify it. Russia has become the favorite target of American Leftists because it enables them to distract from the legitimacy of protests, and because since Russia gets its fingers into everything, it can always be blamed, deflecting blame from the actual problems and/or Chinese manipulation. Never trust the Left, especially on the topic of Russia. When it was Communist, they told us that it was a paradise and that we were just bigots for saying that it was riddled with concentration camps and ad hoc executions; now that it is not Communist, it has become a scapegoat where we assume that some meddling equals full causation.

  • Far-right breakthrough in Andalucía challenges status quo, says Manuel Valls

    Populist Right-wing parties are challenging the status quo everywhere; the world has been going steadily Leftist since before WW1, but really picking up after WW2, and so the rise of anyone who rejects the egalitarian and globalist policies of the Left is a real shocker. However, fifty years since the Left really took over, it does not surprise many that its policies are finally self-destructing because they are paradoxical and insane.

  • Chief: Man illegally in the US arrested for Hwy 90 hit & run

    Another exciting immigrant crime. The Left portrays them as innocent children; the Right realizes more sagely that people who flee their homelands instead of fixing them, in the absence of an immediate threat like that which confronted the Romanovs, are probably moral cowards and incompetents. This guy was from the latter group.

  • Unprecedented EU poll finds 90% of European Jews feel anti-Semitism increasing

    Diversity means that different groups exist in the same society. This creates a zero-sum game for who defines the values of that society. Our utilitarian response, pluralism, says that we will agree to disagree, and simply loosen up standards so that they include everyone, but in reality, that offends nearly everyone. Do we allow female circumcision by Muslims? Mohels sucking blood for Jews? Marijuana smoking by Rastafarians? Culling by occultists? We come up with some pithy little rule like “your freedom ends where mine begins,” but this ignores the need for social standards and social order, and produces a society where we live in little boxes, commute in boxes, work in boxes, shop in boxes, and then fill our time with entertainment of a lowest common denominator variety. That just drives everyone further in their search for something real, in the sense of continuous with the past and of immutable value. That in turn drives them to religion, and the more sensitive or desperate they are, the more extreme they become… this takes us to modern Europe, where anti-Semitism is no doubt increasing, but it is all on the Left and among the Muslim diversity. Even more, unlike European rejection of Jewish diversity, which tends to break out in rare pogroms and holocausts, Muslim anti-Jewish activity is everyday violence that Leftist authorities are not taking as seriously these days. After all, every person in a diverse society gets a certain number of victimhood credits, and brown people always score higher than those who are even mixed-white (unless they are LGBT++). This is why 38% of Europe’s Jews are thinking about leaving and 28% have been harassed. This comes at a time when nationalism is rising and so people are reconsidering dual citizenship because in a nationalist world, you can have loyalty to only one tribe. In the future, it will be impossible to be both French and Muslim, French and Jewish, French and LGBT++, and possibly, French and Leftist; instead, one will be your tribe. In this environment, as Theodor Herzl noted, outsiders will be the first to be blamed, which means that the only solution is nationalism, including Jewish nationalism or Zionism. This presents a problem because the Leftist-indoctrinated herd is already propaganda-seduced into hating Zionism.

  • Australian voters shun conservative government in widely watched poll

    Voters have a tantrum and elect the opposite party. That party, hampered by its opposition and a complex system of rules required by its constitution, cannot make actual changes, only fight the other side; this does not produce the desired results, so like good bourgeois consumers, the voters stamp their feet and have a tantrum which they express by going to vote for the other side. This side faces the exact same problem and so the different sides keep each other employed by fighting constantly and no one gets what they want, much as is the case under diversity with culture. On we go, with each generation passing away before it can pass along the knowledge that all of this is futile and democracy like diversity creates constant internal conflict so that we can be ruled by the bureaucrats, media, and academics who pretend to be “objective” so that they can persist between transfers of power. That leaves us going…

  • Italian priests vow to open church doors to evictees from immigration centres

    Some claim that we need religion as the basis of our future. This viewpoint will fail simply because religion has alienated the core of our active people. Did that happen because religion is universalist by nature, since it makes claims about gods who rule over the whole universe, or because universalist philosophies like Leftism took over the religion? It does not matter: we need a bundle of things, including nationalism, monarchy, positive reward systems, culture, customs, and faith. No single one can do it all. In the meantime, religion has doubled down on Leftism, so will shortly be exiting the debate, because it has made itself into a competing political force in a field full of them where few have distinguished themselves, and since religion is so close to Leftism, it will be absorbed by that group instead of gaining power for itself.

  • Group led by Thomas Piketty presents plan for ‘a fairer Europe’

    Our genius intellectuals have decided that life is unequal and therefore unfair. Their solution includes “huge levies on multinationals, millionaires and carbon emissions to generate funds to tackle the most urgent issues of the day, including poverty, migration, climate change and the EU’s so-called democratic deficit.” In other words, they are doubling down on what produced our current “inequality” by taxing the productive to pay for the underclass, which has resulted in a demoralization of those who produce the wealth that everyone needs. Anti-capitalism is a dead issue for any thinking person, but socialism remains popular, especially on the Right, since people think that buying votes is the way to power. In reality, we are broke and there can be no more buying of votes. Instead, power will go to those who demonstrate a better future, mostly through more money in the hands of individuals and fewer people in the workforce, i.e. an end to immigration including of the talented H-1B/H-2B types.

  • Surging levels of greenhouses gases are making people tired and stupid, scientists claim

    Another Leftist sleight-of-hand. Two centuries of democracy has brutalized the intelligent and boosted the idiotic, so we are awash in idiots. Air pollution is a problem, but the biggest factor is engine exhaust, much as someone might have guessed over a century ago upon seeing these gadgets take over every part of life. We could have, back then, anticipated this problem and designed our usage of the internal combustion engine so that pollution stayed low, but that went against our Enlightenment™-era assumption that the individual was more important than any order larger than the individual, and so we refused to do the obvious and necessary. Now we pay.

  • The West is running out of money

    If you want to know the roots of the yellow vest protests, look to what has happened to the middle class: the politicians promised free stuff, the dumb bourgeois voters pulled the lever for it, figuring that they would screw someone else and come out ahead with actual free stuff. Instead, they drove away the higher earners and more productive people, and now we have a vast mass of proles who are screwing each other and too dumb to stop voting for the free stuff. In fact, Macron must have laughed as he promised them more benefits. Each free thing means lower wages, higher costs, and higher taxes of course, which no one can fully escape unless they go full-on into poverty, which is conveniently made impossible by a violent and hostile underclass who are currently savaging anyone too poor to get out of their way. Democracy!

  • Left Behind by Trump’s Boom: The Rural Americans Who Elected Him

    Why would the Left write this article, outside of their eternal agenda of sliming Trump? They want to deflect from something: rural America is getting destroyed by immigration and the leftover effects of unions. Unions, like democratic governments, promise free money in exchange for joining the cult-gang of the union. They take that out of the manufacturer, who then passes it on to consumers, who then buy foreign, which causes the manufacturer to close up shop and move offshore or at least move to the city where it can easily get new labor coming in constantly to reduce the bargaining power of the union. Across America, small towns stand in the shadows of the factories that once sustained them, wondering where the jobs went as illegal immigrants come in and seize the remaining labor and convert it permanently to low-paid positions. Glad you joined that union yet? You outsmarted yourselves, you Dunning-Kruger darlings!

  • One trillion dollars are paid in bribes annually, while another 2.6 trillion are stolen

    Most white normies look around their suburban neighborhoods and think, “This is normal.” In fact, they are living in the top quarter of wealth in the top tenth of societies. They are seeing an anomaly. Normal is the third world: ruled by warlords, corruption rampant, disease unchecked, institutions dysfunctional, bribes at every counter, people dishonest, and very little productivity so everyone is poor if not outright starving except for a few who rise to become warlords, cartel members, or government workers. Most of the world lives at a subsistence level or just above it, and few nations have the functional law enforcement and other institutions that allow nice suburbs to exist. Now, if we had any brains — and as a group, we do not, although individually some do — we would look at that world and say, “Let’s put up a barrier and not let anyone or any of their ideas in, since what we’re doing is working.” Instead, in comfortable boredom, we have idolized the foreign and find ourselves endlessly critical of our way of life, which happens to be the one way of life that is working. Our attitude makes everyone happy because it removes from them the burden of realizing that they are doing things by an inferior method. In the third world, they execute people as witches for inventing better irrigation systems or trying to make institutions actually functional. It makes everyone else look bad, you see. When we blame ourselves, it makes everyone else look less bad, although you still have to turn off most of your brain to think that they are doing anything right. Most of the world exists in perpetual corruption, and it bleeds off about a third of the wealth at every level of a business deal or government program, ensuring that efficiency is so low that social order and function never arise. Now, in emulation of them, we have done the same by creating a tax-and-spend regime that takes about the same amount of money and funnels most of it to bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, experts, credentialed specialists, and other members of “the new elites.” At this point, the only question that remains is whether we have the brains to stop emulating fail world and start emulating our past, when we zoomed past all of this insanity and simply focused on success instead.

  • Humanity is on path to self-destruction, warns UN special rapporteur

    People care less about human rights. The “experts” wring their hands and preach about how we have failed to learn the lessons of history. In fact, we have learned a few things, namely that the last couple world wars existed because democracy insisted on taking over the world, and now that it has, we get global Leftism which siphons away wealth and replaces it with ghettos. Human rights and civil rights are ideological imperatives that mandate strong government, and this is how democracy achieves its end goal, which is egalitarianism, since democracy is itself an egalitarian system. All of our problems come from our adoption of egalitarianism. Ending human rights and civil rights will start peeling back the layers of this onion.

  • An Arizona school district banned a state representative from its campuses after he said that African Americans ‘don’t blend in’ (non-paywall)

    Man states the obvious, but targets only one group, when in reality no groups outside of our founding group have integrated. Italians, Irish, Mexicans, Chinese, Jews, Greeks, Poles, and Africans still do things their own way because they are genetically wired to do that. If you mix them, you get people who are wired for nothing, and they then become fully invested in the system and its entertainment since they have no values of their own. Confusion results. One group integrated in America, and that was the Western Europeans. If we go back to WASP America, we win; otherwise we balkanize and collapse, shortly before the Chinese invade. It’s our choice.

  • First transgender male boxer wins in professional debut

    We hear a lot from the Right about how men becoming women are dominating women’s sports. Now we see that a woman who becomes a man can also dominate in men’s sports. This shifts the transgender debate from “it’s not fair!” to “is this a healthy way to live, tolerating this as a society?” The answer will be, for sane people, “within limits.” Some transsexual presence will not harm us, but LGBT++ has been weaponized by the Left as a means of destroying the family and social standards, so there is going to be a nasty backlash.

  • Why Trump is likely to be indicted by Manhattan US Attorney

    They are going after Trump on all fronts as a means of displacing him so that they can resume unlimited immigration and shift the electorate from conservative-leaning whites to Left-leaning minorities. No minority group has ever voted in any significant number for conservatives; no minority-majority city has ever elected conservatives again. They vote for themselves, and they vote to take wealth from you and give it to them, and they invent any grievances required to justify that practices. The suits against Trump are without merit since we can see that he has a history of paying off people who attack him as part of his normal business practice, since he was scandal-averse as a developer long before he ran for president. These prosecutions exist mainly so that the Leftist media can hype up a “cloud of scandal” around Trump to scare off 2020 voters. In the meantime, we see that the roots of the “Russia collusion” narrative are corrupt and that the real criminals are on the Left, and that the Mueller investigation is blackmailing people into testifying against Trump, which follows the sort of heavy-handed tactics that James Comey and “Anthrax Bob” Mueller used to destroy an innocent man in the Anthrax case. This will be total war, and Trump will win it by releasing information on the deep state that is trying to destroy him, causing the cloud of scandal to go nuclear on the whole American government. This will weaken America, but also provide the inertia required for regime change.

  • ‘Amazon will go bankrupt’: Jeff Bezos keeps talking about Amazon’s inevitable death

    Jeff Bezos has a business plan that is far more solid than the “grow until we die” plan that Amazon has adopted: make money in the fantasy industry, and then transfer it to a real industry. While people are raving on about Amazon, he will be busily buying up agriculture, energy, industrial, and media properties so that when the dot-com 3.0 boom goes bust, he will still be a billionaire, while those who invested in or worked for his company will find themselves flat-footed on the pavement without a dime.

  • Supreme Court sides with Planned Parenthood in funding fight

    Kavanaugh and others show wisdom by avoiding an abortion case. The Right in America loves to trade a full momentum for the symbolic and token issue of abortion. Any time the Left gets in trouble, then, they trot out an abortion case and all the moron conservatives go rushing after that, figuring that their re-election is guaranteed by the moron religious voters who see only a single issue. If you have encountered these people in the wild, they are real zombies. As narrowly focused as the Left and as blind to the big picture as a pig stuck in a well, they will trade everything for even an inconsequential, minor, irrelevant, but symbolic victory on “muh borts.” All conservatives should remember this: if we win and take over government, driving the Left out and exiling them to Venezuela, then we can fix abortion with a sensible compromise — make it a question for the woman’s GP — at our leisure. If we do not get to that point, any “victories” on “muh borts” will be just be undone in the next election cycle as Leftists laugh at the pathetic morons that conservatives have become.

  • German rail strikes cause widespread delays

    What do unions do, every time? Transfer wealth from society to a smaller group. They do it through extortion, or the threat of strike. This passes the costs on to everyone else. It also sabotages society at every level. We can only wonder what the ripple effects of cost from this strike will be, since half of the city will be late or unable to get there, and parking will be clogged. Unions are parasites, and any conservatives who support them are missing the point.

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