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  • Trump denounces white supremacy after shootings, cites video games and Internet

    I see shades of his hysterical “I disavow, whatever” response to Charlottesville in this. Trump is not a fool; he knows that diversity does not work, mixed-ethnic and mixed-racial populations do not work, and that Western Civilization depends on ethnic Western Europeans. However, he prefers to get there by logical thinking and not the quasi-religion of apocalyptic, messianic, and Utopian ideological ideals, including but not limited to white nationalism. The bigger point of Trumpism is that we need to look at logical relationships, such as “what makes a thriving society,” instead of falling back into ideology. In the end calculus, ideology is weak but realism is strong. Would Trump take this to its ultimate end and realize that diversity is a total failure, that even one drop dilutes the social trust and unity of a civilization, and therefore that it must be entirely removed at both ethnic and racial levels? One wonders. At least: he would not do so now. In the meantime, the Trumps and Patrick Crusiuses of the world work together from opposite extremes. Trump keeps showing people a way beyond Leftism, and the Crusius team keeps the herd scared of white nationalism because a civil war threatened is more effective than a civil war acted out.

  • Celebrated author Toni Morrison dies

    Prole-tier Faulkner ripoff and political symbol Toni Morrison wrote a series of weepy, insincere books about the importance of being nice to the lesser for one’s self-esteem. These were prized by mediocrities everywhere who used them as “teachable moments” to batter others into submission, but had zero literary value. Twenty years ago, just about everyone was forced to read this stuff in order to demonstrate ideological allegiance to The Party and its agenda of diversity, globalism, class warfare, and wealth transfer. Ten years ago, just about every library book sale had fifty copies of each as people abandoned them because they contain nothing about actual life in them. Toni Morrison was always Party propaganda, and her message of racial tolerance was used to soak all of her readers in guilt and control them. This is not literature; it is not even good writing. It is just propaganda as shallow and hollow as anything the Soviets or devious Chinese have come up with. We are lucky that Toni Morrison is dead, and we should resolve to kill off any writers of her type (or Howard Zinn, Malcolm Gladwell, Barbara Kingsolver, and other literary equivalents of Thomas Kinkade paintings and dreamcatchers) in the future.

  • Migration more worrying than climate change for Europeans: survey

    After the most expensive propaganda campaign in history to convince everyone to fall in line with climate change so that they can be ruled by this new imperative, replacing the old imperative of civil rights, it turns out that people saw through the smokescreen and are more worried about the demographic invasion of their homelands.

    They know that global warming remains theory, but that the destruction of their culture, heritage, and societies by immigration is tangible and can be observed every day. Perhaps they would like to address both problems, but they realize that with immigration as it is, soon there will be no functional societies remaining to look at fixing global warming. Diversity must end for the thriving parts of humanity to survive.

    The whole point of diversity has been to destroy those functional societies so that Leftists can seize the power, wealth, and prestige that they wield. This should surprise no one; idiots always attempt this means of becoming successful. They fail to realize that power, wealth, and prestige are effects of a remote cause, namely a thriving civilization of high-IQ ethnic Western Europeans, and that they cannot have that power, wealth, and prestige without the society being intact.

    Europe faces the worst of civilization collapse as a result. Morons will seize power, then cause society to fail, leaving behind a third-world ruin. This pattern repeats again and again through history because humans never learn, or at least those who want to be tyrants lack something that allows them to see how flamingly obvious this pattern is.

  • Dayton shooter appeared to tweet extreme left views and had an abiding interest in violence

    The second shooting sort of went into the memory hole because it did not fit the narrative, but it keeps peeking out that the Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, was a Leftist metalhead who supported Antifa and showed some disturbingly “incel” traits in how he treated women and friends. Oddly, he appears to have been less successful than the other shooter, mainly because there was an armed police officer guarding the door. This means that we have dueling political violence across America, Left wing and Right wing, showing us how fundamentally divided we have become under the new diversity regime. Even more, it tells us that Right and Left could never coexist, because they want a society based on what the herd wants and we want a civilization based on what is real. Democracy has exploded in about the same length of time that it always does, and there was nothing exceptional about American democracy at all. Even better, he wanted world socialism.

  • Hitler’s birthplace: Legal battle finally ends

    Our governments are so useful that they spend all of their time fighting symbolic battles and none of their time fixing actual problems. They conform to the same standard because it allows them to defer to precedent, trends, the news, the laws, and other external sources, instead of looking at the question of leadership. Now they have bought the inn where Hitler was born and plan to tear it down or renovate it into something entirely different (perhaps a transgender preschool, or home for migrants, for greater symbolic power). We are fighting demons in the dark, chasing chimera of symbol, and living for something unreal composed of human appearances, human emotions, and human fears. When do we simply look at reality? This inn is just another building; the past is past; the question of the future remains undecided, mainly because we are here bickering and dickering over symbolism and the distribution of wealth instead of deciding how to make life work out for us.

  • US stocks claw back lost ground as China stabilizes currency

    We should ask ourselves why The Establishment opposes Trump’s trade war against China. After all, he is not working against free markets, but for us to get back from an unbalanced trade situation to a level playing field. Who could be against that? Surely this has nothing to do with the extensive donations China spread around to political candidates in the 1990s and 2000s. China has forgotten that America has just won two other trade wars, against Canada and Mexico, in order to achieve a level playing field. Leftists, who hate the level playing field because it allows the naturally talented to remain above the naturally less-talented in a state known as “iNeQuAlItY,” wanted the US to transfer wealth to Mexico, China, and Canada in order to make the world more equal, and in doing so, laid the groundwork for these trade wars. China, which like the Soviets before it recognizes the supreme utility in the media marionettes that are the “useful idiots,” helped fan those flames, figuring that it would use American wealth to catapult it to superpower status. No matter what happens with the trade war, that dream has been dashed, and so China has returned to wanting to re-absorb Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, figuring like all moronic tyrants that it can take these places and possess their power, forgetting that they have a power that it does not because the societies there are doing something that it is not. In the end, if it gets its way, China will reduce the world to poverty and then wonder why its grand plan — which seemed to work so well on the chess board! — did not pan out. Curtains close, no one applauds.

  • Teen charged after racist videos threatening black people

    American law no longer has legitimacy. This has occurred because diversity has divided us to the point where we live in constant paranoia of each other.

    In the videos, the teen uses a racial slur and calls himself “a hater of all black men.” He then shoots a black box numerous times that he said represents black people.

    The teen was charged with making student threats.

    Saying that you hate black people and shooting a black box is not a threat. A threat means that you identify a specific target (“all the black people in my school”) and an intended action (“I’m going to go there and shoot them all”). Law enforcement has forgotten this and as a result, has invalidated itself, which lays the groundwork for citizens to shoot back. We are now in the end stages of an oppressive and dying regime, just like the Soviets. We pursued the same goal: class warfare and equality. Not surprisingly, we ended up at the same place, because illusory goals lead to failed policies which lead to intensifying control.

  • Govt resolves to take up ‘annexation’ of Kashmir on international forums, fight BJP’s ‘racist ideology’

    Of course they call it “racist.” What else would they do? The grim fact is that Indian/Muslim hybrids (from Pakistan and parts of India) do not coexist well with “natural” Indians, who are Hindu and have no Muslim heritage. The formation of Pakistan was a hack designed to give a space to the hybrids, and now that they have thrived, the two groups are in perpetual conflict. Separation will be needed, probably meaning sending the Muslim/Indian hybrids to the middle east where they (ethnically) belong.

  • Texas police apologise for horseback officers leading black man by rope

    We are going to die of guilt:

    Many people on social media said the photo evoked images of the slavery era.

    There is no way for different ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural groups to coexist. The more we try to force it, the more we suicide.

  • U.S. has lost 24 million acres of natural land in 16 years: independent report

    The high cost of immigration: you must build more housing, roads, factories, farms, and so on, which means that natural land goes away. America was great with 120 million people but is overcrowded with 320 million. If we set aside full half of the land for nature, we can have our natural greatness as well as a functional society, but we would need everyone who came here after 1965 to Go Back Home.

  • A Quarter of Humanity Faces Looming Water Crises

    We knew that resource wars would be an inevitability, but the world did not heed demands to slow its breeding. Consequently, the resource wars are here. Clean water is a precious resource. Food will be scarce. And, even more, clean air will be hard to come by, and if you do not have it you will die out from birth defects and cancers. Self-sufficiency provides a solution. If your country can grow its own food, make its own gadgets, and leave 50% of its land wholly natural, you will have food, water, and air. Otherwise, expect a long dark tumble into irrelevance.

  • Michael Buerk: Let obese people die early to save NHS money

    He has a point. The future belongs to the realistic. No, I don’t mean that beer tummy; I mean people who are just, for lack of a better phrase, not healthy. They have diabetes. They live on sofas. They eat nothing but vegetarian bacon cheeseburgers. In nature, they would die out. Why not heed the wisdom of nature, and watch them expire while singing pleasant songs about eugenics?

  • US declares China a currency manipulator, says it’s using yuan to gain ‘unfair advantage’ in trade

    Did anyone else catch what’s on the wind? We can default on our debt to them because they are “currency manipulators.” In other words, Trump has squeezed us past the iron hand of Chinese total control.

  • Republicans fear ‘extinction in the suburbs’ over gun control

    Nervous Nellies in the ‘burbs worry about guns, having come from an environment where violence is rare if it happens at all. Republicans want to implement Red Flag laws, despite knowing that these will be used to strip conservatives of their voices on the internet and in society. Do we have the guts to stand up to the middle class, and to point out that they are neurotic and usually their own worst enemy?

  • Stop abusing land, scientists warn

    Uncultivated land covered with vegetation protects us from overheating because the plants absorb the warming gas CO2 from the air and fix it in the soil.

    They will not come out and say it, of course, but we need 50% of our land to be 100% reserved for nature. Zero humans. Only then do we stand a chance of surviving the future… of course, not all of us will, since we have a few billion too many already.

  • 1 in 3 workers would take a pay cut for unlimited time off: survey

    Everyone spends too much time at the job. For what? Why, to pay those taxes that ensure equality, of course. If we did away with the panic/mania for equality, we would all spent a lot more time on real life instead of the fake life of a job.

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